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  1. Anne

    @Dog Face:

    Great work once again. And I really appreciate your explanation this and last week of that whole “handicap” thing that I had never been able to fully come to grips with before. 🙂 As I read more of your reports, I realize that the work you do is more educational (to me at least) than anything else that appears on Untold. So, thanks for that.

  2. Anne

    Oh, and I also thought it was interesting that Mark Clattenburg officiated that rather “strange” Lyon result in the CL this week.

  3. Knysnagunner

    Assistant referee this afternoon Andy Garratt. Remember him from Sunderland last season? Also failed to call the handball by Vidic but gave us the throw in the manure game.

  4. Knysnagunner

    I just remembered Garratt was also involved in Gervinho’s sending off at Newcastle if I am not mistaken. Bad feeling about this afternoon’s game.

  5. Mahdain

    Mhh looks like we have it stacked against us this weekend…im really hoping song doesnt get a yellow card that will keep him out of city game but knowing webb and just because it is song i am 95% sure it will happen but lets just hope im wrong and we win comfortably and without any suspensions

  6. Anne


    Off topic, but thanks for your Mirror links on that earlier article. I’m following up 🙂

  7. Mahdain

    no problem.. btw have you guys seen AVB scathing attack to the media? he really showed them up… http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/dec/09/andre-villas-boas-chelsea-gary-neville

  8. Laundryender

    Great review Dogface

    Webb is too highly thought of by those in power, his performance does not justify his status.

    Only Ref ever to be booed at a World Cup medal presentation.

  9. Laundryender

    PS dont forget to get in early today, I am buzzing already!!!

  10. Anne


    Thanks again for the link. You’re a great scout, I must say 🙂

  11. bjtgooner

    @Dog Face

    A very informative and interesting review again.

    I think this is the third time we have had Webb this season, but can anyone advise how many times we have had Andy Garrett? After he didn’t see Vidic’s deliberate hand ball last season he seems to crop up far too frequently.

  12. Laundryender


    What we do know is that we wont be seeing Vidic for a while.

    Off to catch train now, come on you gooners!!!!!!

  13. marcus

    Saw the Arteta yellow on Yahoo, and thought to myself:

    “Hello Hello, who’s reffing this one?”

    Thanks K9, you’ve wrecked my day…

  14. Johnny Deigh

    Gameweek 15 and we’ve already had Howard Webb 3 times in the league, or every 5 matches on average. At this rate he will have reffed us 7 or 8 times in the league by the end of the season.
    He tried to screw us against Sunderland, and he’s trying to screw us again today against Everton.
    Might be worth putting a bet on Everton or the draw.

  15. slim

    Screw me that was nervy- but what better way to cap 125 great years than 1-0 TO THE ARSENAL

  16. Mahdain

    what a pass and what a goal to go with the 125th celebrations…and how fitting was it that we won 1-0 the day we marked our 125th anniversary? once again song showed why we didnt need the media darling “world class” scotty parker..its amazing how little credit song gets for all the work he does..best DM in the league without a doubt and thats if you can even call him a DM anymore..songinho 😛

  17. iniez

    hahah ‘songinho’

  18. Mahdain

    i wonder where walter is…should have put up an article already

  19. Gord

    I looked around a bit, and I don’t see anyone talking about how Vermaelen did playing fullback. How did Arsenal look with 4 centrebacks playing defence?

  20. Johnny Deigh

    Didn’t like the way Webb reffed this. Cards for us, no cards for them for the same offense. I’ve seen him do us worse though. Fortunately for Arsenal Song and RVP delivered with a spectacular goal.

  21. Johnny Deigh

    @Gord, Vermaelen was excellent. It’s not really surprising as that was his position before he came to Arsenal, I think.
    The back four was generally good. Koscielny especially put in a great shift.

  22. DogFace

    Get in – another result for the Predictortron too!

    Also – with regards to Andy Garratt – there were several moments when he had more than a little indecision in his calls – he kept doing this curious thing where he slapped his right buttock several times before deciding a call. At one point the ball went out of play and he just stood there with his arse pressd up against the corner flag slapping his right buttock.

    I shouted ‘Oi lino make the call’ – he turned, looked at me and laughed while pointing to his ear and shrugged his shoulders.

    There was a loose wire in his earpiece and the reciever was in his back pocket.

    Make of that what you will.

  23. walter

    I have a bit of a special reason you will read it in my article if I can get it online somewhere in the middle of the night 😉

  24. Gord

    Hopefully this doesn’t impact Walter’s report, but Fabregas scored (diving header) to secure the win for Barcelona over Real Madrid tonight.

    Even though Cesc has left Arsenal, he still seems to be supporting the team. Cesc apparently scored with a diving header against Real Madrid, contributing to Barcelona beating Real Madrid.
    In the spirit of being fair, I thought putting this up would be okay. There was a news article about both Cesc and Nasri congratulating Arsenal on today’s win. I think it is nice that Nasri did so, I suspect it will be a while before he is re-accepted by Arsenal fans. I think most Arsenal supporters appreciate that Fabregas still has ties to Arsenal and that he is following Arsenal.

    Personally, I think Mourinho is disgusting. And regardless of who Real Madrid plays, I like to see them lose.

  25. bjtgooner

    This was a good team performance, a valuable three points and a briliant goal. Overall we played some lovely football and carved up a normally tight Everton defence. We really should have scored more.

    I am not so sure about Webb but look forward to the ref report.

    Can Andy Garrett not raise his flag or make a call unless he has permission by radio? Are linesmen being “remotely” controlled? Something strange.

  26. DogFace

    @btjgooner – we broke into a chorus of “like a puppet on a string” for him… but he just laughed it off and nodded.

  27. WalterBroeckx

    Just seen that Dean gave a foul on the instructions of the 4th ref…. With a little help even Dean could become a great ref… LOL 🙂 🙂

  28. Brickfields Gunners

    Good win although very nervy .Had to smile when they were caught offside so many times it the 2nd half – shades of the Arsenal of old.The defence was compact and did well when joining the attack,
    but were lopsided for a while when Djouru was injured .
    A bit wasteful but they were always under pressure .
    A very special goal from the man of the moment to mark a historic
    occasion .
    1- nil to the Arsenal – I can live with that !

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