Media rally to stop talk of bent refs & support Man U. At least that means they are noticing us.

By Tony Attwood

It is always difficult to be sure just how much influence our blog has.  We are now getting around 400,000 hits a month – which is a fair old number – but for most of our existence there has not been any sign that the newspapers and broadcast media have the slightest interest in us.

However, it is also a fact that up to about a year ago, no one but no one would even consider the fact that Premier League and Uefa Champions League matches were fixed – or write any comment upon it.  The word was – “it all balances out in the end”.

Then the fact that the BBC interviewed Walter and Dogface began to seep through, and slowly the debate began.

Now suddenly all the media is rushing to deny that there is anything wrong with football referees.   The right wing radio station Talk Sport got in first with a discussion on Man U penalties and the The Telegraph has an article on 30 March and the Guardian did a very similar article on the same day.

All “proved” there was no match fixing but the way they have done it is so lacking in depth, and in essence so silly that it really has no comparison with the analyses undertaken on Untold week after week.

They seek to prove us wrong, of course, because they have a fortune invested in the Premier League.  Even the right to reprint fixtures costs them £££££ every year – and that is just the start.  So anything that knocks the Premier League is to be resisted.

Meanwhile, we carry on doing the ref reviews week after week.  Here are the latest

Ref Review: Chelsea 3 Manchester United 3

Ref Review: Tottenham 1 Manchester United 3

If you would like to read more about our work and more ref reviews they are recorded on our home page for a few days, and then after that on  Untold Ref Reviews and  Untold Corruption

So, the involvement of the press has not been of help – but at least they are starting to notice we are here.   Here are some of our more recent stories in these areas…

Ref Reviews: Arsenal v Aston Villa.  Phil Dowd gives a master class;  Liverpool v Everton – he’s ok here too.

Corruption: Are Barcelona and Fifa involved in corrupt practices within football?

32 Replies to “Media rally to stop talk of bent refs & support Man U. At least that means they are noticing us.”

  1. In the guardian article, they don’t mention the two offside goals, so they say that it was against them .

  2. off topic

    Untold is in dire need of redesigning. There are just too much content on it to be displayed in a simple one page manner.

  3. Stoke city were once labled as playing rugby disguised as football. this was denied on the grounds that stoke actually get far less (Y/R) cards that those accusing teams. but who doesnt now the truth. stoke, and other physical teams are allowed by refs to play how they deem fit to counter the skills for superior teams, hence, what gets arsenal players yellws and red cards is waived on as normal play by the refs. hence the statistic they are referring to is simply reflecting the rotten state of officiating, not how things ought to be.
    have yu noticed too that in games, when our players foul, they are immediately carded (have seen this too often), particularly in the early stages of matches, hence making them either vulnerable to red cards(second cautions), OR RETARDING THEIR FULL THROTTLE partcipation (fearing the same). the refs being no fools to accusations of biase, then dish out a few yellows to a few of opposition players at the dying end of matches, hence, like the media analysis today – things are seen as levelled out. BUT ONE TEAM PLAYED 88 MINUTES WITHOUT BREAKS, THE OTHER ONLY FOR 30 MINUTES!

  4. critic,
    Right now, with arsene just banned 3 games by uefa, and the mainstream media circling its wagons around your hallowed march to Rednose XX, and our UA at 400,000 hits per month, the timing of your snide comment is as suspect as it is an attempted diversion. And this is the polite form of my reply to you.

  5. I think critic has a little bit of a complaint. I find the ref reviews rather heavy going at times. It may be me of course. The principle behind them is admirable but I feel the content is sometimes orientated towards a rather lofty readership, education-wise. But as I say, it may be me. 😆

  6. The right to reprint the fixture list needs to be bought! If the media doesn’t publish it, do they expect everybody to go to their site and read it ???
    If anybody has any links regarding this thing, please post them here.
    @ Tony, check your mail.

  7. Timing is everything and, as Tevez is not yet back in form, their world-beater Aguerro is just now downed by a “stupid injury” for an indeterminate time, according to Mancini. Well there you go: there’s another obstacle removed on the path to Rednose XX. Of course the great ones always make their luck, as the cliche tells us. Or as the Oracle himself spouted forth in yesterday’s press, all teams get good breaks, bad breaks, whatever. So, coincidence theorists, you can feel vindicated as the breaks keep falling your way; just as it was predicted by several of us in August.

    Oh, and as for timing, is it time yet to unite around Arsene’s 3-game/40K Banning as we solidify 3rd place? Any outrage yet?

  8. I have to agree with the critic that Untold do need to undergo redesigning and why not give it a try ??? After all , it will be a nice change for the eyes of regular visitors and I think it’s a bit too difficult to find archives on the site.

  9. ofcourse the media will do everything in their power to tell people that all is well and all the match fixing shouts are nonsense as it concerns them too and their bosses…it will be bad for them if all worms are let out as im sure it is going to touch Mr Murdoch one way or another.Hint Hint the Man utd takeover offer that got blocked…

  10. It’s likely because of a combination of our Ref Reviews being expanded to include non-Arsenal games (showing it is not limited to one club) and Viera’s words about ManUre getting more penalties at OT.

    The lid on the Pandora’s Box is about to be blown off – all hands on deck to slam it back shut!

  11. ofcourse the media will do everything in their power to tell people that all is well and all the match fixing shouts are nonsense as it concerns them too and their bosses…it will be bad for them if all worms are let out as im sure it is going to touch Mr Murdoch one way or another.Hint Hint the Man utd takeover offer that got blocked….

  12. Mahdain,
    I’m Glad you did! Fine content that actually relates to the serious and in the moment topic at hand.

  13. @Bob,
    All I meant was the mass of data is sometimes a tad overwhelming.
    I’ve long been so convinced by the earlier reviews that they now begin to appear slightly repetitive.
    As for the blog, its popularity speaks for itself, by the number of comments it attracts. Long may it continue.

  14. “Media rally to stop talk of bent refs & support Man U. At least that means they are noticing us.”
    In light of your apt headline about the media’s manning the ramparts, Arsene’s 3 match banning and how the breaks on and off the pitch just seem to be falling down Ferguson Way, I envisioned a parallel headline: “Fans rally to act on talk of bent refs & denounce ManU and UEFA. At least that means they are hearing us.”
    Oh happy day when that becomes a headline.

  15. another step closer to video tech in games. keep up the good work, much appreciated.

    just wonder as to the manner of the unravelling. scandal scandal or swept under the rug as not to taint the perception of the uk golden boys.

    on the other hand, i would like manure to finally complete the tainted red nose xx. it could be the start of a fairer league as to stop another team reaching that abnormal feat. blue oil wont like it. do they have enough cash to stop it? thats assuming their highest priority in england is shitty success.

  16. Look i am not complaining or anything but there are so many things running on untold.
    ref preview
    ref review
    corruption in fb
    fans perspective
    match review
    match preview
    tactical analysis
    It will be better if owners of this blog look into revamping the site.

    and no it’s not an offer. There must be many untold readers out there who are good at web designing.

    Everything evolves, untold should be no different.

  17. not that i would tell any one what to do with their possessions. but hearing critic i would not mind seeing a unique design to complement. not to say i have a problem with it now but being an illustrator i tend to lean towards aesthetics. so a few pics would be nice if not a complete revamp.

  18. Hmm we saw it longtime ago but nobody dare mentioned it,the Italians at least fought it the Germans did the same,the French did the same the English zzzzzzzzz the Spanish zzzzzzzz but time is catching up with the two and time will tell.Thanks Tony and the rest its not easy but with persistence we will be there.

  19. @Curious
    Any organisation which whch deliberately distorts or clamps down on the truth for it’s own ends can be said to be acting in a ‘fascist’ or right wing way. Go through the sports radio channels and see if you can find one that lacks balance. See if you can find one that suppresses debate on certain crucial issues- prefering to promote certain people or teams or issues in a totally unbalancd way. A clue would be to look for ones that wheel out apologists for their editorial line and hardly ever, or never, seek multi-faceted debate from experts- prefering to tell you what to think. They can always find Muppets to intone the party crap. Muppets will do anything for money and if they beg to differ– they know it will be the last dip in the honey pot for them. This is also why Journos won’t speak the truth. They will never work again! Go on @Curious– bet you can find one! And then see if you can find a fascist sports TV station as well. Great fun!

  20. “Any organisation which whch deliberately distorts or clamps down on the truth for it’s own ends can be said to be acting in a ‘fascist’ or right wing way.” or indeed in a left wing or communist way, no? Better to say ‘Totalitarian’, as at the far ends of the political spectrum both behave in the same manner.

  21. I have been reading this Arsenal getting awarded the most penalties for a fair time now. I also believe the list is inaccurate or incomplete. Its not like Talksport or some websites put it now a days. Its been going on for at least a year now.

  22. Prasanna,
    which list?

    this is you second attempt. Why are trying to divert people here from the serious issues that UA raises into a long redesign discussion and diversion of energies? it’s obvious – to distract fans now that UA and the season are in the business end and only focus will see us all through to third place and pursuing our expose of the farce called Rednose XX. Put it to bed so-called critic until the post-season, why don’t you? I think you won’t because I think it matters to you to divert people now.

    All, UA,
    Why not follow up on Arsene’s statement at yesterday’s press conference that video replay is essential. He said it at least twice when asked about his banning. Is anyone listening?

  23. I understand what your saying Critic.

    BUT in all fairness people are visiting Untold for the quality of the information on the site and nothing else.

    Maybe if you want to make a donation Tony will gladly get someone to do the work for you 😛

  24. @bob Are you the site police? Let’s show a little more respect. Untold Arsenal have never been like certain other sites insulting their readers, so why you’ve taken to doing so is beyond me. This is where I come to when I want a rounded, cohesive argument, don’t ruin it.
    @critic is correct and I’ve thought so for some time. Just yesterday I was looking for an article I read a few weeks ago so my son could read it, and couldn’t. The guys here do a fantastic job but a little constructive criticism is good for all of us. It helps us evolve.

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