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  1. Anne

    Appalling. Absolutely appalling.

  2. Donnyfan1

    Thanks for an excellent report. Pity about the total lack of quality and what what appears to be fairness from the referee. How can our national sport, and the one we gave so proudly to the world, have turned into the joke these pathetic preformances promote? Halsey, a ref I used to like and respect, should get a sine die for that. No absolute fairness—no party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kentetsu

    Less than half of the fouls committed by Spurs penalised. Compare this to 100% for West Brom.

  4. Reviewer 02

    I believe there will be a big wooden spoon on its way to Mark Halsey at the end of the season from UA. Who will win the first UA Referee of the season trophy for consistent fair performance, and outstanding application of the laws. I know where my money is, and I am gobsmacked!

    Have your dinner jackets ready, the red carpet will roll.

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