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October 2021
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October 2021

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If Arsenal go from being a ‘club in crisis’ to ‘a one man team,’ is that a promotion of sorts?

“If Arsenal go from being a ‘club in crisis’ to ‘a one man team,’ is that a promotion of sorts?”

By Anne

*Much thanks to Shard and bjtgooner for their contributions to this article.


First and foremost, before I even get into the substance of this media watch report, I want to make the following announcement with all of the fanfare that it  deserves:


As regular followers of this column will already be aware, we have, on previous occasions, documented the exploits of one particular Sun reporter who publishes under the name of “Antony Kastrinakis.”

Mr. Kastrinakis is truly noteworthy for his bold and innovative approach towards defacing the Arsenal and indeed (and I mean this with the utmost respect),  he is a true pioneer and groundbreaker in the field of anti-Arsenal journalism.

As regular readers will also be aware, I published a column way back in August expressing my sincere disappointment that Mr. Kastrinakis appeared to have taken an extended leave of absence from his post at the Sun, beginning in late July, 2011. Indeed, he was completely MIA for an extended period of time, to the point where I was beginning to consider filing a missing “person” (or “persons”) report with Scotland Yard.

However, before I resorted to such desperate measures, I discovered that Mr. Kastrinakis had, in fact, made a quiet and unassuming return to the Sun way back on September 27, 2011. Since then (and I suppose to make up for lost time), he has been quite prolific, publishing an impressive 26 articles in only 29 days. And we will, most certainly, be taking a more detailed look at these recent journalistic efforts in the near future.

Watch Arsenal Live Streams With

However, for the purposes of the present article, Mr. Kastrinakis is most valuable to us in his role as a standard-bearer for where anti-Arsenal journalism is heading next. And on that note, let’s take a closer look at Mr. Kastrinakis’ most recent angle in “reporting” on the Arsenal:

“Super Robin van Persie comes to Arsenal’s rescue

HERO Robin Van Persie rode to Arsenal’s rescue yet again with a double against Stoke.

But his supersub intervention only came after a late fitness test on Sunday morning.

Gunners boss Arsène Wenger had added an extra player to the squad fearing his Captain Marvel might not be fit.

But in the end Wenger was forced to risk the Dutchman in order to get the points after Potters hitman Peter Crouch had cancelled out Gervinho’s opener.”

Yes, so Arsenal is only good because of Robin Van Persie…. This somewhat tedious angle has already been refuted (with no small level of exasperation) by Arsène Wenger, who headed off questions about  “Super Robin” in the post-Stoke press conference with simple statements along the lines of:

“Well, I think we had a solid team performance….”

However, the media has not been quite so easily deterred with regard to this particular angle, which unfortunately necessitates a more detailed analysis of Antony Kastrinakis and his cohorts in this particular article. (Incidentally, we will, in future, refer to Antony Kastrinkis by the more affectionate title of “AK”  as we continue our analysis).

We here at Untold make no secret of the fact that we generally adhere to the belief that Arsène Knows. So, in the present case, we most certainly believe that Arsène Knows better than AK. And where Arsène disagrees with AK’s take on the current state of affairs at Arsenal, we would certainly have to take the position that Arsène Knows better.

However, not all would agree with that position. So I thought that, in this media watch, we’d take a closer look, not only at AK, but at some of his loyal acolytes, all of whom are working equally hard to push the RVP “one man team” angle.

The first such journalist is, surprisingly enough, our own loyal “Gooner” John Cross, who wrote the Arsenal-Stoke match report for the Mirror. In his match report, Cross is heavily pushing the “one man team”/ “super Robin” angle,  asking:

“Where  would Arsenal be without Robin van Persie?

We got a little glimpse yesterday and it wasn’t pretty. Then van Persie stepped off the bench to win the game in the space of 16 minutes.

The Dutchman is a Rolls Royce of a striker but it is Robin the Reliant driving the Gunners up the Premier League.

Arsenal have become so dependant on van Persie, such a one-man team, that it’s not funny. Without him they would be just another mid-table side. That is maybe a bit harsh on Gervinho who had his best game for Arsenal so far, scored and provided the other two assists.”

Cross also chose to publish an entirely separate article on the Stoke match, which contained no additional relevant information on the match itself, but did re-emphasize this same “super-Robin” talking point:

“Wenger insists Arsenal are not a one-man team

Arsene Wenger denied Arsenal were a one-man team – even after supersub Robin van Persie came to the rescue again.

Wenger left two-goal Van Persie on the bench to give him a rest and revealed he nearly left him out altogether because his aching muscles were vulnerable to injury.”

So, aside from Cross, who chose to jump on the “Super-Robin” gravy train?

How about Sami Mokbel at the Daily Mail? Similar to Cross, he began his Arsenal-Stoke match report by stating:

“Another Sunday, another Robin van  Persie show to drive Arsenal on to victory at the Emirates.

Arsene Wenger tried to prove Arsenal are not a one-man team by leaving his Flying Dutchman on the bench for Sunday’s visit of Stoke.

But Van Persie entered the fray to rescue his side again, contributing to the feeling that the Gunners are developing a worrying reliance on their skipper.”

And also like Cross, Mokbel chose to accentuate the above point with an entirely separate article headlined:

“We’re not a one-man team, says Wenger, despite another RVP brace”

Mokbel goes on to assert that:

“ArsèneWenger insists Arsenal are not wholly dependent on Robin van Persie, despite another superb display by the Dutchman.

Van Persie was rested by Wenger for the visit of Stoke on Sunday — but he came off the bench to secure three points for the Gunners. ‘Are we a one-man team? I don’t have that feeling at all,’ said the Arsenal manager.”

So, is it just me, or is all of this “Super-Robin” talk beginning to sound just a bit repetitive? Well, the fact of the matter is that it is repetitive to us here at Untold Media, because we’ve actually been predicting this  next anti-Arsenal “angle” for quite awhile now (although we still do appreciate the final confirmation provided by AK in this regard).

For example, following the Sunderland match, UM contributor bjtgooner reported the following:

“1. Daily Mail Mon 17 Oct 11. Reporter Matt Barlow.

Headline ‘Silky Robin in a class of his own’. The article was illustrated by three photos of RVP.

Barlow started his report with RVP’s excellence, but very quickly and deliberately wandered off the match to use his report to cast doubt on RVP’s future with Arsenal: –

Para 1: – ‘Yesterday on the Robin van Persie show: a close up of the sheer brilliance of the Holland striker and a glimpse of the issue which promises to eat away at Arsenal’s season.’

Para 2: – ‘Van Persie is in simply outstanding form. He won the game with two wonderful goals, either side of an equally good one from Sebastion Larsson.’

Para 3: -‘The Dutchman does not appear likely to sign a new contract,………..’

Para 21: – ‘Ultimately, Van Persie proved to be the difference. Only right, too. After all, it was the Robin van Persie show’.

So was this praise being heaped on RVP to reinforce the earlier thought that RVP, our best player, would leave? If so, was this an attempt to unsettle the fans and possibly the board?

While RVP showed his class, we did have 10 other players on the field, most of whom Barlow ignored. He failed to record a good team effort by Arsenal!”

Very good point, bjtgooner. We DID, in fact, have another 10 players on the field. But it seems as though certain “parties,” deprived of their ability to report that Arsenal is in a dire “crisis,” have chosen instead to diminish the team’s success by attempting to lay it all at the feet of one individual player.

And as for what might be the ultimate aim of this “individual player” angle, I’ll leave the question to Shard (who independently raised the same point that bjtgooner hinted at above):

“Have you noticed how the past few weeks, all the commentators have been bigging up RVP? Suddenly he’s ‘World class’ for them, and his every touch is praised. That and his contract story have come up at the same time. It’s like they are making it out to be that Arsenal will lose a THIRD fantastic player in 2 years.”

Yes, Shard. I believe that to be the PRECISE angle that they are going for. Well spotted in advance.

However, AK and his akolytes have only so much power when it comes to persuading fans to buy the ideas that they’re selling. Because they have to persuade. And if they are unable to make a persuasive case to the general public, attempts to compensate for that through brute force will only weaken their position further… Just saying…. Unlike them, I have been known to take pity on my strategic enemies…

So, there you have it… A “thinking point” to begin the article, and a “thinking point” to end it. Personally, I prefer these “thinking points” to talking points.

55 comments to If Arsenal go from being a ‘club in crisis’ to ‘a one man team,’ is that a promotion of sorts?

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Nice one guys – great work .When RVP scored his second goal against stoke ,instead of praising the build up to the goal ,the commentators (Andy Townsend was one I believe ),shocked me with the following line,” Will he be the next one( to leave)?”.

    The entire game commentory was so negative (and anti-Arsenal)that I would have wrung their necks with my bare hands if I’d the chance.
    The only consolation was they had nothing good to say about Stoke other than that their goal was well worked and that it once again showed Arsenal’s fraility at set-peices.

  • Lanre

    Nice article. I share your view. I personally have developed a thick skin to whatever negativity written about our darling club(sadly, i can’t say the same for my fellow nigerians).
    Of course, Van persie is a quality player, who would walk straight into any team in the world. But as good as he his, he can’t play the game alone. That’s why i don’t believe in a one-man team bullshit.
    We can’t take away the duties of the other players. The ones who are at the defence who made sure his goals were more than we conceeded; the players who create the assist.
    Every team has its star player. Cesc was our own last season. You have rooney for Manure, Silva for Man Six-ty, Ronaldo for Madrid, Messi for barca, the list goes on.
    Come to think of it, were we not competing those days that Van Persie wasn’t fit?
    Anne, as we say here in Nigeria, LET THEM SAY.
    Sadly for Mr AK, Arsenal has opened contract talks with Van Persie

  • Anne


    Yes, I remember hearing that as well, and I think the same thought about wringing their necks may have entered my mind as well at some point:) It’s really gotten to the point where the attacks on Arsenal have become so transparent that they’re verging on ludicrous.

  • mick

    We scored the first goal against Stoke whilst Van Persie was on the bench, who is to say we wouldn’t have scored another and still won the game if he had remained there?

  • Anne


    I agree completely, and the idea of trying to portray Arsenal as a one man team is really just kind of silly. It’s clearly untrue, and doesn’t even make sense. I think part of this might have to do with the fact that they’re just in withdrawal over the Cesc transfer saga no longer being available 🙂 In addition to the RVP angle, they’ve also tried Szczesny to Barcelona and Walcott to Barcelona. Without success 🙂

  • Arun

    If only one player was able to win matches ,as is according to the
    UK media, I am pretty sure Argentina would have won the world cup
    last year not Spain.

  • Gord

    Robin picked up another milestone at that game, but I don’t know exactly what it was. I think the site said something about if Arsenal scored 2 or more goals that game, that the second goal was this milestone (200 goals at the Emirates?). Well, it was RVP that scored that goal.

    I am hoping that a number of other players, start to score goals. To me, it is obvious that quite a number of Arsenal players are capable of scoring goals. Trying to put the ball to close to the post? I think the goals will come, and not all from RVP. But, if RVP wants to score more goals, by all means let him do so. Heck, he might even top the league if he keeps this up.

  • the mickster

    Interestingly, VP has 7 out of 15 for Arseanl, Suarez has 4 out of 11 for liverpool and i would suggest both are looking like the only goal threat from either club at the moment, yet i have yet to read any 1 man team articles of the beloved scouse !

  • Anne

    Off topic, but I thought you guys might enjoy these comments by Arsene at the shareholders meeting:

    Wenger told the AGM: “I believe the values we defend are highly defendable.

    “We want to do things with class and be very brave. Courage is a quality I admire, because it is highly needed in the modern world.

    “I can see a lot of fear and discontent among you – and I
    can understand that because we live in a world where we fight with people who have extremely high resources.

    “We can compete by trying to be intelligent and to be united, because football is very difficult to be consistent and we have been more consistent than anybody in the world in the last 15 years.”

    The Arsenal manager added: “To stay at the top, top level we have to stay united.

    “That does not mean not I am not to be criticised, or the board – we accept that, but we have to show to the outside we are united. If you are not, then you have no chance.”

  • Anne


    He meant a “one man team” except for Gervinho 🙂

  • Shard

    Slightly off topic.. But the news of the AGM is breaking and most of the focus seems to be on ‘Silent’ Stan breaking his silence (I thought he’d done that with the interview with the Telegraph earlier).However, Arsene Wenger had this to say

    Wenger told the AGM: “I believe the values we defend are highly defendable.

    “We want to do things with class and be very brave. Courage is a quality I admire, because it is highly needed in the modern world.

    “I can see a lot of fear and discontent among you – and I can understand that because we live in a world where we fight with people who have extremely high resources.

    “We can compete by trying to be intelligent and to be united, because football is very difficult to be consistent and we have been more consistent than anybody in the world in the last 15 years.”

    The Arsenal manager added: “To stay at the top, top level we have to stay united.

    “That does not mean not I am not to be criticised, or the board – we accept that, but we have to show to the outside we are united. If you are not, then you have no chance.”

  • Anne


    RVP scored the 150th goal of his professional career. And he’s on a hot streak right now, but that hardly makes the rest of our offense worthless 🙂

  • Anne


    I liked that one too 🙂


    Shard was actually the one who found that Wenger quote and sent it to me in the first place, so please give him credit for the post 🙂

  • Anne

    @the mickster:

    Don’t forget that Gervinho scored the first goal against Stoke 🙂

  • Shard

    @Brickfields Gunner

    The commentator was also mentioning that the crowd at the Emirates was ‘really quiet’, and that the Gervinho goal ‘changed the mood’.. All nonsense, and blatant lies. The crowd were magnificent, and were cheering Arsenal on all along. They are now lying through their teeth to give negative reports about Arsenal.

  • Shard


    Yes..Mine..all mine..You can’t have any 🙂

  • Anne


    Yes, good point. You would never need anyone other than Messi 🙂

  • Anne


    And it wasn’t even a good lie at that. What’s the point of telling viewers that the crowd is silent, when the crowd is clearly audible cheering in the background? Unless you just WANT to look like a liar? 🙂

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    There is an obvious and powerful observation that can totally destroy their ¨one man club¨argument and here it is:

    1)Thierry Henry went to Barcelona, failed to become a superstar there but AFC kept winning, despite losing their ¨one superstar¨
    2)Adebayor replaced him at the Arsenal and became our 2nd leading scorer, then left in a huff to go to Shitty but we kept on winning.

    Great goalscorers have come and gone but AFC remain first class since someone else always steps up and fills the breach. That’s what happens when you have a committed and united team like AFC and all the hyperbole, fabrications and wishful thinking of the tabloid, yellow journalists cannot change it.

  • Shard


    He picked his moment well. The ball had gone out for a throw and nothing was happening so the crowd weren’t cheering then. So he used that moment to imply that Arsenal lacked passionate support. When there was some noise immediately after the throw in he said most of the noise is coming from the Stoke supporters. I guess they have a really low opinion of all the viewers, like we’d believe everything they say. Regardless of what we see or hear..Oh wait.. Do they think we are all Le Grovers? Aren’t they representative of all fans? The Mirror and the BBC certainly seem to think so. Why not Sky?

  • Shard

    Ahh..but Domhuaille.. Arsenal haven’t been winning don’t you know? Arsenal aren’t first class, they are useless. Any wins only ever paper over the cracks. They’ll never win until they buy who the media decide is ‘world-class’.

  • Anne


    He’s stupid like a fox 🙂

  • Anne


    Good points. And remember, if they had had their way, we would be stuck with Gary Cahill instead, most likely heading the ball over the goal 5 times in a row like he did on Tuesday.

  • Gord

    @ Anne

    has “Incidentally, Van Persie’s first goal against Stoke was the team’s 200th league goal at the stadium, and the 200th scored in all competitions in front of the North Bank goal (compared to 126 in the Clock End).”.

    So, he is picking up milestones. 🙂

  • youssef

    Just an answer to these f***ing journalists: On tuesday, AW made 11 changes while Bolton put their 1st team and we won the game!
    There was no RVP and the team developped a good performance again. Where is this dependance though ? and what are they talking about ?
    It’s normal to rely on your best players when things are not going well, Look for example how Inzaghi scored important goals for AC milan, Look at Rooney and what’s he’s doing with ManU, Look at Etoo with Inter, Look at Raul with Real or Messi with Barcelona, or Ronaldo with Real again…
    These Journalists are just writing this kind of articles because they don’t like our un-tradiotional team who is turning the corner right now.
    I really want him to sign a new contract to shut theur mouth for good.
    Gooner 4ever

  • Anne


    Apparently 🙂

  • 9jagun

    why is arsenal hated amongst the sports journalist or even all over the world.

  • Timmy

    @ Anne and Shard
    If there is a mastermind alliance against the club to such a level as to use the force of the media to sway the opinion of the fans, doesn’t this point to the fact that we might be looking at some corporate culprit somewhere lurking behind, using these negative reporters to push their ignoble ambitions or is it likely these negative reporters are merely just catching their fun?

  • Anne


    I don’t know. What do you think?

  • Shakabula Gooner

    Great piece and great comments.

    Personally, I prefer the debate on our supposed over reliance on RVP than drawing or losing all the games we’ve won and also than focusing on Arsenal conceding in free kicks – which we did against Stoke but which they didn’t focus upon because it would have meant admitting that the free kick call was a bad call from the referee and because, against their expectations, we won.

    Suddenly, with only 9games of 38games played, we are 7th on the league and 6points off third placed Chelsea. No one is writing off our season anymore.

  • Timmy

    @ Anne
    It might be extreme to think inline of the former (corporate culprit) since there may be insufficient fact to back it up. But at the same time, it may also be too trivial to pin such negativism on the premise of “catching there fun”. However, Since I’ve been following Untold’s Ref Index, I can only surmise that what we might be dealing with is deeper than we may think it is. For example, in one of your articles, I recall an incident where Arsene answered a reporter who obviously was asking a question to get Arsene affirm an opinion he was furthering …that Arsene has been approached by a club in Italy … with Arsene eventually giving us clue as to the reporter’s consistent attempt at fueling negativities around the club.
    The fact that there is a consistency from the reporter may actually symptomize a deep underlying agenda from the reporter’s parent company.
    What do you think?

  • nicky

    There’s nothing more amusing than perfect timing, combined with egg on one’s face. No sooner have we the Sun’s so-called expert pontificating on “one man Arsenal”, than we have splendid displays by Arshavin (in the middle) and Park, in midweek.
    Arsene Wenger is beginning to have an embarrassment of riches, together with a selection headache looming.

  • Anne


    If you’re familiar with my previous writing on this blog, you’re already aware that I believe that there is a larger organizational aspect to this campaign, and that it is not just haphazard. However, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it can be linked to any specific “corporate culprit.” If you have some specific theory in mind, I’d be interested to hear it.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Youssef – I too hope that RVP signs early to stop this crap .Then lets see what they hatch up anew.My bet is that they will attempt to destablise young Jack .
    @9jagun – I personally don’t think that foreign journos hate The Arsenal – quite the reverse I feel. Many just read the wrong
    papers(eg. The Sun) and the negative blogs and spit out without really chewing on it .They just follow the herd and don’t think for themselves .

  • Anne


    I agree. This whole “one man team” angle is going nowhere fast… I don’t see any chance at all that anyone is going to buy it. 🙂

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    One only has to look at La Liga to see why it is not in the commercial interest of anyone financially involved for one team to ‘do a Barcelona’ except the team that does it. The EPL has only really ‘kicked off’ commercially since 2003 when three rather than merely one or maybe two teams could win it. If one team were to assemble a highly skilled unit by bringing them up in the club culture from an early age it might not be possible for other teams to compete if money rather than time is unlimited.

  • The Blaze

    I wonder if Un1t6d were called a one-man team when Rooney was basically passing, crossing and scoring the ball at once. No, then it was called a part of Fergie’s brilliance.

    The media is just stupid. I remember them making statements that Un1t6d was close to Barcelona and had surpassed Real Madrid before the 1-6, all because they happened to have young players in midfield who were able to do a couple of one-touch pass moves. Then they lose 1-6 at home and bam, I’ve already seen a report that Ferguson’s magic has worn out. Of course, the media didn’t pick up on that report and even dared to agree that a 0-3 away win against Aldershot Town was the perfect response to a 6-1 home defeat against your cross city rivals.

  • RedGooner

    Do they mean one man team the same as Utd were when cantona scored the solitary goal each week as they went on to win the league ?
    Cantona may have scored the goal each week but Utd were anything but a one man team so why us ….

    Maybe cross and AK are running out of ideas.

  • menace

    In the recent Marseille game Andy Townsend commentary was so blatanly biased I wondered if he was getting a Tappie uppie. His concentration on the ‘handball’ that Jenkinson got away with by not amputating his offending left arm was venomous in the extreme. He however skirted over the black gloved handball in the Marseille penalty area, which incidentally was a handball.

    The term ‘skirted over’ is apt because he is a JT special(the terms used by our role model England Captain against Anton Ferdinand). If you didn’t get my drift I apologise because I do not want to use abusive terms to describe a ‘crooked nosed dipstick’ who dislikes the Arsenal.

    As for our one man team, these guys do not know how true their basis is. It is a Wenger team. The cogs needed changing but gradually they are beginning to mesh and the beautiful football is beginning to flow. Some aspects need adjustment but as a season ticket holder, I am getting value (in spite of the monopoly PGMOL officials with their own agenda that is gradually spoiling the Game).

  • Anne


    I guess it’s possible that maybe they are running out of ideas… But whatever the explanation, it’s definitely a weak effort, and no number of attacks on Untold are going to make it go over any better 🙂

  • menace

    @Anne, Timmy Shard -Why is there such a negative attitude against Arsenal? The answer is really simple. It hasn’t been kicked out yet!!

    What is it? Racism!! Racism is not name calling. It is not monkeys or black or white or ginger or scouser or geordie or cockney or ……….. Racism is recognised by its stealth. The Frenchman has lost his midfield. Why not Wenger has lost his midfield? How many times does Fergie get called Scotsman? Or how manty times does Gary Lineker get referred to as the twice married presenter? It is a very crafty and subtle dig at the individual until there is sufficient momentum to attack his race. In the work place it manifests itself differently. It is promotion or refusal to acknowledge quality or in most cases selective CVs because of perception – a Clattenberg, Wilson, Jones, Webb, Iceberg, Adams will get a referees job where as a Singh, DeSousa, Nalatambe, Patel, Wenger will have a multitude of reasons why he is unsuitable. Wenger has had an amazing impact on football in England but there are those who hate the fact he is French.
    Look at the incident at West Ham a few years back when Pardue and Wenger had a spat. Wenger took his position and allowed the FA to win. Pardue stood firm and the FA suddenly had insufficient evidence. If that were the case the FA should have returned all of Wengers fine with an apology for insufficient evidence. This is just one instance of ‘Racism’ at work. It is far more serious than the JT /AF verbal abuse. It is the subtle put down of a mans integrity.

  • Anne


    You’re correct that Arsenal didn’t get nearly enough credit for beating Bolton’s first string with their young players. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Anne


    You’re correct that Wenger is a better fit for the “one man team” angle than RVP. Although I really would prefer to just avoid it entirely. 🙂

  • Kentetsu

    To date in the EPL:
    9 matches played, 15 goals scored, 8 different goal scorers.

    To date overall (including CL, Carling Cup):
    16 matches played, 27 goals scored, 13 different goal scorers.

    It’s not like we have only one man who can score goals. Yes, RVP does score more goals than anybody else. He tends to do that whenever he plays and plays in a position where he is supposed to score a lot of goals.

    Looking at the data in more detail, the CL matches highlight exactly that Arsenal is not a one-man-team. Of the seven goals scored in five matches (three conceded), only two have been scored by RVP. We seem to be doing fine regardless, as we are still unbeaten in the CL.

    For the stat fans:

    Total goals EPL goals
    Arshavin 2 1
    Arteta 1 1
    Benayoun 1
    Chamakh 1 1
    Gervinho 2 2
    Gibbs 1
    Oxlade 2
    Park 1
    Ramsey 2 1
    RVP 9 7
    Santos 1
    Song 1 1
    Walcott 3 1

  • Kentetsu

    Data got a bit messed up. Read as follows:

    Player – total goals – EPL goals

    Arshavin – 2 – 1
    Arteta – 1 – 1
    Benayoun – 1 – 0
    Chamakh – 1 – 1
    Gervinho – 2 – 2
    Gibbs – 1 – 0
    Oxlade – 2 – 0
    Park – 1 – 0
    Ramsey – 2 – 1
    RVP – 9 – 7
    Santos – 1 – 0
    Song – 1 – 1
    Walcott – 3 – 1

  • WalterBroeckx

    Great numbers Kentetsu.

    And just like Rooney will score most goals for MU, Drogba for Chelsea, Suarez for Liverpool, VDVaart for Tottenham so will RVP score most Arsenal goals.
    That is just the result of their place in the team and on the pitch.

    One could also say that Barcelona are a one Messi team and Real Madrid are a one Ronaldo team.

    But no the only one man team is Arsenal… sigh…

  • samkenya

    This is not a UK problem. Many International journalists and commentators have also become anti-arsenal. Watching the last marseille game was so annoying that I had to switch off the voice and watch the match as the commentators were talking about how bad the team has become, how they possess and not score, how immature the team is, how difficult it is for them to win away from home etc.

    At the end of the match I put on the voice only to hear the guys say that the fair result should have been a draw and a lot of other nonsense.

  • Anne


    Thanks for putting this together. Now we have the numerical proof to back up what we were all thinking anyway. Thanks again.

  • Anne


    Personally, I’m thinking that they’re starting to get a little bit desperate, and are thus taking things overboard.

  • @Anne,
    The offence will finally click and we’ll start hammering mid-table teams at which point we’ll be “flat track bullies”…

    Of course the media nightmare is the following:
    Szczęsny, Gibbs, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Jenkinson, Frimpong, Wilshere, Lansbury, Afobe, Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain posing with the Champions League trophy as a dejected Barcelona team file past.

  • bob

    Some media musings:
    Yep, you guys have nailed the opening of the next front in the Arsene Out war. I think their plot (not the garden variety) thickens when their next shoe drops: that is, when once we consider that RvP’s agent is Dein the Lesser – the very same agent as ex-Fab’s – the Robin Leaving saga starts to take serious form. If the media miscreants and their string-pullers can build up the idea of Arsenal as a one-man team and then (or soon or simultaneously) do all they can to drive a wedge between that man and Arsene/Arsenal; for then they will have achieve full-blown, non-stop epic story line they crave to de-stabilize the club. The “Cesc Leaving” cash-cow would be replaced by their “Robin Leaving” saga. A bit more generally, Arsene’s AGM statement just mentioned several times how the media has distorted all things Arsenal and helped bring about the atmosphere of toxic skepticism that threatens the basic unity that any team must have to stay afloat in this era of Oilygarchical football and Moguldumb-em-down media. Just a few items for UM to look out for, now that we’ve stabilized with a good string of wins. Down with Chelski! Go Gooners! Occupy the Mirror!

  • Anne


    Good points, but I’m personally feeling optimistic tha t this RVP angle will not reach the same heights as the Cesc saga. In a lot of ways, this is just a gut feeling. But I also believe that the club is being more proactive in terms of countering this sort of thing, and also that the public is becoming increasingly skeptical of these types of media reports. So, those are two factors that I think are more in our favor this time around.

    By the way, good to see you around again. 🙂

  • bjtgooner

    @ Anne

    I think you are correct about RVP, I don’t think any transfer saga will get to the level of that of Fabergas and, there is still a good chance RVP will stay.

    It is interesting to see how the media negativity towards the club keeps evolving and it has been so sustained that it will no doubt continue for some time. It is important that the fans really back the manager and team whatever the results especially in the short term – I make this point re short term because we have a very exciting crop of young talent nearly ready for the first team – the medium and long term prospects look exceptional. When this talent comes through the squad and team will be better than ever – it might even be difficult for the media to formulate criticism!

    Is part of the reason for the negative media frenzy we have suffered due to their realisition that the future of the club and team looks very promising, so, if it cannot be successfully attacked now, the chance may soon be gone?

    @ Bob – good to see you comments again!

  • Anne


    I hope that you’re correct in your optimism, but I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see. Thanks for your contribution to this article.