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November 2021
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November 2021

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Updates and explanations – Untold Arsenal site restored.

By Tony Attwood

If you have been following the bizarre comings and goings you will know that we have been, gone, disappeared, returned, gone, etc etc.

All of the web sites operated by Hamilton House went down last Thursday, and we have been struggling to get everything sorted and back up since then.   We’ve been operating a temporary site through much of today, but now we’ve got this full version of the site back.

It is in fact the site that we had up to last Thursday, so we are missing quite a few bits and pieces from in between, and i will try and restore those in due course, but inevitably there will be some losses.

None the less we are back, and I am hopeful we are back for good.

The key thing is to try and cover tonight’s game, and I will get the team sheet up again shortly.

8 comments to Updates and explanations – Untold Arsenal site restored.

  • Prasanna Veeraraghavan

    Welcome back. Its not just gonna make our resolve harder but also take your reach further to the masses. It really feels awesome to read again.

  • Eric

    Glad you’re back to normal! Wasnt the same without UA, and hopefully weve seen the last of these attacks.

    my team for tonight would be:
    Fab – Yennaris,Squillaci,Miquel,Vermaelen – Frimpong,Coquelin,Ozyakup – AOC,Park,Benayoun

    Altough maybe coquelin or frimpong to start on the bench to have proper subs with arshavin? then maybe benayoun could play in the middle or Aneke, and miyaichi on the wing? Lots of options in any case!

  • Shakabula Gooner

    Welcome back.
    Out of habit, I checked for you on Friday and especially on Saturday for my pre-game updates then on Sunday night after the most interesting happening this season: ManU and Chelsea down; Arsenal up. That was when I suspected something was wrong…
    Never knew I had you as a habit already!

  • Isaac

    Good to see you back skull duggery for some people being shown up on untold? I won’t bet against it. Don’t know whether any of you saw Sky’s stats for the teams who have conceded the most chances at home. Very interesting. Manure 5 games 76 goal scoring chances conceded, arsenal 5, 34; Chelski, 5 27; Citeh, 5 26; spuds, 3 32, Liverpool, 5 46; newcastle 5 45. But Arsenal defence is considered the weakest of this lot. Manure are in a league of their own and if it was reported like we get, teams would play against them like they do against us.We do concede sloppy goals but we never give teams easy chances and we’re 3rd behind the 2 sugar daddy clubs. It goes to show how anti-arsenal the media are.

  • Ugandan Goon

    Tony, tony, wherefore art thou?

    I am going to come clean and admit i feared we had finally gotten the attention of those aahhh possibly corrupt thugs that run football and they’d reacted the way a big cooperation should in the circumstances and brought the sky crushing down on our heads.
    It is interesting that was the first reaction to the blog silence – a conspiracy theory!
    It is a joy and a relief to have you back, and although work seems to have taken over my life, i always made time to read a an article or two daily to keep it goonerish – this blog is my sanctum from the world of logistics (which i am sorry to reports seems to be disproportionately staffed by the Sun readers and talkshite radio readers.
    Life without untold, gentlemen, is unbearable. Fact!

  • Tony,
    For some moment back then I kept wandering what had happened to UA. Good to see you are back. You are getting attention no doubt and some guys don’t like it. Heck they don’t, they should get stuffed all the same. No skin off my nose.

  • LRV

    Just glad to get my dose of untold Arsenal back. I was going to gloat about the ManU shambles on Sunday, but that’s ok. I gloated anyway. Welcome Back!

  • bjtgooner

    Good to see you back! Also good to see we have just got through to the last 8 of the Carling Cup! Well done guys!