Rosicky still injured… maybe

This is the time of year when people of sense and sensibility hold their breath, waiting for news of a player getting crocked in an international.

So far it has not happened this summer – maybe this could be the first summer since, oh, sometime around the middle ages, when no Arsenal player has been done by his international team.

But of course the good news couldn’t last.   There I was hoping against hope that Eduardo, Rosicky and Van Persie would all be fighting fit for day one of the new season (a little matter of West Bromwich Wobbleu) when the news come in that Roskicky will only have only just started to train by then.

Now I must admit I picked the news up while trying (and failing) to have a look at the Holland 4-1 victory over someone or other, on the ITV web site, and ITV don’t have the best record when it comes to telling the future.  (Remember “Tottenham will finish in the Top 4” that was said over and over and over, this time last year).

Still, two out of three is still ok, if Robin can just hold himself together a bit longer.