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  1. john d.

    Ti’s clear Howard Webb is a Man U’ implant. The anoying thing is that he does it without fear- so open. I also wonder if the FA is not part of it, why do they like chosing him to officiate key matches involving Man u’ and he never gets punished?

  2. bob

    john d,
    your question answers itself.

  3. Abdulrahmanyunusah

    Howard Wed is the stupid ref i ever see in Life to to people dat he is a man u fans God pas u

  4. Bred Red

    This is obviously not a genuine article. IF it was genuine it must have been obtained illegally.

    This is, in my opinion, biased reporting by an unknown reporter, but obviously written by a frustrated Arsenal follower.

    Untold Ref report, kiss my ass.

  5. WalterBroeckx

    My Dear Bred Red, of course you could maybe point at possible mistakes in this review.
    Now you are only trying to discredit the person who made this report without bringing in any evidence on the decisions themselves. And you could also use the rule book to point at where the ref reviewer is wrong of course.
    Maybe you could also say what your qualifications are and if you are a ref yourself or not?

    And if you are a ref you can always join us.

    All our reviews and we have done 110 games so far this season are done by refs.

    And if you don’t mind I do prefer to kiss something else

  6. bob

    Bred Red,
    You know it took me a while but I finally spotted you in the crowd on the video as an accessory to that crime at Old Toilet in 2004 where you stood up on your rear haunches and snorted forth approvals in that satanic circle-jerk that you all performed that day as your master pulled your chains. How does it feel to live a lie, day after day, and only smell perfumed ManUre after you flush?

  7. bob

    p.s. that is, if you flush?

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