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October 2021
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October 2021

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Untold Ref Review: MU 1 – MC 6 – Historical in many ways

By Ref Reviewer 04

For the Manchester derby at Old Trafford we had Ref Clattenburg in charge. Was his contribution as historical as the score line?

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
3 OTHER Richards Young C Cought the man on the leg 1 1
4 OTHER Young Silva NC Silva tries to clear out of defence but gets a kick on his foot. Ref puts the whistle to his mouth but then changes his mind 0 0
5 OTHER Barry Evra C Trip 1 1
6 OTHER Anderson Aguero C Trip 1 1
6 OTHER Evans Yaya NC Trip 0 0
7 OTHER Richards Young C Push 1 1
8 OTHER Milner Young C Trip 1 1
13 OTHER Smalling Balotelli C Push 1 1
15 OTHER Milner Young NC Trip, advantage given but leads to nothing 0 0
18 OTHER Nani Milner NC Push in the back not given 0 0
19 PENALTY Kompany Rooney C Kompany cleanly kicks the ball. No foul, correct seen from the ref 1 3
20 OTHER Balotelli Evans C Stepped on his foot 1 1
22 GOAL City   C Correct goal 1 3
22 YELLOW Balotelli   C Puts his shirt over his head. Correct card 1 2
32 OTHER Richards Young C Trip 1 1
34 OTHER Welbeck Hart NC Striker backs in the keeper, but no foul given 0 0
35 OTHER Evra Balotelli C Trip 1 1
37 OTHER Anderson Silva C Tackle on the ankle 1 1
37 YELLOW Anderson   NC Should have been a yellow card for it was a reckless challenge on the ankle 0 0
40 OTHER Kompany Welbeck C Tripp off the ball 1 1
40 YELLOW Kompany   C Correct decision to give a yellow card for such a cynical foul 1 2
42 OTHER Smalling Balotelli C Push 1 1
43 OTHER Nani Clichy C Push 1 1
43 OTHER Yaya Young C Push 1 1
45 OTHER Smalling Clichy C Push 1 1
  Half time         19 25
      CORRECT   76,00% 78,13%
  YELLOW       2 3 66,67
  RED       0 0  
  PENALTY     1 1 100,00
  GOAL       1 1 100,00
  OTHER       2 2 100,00
          6 7 85,71
  OFFSIDE       0 0  
  Second half          
47 OTHER Evans Balotelli C Evans pulls the striker down when he goes past him 1 1
47 RED Evans   C Evans was the last defender, Balotelli would have been one on one against the keeper just outside the penalty box. Only card is a red one 1 3
51 PENALTY Anderson Richards NC A clear trip and push in the back from Anderson on Richards, should have been a penalty. Clattenburgs washes his hands in innocence? 0 0
51 YELLOW Anderson   NC Should have been a yellow card. Second time he escapes a yellow card 0 0
53 OTHER Fletcher Aguero C   1 1
59 OTHER Evra Richards C Trip 1 1
60 GOAL Man City   C Correct goal 1 3
62 OTHER Anderson Aguero C Pull and ran a long way to commit the foul 1 1
62 YELLOW Anderson   C Finally gets his yellow, should have been his third 1 2
64 OFFSIDE Balotelli   C   1 1
67 OTHER Evra Barry C Frontal tackle 1 1
67 YELLOW Evra   C Frontal tackle, foot over the floor, dangerous, correct card 1 2
69 GOAL Man City   C Correct goal 1 3
70 OTHER Evra Balotelli C Trip 1 1
71 OTHER Corner for City NC Ball hits the leg of Smalling but no corner given 0 0
72 OTHER Lescott Young C Push 1 1
75 OTHER Dzeko Jones NC Dzeko hits Jones on his foot, nothing given 0 0
75 OFFSIDE Young   C   1 1
79 OTHER Smalling Dzeko C Tackle from behind 1 1
79 YELLOW Smalling   C Dangerous tackle, promising attack 1 2
81 GOAL Man Utd   C Correct goal 1 3
83 OTHER Welbeck Richards C Tackle on the ankle 1 1
83 YELLOW Welbeck   C Viscious and mean tackle, correct card 1 2
85 OTHER Barry Young C Trip 1 1
86 OTHER Richards Welbeck C Trip 1 1
86 YELLOW Richards   C another correct card 1 2
89 GOAL Man City   C Correct goal 1 3
91 GOAL Man City   C Correct goal 1 3
93 GOAL Man City   C Correct goal 1 3
      2nd half score    
  TOTAL         25 44
  %   CORRECT   86,21% 86,27%
  YELLOW       5 6 83,33
  RED       1 1 100,00
  PENALTY     0 1 0,00
  GOAL       6 6 100,00
  OTHER       7 7 100,00
          19 21 90,48
  OFFSIDE       2 2 100,00
      TOTAL SCORE    
  TOTAL         44 69
  %   CORRECT   81,48% 83,13%
  YELLOW       7 9 77,78
  RED       1 1 100,00
  PENALTY     1 2 50,00
  GOAL       7 7 100,00
  OTHER       9 9 100,00
          25 28 89,29
  OFFSIDE       2 2 100,00
  Correct calls For Man U 16 35,56%  
      For Man C 29 64,44%  
      Total correct calls 45    
  Wrong calls Against Man U 2 20,00%  
      Against Man C 8 80,00%  
      Total   10    


I don’t know how Clattenburg will have felt when returning to his dressing room but if it had a mixture of relief, satisfaction and euphoria it would have been the right feelings.

Doing a top game and then coming out with a final score on the important decisions of 89,29% is …well… utterly amazing done by the ref. The things he missed on the important decisions were a not given penalty for Man City and the fact that he waited too long to show Anderson a yellow card.

For the rest he was spot on with all the other important decisions. And he had lots decisions to make in the 90 minutes.

In a difficult game he wasn’t at his best yet in the first half but in the second half he was very focussed and just did what he had to do. Apart from the mistakes already mentioned.

So United had nothing to complain about the ref. He even gave them the majority of the wrong calls. The turning point was the sending off and this was the only thing Clattenburg could do without making a fool of himself. Balotelli was past the defender and would have been on his way to goal in a one on one with the keeper. Not the worst foul one can make but you got to keep your hands of a player who is clear through on goal.

Clattenburg showed, and not for the first time I have seen this from him, that he took his responsibility when it was required. So he had the nerve to send a United player off with a red card at Old Trafford. But even SAF could not say anything about it. Well not that I heard anyway. Maybe his pal Mike will have heard something about it.


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6 comments to Untold Ref Review: MU 1 – MC 6 – Historical in many ways

  • Yommex

    I believe Mike Riley is yet to recovere from the oversight of allowing Clattenburg to referee this match and not Howard Webb. I am convinced beyond any iota of doubt that with Webb at the center, United would NEVER have got this type of result anywhere in the world not to think of Old Trafford as he would NEVER have given Evans the marching order and there would have been AT LEAST ONE fictitious penalty kick to United. (I’d like Untold to monitor if Clattenburg is ever given any match involving Manchester United at Old Trafford again within the next 3 seasons).
    This goes to show what has been posited severally especially on this site that Manchester United are not as good as they are being made to look but it’s the referees/refereeing that has won them a good number of their Premiership titles. I personally believe that this is a vindication of the collective work that the Untold folks have been doing over the years which is for a level playing field or something close to that to be provided for all and sundry. I hope it is not a one time thing anyway.
    I have a feeling that over the next 5 matches, City must be made to lose at least 2 matches so as to have their 5-point advantage wiped off by Christmas and I see Howard Webb handling at least 2 of United’s matches before Christmas.
    With good officiating, Manchester United are as vulnerable as any other premiership side.

  • walter

    Yommex we will keep an eye on this. Don’t worry and it will be interesting to see how things go from here

  • Donnyfan1

    Good review and thanks. Is this proof agaain that refs are looking out for Man City this season– even against the likes of ManU?

  • C4

    When the game kicked off, I remember expressing my surprise at the fact that Webb wasn’t in manure’s starting line-up. But if I saw correctly, he WAS present… as the fourth official. It was his team’s biggest home game for the season, and he couldn’t be left out completely. But had he been put in charge again, I think it would have been too much for the football loving world to bear, and would have caused an uproar. So Big Mike gave him a less prominent role, which seems to have failed because he was less effective on the wings than he is when he plays in his favourite central midfield position for manure.

  • Laundryender

    the link from this review is wrong walter

  • Wayne Gold Coast AU

    very impressive, from a city fan we always knew the refs were biased towards U****d whenever we play them, or anyone for that matter, the ref always has a huge bearing on the result,the question is always do you think we will win? and the answer is depends on the fef, which makes the last day of the season even sweeter, also the reaction of the sunderland and QPR fans shows all other the fans hate them almost as much as we do.