Arsenal escaped from Euro, but what about the Olympics?

Thank goodness the Euro Thing is over, and no Arsenal player got hurt.  A miracle and undoubtedly a sign from the Almighty of great things to come this year.

But just as we all thought it is time to relax for a few weeks, while watching Manchester Bankrupt try to put a brave face on the fact that they can’t sign anyone much because they can’t even pay the interest on their debts, along comes the Olympics.

Now as far as I know (and please do tell me what I am missing) this is some kind of football tournament for under 23s or under 21s or something.  The notion of being an amateur is not part of the deal.

So, I’ve just spent a pointless half hour trying to see who is playing whom.   Engerland ain’t in it, because it is only for countries that can play football (although apparently Britain did actually win Olympic Football gold in 1908 or something, according to the FA web site.)  Anyway the Olympics won’t let Engerland in unless they call themselves Briterain or something like that.

The Ivory Coast is involved so does that mean that Eboue will be out there?  Holland is in it so is Van P playing?  Croatia aren’t in it which is odd because I thought there was some sort of international convention that said that Croatia was in everything.

But maybe some of our unknown youngsters will be involved?   (At least Mexico aren’t there so we’ll be safe with Vela.)

In the end I begin to wonder if I have lost the point of all this (and there’s no point sending me emails saying I have lost the plot – there isn’t any plot except the plot by FIFA to take over the world and I know about that one).   I pay (in my own small way) the salaries of Arsenal players.  I make a bit of a payment to the infrastructure, and the salary of the wonderful Mr Wenger.  So why do we have to keep on losing our players to these international things which come along every few seconds?

If we go on like this there will soon be more internationals than there will be club games.   The Africa Cup of Nations, the Euro Thing, the World cup, the Olympics…   I don’t mind them existing providing they pay for replacement players of the same quality when the players I help pay for are injured playing these internationals.  Surely that would be fair wouldn’t it?

Still, there’s not much I can do, but I can have a laugh at the “Sir” Alex F-Word and his realisation that the only way they are ever going to pay for new players is to sell some of the ones they have got, like Ronaldodo.

Yes, I’ve just got that thought, and now I feel much better.

I also like the idea of Theo having number 14 next year.   In fact that feels better every day.