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August 2021

UEFA charged with bringing the game into disrepute


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By Tony Attwood

Uefa and others have been charged with bringing the game into disrepute.

The charge relates specifically to its decision to appoint Mr Skomina of Solvakia as referee for the Arsenal Milan game and their subsequent decision to charge Mr Wenger with improper conduct after he made complaints about the referee

The charge against Uefa will be handled by Untold Arsenal and will follow exactly the same process and procedure as Uefa itself uses.  That is to say that the organisation that makes the complaint will also investigate the complaint, try the complaint, rule on the complaint and pass judgement on the complaint.  All nice and neat and taken exactly from the Uefa rule book.

Head of the Untold Arsenal Uefa complaints team, Billy “The Dog” McGraw said, “that seems fair enough to me.  Who needs an independent judiciary anyway? The North Korean model of government is good enough for Uefa so it is good enough for us.”

Billy’s investigation will consider the obvious point that the referee showed about as much ability to referee a game at the highest level as a Welsh rarebit has of speaking Welsh.  This means that his actions were either those of a gross incompetent or a man who had been bought and was acting corruptly.

The whole issue is of great interest to Bookies and

Obviously this will be a fair hearing, and we must stress that the referee is not on trial – only Uefa, but utilising their system (and that of Alice in Wonderland) we will announce the punishment prior to the hearing.

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Uefa will be derided, laughed at and treated with contempt by everyone who feels like doing it, for a period of at least one year.  The people who will be concerned at these revelations will be the bookmakers who may rightly feel that some punters are now getting the better of them.

So, that’s the ruling – the trial will start shortly.  If you have any evidence that you would like to put before the tribunal, please send it in.

Meanwhile the FA and the Scottish FA are each being tried with bringing the game into disrepute in their own separate hearings.

The FA’s trial relates to its gross inability to regulate its clubs in a reasonable manner, and thus allow Portsmouth FC to go into liquidation twice within just over a couple of years, and have the club in such a mess that it looks like it might go into liquidation at any moment.  A similar charge is brought against them in relation to Port Vale.  So bizarre has the situation become that Free Bets are now being offered in some quarters.

The Scottish FA trial is much the same, in this case looking at Rangers FC.  Also on trial are the Scottish media, and those elements of the English media that ever bothered to notice that something was up at Rangers.  Evidence at the hearing will be presented to the fact that although this is an Arsenal blog with no contact with Rangers, we were talking nine months ago about Rangers being on the edge of total collapse, while the press in the north denied anything was wrong.

Of course matters at Rangers are moving faster than a flying duck bucket on heat [does that actually mean anything? – Ed.]  so details here might already be wrong, but here goes.

The administrators now say Rangers may be unable to fulfil their remaining fixtures this season, and certainly won’t play in Europe at any level next season.

They have been been unable to agree salary cuts with all the players that will preserve value in the business (the players wanted free transfers at the end of the season if they agreed to play for 25% wages this season, and so that knocks down the value of the club).

There is no agreement as to who owns a few million quid that has turned up in a bank account.

No one knows what happens if Rangers go into liquidation as there is nothing in the rule book about it.  I personally think they should apply for membership of the Scottish League division 3, but I am not sure the police would allow that.  So maybe the Conference North could have them.

Rangers case is hampered by the fact that the season ticket income for the next four years has already been sold, which means even if Rangers get through this crisis they have no income from matches.

Anyway, we do need to approach these matters seriously, so here is some evidence

On Uefa…

If we look at the Untold ref review on this match we see this… “When Arsenal committed fouls he punished them. He even got a score of 100% in the second half. But the other way round he only punished half the fouls from Milan in this game.  And then once again you have to look at the difference between both halves.  In the first half he punished almost all the Arsenal fouls and he did punish them all in the second half. But in the first half he was more easy on Milan a bit but in the second half it was frighting to see that he didn’t give 40% of the fouls from Milan!”

If that is not either incompetence or corruption then I don’t know what is.  The situation is beyond belief, and Premier League Betting is now being taken to new heights.

On the Scottish FA

Hilariously, after all this time and all this nonsense the Scottish FA have charged Rangers with bringing the game into disrepute.

Oh and it has said (again rather late one might think) that Craig Whyte, the Rangers chairman and majority shareholder, the man who sold the next four seasons worth of season tickets, is not a fit and proper person to serve within Scottish football.

Rangers’ administrators, Duff and Phelps, even more laughably, said,

“In broad terms, we believe there are mitigating factors and we hope to demonstrate the distinction between the club and the actions of any individuals.”

Meanwhile it is clear that Rangers have not submitted audited accounts for the last financial year.  And the SFA is still contemplating allegations that Rangers players held second contracts during the club’s historical use of employee benefit trusts which they told no one else about.

And if that is not enough Rangers failed to disclose to the SFA at the time of his appointment as chairman that Whyte had served a ban from being a company director between 2000 and 2007.   The SFA didn’t know.  I found out about 18 months ago when I started covering the Rangers story.  The SFA didn’t know, probably because they believed the Scottish press.

And just one more.    Rangers have been ordered to pay Dundee United £61,000 from ticket sales from a recent Scottish Cup tie or the SFA will impose further penalties.Meanwhile on 30 March the courts will start to decide whether Rangers own £3.6m found in bank account controlled by Whyte, which was seized last week.  Everyone else says the money is theirs.

I suppose at the end of this we could also put the administrators on trial for bringing administration into disrepute.  If you want to know more you could always try “Free Betting Tips



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22 comments to UEFA charged with bringing the game into disrepute

  • mark

    Enjoyed the irony!

  • Pat

    Haha. IDK is it just me that was actually relieved that we went out of that competition, a tournament we simply would have been really stretching beyond our ability if we were to try and win it, and gave ourselves more room to go after the Scum?

  • Frederick

    Was the ref not Slovene, Tony?

  • jayjay

    At least check your “facts”. Slovakia.

  • Flavour

    I never knew you can bring a charge against the FA or UEFA. Wow! You guys are always digging the rule book and this is what I love most about you. Also thanks for the approval given for your material to be used in my upcoming book. I am feeding here from the best.

  • Sammy The Snake

    Great idea, looking forward to the hearing and the out come of the trial.

  • Tram

    Slovenia or Slovakia? What makes it confusing is that UEFA says the officials are from Slovenia, which probably means they come from France or somewhere – you know what UEFA are like. However a quick look at the map will show you that Slovenia is to Italy what Wales is to England – the cheap place next door where you can stash your loot.

  • Some interesting stuff coming out of!/catalconspiracy – check it out!

  • Mandy dodd

    Very interesting dogface, shows how powerful the committees of referees are if this is to be believed. They certainly get the decisions

  • Mahdain

    so interesting that dogface..

  • Mahdain

    offtopic but great news..andre santos is available for selection for moday

  • Sorry, yes the ref was Slovenian not Slovakian. Stupid of me. I was talking to Stefan during the game about this, and suggested ironically that given that Slovenia has a border with Italy that was suspicious.

    But I really ought to have got that right. I spent a few weeks in Slovenia a few years back on Lake Bled – it was superb. Loved everything about the place apart from the food which seemed to be mostly dumplings.

  • Damien Luu

    Man, I love this blog more and more everyday 😀

  • Gord

    I might have something to contribute at some point. I wrote UEFA and asked them to explain the “game scenario” business. Just an acknowledgement of having received something so far.

  • Jerry

    Just wanted to mention looks like Fifa actually does something if it’s outright obvious bias by the ref:

    Bahrain 10 – 0 win over Indonesia, with Bahrain getting 4 PENALTY KICKS!!! Arsenal reach 4 PKs like every couple months!

  • AnT

    Gord, it would be interesting to know what UEFA will reply your message, if you will receive any. 🙂
    anywat, good wirite Tony. Can I register as the jury for the trial?

  • AFCThick/Thin

    Nice link DogFace. :thumbsup:

  • Rhys Jaggar

    An alternative interpretation is of course that the deal was that Arsenal were 20-1 to go through at kick-off and probably 1.8 to go through at half time, so the clean up scenario would be:

    £50 to win on Arsenal at 20 – 1, laid off at 1.8 at half time – profit somewhere around £850+. You have 5000 lackeys around the country doing that and you cream 10% you get £450k for a night’s work. Not bad if you’re a crook, eh?

    Would require the input of a useless Milan for 45 minutes of course. I’m sure they’d only do it if they knew they were going through anyway…..

    More likely explanation: Arsenal created a few chances in the first half and took three of them. They hardly created any second half and didn’t take any of them.

    Difficult to blame the ref for not creating chances. You can blame him for disallowing goals, not awarding pens, not sending off dirty foulers. None of which pertain.

    Yeah, he was a shit ref, but the result wasn’t affected.

    If Arsenal had had firepower on the bench it might have been different. Arteta for the Ox, Wilshere for Gervinho, a goalscorer in form, you never know.

    But they didn’t. So they lost the tie.

    No doubt none of you watched Atletic Bilbao beat Man Utd last night – proper game of football that was and Bilbao played Utd off the park. Could’ve been 5-1 if de Gea hadn’t done well. Bloody good fans they brought with them too – 6500 of them making a right din all night.

    A few jolly skilful players with intensity in that side…..

  • Johnny Deigh

    This is great Tony. We badly need “J’accuse” action reminiscent of Emile Zola.

  • AnT

    Rhys, is it the same athletic bilbao that was beaten by real mad 4-1 this season? I didn’t watch the game but it seems that that is typical Bielsa’s teams (remember chili last world cup?)
    My point is, such approach does not always work. Imagine one team pressing the other and ref gives always a freekick. That can give the pressing team cautious feeling, which in turn can make the approach less effective or even not working.

  • AFCThick/Thin

    @Rhys Jaggar you really are that silly (for want of a better (harsher) word but I wont insult you) aren’t you?

    How do you expect the team to create loads of chances when they get fouled but the ref doesn’t give them anything for it?

    An assessment of a fair result is not only made on the basis of which team played better but also on which team gets away with more than the other. And sadly people like you refuse to accept that the former can be linked to the latter.

    Also as Untolds stats clearly show, it doesn’t all balance out in the end.

  • bob

    Dogface, Anne,
    Very great the CC site: An amazing timeline on the tapping of x-Cesc, for but one example: