More on Ade’s move to Barca

There’s a piece we published earlier today (I don’t think it made it onto Gooner News  for some reason, so if you missed it, you might like to go to the Archive list below left and pick up on it.

Anyway, part of the story relates to the fact that there are plots, sub-plots and history.   Barca hate Arsenal because of the Fabregas affair.  Barca need to keep up with Real Madrid who are making all the running by annoying “Sir” Alex FWord by doing big things.

So, to cut a boring story very short, they like to mess up Arsenal’s summer by talking up bids for Hleb.  Then Arsenal start making moves for another of their young kids.   And that really annoys someone in the Barca offices.   So they bid for Adebayor.

But there is more – and this is the other part of the story I was just waiting to have confirmed.   The player they really want is Arshavin, the Russian bloke who has been playing in some Euro hippity-hoppity game thing.

So there you are.  Annoy Arsenal because of Cesc, and again because there’s another kid trying to come out, and hide the fact that you are going for Arshavin, and the result – bids for Ade and Hleb.

Much more interesting is the Arsenal numbers list.

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