Wenger gets another one over Sir Alex F

If you saw them walk off at Ancient Trafford, Lord Wenger and “Sir” Alex FWord were all close buddies and lovely mates.  And why not?   The two clubs were the only ones to play attacking positive football, and both have a lot in common when it comes to dealing with the likes of Chelsea, and the big boys from Spain.

Plus there’s the fact that the Manchester Bankrupts manager is supposedly learning French and takes off 3 weeks in the summer to go to France, and is going to retire there is a couple of years.

Meanwhile Arsenal are having trouble with Barca (see earlier posts for more details on what is going on) and “Sir” Alex FWord is having problems of his own with Real Mad.

But still, it is good to see that our boss hasn’t forgotten how to have a bit of fun.  While the new Chelsea “manager” (who is soon to learn that being “manager” at Chelsea actually means being “caretaker”) is busy winding up “Sir” Alex FWord by telling one of his players (the so-called Ronaldodo – which is a bit of an odd name – I mean fancy calling yourself after an extinct bird) to sign for Real Madmen, Wenger sat next to the great god himself, Zinadine Zidane at the Italy/Spain match.

So what bought Zinadine and Arsene together?

Well, they are both French and one is the greatest player France has ever produced and the other is the greatest manager France has ever produced.  So that’s a start.

Another is that Arsenal have signed Nasri (which is why the number 8 was left blank on the team list), and Nasri is an Algerian like Zidane, and plays in the same way and same style – so they had some talking to do about whether Nasri is going to make it or not.

Another is that Arsenal are endlessly looking to grow their world-wide scouting empire, and Zidane was being asked about the chance of him taking an occasional peak at the north African scene.  (I admit a bias here, I am not Algerian, but I lived in Algiers for quite a while, and there is some talent and a half there, just waiting for development).

And then there was the chance to have a go at best mate “Sir” Alex.  “Do me a favour big man,” says our boss.  “Tell Ronaldodo to sign for Real Mad.  Just as a joke.  To wind up “Sir” Alex FWord.

And Zinadine says “sure thing Greatest French Manager in the History of the Planet”.  Next day he tells Ronaldodo to sign.

All in a days work for the wonderful Lord Wenger.

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