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July 2021

Who will come back from loan and play for us? The loan list.

By Tony Attwood

The transfer window for loan players closed on Thursday 22nd March, and as far as I can see, this is who we have out on loan.

Ryo, having become a star in the Netherlands and his native Japan now seems to be the star of Bolton and must surely be in line for a first team place next season, although quite how we fit him into the lineup I haven’t worked out.

Nico Yennaris is a midfielder or defender who has already started to break through into the League Cup team, and is now at Notts County.
Nic Bendtner is at Sunderland, but the word seems to be they don’t want him after this season, and the talk is of him going to Russia.  I can’t imagine him coming back to Arsenal unless there is no one wanting to sign him.

Benik Afobe has been hovering on the edge for a couple of years, and the fact that he is with Reading who are on the edge of promotion to the EPL suggests he might be very close to making the first team.

Vito Mannone is with Hull.  The question of our keepers for next season is one that hasn’t really been debated that much.  What will we do with the 3 keepers we have who don’t get games?  Will Fabianski and Almunia go, leaving Mannone to step up to second place, with the youngsters coming up to 3rd and 4th place?

Henri Lansbury has done well at WHU so I am told, and for England.  It would seem a shame to let him go, as he is almost there.  But almost is never enough at Arsenal.

Sean McDermott is a central defender who has only recently moved from the under 18s into the reserves.  He’s on a short term loan at Leeds.  Too early for him next season, I feel.

Chuks Aneke seems to have been with us forever – but that is because he joined at the age of seven.  The fact that he is at Preston, and has been at Stevenage shows he is making his way up, but it is too early for him at Arsenal

Rhys Murphy has played for the Ireland under 21 side as a striker – but again the fact that he is at Preston shows that he is not ready for the top league yet.

Craig Eastmond – another name we seem to have been mentioning for ages – he is on loan to Wycombe.  I fear he might not quite make it with us.  But then, what do I know.

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Sanchez Watt is with Crawley, so again the leap up is going to be far to far at the moment.  But I suspect that we will see him eventually.  He is managing to score in League Two, so is heading in the right direction.  Also I like his hair style.

Kyle Bartley was or is with Rangers.  I have no idea what is happening with Rangers or their loan players, so if anyone can tell me please do.  If he does not come back into our team as a central defender, then the gap between the Premier League and Scotland is there for all to see.

Andrey Arshavin is apparently turning it on for Zenit.  I can’t see him coming back though – not with Ryo breaking through.

Joel Campbell at Lorient is a different kettle of fish.  I would love to see him in the squad next season, but Mr Wenger might feel he needs one more year out on loan, or he might be stopped by the passport arrangements.

Carlos Vela seems to have had his chance and lost it.  But he has played 20 times for Sociedad and scored five goals – not bad for a winger in a team resting in 14th in La Liga.

Pedro Botelho – another player who seems to have been on loan for ever.  Has he finally got his passport sorted, or is it just that he never quite reached the heights?  He has only started 3 games this season with Levante, which suggests the latter.

Wellington came with such a reputation that I thought he might be another player to be within the first team immediately.  But he has hardly played, and he is with a club in the Spanish second division.  Not ready for us yet.

Samuel Galindo is also not getting games in the Spanish second division.

Denilson is back in Brazil, and also only playing occasionally.

I have probably missed someone – but that’s the list as I know it.

Any thoughts?


81 comments to Who will come back from loan and play for us? The loan list.



  • Icedre218

    Isn’t Sean McDermott a goalkeeper?
    Apparently Wellington is getting games now that he has dropped down a league. I think he just needed a kick up the backside. And as far as I’m aware Botelho has a European passport now and was brilliant last season in the Spanish segunda league. Wenger wanted him to prove himself at the top level in la logs this season before bringing him back, but he isn’t getting time on the pitch. Not sure if it is a poor loan move to a club he isn’t suited to or just not good enough. I’m guessing the latter.

  • TC

    Thanks for the update Tony – but have a go!
    Ryo – probably
    Yennaris, Afobe, Campbell – possibles
    Aneke – I had been hopeful but he looks to ponderous to me unfortunately.

    The rest – no chance. Feel sorry for Lansbury not getting a chance but the clock has clicked on so he is in the no chance category now.

    It would also be safe to assume that we must be paying Bartley’s wages as he is still there but not good enough for the first team at Rangers!

    This is where AW must earn his wages. Project youth is all about youth BUT requires that you get rid of several players EVERY year to free up spots for the next generation. There is always another batch. This is AW’s main failing in recent years, in my opinion, of not being decisive over these kind of players and keeping them too long and other managers realise they are not top draw for their wages.

    The next generation might be good but if they come along at the wrong time then virtualy no chance.

  • nuges01

    Yeah, I was also of the impression that McDermott was a goalkeeper.

  • Carlosthegooner

    bit hardly on Bartley who when fit is a first teamer. he always had ability and i would think he will have added strength playing up north. will need a season of fitness next year to progress. mcdermott is a keeper. wouldn’t be surprised to see Lansbury come back and do well but have no idea why he went across to west ham with that shit kicking neanderthal in charge. don’t think it’s worked out for him there but still feel he has a ‘freddie’ type role to play for us.

  • olatunji

    How could u miss Emma Frimpong @Wolves????????
    I’d like to see him N RYO Miyaichi featurin regularly in our 1st Team set up next season.
    Wenger plz dnt allow any of our best players to leave, we’re juz 2 players away from being the invicibles again and a serious title contender.. Poldoski N Hazard would do the magic! Plz Wenger be wise!

  • Raman

    mcdermott is a gk…and as far as i knw bothelho played with rayo vallecano as well this season and scored 1ce or twice

  • bc

    Just the one player missing from the list still out on loan and that is saed.hajrovic who.cannot get a regular start at barnet. also sean mdermott is a goalkeeper however on a youth loan and looking very likely to leave of all those o. loan i think only 4 are near the first team lansbury botelho bartley and afobe. yennaris and eastmond are close but have song coquelin and frimpong ahead of them. i think eastmond will leave this summer as he will be classed as a homegrown player next season so unlikely to warrant a place in the 25. lansbury is also in that category i think he has the edge on eastmond. i think all the others will either leave permanently stay out on loan or carry on with reserve football and have an eye on the carling cup.

  • Tasos

    Ryo – Watching him play recently I have no doubts he has the quality required to play for Arsenal. He makes things look easy and the game comes natural for him, he looks another potentially very exciting recruit.

    Vito Mannone – I don’t think Vito will become an Arsenal player. He has ability and will doubtless have a decent career elsewhere. Another reason why I believe Vito will not make it at Arsenal is down to a young goalkeeper already within our ranks, Damian Martinez.

    Vela and Aarshavin – Both terrific talents, both good enough to play for Arsenal but both look to have played their last games for the club, unfortunate but that’s football.

    Joel Campbell – Another exciting prospect, left footed attacker. Not seen that much of him but what I have I like. Similar to Ryo in that he needs time to develop his game but also has the natural ability to play for a big club like Arsenal.

  • Anne

    Here is the full list of loanees from the Arsenal website:

  • TT

    Wellington hs now played the whole of the last two games for Alcoyano.

    He seems to be over his problems at Levante and has scored 2 goals this season at the rate of one goal every 2 1/2 games.

    Don’t write him off just yet.

  • Mwojo

    Botelho began the season as a starter at Rayo, but has had some behavioral problems & off-field issues. I don’t really ever seeing him fitting in at Arsenal.

  • FinnGun

    Strange things happen in football. Arshavin just might be back and score another four for us at Anfield.

  • rusty

    I’m definitely looking forward to seeing action from Ryo and Afobe! I read the official weekly loan reports off the Arsenal site, and Ryo seems to make an impact every game at Bolton. Bartley is definitely harder to assess without a good sense of the quality of the Scottish league, but he is at least getting games.

    And I agree that Mannone will probably come back into the team as #2 keeper (Fabianski will surprisingly be 27 next month, with Mannone three years younger, so Lucasz may leave us in search of first-team football) — his loan reports from Hull show their fair share of clean sheets, and he appears to have won the starting job from the incumbent there.

    Bendtner, Arshavin, and Denilson are almost certainly out. If reports about Poldo are true, we basically are replacing them with Poldoski, Ryo, and Wilshere-back-from-injury.

    Two more thoughts: first, it seems like Arsenal has reached the point where we have many more qualified players than team places. While Arsenal have benefited in the past from sell-on clauses for Bentley et al, one thing Real Madrid does is let youth players go for only a small fee, but including a pre-arranged buy back option. This sets them up to benefit if a player breaks out elsewhere with more playing time, which it strikes me may well happen with Lansbury or other Arsenal youngsters. The second is that Arsenal’s loans to Spain seem to have had a very poor track record — Vela, Botelho, and Gallindo were there in past years as well and couldn’t get games.

  • RedGooner

    Ryo and Cambell seem the obvious choices if someone is to break through during the pre season friendlies.

    Landsbury I dont know what to say I thought he was going to be the Ray Parlour of Arsenal energetic, hard working scoring the occasional goal and adding to our attack.
    Im starting to think he never really fitted in as there wasnt a great deal between himself and Ramsey at one stage.
    I can see Henry having a good pro career though at somewhere like the boltons, blackburns or stokes of our world.

  • rusty

    Hopefully, the successful loans of Coquelin last year and Campbell this year will lead to a closer partnership (with Lille, yes?), and give future loanees more opportunities to succeed. Similar to how Bolton’s (half-?) season with Jack helped in the loan of Ryo…

  • Shard



  • pierre


    I think the team is Lorient. They’re also who we bout Koscielny from.

  • pierre

    * bought

  • TorontoGooner

    While I do not think that he will be coming back to Arsenal, Denilson has not been “only playing occasionally”. So far, he has started 10 of Sao Paulo’s 15 games this season.

  • tonytone

    One minute everyone wants world superstars now they want to bring through the youngsters!!! In a 25 man squade where would you fit them all in? And with the rules regarding squads i cant see how we are to find the room for everyone?
    Poldolski or Cole????
    Lansbury or Getze???
    Bartley or The belgian from ajax????
    Ect ect ect!!!!!!
    Cant have them all unfortunately..

  • WalterBroeckx

    Yes Lorient is the French team we are having some kind of good relationship with. Koscielny is from there, Coquelin played there last year and this season Campbell.

    They also are a good footballing team and play on an artificial pitch I think so are playing a very technical game.

  • DSCH

    From what I’ve seen Ryo Miyaichi and Nico Yennaris are the only players who I’d be happy being on our bench right now.

    Lansbury simply isn’t good enough – we’ve got Ramsey already and we should be going after players of the quality of Gotze.

    As for Arshavin, Bendtner, Vela, and Denilson – they’re all as good as ex-players already. Pity about Vela … I always liked Vela.

    If a loanee isn’t one of the first players on the loan club’s teamsheet come matchday then he’s either at the wrong club or he’s not going to make it at AFC.

    Ryo, just like at Feynoord, has not only become a star, but a cult player. And he’s doing it without all the arrogance of a Bendtner or a Lansbury. Ryo already looks like an Arsenal player and at age 19 he can only get better.

    Of the others … almost all have a future away from Arsenal. But when you consider the youth we already have: Theo, Szczesny, Jenkinson, Miquel, Gibbs, Ramsey, Jack, Coquelin, (Frimpong), Alex Oxlade-Chamerlain … oh, and let’s not forget Ozyakup … that shouldn’t be surprising.

  • TwoLeftFeet

    Good article Tony! Just a couple of points to make:
    Sanchez Watt was playing in the Championship last year with Leeds United and had a decent (though not exemplary) season. He was fantastic in the reserves for us but the very fact that he’s been loaned to a League 2 team at 21 after spending time in higher leagues suggests to me that AW doesn’t think he’ll cut it.

    Lansbury, Bartley and Mannone are interesting because they all made great impressions last year while on loan. While none of them have had the same kind of impact this year, neither have they done poorly and I would expect one or two of them to be around the first team squad at the end of the summer based on how our transfers & injuries add up.

    In conclusion, here’s my 2 cents on our loanees:
    Promoted to 1st Team Squad: Ryo, Afobe, Lansbury, Mannone
    Sold (if possible): Bendtner, Vela, Denilson, Botelho
    Released: Watt, Eastmond
    Loaned out: Yennaris, Aneke, Murphy, McDermott
    DNK: Bartley, Campbell, Arshavin, Wellington, Galindo

    We’ll just have to wait and see though! 🙂

  • Damien Luu

    @Tonytone: That’s why AW hates the “25 men squad” rule. And I personally think it is bullshit, too.

    @TC: AW always has a special passion for his young players. He wants to give them every chance to be success because he believes in them. If not he has not brought them in the first place. And I believe that is the reason why every young player wants to come to Arsenal. That would not happen if he “gets rid” of them too quickly like you suggested.

  • Damien Luu

    @Tasos: Yeah, I also like Damian Martinez very much, since he came last season. I expect to see him joins the first team in the next-next season. But with Scz in the goal, boy, it will be very difficult for any young GK to push through. I believe Scz will become the best GK in the world very soon, and for a very long time.

  • bc

    Its not really a 25 man rule though is it. it is a 17 non homegrown and 8 homegrown plus unlimited u21 man rule. when u consider many of our best players are under 21 szcesney jenkinson wilshire frimpong coquelin ramsey chamberlain ryo and the players everyone wants us to sign are also under 21 hazard gotze the 25 man rule is not that inhibitive for us.

  • Wooby

    See only a future for Ryo, Yennaris, Afobe and Campbell. Campbell will probably need another year or two to earn a work permit (or perhaps gain citizenship in another European country). The rest, while they have had impressive spots here and there, do not appear to be in a position to play ahead of our current first team.

  • Stuart

    Tonytone, I have a vague understanding of the 25 squad ruling and it has been covered on Untold several times but I believe many of the young players wont count towards the total 25 meaning we can have more than 25 players. I think!!

  • Pie

    Ryo, Frimpong, Aneke, Afobe, Campbell. The rest can go. We need to buy a decent second keeper as our current number 2, 3 & 4 keepers are not good enough.

    Can’t wait to see Ox on one wing and Ryo on the other….

  • atid

    Below is a list of 32 current arsenal players that will count as either homegrown (13 players) or non-homegrown (19) for next season assuming they are all still with us. Obviously the likes of Wilshire, Coquelin, Frimpong, Jenkinson, Chamberlain, Bartley, Miyaichi are not there as they will still be u21s next season. I reckon 10-15 of this lot wont be here next season.
    Manuel Almunia
    Yossi Benayoun
    Sebastien Squillaci
    Tomas Rosicky
    Mikel Arteta
    Bacary Sagna
    Andre Santos
    Robin van Persie
    Marouane Chamakh
    Per Mertesacker
    Lukasz Fabianski
    Chu-Young Park
    Laurent Koscielny
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Abou Diaby
    Johan Djourou
    Alex Song
    Theo Walcott
    Kieran Gibbs
    Wojciech Szczesny
    Gavin Hoyte
    Aaron Ramsey
    Andrey Arshavin
    Nicklas Bendtner
    Vito Mannone
    Carlos Vela
    Pedro Botelho
    Henri Lansbury
    Rhys Murphy
    Craig Eastmond

  • Shard

    sorry off topic.. Yet another ref induced victory for ManU.. Fluke a lucky goal from Fulham’s mistake..and in the end don’t get a penalty given against you because that is just not on.. After all, the coronation has to take place.. I’m the idiot who stays up till 2.30 at night to watch this.. Fuck this..ManU can celebrate their title.. Worthy champions of the most corrupt league in the world.

  • Mahdain

    what a joke this league is..yet another ref who denies the opposition a stonewall penalty at old trafford that would have made united drop points..same old same old and to think oliver gave dyer a penalty from a dive

  • Mandy dodd

    Cannot believe Oliver denied fulham there, that was incredible! Every time they get it their way. Some of these refs have no shame

  • Mandy dodd

    Does this mean we will be given favours against citeh?

  • Andre Kelley

    @Shard: Agree, Fulham got seriously robbed by the referee tonight.

  • Shard

    @Mandy Dodd

    See..that’s the problem with all of this.. We’re reduced to guessing what the script is, rather than enjoy and marvel at the game we are supposed to be watching. That’s what these corrupt bastards are stealing from us.

  • Shard

    @Andre Kelley

    Actually, I was willing to accept ManU’s victory. I didn’t think the ref’s performance was terrible or extremely biased. In this case, it was won fair and square and I was ok with it..Until that moment. The referee just could not give the right call because ManU cannot be denied the title. They are a very mediocre team this season (as they were last season) and they are being guided to the title, with the media laying out a red carpet for them and for Ferguson. ManU 20 titles!! Who cares that they didn’t earn 3-4 of them.. It’s just the titles that count.. Win at all costs has new meaning with them.

  • Mandy dodd

    It is a disgrace, recent work on this site has proved what is going on, the question is how long will this last? As long as fergie or longer?
    As for us, Mahdain has posted in another thread, apparently mike dean again away to QPR, again……

  • Mahdain

    @mandy interesting question that we need to see to get the answer however im not sure they are done with us yet.someone is hell bent on ending our winning run and thats why they have decided to send us dean for a FIFTH time and the 3rd time in a space of10 games and to make matters worse? Lee “the foul inventor” will be his fourth official.. Disgrace

  • WalterBroeckx

    The question is: are they sending Dean to make up for the Tottenham game when he couldn’t guide us in to defeat despite doing his best in the first half?

  • Mahdain

    jol just said “you have to be brave to give a penalty away at MUFC” summed it up perfectly

  • Mahdain

    that should have been lee “the foul inventor” probert

  • Mahdain

    @walter im sure thats the case..these guys cant see us winning so they are throwing at us the best they have..just look at the refs we get
    Dean,dowd,mason,webb back to back

  • Tasos

    Whilst we get Dean again……Man Utd get Webb again.

    I think Howard Webb only needs a few more Utd games to qualify for a championship medal this season. LOL

  • Mahdain

    @tasos how many games has he got for united so far? I think itr gonna be 5 (arsenal,qpr,newcastle and chelsea) though not sure

  • Tasos

    Yep, it’s gonna be five.

    I think he was also fourth official for their game tonight. They cannot get enough of him .

  • Mahdain

    @tasos he was the fourth official..can only imagine how much he shouted “dont even think about it” into oliver’s ear when he saw that

  • rantetta

    And the thing is, I’ve found Oliver to be one of the better refs this season. I was impressed with him booking Giggs for a dangerous tackle, early on, with Giggs ‘astonished’, and putting up his one finger, as though it was his 1st foul. The main commentator objected to the booking. The co-commentator asked, “did you see that foul on the replay?”. The main commentator was a bit flummoxed – but replied, “I don’t like to see player’s booked”. ****!

    Oliver was doing pretty well up to that point, with only one or two Manu fouls missed, I thought. But then – the 4th **** was – the Webbmeister. Who knows what kind of spanking might have awaited the ref if he’d given that pen (or whether said spanking would even have been a punishment?)!

    Also note that Fulham pretty much didn’t foul Manu players at all, whereas – when they play us, they employ KTSOOA (kit-sue-ah = Kick the shit out of Arsenal).

    Watch out for Zamora, among others, who’ll be practising this tactic at Loftus Rd. this Saturday. The combination of M.Dean and Mark Hughes guarantees QPR a total kick-fest, without punishment, as well as the now traditional ‘non-foul’, fouls, and remember, QPR’s owner sponsors refshite.con.

    Off topic:
    Tony, I went to see The comedy of errors (surely the by-name for the refs, eh?) Anyway, tickets for front row of stalls, and rear row of Circle – are £12.00. Bargain! Lovely show, amazing set, and wonderful experience, all happening for me as a result of your article: Lenny Henry, Shakespeare, Mourinho, Van Persie, Crisis and invented Spuds goals

    I nearly wore an Arsenal shirt to the theatre but decided against that as I feared I’d be “sent off”, for frivolity. The younger twins had only one JVC/Ars shirt, which, with my not knowing the story, meant I was slightly confused for awhile, however, once they wore the Em’s shirts, I got it. A nice Saturday night out. Ta.

  • Mondo

    @atid From your list I would expect the following to leave in the summer(either permanently or loaned)
    Eastmond (loan?)
    Question marks about:
    That said, it would be very surprising to see Bohtelo leave as he’s never played for the first team and was bought, not brought up from the youth team.I can’t remember that ever happening under Wenger.
    That’s 11 gone/loaned not counting the question marks.
    What do you think?

  • Mandy dodd

    Mahdain, yes I do worry, recently we have been good enough to beat Webb dowd and dean, as well as their lesser versions, but how long can we continue against such odds.
    Wonder if it will be Webb, or clattenberg when city play utd? Can make an educated guess on that one!

    The thing is, if there is a calciopolli going on here, you would hope our authorities would really come down much harder than the Italians did . We are far from perfect but surely could not be seen to allow that in our flagship sport, whatever the benefits to some. I happen to think the pgmol are sailing very close to the wind and the days of the utd support will hopefully be numbered.
    . I think this recent overwhelming utd thing, apart from regional bias, really started when they agreed to go to the world club championship in brazil in mid season to help England bid for something, that meant the Fa owed utd. Then came murdoch, then Riley, then Webb, I think fergie is partly puppet master, part just reading the lie of the land. But the fact is, if Murdoch and co have in anyway been involved , are they a busted flush after recent events or will they morph into something else?

  • Davi

    Still don’t know when vela ever had his chance. Seems to me if he was given half as many chances as theo, denilson or bendtner, he’s be a pretty decent player by now. He was treated the same way park is being treated now. I love wenger, but sometimes the way he favours certain players perplexes me.

  • Byo

    I was actually working on the same list over the weekend! Of the loanees, the trio of Ryo, Campbell and Afobe will make it into the squad next season(I believe).
    The squad needs only minor tinkering for next season. And the trio of Podolski, Vertonghen and M’Villa will replace what the professor will move out.

  • none

    Have a look at the young guns site,!/YoungGunsBlog he keeps track of all the loanees and their progress

  • Goonerboy

    Sean McDermott is a goalie. Not a central defender.. check ur facts man b4 leaving us notes on how they r developing…

  • Mwojo

    I think you’ll see Afobe on loan again next year (I’ve heard Reading may keep him another year if they get promoted). Keep in mind he just turned 19

  • Mondo

    So the article has turned into a fear of corruption of premier league officials so I suppose I’ll comment. I’m from the U.S. and these sorts of things can happen. I always thought it was more than paranoia on my part, but as you know it’s a slippery slope. Check this:

    Yes, Donaghy had a gambling addiction and got mixed up with the mob, but in his book he said refs were regularly instructed to “extend”a series (7 games in the playoffs) and they, much like referees in England, could easily control outcomes by calling/not calling fouls. Granted, the nba is a bit easier because fouls send players to the line, but there are penalties of course in football.

    Anyway, this ruined basketball for me, and especially after the Van Persie. sending off at Farcalona, I feared the worst.

  • Sean McDermott – yes he is a keeper of course. Can’t imagine what I was doing, except rushing to finish the article before a meeting.

    Silly me.

    Incidentally, has anyone noticed the new put down comment that is now around: “check your facts”. Instead of a polite “I think that one might be wrong” or something like that, every time I make a mistake (which is quite often I do admit) I now get “check your facts.”

    I have the feeling that there is a dictionary of abuse for the AAA in which they list phrases to use like

    “I have been an Arsenal season ticket holder for 30 years and…”

    and the use of certain key words like “moron”.

    Hey ho. Most of the rest of the article was right. I think

  • Mondo – I think you were talking about another article, not this one.

  • legolas still trust Wenger

    Tony i was waiting for such article for long time 😀 Please Please can you keep us always updated with our youth ? i try to follow them always on the net and on but the way you write just a bit of each player is great because i would like to watch our potential future star 🙂 . i would like to ask about Lansburry why Arsene Wenger doesn’t send him to Premier league team to gain EPL experience ? like Ryo Now ? i heard though he is moody and inconsistent he has quality but maybe turbulent ? anyway thank you very much for this article .

  • Ong Bing

    We have too much good midfielder. We need good striker to backup Robin.

    Our young and on loan stikers not good enough for Arsenal, 2 years ago a really want Vela to step up, but he did’t make it. Watt was promising too, Arsene said he was street footballer, but I don’t know his progress.

    But if our left and right wings can score a lot of goals, no problem we don’t have Robin backup, we can put false striker like Barcelona.

  • samgooner

    so what have we, just looking at the mf if we say starting line up of: ox. ryo. jack. song. that leaves us with a mf on the bench of: ramsey. rosicky. diaby. arteta. theo. seems like any new additions will have to be absolutely top draw to push out the players who will be queuing up for a game let alone the younger players coming through. At the moment there seems to be a balance to the team and a very good spirit at the club. Am I the only one a little worried by the antics of pold the other day ?. I think we have to be very careful not to destroy what we have no more than two new players if only to keep RVP happy.

  • samgooner

    sorry need a rant. just heard ferdinand say these things even themselves out (re-fulham pen ) well lets all hope he is right because if they even them selves out for say the last 15 yrs then by my maths manu should be relegated for the next 3 yrs ie 3 x pens against per game for 3 yrs no pens 4 for 3 yrs 2 x players sent off per game for next 3 yrs etc etc. so lets all pray he is right.

  • Abdulaziz Alfarhoud

    Sending players loan is the good way to help young Arsene guns to develop but i think many of them will not return to Arsenal this summer and they are :
    If i was Arsene Wenger, i will loan out to Miyachi,Watt, Kyle Bartly, Aneke & Afobe to EPL next season, we saw Ryo is playing with Bolton now.
    I saw some of England U21 matches this year and i realized how good chambarlian is with Henry Lansbury and i hope he will be in Arsenal next year & BTW he played as a goalkeeper for England & West Ham after sending off his keeper team.
    Regarding Welington Silva, Pedro Botelho, Galindo & Campbell, due to work permit i think Pedro can play for Arsenal next year because he spend 4 years in Spain & he can be a good back up on the left side next year.
    Welington Silva have problems with Levante & he should be more professional if he is in Arsenal.
    in 2 years if AW will choose one of Silva & Campbell, he will choose the Coasta Rician boy because he has great talent & scores in every international match he plays, I saw Henry in World Cup 98, he has the same talent but need some one like AW to help him to develop.

  • Ruaridh

    The aaa are just frustrated at the moment…

    …Tony, persevere with the indominatible spirit of the Gunners!

  • Ruaridh

    the futures bright…

    …the futures the young gunners!

  • James

    Would like Henri Lansbury to be a squad member next year, but think we made a mistake sending him to West Ham on loan, where he’s made minimal development and progress. Wish a team like Bolton or West Brom took him for a season instead. Would have got much better treatment under Owen Coyle or Roy Hodgson than Sam Allardyce.

    Ryo Miyaichi definitely has a future at Arsenal, but wouldn’t mind him staying at Bolton a little longer (provided they stay up), especially if we sign Podolski and keep Van Persie. He’d have Podolski, Gervinho, Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain to compete with then, and would surely develop better playing week in week out at a club like Bolton.

    Joel Campbell, Wellington, Bartley and Benik Afobe need at least another season long loan before they’re ready.

  • Johnny Deigh

    Joel Campbell should have no problem getting a work permit as he is full international for his country.

  • Ruaridh

    Except for arshavin and denilson, whom I beleive, should both be sold to earn transfer fees/offload wages, I don’t beleive many of the above list should be retained for first team squad.

    Exceptions should be made if one of the above have an exceptional pre-season (I think RYO may) but the rest would benefit from more loans, whether these are season long or 3-6 month deals allowing arsenal cover during fallow periods.

    For example, Joel Campbell (if he gets a permit) may benefit more from a pre-season then a 6 month loan to Bolton.

  • Vikram Singh Negi

    Ryo will definitely be in our squad next season.
    I hope Bartley is too, in place of Squillaci and hopefully Miqel can go out on loan.
    Had AW decided to loan Lansbury earlier, Norwich wanted him and he wud have played in the EPL. WHU might get promoted and he might have a shot, but I would rather have him in the squad and not buy any other CM like MVilla or Biglia.
    If Campbell gets a work permit, a half a season loan in the EPL would do wonders for him.
    Yennaris, Aneke, Afobe shud go on a season long loan to a side playing in the EPL. So, even if they get rare starts and a few sub appearances, at least they get roughed up on the training ground and come back after that all grown up. [same with miqel]

  • Ruaridh

    The benefit of sending a loan player on a 3 or 6 month loan is that if they are not being used or not developing we can recall/get them back and loan them out to another club or if they are succesful at the club after 3 or 6 months then we can decide to keep them in the 1st team or re-loan them to the club.

    *please note, i’m sure clubs have “loan quotas” on the number of loans they can intake/have a season, in light of this, would re-signing a player on loan for another 3/6 months following an initial 3 month loan count as two loan signings/agreements or just one? curious…

  • Gord

    Something different about Henri Lansbury. He is apparently opening a soccer school in Potters Bar at Cranbourne Primary School.

  • Ruaridh

    we can now rule out any remote Goetze signing:

    (which isn’t the worst thing in the world)

  • jackson kafuuzi k

    you forgot to mention frimpong.

  • chris

    sean mcdermott’s a GK i think

  • Wambam

    Everyone apart from Denilson, Arteta is Showing him how its supposed to be done:-)

    BRING back Vela,he needs to play through the middle.

  • Bring back a few of the youngsters like Miyaichi and Lansbury. Wenger should also renew the loan for Benayoun. With Benayoun, Arteta and Rosicky, the youngsters have lots to learn. Besides, playing a few EPL matches beats playing in the Championship or worse, any league below. Kyle Bartley can learn loads from Vermaelen and the resurgent Koscielny as well.

    Most importantly, Wenger must secure a couple of big name transfers to shock the enthusiasm and potential out of them.

  • Martin

    I totally support nurturing own talent but I want to see AW win another PL title before he retires. Thus AFC should be aiming to win the PL title ASAP. That means for now concentrating less on potential and more on having excellence in the whole squad now. Of the best youngsters who have emerged in the last season or two: Ox, Frimpong, Ryo, Miquel, Coquelin, Yennaris, Afobe, Jenkinson and Ozyakup; only Jenkinson and Ox look ready now. The generation of academy players now 21 and over are not ready now and may never be ready ie. Vela, Bendtner, Watt, Eastmond, Murphy, Hoyte, Lansbury, Bartley, Botelho and Denilson. Because they cannot help win the title in next 2 years they should be let go along with other underperforming players like Alumnia, Squillaci, Chemakh and Ashavin.
    So the depth needed to take the current sqaud asap to the next level and avoid what happened at start of this season must come from outside the club. Removing the surplus players off the wage bill and picking up some transfer fees should help fund, over the next year or so the acquisition of 3 or 4 carefully chosen, ready made, star players [incl striker, midfielder, CD] to perfect the squad and take AFC to the summit. Successful teams tend to have stable squads of proven winners who stay together for years. The emerging players mentioned above will be there to fill slots which open in the squad over time. years.

  • Firstly, it’s infuriating hearing people kill chamakh for having a good start and then saying he disappeared. The lad was en route a 20 goal debut season, which obviously is all fine. The fact that RVP came back and set the world on fire leaves no place for chamakh. The system we play is with a lone striker, generally a 4-3-3, which the Dutch have shown everyone it the optimal formation for the style arsenal play (obviously arsene is clever enough to have played this shape for years now). Secondly, and no disrespect to the players or those who say they should be given a go up top. Theo Walcott is a winger, and if he wants to play up front he’s got to dislodge robin, same with vela, wenger knows how integral robin is(we all should know that by now), robin can’t be sat on the. Bench whilst waiting for Walcott or vela to progress and develop in the role. We play with one striker, if we change the formation to incorporate a second we lose a player from the midfield, and we’ve found those starting midfielders are key to our football. That striker must be a total footballer, he can get in good positions, he can assist in build up play, must be strong, aerially efficient, can score from outside the box, can poach goals in the 6 yard box, as much as I love theo and Carlos, they are not this player, and to put them up front only sacrifices other areas on the pitch. Also with this system it should be van persie scoring all the goals, that’s a strikers job, the wingers give provide him with opportunities, and the midfielders provide them with the football, one man upfront burdens a lot of pressure, he needs to excel in every area of the striking role, which only robin can

  • Matt Clarke

    I do hope to see Benik Afobe in there fighting for a place – he is an exciting prospect. (This does not mean that I want RvP out and, yes, I do know that we tend to play just one striker, but I can dream can’t I?)

    Wenger pointed to this possibility when he loaned him to Reading…


    ‘Wenger told Arsenal Player, “[Afobe has gone out on loan] because he is the next central striker to come into our squad …

    “I feel that two or three months in the Championship now will help him to get a step up and hopefully he will do very well there because he has the potential to do it.”

    (Sorry, but I do not subscribe to Arsenal Player so cannot link directly)

    Also, RvP likes him.

  • Matt Clarke

    …and i must say,
    @Mickey Thomas
    Great comments – especially regarding winger role for TW.

    But I have a dark side too (and a long memory, not of you, but your namesake) and I want you to change your name 🙁