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By Ref Reviewer 04

Just as last year we had ref Oliver for the game Arsenal – WBA at the Emirates. Last year a top score despite Arsenal losing. How did he do this season?

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
2 OTHER Gera Ramsey C Push 1 1
7 OTHER Thomas Jenkinson C Kick on the foot 1 1
8 YELLOW Morrison Gervinho C A cynical foul and no chance of playing the ball. Should have been a yellow card 1 1
12 OTHER Gera Ramsey C Got the ball but also the ankle of Ramsey 1 1
13 OTHER Ref stops play C After heading the ball away Olson fell with his face on to the studs of Vermaelen and was bleeding in his face 1 1
16 OTHER Santos Morrison C Trip 1 1
17 OTHER Vermaelen Cox C Push 1 1
18 OTHER wba Ramsey C Push but advantage given 1 1
22 OTHER Cox Vermaelen C Trip 1 1
22 GOAL Arsenal C Walcott was level when Ramsey played the ball to him correct goal 1 3
25 PENALTY Jones Arteta C It was an obstruction so if anything should have been an indirect free kick 1 3
27 OFFSIDE Arsenal NC Gervinho was level 0 0
28 OTHER WBA Szczesny C Foul on the keeper but the got the ball – advantage given 1 1
29 OTHER Cox Arteta C Holding 1 1
30 OTHER Jones Walcott C Trip 1 1
32 OTHER Vermaelen Cox NC No trip, no push, nothing wrong 0 0
33 OTHER Cox Santos C Push 1 1
33 YELLOW Cox C Cox tried to stop Santos from taking the free kick and tried a little kick after the whistle. Ref tells them to stop because Santos was unhappy about it but should have given him a yellow card 0 0
34 PENALTY Olson Gervinho C Slight contact nothing really wrong 1 3
36 PENALTY Koscielny Thomas NC Blocked the striker and brought him down. For my feeling should have been a penalty. Ref Oliver seems determined to not go for the big decisions 0 0
37 OTHER Cox Koscielny C Push 1 1
39 GOAL Arsenal C correct goal 1 3
41 OTHER Santos Cox C Push 1 1
44 OTHER Jenkinson Thomas C Came in from behind and didn’t get the ball 1 1
46 OTHER Vermaelen Gera C Push in the back 1 1
Half time 24 32
CORRECT 85,71% 78,05%
YELLOW 0 1 0,00
PENALTY 2 3 66,67
GOAL 2 2 100,00
OTHER 1 1 100,00
5 7 71,43
OFFSIDE 3 4 75,00
Second half
46 OTHER Brunt C Handball 1 1
58 OTHER Jenkinson Thomas C Came in the back of the player 1 1
63 OTHER Cox Santos C Push 1 1
63 YELLOW Cox NC Cox argues against the assistant who gave the foul. A good ref takes care that the players don’t protest their decisions 0 0
65 OTHER Ramsey Thomas C Trip 1 1
67 OTHER Tchoyi Koscielny C Push 1 1
74 GOAL Arsenal C correct goal 1 3
75 OTHER Morrison Rosicky C Trip 1 1
76 OTHER Benayoun McAuley C Holding 1 1
77 OTHER Jenkinson Thomas C Obstruction 1 1
84 OTHER Santos Morrison C Little trip 1 1
88 OTHER WBA? Benayoun NC Trip in defensive territory advantage given. Possession is not the same as advantage 0 0
92 OTHER Song Thorne C Clipped his foot 1 1
2nd half score
TOTAL 14 16
% CORRECT 87,50% 84,21%
YELLOW 0 1 0,00
RED 0 0
GOAL 1 1 100,00
OTHER 1 1 100,00
2 3 66,67
OFFSIDE 3 3 100,00
TOTAL 38 48
% CORRECT 86,36% 80,00%
YELLOW 0 2 0,00
RED 0 0
PENALTY 2 3 66,67
GOAL 3 3 100,00
OTHER 2 2 100,00
7 10 70,00
OFFSIDE 6 7 85,71
Correct calls For Home 22 61,11%
For Away 14 38,89%
Total correct calls 36
Wrong calls Against Home 5 83,33%
Against Away 1 16,67%
Total 6
Total fouls Home 10 50,00%
Away 10 50,00%
Total 20

Well another good performance from this ref in the same game as he did last season.

He didn’t want to be involved in anything that could be described as a soft penalty. I felt the strongest case for a penalty went against WBA. And incidentally this was the only wrong call he made against WBA during the game. I think that if he had put the ball on the spot for Arsenal earlier then he maybe would have given WBA also a penalty. Being consistent in not giving soft penalties for both teams can be applauded in a way.

For the rest I thought it was a very fair game, without yellow cards but he should have given at least one and maybe two. But at the end of the day the players behaved themselves very well but you never know this after 10 minutes in the game.

But over all a very good performance from the ref with not much wrong calls in this game.

15 Replies to “Untold Ref Review : Arsenal 3 – WBA 0”

  1. @Mahdain, I was just reading it, what a load of sh**. Now I don’t pay as much attention to what the media says about other clubs, I focus mainly on arsenal, but if it isn’t as bad as what they say about us we really should do something about it, it’s getting beyond ridiculous. They’re having a go far too often, and it seems like it only gets worse when we’re doing well

  2. The ref did well but WBA also did not play a game with lots of fouls. They tried to play football not rugby and that helped the ref greatly.

  3. Thanks Dogface if you ever could find the time to explain how to solve the problem just let me know and I will try to fix it myself in the future. For the moment haven’t got a clue…

  4. Mark, yes WBA tried to play football and was playing within the rules and like you said this made the job a bit easier for the ref

  5. @Mahdain

    That article is just bizarre. They really think a man to man comparison of ManCity with a team that went 49 unbeaten can really prove anything? The first comparison itself is a joke. Joe Hart better than Lehmann?? Richards better than Lauren? Haha. Yeah right. And any article that can even compare Bergkamp and Aguero, let alone put Aguero in front, just deserves to be laughed at. As if the ‘stats’ make any sense 11 games into a season. There’s just so much wrong with that article that I can’t even get angry about it. It really is just bizarre. The only ulterior motive I can think of is that now that they can’t attack the way our team is playing currently, they choose to attack our history. But I’m not sure that’s what it is. I think they are just stupid.

  6. Sammy,
    I dont think the scores have been that good in recent weeks.
    In fact this is the first ref in our last 3 wins who had a good score. The other were very low scores for the ref.

    But this was a good performance.

  7. Another good performance of Oliver in our game against West Brom. All the better because we won this time.

  8. The Talksport article is rubbish. To “proof” which team is better, you may want to do a bit more than just a player by player comparison.
    Media reports like this are tiring.
    Last year at this point, Chelsea should be handed the title already; they finished in second place, nine points behind ManU. This year City is basically crowned champions already.
    Last year at this point, everybody (the media) was anticipating ManU would go the whole season unbeaten; then they lost in February (matchday 26) to minnows Wolverhampton Wonderers and thrice more the rest of the season. This year are on a strong run of 11 games and Yaya starts talking about going unbeaten and the media are all too happy to hype the story.
    In case anyone’s forgotten, the season does not end November. There is only a two week break for boring friendlies and a couple of semi-interesting Euro 2012 play-off matches. No prizes are won by being the leader of the pack at this point.

  9. Haha I remember last season it was Man Utd until Wolves brought Fergie to the ground with a big thud most probably the biggest fall he might have had from his mighty chair(it was the same day when Arsenal were robbed at Newcastle last season) and Arsenal rubbed it up with a victory through Ramsey’s goal later.

    Man City would always fall. The day is not pretty off.

  10. A bit off the topic ,but the media seriously talks rubbish .They only hype the things just to get visits to their sites.Just take the case of Neymar,one day they said that he has agreed a move to real madrid and a few days later that he has signed a contract extension with Santos.
    Seriously, the media has forgotten the facts but live in their imaginary world.

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