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August 2021

Redknapp describes the “arrogance of Arsenal”

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By Tony Attwood

On Saturday Liverpool outplayed us in the first half but we won.  On Sunday Chelsea sacked another manager (I have lost count as to how many that makes), and Tottenham continued their current run of form.   So quite a jolly weekend, except…

There is always something surrounding Liverpool that fills me with despair.   To see a snarling fat steward raging at Van Persie as he wanted to give his shirt to a travelling fan is bad enough, but it followed a game where Suarez, after a match in which he used every dirty trick including a dive to get the penalty, and those irritating feet taps to trip up players, complained that it was an “unfair defeat” on Twitter.

Sky of course love Liverpool and treat Arsenal like something they have to deal with but wish they didn’t.

Le Tissier on the gantry said, and I quote it accurately, “I hope Diaby was injured”.  Of course he will claim that this is taken out of context, and it is – the context was a debate over whether Diaby was being replaced for performance reasons or because he was injured, but even so…  Given what the man’s last few years have been like it was a crass statement and an awful thing to say.

Then there was the even more disgraceful Redknapp the younger on Sky.  He wondered what Liverpool would be like with Van Persie.  But he said Liverpool couldn’t buy VP because (and again I quote exact words) “Those kind of players cost £40.”

Now I know it is difficult for Redknapp to keep up, but Liverpool spent £57.8m on two players who were supposed to be like Van Persie.  Suárez and Carroll.  Total goals in the league this season: nine.  Racist outbursts: one.  At least.

As for Robin, last time I checked he had scored over 30 this season, and had a racist outburst level of: zero.

But even with this outright nonsense and mindless gibberish Redknapp wasn’t done.  He went on and on about how appallingly bad Arsenal were in terms of not tying down VP on a long term contract.  “You just can’t do that with top players!” he complained over and over again.  And then he told us that this was why we lost Cesc and Nasri.

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The simple fact is that we have had players like Cesc on long contracts, and found as all other clubs have found, that if a player wants to go, you have to do a deal.  That fact utterly escaped Redknapp.  And the fact is that Liverpool do tie down players on long term contracts, and find themselves with… well Carroll who will earn £80k a week for another four years, and produce five goals a season.

It is a two way affair: get the wrong player on a long contract and you will never get rid of him, because he knows no one else will ever pay him such an insane salary.  Get the right player on the standard four or five years, and the player looks at his options.

Go back to when VP signed his last contract and the AAA were making a big noise about getting rid of him because of his “glass ankles”.   They didn’t even want the player sitting around – they wanted him out.  Now these self-same people are complaining that we didn’t put him on a long enough contract.

The fact is, if you go back three years could you have predicted that Robin would have had a year like the one he has just had – injury free and scoring, scoring, scoring?  If so you should be in management – and there is an endless merry-go-round to get yourself a job in.  Chelsea are looking for a manager for example.

Redknapp actually said that the failure to get VP to re-sign a year ago shows the “arrogance of Arsenal”.  And yes he really did use the word “arrogance”.   He suggested that Arsenal had not re-signed VP because Arsenal expects every player to love the club so much that they will of course sign.

That is his vision, and Sky pay him to express it.

But Liverpool’s problems are far deeper than having a maniac like Redknapp spouting on their behalf on Sky.  Like Tottenham they exist in a most awful run-down part of a city and have struggled for years to find a new home.  Without a move Liverpool can’t generate the money they need – unless they plan on buying a Suárez  and Carol every month and putting them on long term contracts.

But even then, they are a long way off.  Dominating the game in terms of possession Liverpool had only four shots on targets to our seven, which doesn’t bode well when they have spent £57.8m on central attackers.

But they do things their own way in Liverpool.  Remember the way they handled the racist row?  Having seen their man accused they then gave out tee-shirts to say that he is was innocent – without waiting to see what the enquiry came up with.  Innocence before being proven otherwise is of course right, but handing out all those shirts before any evidence is heard is a bit, well, childish.   When he was indeed found guilty, they said they were not appealing “for the sake of football” when doing something for a non-racist society might be of greater value.

Such matters have never concerned Liverpool – whose effective long-term PR campaign has made us all remember Hillsborough (quite rightly) where Liverpool fans were not to blame, but forget Heysel where they most certainly were to blame for the deaths of many rival supporters.   Quite what Standard Charter thinks it is getting out of sponsoring this club is quite beyond me.

The fact is that the club just doesn’t seem to care about how their players behave.  At Arsenal we might remember the awful Carragher throwing a one pound coin into the crowd.  Of course it was unacceptable that anyone should throw a coin at him in the first place, but the potential for damage to the mass of people in the crowd is far greater than that of one idiot throwing a pound at a moving player on the pitch.  The coin from the crowd hit the grass.  Unsurprisingly the coin into the crowd from Carragher hit a person.  The player should have been banned from football for a year and the Arsenal ground for life.  Instead he was sent off and got 3 games.

I expect Redknapp thought it just.


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76 comments to Redknapp describes the “arrogance of Arsenal”

  • Timmy

    I could have imagine a scoundrel like ‘King Kenny’ can only produce another of his kind in Mr Cheat Louis Suarez. It was obvious all over the pitch Cheat Louis Suarez was under instruction to get a goal in whatever way possible even if it means conning the ref and the line men.

  • GunZ BlaziN

    Relax m8 everybody has an opinion and view on things, thats why its called freedom of speech, if their is such a thing. its best not to take things too seriously, take these kind of matters with a pinch of salt, CHILL and lets beat MILAN.

  • insideright

    Interestingly, a year or so ago, the very same Carragher, when promoting a book I think,said that he wished Liverpool would get back to doing things in a dignified way ‘like Arsenal do’.
    As far as RVP is concerned – I think it’s the player who has refused to sit down and talk about a deal before the summer (like most players do). How can either side decide on anything before they know what the clubs situation re Europe will be for next season?
    And as for expecting players to love the club they are playing for (whilst being paid tens of thousands of pounds a week for doing it)- isn’t that what all clubs would rather like to be the case? Except, of course, David Moyes who has finally broken ranks and revealed just how parlous is the state of fooball by saying that everyone should take a 20% pay cut!
    Jamie Redknapp is from another planet – and the sooner he goes back to it the better.
    ps Is he related at all to the Tottenham manager of the same name? Surely, like his constant criticism of Arsenal, that must be a coincidence.

  • boomergooner1727

    guess i should be in management cos i’ve always said this guy is capable of anything if he can stay fit. the international injury last year could have seen this streak start even sooner but the lad just hasn’t had the best of luck fitness-wise since we left him stranded at the top of our formation. glad people are now referring to him as world class finally. i remember having arguments with my mates who said that he wasn’t even as good as higuain LOL. either way i’m glad we’ve got him and i think he’ll stay. relocating his found family to another country where captaincy isn’t guaranteed would be a shock to me, so long as we finish top 4.

  • the mickster

    Liverpool had 4 shots on target, 2 of which came from a penalty that shouldn’t of been given, therefore actually only had 2 shots on target in 90 mins, at home, to one of the worst defences ever, apparently, yet i read elsewhere that they were unlucky, hmmmmmmmm

  • Goonertone

    You feeling a bit sensitive? Blimey I am an Arsenal fan through and through but really think you have tunnel vision. God forbid anyone be critical of Arsenal in your eyes eh?
    Firstly LeTissier was saying that he hoped for Diaby’s sake it was an injury rather than Wenger subbing a sub because he was playing bad. Not an unfair statement and with Diaby’s injury record not unlikely. As it turned out it was also correct.

    Redknapp is probably one of the most articulate and intelligent of all the ex pros that are called in as experts. I do not think him being critical of Arsenals failure to sign players up on contracts sooner is harsh. Nasri, Flamini and pires all left for free because we did not agree contracts. We now have Song, Walcott and Van Persie all with one year left. It is not wrong for someone to have an opinion that does not reflect yours so why be so defensive? it just makes you look like spurs fans do when they are like that.

    Arsenal have been the darlings of the press for years due to our playing style and winning things. Quite rightly we are now taking some stick because we are not winning things and do not play the best football in the league any more. I love Arsenal but also have questions as to where we are heading? If noone questions we could be like Liverpool and not win the league for decades. Is that what you want?

  • LOL @ “Redknapp is probably one of the most articulate and intelligent of all the ex pros that are called in as experts” – what… little Jamie ‘I honestly believe that’ Redknapp?

    Sorry Goonertone – but you lost me from that point on.

  • ClockEndRider

    This is taken verbatim from the Sky Sports “expert” commentary at half time on Saturday.
    Commentator:”….so it’s difficult for the referee to give?”
    Redknapp Junior” Very difficult. if you look at Mark Halseys view here, he’s looking through players, Arteta’s there, and there’s players coming across his view… Dirk Kuyt’s there…its a hard one, this is how difficult it is for the referees….he’s almost guessing…”
    Alan Smith: “Well if you’re not certain, you can’t give it.”
    Redknapp Junior: “Of course you can’t. But I think he actually got it right in the end”.
    Am I the only one who can see the, ahem, inconsistency in this pillocks argument?
    Try as he might, he just cannot keep the bias out. As indeed was the case when he claimed the Bentley goal for Tottnumb in the 4-4 should have stood, despite a foul in the build uo, because it was such a good strike.
    Jeez, even Gary Neville can display self control and impartiality. Time for Sky to ditch this ridiculous homunculus.

  • Abhijith

    Goonertone you Jack***. Twitch Junior was more intent dicussing RVP’s contract after the game rather than analysing the game itself.

    “Redknapp is probably one of the most articulate and intelligent of all the ex pros that are called in as experts”. Are you for real? A 10 year old could say what he said after the match.

  • Cpt BlackBeard

    Morning folks, totally agree with your paragraph about RVP. When he was suffering from injuries, these same people (redknapp included) were calling for him to be sold, like Arshavin he was being labelled as deadwood. He hits form and suddenly Arsenal are arrogant?
    I had to change channel once I started hearing that drivel.

  • He should go 2 hell n went on 2 give advice 2 his dad hw he will go about England job not going about 2 talk on wat dey don’t ask him where he is as far back wen Rvp is injuryed if d guy is play in any other top club in erup i think he would av long be forgot cos of his injury record but Arsenal stay and support him dat is why d whole world is seen what he can do in top level if he is injury free now hw many of u can do dat Ajen rubben was sold out due 2 his injury record at chelsea n madrid kaka lost his position at real madrid due 2 injury bt as 4 Arsenal we stay with players till dey comeout in gud for hw many top club can do dat.JAIMAN should keep shout n go 2 hell ok

  • ClockEndRider

    English please.

  • I understood him… basic gist is that Jamie is a knob and we [Arsenal] showed faith in RvP and have stuck by him through thick and thin.

    It’s not RvP that bothers me really – it’s his worm-tounged agent that might cause trouble.

  • natty

    Sky of course love Liverpool and treat Arsenal like something they have to deal with but wish they didn’t.

    You should do some research. Sky love Manchester United and dislike Liverpool. In Liverpool Sky and Murdoch are intensely detested and perceived as creating a corporate PL with the intention of encouraging the Manure monopoly we now have. Its very important to realise who the common enemy is, Manure and Sky.

  • Ross

    Who cares about what Redknapp thinks. He is as stupid as he sounds which quite frankly is unfortunate.

    I remember him saying that Arsenal would sell RVP in the January transfer period. I have heard so many “sentences” come from his mouth that I can only conclude his vocabulary is akin to a lottery machine with random words that are all connected to football: “he for the play first post shot football” or “running kick tackle pitch stadium fans transfer football”. He is not a smart man.

    And I would like to say that I saw the game on ESPN and Steve McManaman was commentating; he was ten times worse than Redknapp! The only thing that made it worthwhile was his poor attempt to hide his frustration as RVP showed more class in front of goal for all of three seconds for two goals, than Liverpool did all night and then he had the gall to say Arsenal had 4th spot by default because no one else was performing; true, but he failed to mention that we’d won four in a row, scored 16 goals, beat two direct rivals in the process or that we’d overturned deficits in those two games for 7 goals. He was a sour man and he didn’t like the taste of them grapes. I loved it! However, I will give him credit for his empathy as Diaby went off injured but other than that, a complete twat.


  • I have to agree with natty on this one – the EPL/Sky/Manu “brand” goes way back.

  • Gunner

    Rednapp is full of crap and is only allowed to do the job because he is good looking. Van Persie cost Arsenal peanuts, so he can’t say how Liverpool couldn’t afford him.

    And Le Tissiers comments were ridiculous – Diaby has had such bad injuries that his career is almost on the line (alluded to by Wenger) and yet Le Tissier has the cheek to say he hopes he’s injured because that is better than being substituted!! He wasn’t even playing badly, I actually thought we picked up as a team after he came on

  • Goonerist

    Sorry but this is over sensitive nonsense. Do you honestly believe Sky has an agenda against our club? It’s the media’s job to create controversy and talking points. I agree the general media speculation on Arsenal and what the club spend or don’t spend grates on the nerves as does the yearly taunting about which of our top players will leave each summer is equally as bad. However you should know that this is how the media operates. Redknapp (junior) is typical of this, he’s a pundit who (given his dad is manager) should be aware of the pitfalls of managing multi million pound players but instead opts to play dumb in front of the camera as he is paid to do, either that or he really is dumb (very possible).
    As for Liverpool, as a club I have always admired and liked them. When I compare them to the other big clubs then they would be the one I have least antipathy towards. The Suarez situation left them with a bit of egg on their faces but that was more down the player than anything else. I also find Dalglish to be a fairly sour character but overall as a club I like them.

  • @Goonerist – I agree with much of what you say except: “It’s the media’s job to create controversy and talking points” – this is what the media has become under Murdoch – the media’s job used to be to inform us on current events rather than spoon feed us speculation of what might happen in the future.

    A lot of people accept this shifting narrative, of couse, but not I – I stand here and shout “The emperor has no clothes… and Sky chat shit” – but that’s just me.

  • Goonertone

    So just because Jamie has the same name as his spurs managing dad makes him fool and means he talks crap. Watch back some of the comments in the past he has praised Arsenal plenty of times as well. Come on people if you are intelligent enough to have a balanced arguement you would all be honest enough to agree that Arsenal’s contract policy is not great. We pay squad players too much and top players not enough. We let good players get too close to the end of their contracts and then lose the power to sell them at top price. When we do have players like Fabregas on long contracts we let him go too cheap. Even Barcelona admitted they got him cheap!

    Get your heads out of Wengers Arse and be honest with yourselves. Do you want to win trophies? Do you want to lose your best players every summer? or do you just want to slag off anyone who dares criticise Arsenal.

    Slagging off anyone who dares criticise makes you small minded. Spurs fans have been like it for years and if we all went round blowing smoke up our arses and shutting out the real world we could end up like spurs. mid table mediocrity for years. Well I dont want that! Do you?

  • ClockEndRider

    Regardlesss of whether you believe Sky has an agenda of]r not, you can’t ingnore the gfact. The quotes in my piece above are taken verbatim. It is as though people like Redknapp are allowed to airbrush history almost immediately after an event. It is odious, unbecoming, insulting and unfortunately contagious. Just because lowest common denominator sells, doesn’t make it right.

  • @Goonertone “So just because Jamie has the same name as his spurs managing dad makes him fool and means he talks crap” – straw man argument… shows your desperation – and now you are showing your true colours.

  • FYI – I also agree with ClockEndRider 🙂

  • ClockEndRider

    “Watch back some of the comments in the past he has praised Arsenal plenty of times as well.”.
    If someone plays well and by all impartial reckoning is agreed to play well, then an “expert” should say so. That’s just the basics of doing the job. Nothing more, nothing less. That is how you build up respect.
    If someone does the opposite, it completely undermines it and makes it look like you have an agenda. I have given two examples of the same individual spouting unsupportable nonsense. The facts are the facts.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Redknapp is a fool.
    Bad weekend all round for the AAA and the UK media!

  • Yes wat am saying in nutshell is dat we Arsenal fans as stay behind Rvp throughout when he was injured back den.hw may pple plus jamie gave him any chance 2 succeed at top level den i tink non of dem, why its now dat Rvp is enjoy is game at d club dat love n gave him chance dat all dis pple dat cameout 2 say rubbish. did dey gave him any chance 2 succeed bac den i think no, where were dey since all dis while ar dey not in dis world 2 av seen him den 2 av offer him gud contract,so is now dat we av exercise patience 4 him dat dis pple now see us as arrogant.jamie should go n advise his dat on hw he will go about in getting England job than talking rubbish.2 U mr english ar u ok or u want some more

  • Ronnie Brown

    Fantastic piece with a lot of truth.

  • Shakabula Gooner

    It is obviously difficult to suddenly become an unbiased pundit on TV after years of partisan activity as a player at the highest levels.

    I think it is high time the TV franchises covering the matches acknowledge the biases of their pundits and try to pitch pundits with contrasting biases against one another in respective coverages thereby, the audience will have something resembling a balance.

    As a result of such pairing, there will arise the interesting possibility of the pundits getting instant retorts on their biased opinions. Such possibility may also have the effect of the pundits moderating their obviously biased AND illogical opinions for fear of being made a fool of by their opposite number.

    However, I speak of an ideal world and, from what one sees, it doesn’t seem that the TV franchises are interested in an unbiased or a more balanced agenda either.

    One day, we shall get our coverages as a LIVE stream from the respective clubs that we support. While this may completely banish balance, at least we can be sure that the club-selected pundits will cry and rejoice in tandem with us.

    Here is to that day.

  • GD

    Did you expect anything else?

    Redknapp – Former Liverpool, Former Spurs, Daddy now manages Spurs. He is never going to be non-biased. Best to just switch off and not listen to his nonsence.

    Though saying that I’ve been very impressed with Gary Neville, I thought he’d be the biggest biased pundit on there but he’s actually very impartial.

    I think there should be retrospective punishment for pundits personally. If a pundit is being remotely biased then they get a ban from doing so for 3 games.
    Will soon sort it out.

  • Thanks for all the comments and jolly conversation, and to Dogface for going beyond the call of duty in moderating it all.

    Just put up another post on the game – a tactical analysis. It is a new series (you’ll note Arvind did one last week). Hope you enjoy that too.


  • Dan

    I agree with your comments here, Suarez is a good player but a scumbag of a human being. Also, well done for being a blog that supports the culture of Arsenal and not a click-whoring site full of Arsenal ‘fans’ that spend 90% of the time slagging off the manager and the team, AKA Le Grove, Spuds in disguise.

  • FinnGooner

    Tony Good article.

    I was reading Finnish news paper (well sports sections cover) and it said since Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea in summer 2003 there has been 9 managers (Di Matteo is 9th).

    Goonertone Nasri had 1 year left with his contract when HE REFUSED to sign new contract (he had said earlier that he signs but then changed his mind) and was SOLD not let go free. And with fabregas if player DOES NOT WANT to play AND RESPECT his contract there are not many things club can do. I think what happened with Fabregas tells more about him than Arsenal.

  • Adam

    I understood what Matt Le Tissier meant by that comment and don’t think it was disrespectful really. On the other hand I found Redknapp’s comments very dubious and extremely disrespectful. I really do not understand why this fool is allowed to comment on Arsenal games at all. He just cannot wait for van Persie to be sold and seems to think that every player is as driven by money as him as his idiotic father are.

  • Howard

    Hi fellow Gooners, just to let you know I got out of my armchair on Saturday Night ( actually my son passed me the phone) and rang and got through to Jason CUNdy on your ON SKY SPORT and put him right about the shots on goal stats ( Liverpool v Arsenal) RedKnac Jnr brushed over that and to him and so many other callers right that Kuyt did NOT MISS A PENALTY but in fact it was probably one of the best goal keeping displays we will probably see this season. I appreciate Van Persie gets a lot of column inches but Szczensy is a good lad to have in the team.

  • Howard

    Forgot to say, I recorded it as well, how sad am I.

  • Trusty

    Absolutely spot on!! Best article I have heard in years. There is blatantly a vendetta against arsenal at sky bcos they’re always slating Arsenal. I don’t no how rednapp got a commentators job at all and how Liverpool are still seem as saints to the footballing world. They’re disgraceful and people get on Arsenals backs because we are actually a club with morals and values and we stick by them! Fantastic article mate, thought about these things many times!!!

  • GoingGoingGooner

    In many if not most democratic countries, on election day, every party has a representative at each polling station to ensure there is no electoral fraud going on to the detriment of their party.

    We should have the same thing on these national broadcasts like SKY. Since it is seemingly impossible to get a neutral pundit, they should be required to have a clearly biaised person to represent the teams playing. This should be negotiated into their contracts. Surely they wouldn’t disagree because you could have a right good bun fight between the pundits when the play on the pitch descends into Sam Allardycesque rubbish.

  • FinnGooner I can remember about a year before he left Nasri’s agent saying something like, “Samir hasn’t decided yet how he wants to develop the next stage of his career”. That’s when I first realised what he was up to – and quite clearly he would not sign at that point.

    But the fact is that Nasri has not been an automatic starter for Man C for much of the season, and we did make a significant profit out of him – so although I too would have liked him to stay there are some compensations.

  • Great article mate enjoyed very much and in the words om my 10 yr old daughter “Redknapp is a mong”as Smudge said if the ref is not 100%hecannot give the pen ,and as for Kuyt missing it nope not for me Chezzer made two brilliant saves and no doubt we will have to fight off the likes of Barca and Manc city for him too

  • simon pendal

    People are just very jelous that we hav RVP if get CL nxt year he deffo will sign and harry ur jus a fukin **** who needs to sort himself out ur jus full ov shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Damien Luu

    “When we do have players like Fabregas on long contracts we let him go too cheap. Even Barcelona admitted they got him cheap!” – The player wanted to go to Barcelona, god damn it! And he refused to even consider to go anywhere else. When you want to buy something and the seller could only sell it to you, you will have a bargain, won’t you? But last time I check, Arsenal still have been making A LOT money in player transfering.

    “Do you want to win trophies? Do you want to lose your best players every summer? or do you just want to slag off anyone who dares criticise Arsenal.” – Yes, of course, and we will, by our own way, don’t worry. No, but sometimes you have to accept that you couldn’t compete with the like of Man Shitty money-wise, and you shouldn’t keep the kind of Na$ri, anyway. Yes, I do, if those critics are stupid enough or are fans of spuds, man urine, man shitty or other teams in disguises of Gooners.

  • Norm

    Baby Redknapp was talking tripe as ever. How many times did he mention the word ‘money’ when trying, but failing miserably, to justify why RVP won’t re-sign. A right chip off the old balsa! I will never forget his ‘Sky unbiased’ behaviour during the 4-4 sp*ds stitchup… in the commentary box – shouting, screaming, jumping around. What a partially shaven jerk. It pains me to agree that Nevile is less obnoxious now.

  • Damien Luu

    And I believe that to win trophies, we have to have more Gooner-Gunners in our team. That’s the only way for us, because, like said, we could not compete with the like of man shitty money-wise, at least for now. We have to develop our own stars from Gooners like Carl Jenkinson or make our players becoming real Gooners like Thierry Henry. That way they shall stay longer with us and they can find that “10 extra percent” more easily in every game.

    And no, not invite some Russian or Ukrainian mafia boss to “invest” into our club. Thanks but no, thanks.

  • RedGooner

    Great article keep them comming.
    I cant see RVP leaving to be honest there is just something different about his relationship with the club and that of those who left previously.
    Its great to see that we are getting under the skin of redknap and others recently it means we are doing something right and I cant wait for Everton to do Sp*rs like they did City and Chelsea so that redknap has more to complain about.

  • bjtgooner

    Redknap the Mouth was really trying to cover up for the mistakes of two people, first those of Redknap the Inarticulate – who was well beaten last week – by the “weakest Arsenal team ever” and, secondly Dalglish – who spent a lot of money unwisely and is now starting to look vulnerable.

  • jeffers

    There are some reasonable points here and some awful.
    I can’t find anything wrong with what Le Tissier said. He’s there to commentate and if anything he was offering sympathy to Diaby. Your complaints about this taint what may be some reasonable comments in the rest of the article.

    Redknapp says some good things some bad things. I agree he comes across as biased and I wish someone in the studio had the sense to ask him what he would do faced with a player who wouldn’t sign the contract but alas there is no-one there with the sense to do this.

    I think his general point that we need to start managing contracts better is fine though. We do need to recognise who contributes and get them good offers in early. We also need to recognise who doesn’t and ship them off a bit earlier to free up the wage bill.

    With regards to Liverpool and Suarez, I think its becoming obvious to most people now that suarez is a ****. I hated him ever since the world cup when he cheated Ghana out of their spot in the semis. I have no affiliation with Ghana but I hate blantant cheating and I hate the fact it completely changed the outcome even more. He’s done nothing to redeem himself and neither has liverpool in the support he has got.

    I actually agree that liverpool do a good job of managing their image, but we also do the same as flagging ourselves as the footballing side of the premier league, conveniently forgetting the years before wenger.

    I guess overall I would say lighten up and bit and enjoy the week we’ve had.

  • critic

    “At Arsenal we might remember the awful Carragher throwing a one pound coin into the crowd. Of course it was unacceptable that anyone should throw a coin at him in the first place, but the potential for damage to the mass of people in the crowd is far greater than that of one idiot throwing a pound at a moving player on the pitch. The coin from the crowd hit the grass. Unsurprisingly the coin into the crowd from Carragher hit a person. The player should have been banned from football for a year and the Arsenal ground for life. Instead he was sent off and got 3 games”

    what next? do a liverpool and print coins on t shirts?? this reference was just out of context. Carragher made a reaction which he duly got punished for.

    The one who threw the coin should be banned not the player.

    And i understand one person doesn’t represent whole arsenal.

  • critic

    Nice article excluding the above part.

  • Stroller

    Look, Redknapp or any other of the so-called experts have no idea about what is really going on inside Arsenal, even though they like to make out that they do. I would perhaps make an exception with Souness who sometimes admits that, but even he still gets dragged into these matters by the promptings of the programme host.

    While it’s reasonable for Redknapp Jnr, as an ex-player, to take a view on matters relating to events on the pitch, he should really shut it when it comes to how the club is run and topics such as RVP’s contract and how much money (£200k a week was it?) he should be getting. He has never managed anywhere, let alone a club the size of Arsenal, and has no special relationship with the club or the player.

    But this won’t stop Sky, ESPN or the BBC wanting their ‘experts’ to pontificate on air about these things in the same way as the papers want their journalists to.

    The a answer is for those who know better to just filter out this worthless opinionating for what it is.

  • Thundertinygooner

    While Liverpool completely mishandled the Suarez affair not many crowds would have clapped off a player who had appeared for their rivals when taken off on a stretcher.And anyone at Anfield in 1989 might remember all their fans staying to clap us as we took the trophy round after losing a double in the last minute. Can you imagine this happening at Arsenal or many other clubs for that matter?
    Might be interesting to hear Jamie’s views on tying down Modric or Bale- don’t see them being able to do that especially when they won’t qualify for the CL!

  • Alan

    Truth is somewhere in the middle mate, don’t get paranoid.

    Have to say it WAS definitely a penalty, Szcz caught his shin

  • Shevo

    Great Article and well said. @Goonertone get your head out of YOUR arse. Money grabbing scum like Na$ri, Adebaywhore or Cashley will always go only where money is, Contract or no contract. Get real pal or do you want us to end up like Rangers or Portsmouth you muppet.
    As for Jamie Redknapp the little fuck has no time for Arsenal or any club he’s not played for and will always be biased against anyone plaing against his beloved scouse cunts or the scum from down the r

  • Warren

    Tony Attwpod…your post is the funniest thingh I have read in yonks, brilliant. I agree with every word.

  • Warren

    Please forgive my appalling spelling in earlier post.

    I`m going to read your post again T.Attwood, spot on Sir.

  • Chill out Tony, I’m an Arsenal fan but you are taking things way too seriously. I think what Le Tissier was trying to say was that he hoped Diaby was not substituted for poor performance as he was a substitute himself. However, considering Diaby’s injury history, it was perhaps not a good idea of Le Tissier to say he hoped Diaby was being taken off for injury. He couldn’t have meant anything sinister. So please let’s not moan at every comment directed at Arsenal. And as for Jamie Redknapp, we all know he is pro Spurs and pro Liverpool as he has played for both clubs. However, in fairness, he does have a point that a fantastic player like RVP should have been tied to a longer term contract.
    Regarding Jamie Carragher, he was wrong to throw a coin into the wrong but the fan that threw it at him should never have thrown the stone at him in the first place. Both Carragher and the fan were in the wrong. Let’s not single out Jamie for blame while we absolve the fan of blame. Carragher does seem to be a top bloke with exemplary character so I don’t understand why you had to dig that story up.
    Anyway, I think we should just concentrate on supporting our club to keep pushing for a top four finish. The race for fourth is not over yet. Fingers crossed, we will be in the champions league next season. Keep it Goonerish!

  • Nick

    Tony, please stop talking about Cesc and Nasri in the same context — they are not the same. Check the stats: Nasri had a great 6-8 week stretch last season, and was nothing thereafter. This season, its been the same at City. Nasri has yet to live up to the fantasy that people have created for him. As Mancini has discovered.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up at Spurs in a year or two on loan in the next phase of City’s campaign to wear down Arsenal from without and within.

  • Adam

    More rants please Mr Attwood. Always brightens my evening/day to read your moans about football.

  • another Chris

    word for word the best post this year…

  • nickfromportugal

    Great article, why we have to listen to Redknapp and Neville (at least he’s a class above Redknapp) evrytime we watch a game on ky is beyond me. The animus against Arsenal is constant, they hate Wenger because he speaks English better than they do and thinks.

  • PV4

    Alonso, Mascherano wanted to go and they left. L’pool had to sell on the cheap. Torres as well although they managed to get a good price for him. They got Suarez ‘cos he wanted to leave.

    But i’m wasting my time as Redknap is just another ignorant and stupid pundit.

  • bob

    Bravo, Tony! Just getting to it now. Really immense.

  • Am

    Stan Collymore stated on his shitty show: Call Collymore on Saturday afternoon, that “if Liverpool put in a £50mil offer for Van Persie, he would go. This is because they have won 5 champions league”

  • Gooner Gal

    Top article and some very good comments also.

    That pub lady won her case a few weeks ago. I think that live games can be shown now on the cheap, but with the caveat that the studio punditry from SKY cannot as it would be an enfringement or summit. That is a very big plus and a reason to be cheerful. I am hoping that we will soon have the chance to watch games without SKY wind up merchants otherwise known as pundits.

    Of course it is not great news for clubs in the Premiership whose business model relies very heavily on their cut from the TV rights.

  • Davi

    Alan – I’m tired of this. Is the rule really that any contact in the box is a penalty? If so, there should be penalties all the time, for brushing past people when running for a header, for example. Surely it is only a penalty when the contact has caused an unfair advantage for the defender, by impeding the attacker. Suarez was in no way impeded, and was on his way down immediately, before the slightest of touches he received from Szcz. In short his goal was to con a penalty out of the ref.
    If we take the idea that any contact in the box is a penalty, ignoring the other issue, then it surely gives a MASSIVE advantage to attackers, because they don’t even need to beat the defender, they can simply kick the ball past him (whether it would be possible to keep the ball in play or not), and dangle their legs down so that the on-rushing defender (who is the one actually trying to play football in this scenario) has no choice but to touch them. It’s madness, because it punishes the player who is trying to play football, and rewards the one who simply wants to get his opponent to touch him. It rewards the coward who is more interested in getting a penalty than in trying to beat his opponent fairly.

  • gooner murphy

    FOR ALAN : Here on R.T.E TV there was a long analysis of Suarze winning that penalty the programme produced at least 5 or 6 different angles and THREE OF THESE SHOW NO CONTACT with the keeper, further more they show scez pull his foot away from Suarze missing his leg by quite a distance, why did sky not show these angles In there later reports of the game? Answer ” because don’t give Positive points for Arsenal, No honest comments ,No surport for Foreigner’s especially A French One

  • bill

    suarez should get another ban for that dive ,it was appalling and to see him pull his sock down to pretend he was injured after just added insult to injury ! the man is a joke !

  • WalterBroeckx

    Dein is the biggest enemy of Arsenal.

  • Yommex

    Has anyone noticed how disappointed the media have been since Arsenal ‘unexpectedly’ won their last two matches? Starting with the commentators in the matches against Tottenham and Liverpool, they could not hide their delight at Arsenal falling behind and the moment the tide changed, one of them actually lost his voice as he was just too disappointed.
    Also, earlier in the season, I remember the press mocking the goal scoring feat of Arsenal. They actually pointed out at some point (Week 5) how Wayne Rooney had scored more goals (9) than the entire Arsenal team (6) suggesting that Arsenal would do well to avoid relegation this season. But none of them pointed out that RvP has scored 25 goals this season as at week 27 while the entire Liverpool team got just 30 moreso after they spent more than a whooping 100 million pounds in the preceding 12 months!
    In addition, a little over a week ago, all that was being shouted was the unassailable 10 points gap between us and the Totts but none of them is talking about the JUST 4 points separating us from them with more than 10 matches to go. All of a sudden, the concern is not whether Arsenal would make the CL place but their overtaking Tottenham for the 3rd spot as such it is no longer certain that Tottenham would even make the CL cut in their best season in 50 years what with a resurgent Chelsea breathing down their neck.
    There obviously does not seem to be a better time to be an Arsenal fan than now, inspite of the looming exit from the CL (don’t rule out the resurgence of the mighty Arsenal anyway); coming all the way from those early setbacks (17th) and be in their current position (challenging for the 3rd) is worthy of acknowledgement but not from the mainstream media that delight in seeing their decimation.

  • Mahdain

    darrein dein is a twat simple as…money is all what he cares about and im sure he is thinking how much he is going to get from rvp…tell you what darren? Fuck off as rvp will be signing a new contract soon (i hope)

  • Nick W

    Why not do as i do and watch the game then turn over at the end and watch Mickey Mouse Club House which me and my Daughter really enjoyed!!!!! I’d just like to point out that Mickey made alot more sence than Redknapp ever will!!! Up the Arse and thanks Mickey.

  • Basil

    Am,RVP won’t be going to Liverpool even if they offered 100 mill coz they won’t be in the champions league,and supposedly RVP wants to win trophies and i don’t think the carling cup really counts does it?All this talk of “if RVP played for x,y or z”is just nonsense,if we had Messi we would be top of the league but we haven’t, just like they haven’t got RVP.I hate the way all the pundits and media are basically acting as RVP’s agent,constantly touting him to every tom dick and harry in Europe;Real,Barca,AC,Bayern,City,Chelsea god even Loserpool.It is actually quite disgusting and i wish the club would be a bit tougher and refuse certain journos entrance to any AFC press conferences and deny certain publications any access to our players.I really hope Robin signs a new deal;i am not 100% confident though because the past few seasons have taught me that there is no loyalty in football any more, however much a player appears to love a club.Top 4 is totally essential in my opinion;if we miss out i think he will be gone.Thats the reality of football in 2012 i’m afraid.

  • TT

    As I remind everyone repeatedly on all these penalty decisions. Contact is NOT the key issue.

    A penalty is given if, the goalkeeper in this case, is and I quote “Careless”. I defy anyone to say Szczesny was careless. He goes down and stops short, making no attempt to kick out at the ball.

    Suarez has to stretch his leg out to try and reach him, and depeding on your point of view, got the merest of touches or missed.

    The rolling around on the ground clutching his shin was an utter disgrace. The man is a contemptible human being. A confirmed, and proven, racist, liar and cheat. He perfectly stands for all the values Liverpool hold dear!

  • critic

    where are the fucking quotes? Mail writes whatever they want whenever they want without checking with the facts. Actually every news outlet does.

    In my opinion ‘news’ should be re named to ‘views’.

    Lastly but not the least it’s players who appoint agents and not the other way round. So blaming Darren Dein for exodus is way off the mark.

  • bob

    bjtgooner, walter
    Agreed on this wrecking ball, Dein the Lesser. His business model is only to fleece us for his posh life. It’s legal and good business but it is also unethical and destructive to us. Oh, but it’s never personal, just (good) business. This model is that of a vampire to our jugular. And, notice, he never comments. Never. And there is never a reflection of him in any mirror. And then he gets another cool share by bringing back our best (the King) on a short contract. I suppose Dein the Lesser is too big to ignore, and no one can stop a player from choosing who represents him; but perhaps IF RvP finally goes (wherever, and especially to ManShitty), then we should never again deal with any player that this serial menace represents. He has damaged our side too many times and we should awaken to the (our) battered wife syndrome that he thrives on.