Does humour have a place in football

When I gather with a few mates at the Auld Triangle (or whatever it chooses to be called this season), prior to another stunning Arsenal victory, we stand in the road (in contravention of the 2004 Road Traffic Act), drink (ditto) and talk (probably ditto under the Terrorism Act, and now punishable by 42 days inside without charge).

We talk of serious matters sometimes, but also we joke, we have fun, we laugh.  We do the same in the stadium.  Of course we have serious moments, we cringe, we scream abuse at Robbie Savage, all that stuff, but also we laugh. 

Even some of the songs have me in stitches.   Singing, “We’ll race you back to London” to the Man Bankrupt supporters who managed to find their way to the Elder Trafford, is very amusing.  Droll even.

So what is it that the journalists and the bloggers have got against humour in football. If you are reflecting football, there should be the odd laugh.  The Guardian does it ok but otherwise it is all a bit serious.

I only came to think of this when I noticed that very few of the slightly amusing pieces published by Untold Arsenal ever make it onto the rolling Arsenal story sites like GoonerNews.   I’ve never quite worked out why.  It can’t be censorship can it? 

Now I know that I am inviting a load of emails saying that it is because we are a bunch of turnips for whom a season ticket at Tottenham would be suitable punishment, but well, a bit of lightheardedness doesn’t go amiss.  After all, Up the Arse is often advertised as “Laugh at those who deserve it”

Anyway, if you look back through yesterday’s stuff you find odds and ends that are marginally mirthifull.  If you are that way inclined.  None of the last 3 posts made it onto the rolling news services.  I leave you to work out why.