Carlos Vela scores

Carlos Vela scored his second goal for Mexico’s first team in the 4-0 win over Peru, in a match played in Chicago (for reasons that will not become clear in this article).   Sven (who is about to take over the team from Jesus is said to have been “impressed”.

The goal came after 21 minutes – there was a load of confusion in the defence, Carlos got the ball, worked out where the net was, and rolled the ball in.

Sven starts properly with Mexico later in the month. Meanwhile, with all the news about the miracle cure for Eduardo, it really does look like we have got one hell of a load of choice on the forward line.   With

Adebayour, Nic,  Vela, Eduardo, van Persie, and Theo all willing and able I suspect that Eduardo will be given plenty of time to get things together before being given a run out, while Vela might have to wait his turn in the diddly-widdly cup – unless of course the Netherlands manage to hand back Robin with yet another injury.  Although I have to say, they do seem to be taking a very responsible attitude thus far, as far as one can see from media reports.