Untold Ref Review: MU 2 – Norwich 0

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If you are new to this series you might like to see the note at the foot of the article

For the game Manchester United – Norwich we reviewed ref Stuart Attwell. How was his score?

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
3 OFFSIDE Johnson C 1 1
10 OTHER Hoolahan Nani C Trip 1 1
11 OTHER Morrison Valencia NC Shove – not given 0 0
12 OTHER Valencia Tierney C Obstruction 1 1
13 OTHER Morison Valencia C Trip 1 1
18 OTHER Evans Bennett NC Holding – not given 0 0
23 OFFSIDE Chicharito C 1 1
24 OTHER Morison Evra NC Linesman called a foul but it looked like normal contact 0 0
26 OTHER Jones Morison NC Barged into player before winning header – not given 0 0
33 OTHER Chicharito Ruddy NC Backed into the keeper with arms extended during corner kick – not given 0 0
33 OTHER Valencia Tierney C Trip 1 1
35 OTHER Chicharito/Rooney Ruddy/ NC 1 Chicharito was again interfering with the keeper during a corner. 2 Rooney climbed over Martin to win header. 3 Ball last went off of Martin but goal kick given to Norwich. 0 0
38 OTHER Chicharito NC Chicharito slipped and blocked the ball with his arm – not given. 0 0
39 OTHER Tierney Rooney NC Tierney held Rooney by upper leg – not given though Rooney still managed a shot off target 0 0
40 OTHER Johnson Nani C Looked a committed challenge, perhaps there was a little shove 1 1
40 OTHER Tierney Nani NC Pulled him down – not given 0 0
41 OTHER Naughton Evra NC Trip at the edge of the area – not given 0 0
43 YELLOW Fletcher NC Simulated fall in the area – should have been booked 0 0
44 OFFSIDE Chicharito C 1 1
46 OFFSIDE Chicharito C 1 1
Half time 9 9
CORRECT 45,00% 42,86%
YELLOW 0 1 0,00
RED 0 0
GOAL 0 0
OTHER 0 2 0,00
0 3 0,00
OFFSIDE 4 4 100,00
Second half
47 OTHER Nani Johnson NC Caught the Norwich player’s boot as he cleared the ball – not given, advantage not signaled 0 0
47 OTHER Morison Evans C Shirt pulling 1 1
52 OFFSIDE Chicharito C very close call but can’t tell from angle – assumed correct 1 1
54 PENALTY C Rooney fell to ground under minimal contact by the Norwich player trying to head the ball away. No penalty was correct 1 3
54 YELLOW Rooney NC Rooney should have been booked for diving 0 0
55 OFFSIDE Evra C Assumed correct 1 1
57 OTHER Nani Hoolahan C Tugged on his shorts 1 1
60 OTHER Evans Johnson C Climbed over him 1 1
62 OTHER Barnett Rooney C Holding 1 1
68 GOAL Anderson C Goal okay 1 3
71 OTHER Welbeck Tierney C Kicked Tierney’s boot as the Norwich player cleared the ball 1 1
71 YELLOW Welbeck C Dangerous play deserved card 1 2
78 OTHER Welbeck Johnson C Got the ball, but a bit of the player too 1 1
79 OFFSIDE Valencia C 1 1
81 OTHER Giggs Crofts C Trip 1 1
82 OTHER Park Hoolahan C Trip 1 1
87 GOAL Welbeck C Goal okay 1 3
90 OTHER Jones Tierney C Trip 1 1
90+3 OTHER Jackson Evans NC Push – not given 0 0
2nd half score
TOTAL 16 23
% CORRECT 84,21% 85,19%
YELLOW 1 2 50,00
RED 0 0
PENALTY 1 1 100,00
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 0 1 0,00
4 6 66,67
OFFSIDE 3 3 100,00
TOTAL 25 32
% CORRECT 60,98% 66,67%
YELLOW 1 3 33,33
RED 0 0
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 0 3 0,00
4 9 44,44
OFFSIDE 7 7 100,00
Correct calls For Man U 8 30,77%
For Norwich 18 69,23%
Total correct calls 26
Wrong calls Against Man U 4 30,77%
Against Norwich 9 69,23%
Total 13

Atwell scored very poorly in the 1st half, rather well in the 2nd half, but overall had a poor score of 61%.  Incorrect decisions favoured Manchester United by a 9 to 4 margin though there really wasn’t anything too controversial in these decisions.

For example, in the first half, Chicharito was often interfering with the Norwich keeper from corner kicks and getting away with it, and although Manchester opened the scoring from a corner kick halfway through the 2nd half, the goal was scored legitimately.  Note that Chicharito had been substituted two or three minutes earlier.

There were also two instances of a Manchester United player throwing himself to ground in the area and appealing for a penalty, Fletcher in the 1st half, and Rooney in the 2nd half, both of whom should have been booked for simulation.  However in both cases the ref didn’t fall for it, nor were Fletcher or Rooney guilty of any other bookable offenses in the match.

Regarding the correct calls, Norwich received 18 correct decisions compared to Manchester’s 8, indicating that Norwich was on the receiving end of more fouls in addition to the fact that United was whistled 6 times for offside compared to just once for Norwich.  While neither side was dirty, except for maybe one tackle by Welbeck for which he was booked, Norwich played a relatively clean match with little fouling and were perhaps unfortunate not to come away with a point as they spurned several good scoring chances.


Background: Initially Untold Arsenal started to publish referee reviews of Arsenal matches, and through this we found some evidence of what appeared to be consistent bias by referees against Arsenal.  The point was then made we would get a better overall picture of what is going on if we also analysed errors made by referees in non-Arsenal EPL games as well.

This site records our findings.  A summary of our position from the point of view of evidence is given here.

Untold Referees is written by a team who draw together their reports on how referees have performed in various matches, based on TV reporting of games.  We use the TV since it allows us to check and re-check decisions – but we are at the mercy of the TV stations which don’t always show each and every decision.  If you would like to contribute to the work of the panel please do get in touch with us via WalterBroeckx@hotmail.com

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  1. There is a logic of working through the match and putting the summary data at the end. Nonetheless, I encourage you to consider moving to the summary data to the top of the file. That way the reader can get an overview and then look through the details to see how the pattern emerged.

    All in all, the variety of topics and the quality of articles make Untold the best read of the Arsenal blogs. The culinary reviews are touch of genius.

  2. Gooners,
    Instead of no attention paid to this result, Arsenal/Untold fans might well consider allying with Norwich fans to decry/petition the ongoing (re-emerging) pattern of disproportionate numbers of bad calls being made against ManUre’s opponents. Now Chicarito, in this match, is getting a beneficial pattern of (especially)non-calls for interference; and, last time I looked he was not English or Northern – so so much for that stuff. My hunch is, with Fergie having just dropped out of first place, that Riley’s minions will demonstrably step it up; and ensure that the road to Don Fergus XX (the coronation in waiting) gets well repaired.

    In any case, it takes good/hard work to write a ref review or article and show of more interest, especially with ManUre and reffing, could well be offered and be productive at that.

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