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July 2021

Football this weekend – the inevitable (but restricted) Untold preview

By Arun

Week 35

This one will be a quick and short preview due to my exams which are beginning on Monday and time comes at a cost during such ‘difficult’ times.

Taking a look back at the past week, Young dived again and set Man U on a route to a victory after Man C won comfortably earlier on Saturday. We lost a game which was played only for 57 minutes (courtesy: Walter) and more importantly, lost Arteta for the rest of the season.

Let’s get straight into what can be expected as we arrive at the weekend:

1.     Arsenal v Chelsea (Saturday- 12:45)

Chelsea will be on a high after beating Barcelona without conceding and having booked a Cup final on Sunday (here, the efforts put in by Atkinson deserves a special praise). But Chelsea must be tired after the game against Barca. And this is what is going to be our key for beating them and Dean.  It’s vital not to concede early as then Chelsea will just simply park the bus. If we score early then we will force Chelsea to attack and we might be able to create more chances.

Arsenal has won the last 2 meetings between the two and each has won 2 of the last 5 meetings at the Emirates. Chelsea has been in good form since RDM took charge, mostly due to the efforts they put in the defence. With Totts in bad form and Newcastle having difficult games, Chelsea may have a very good case for the 4th spot.

If Chelsea decides to attack us, I am sure that we will be able to beat them but if they decide to allow Arsenal to come and attack them, it’s going to be a difficult game for us. As I pointed out before, the tiredness of Chelsea might have a huge role to play and so I think that we will be able to nick this one.

We have scored in our last 16 consecutive home fixtures, and were the first team to score five against Chelsea at their ground in 18 years.

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2.     QPR v Tottenham (Saturday- 17:30)

Tottenham’s trophy hopes came to an end on Sunday. If they fail to beat QPR, they may very well lose their fourth spot too. QPR are just outside the drop zone and badly need points to avoid the real threat of relegation. Both teams have managed to get only 6 points of the last 18 possible. QPR are unbeaten in their last 4 home games and have won 3 of these.

Due to their first season in the league since 1995-96 season, there aren’t many stats available for this tie. I will be hoping for a QPR victory as they help in the keeping the totts away from us.

Adebayor holds the record for the most off sides this season (47), and QPR hold the record for the most red cards with seven.

3.     Man U v Everton (Sunday- 12:30)

Everton lost to their rivals for a shot at FA Cup ending their streak of six consecutive wins in the FA Cup semifinals.  They have been doing good in the league recently with 3 wins out of last 4.

But Man U will be too big a task for them having lost on their 5 previous visits to OT. If Rednose XX is to be accomplished at their rivals, they must win this one and are definitely going to do it. Whether they will require the help from the referee remains to be seen.

Looking back over this season and the last two guess who has “won” more penalties than any other player?  Ashley Young – 9.  On a sad note, Man U scored in their last home game meaning that they now hold the record for the most consecutive home games scoring, with 47.  The previous holders were… Arsenal.

4.     Wolves v Man C (Sunday- 16:00)

Man C may lose the title chance this week if they lose at Wolves and Man U win their early kickoff. But Wolverhampton are at the bottom and Terry Connor knows that he is riding on a sinking ship. Wolves have lost 7 of their last 8 games and may very well be doomed if the results go against their way. It’s going to be a big blow for the Wolves as they prepare to witness the end of their 3 year stay in the league. Wolves may be relegated this weekend if QPR beat or draws with Tottenham and a Man C win will then mean that they are relegated in front of their own fans.

Out of the last 5 PL meeting between the two, Wolves have won only 1 but I only see sad scenes at the Molineux Stadium on Sunday as Wolverhampton Wolves become the first team to be relegated this season.

Wolverhampton or on the edge of 17 home games without a clean sheet – a record.  Man City are heading towards an all time record for goal difference in the Premier League.

Sorry for being writing this very short piece but it’s all I can do at this moment. Let’s begin the weekend by beating a tired Chelsea and then expect the rest of the results to go our way.

Untold Arsenal

14 comments to Football this weekend – the inevitable (but restricted) Untold preview

  • bob

    You don’t mention a massive concern: the impact of no Arteta in the midfield. (Good luck on your exams, btw).

  • Arun

    @ Bob, thanks.
    yeah, it was in my mind about Arteta but it just slipped my mind when I was writing the article. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Stevie E

    Good news that Drogba is out, he has caused us no end of problems in the past. We just to hope that Torres doesn’t decide to find form tomorrow… Still, I think we’re gonna win, 3-1 for me. RVP, Rambo & Theo to do the business.

  • Gord

    Good luck with the exams.

    A couple of reports say Drogba has a knee problem, and will probably miss playing against us and possibly miss playing against Barcelona. However, a betting place has 7-4 odds of Drogba starting against Arsenal.

    I gather Rooney is 1 short of equaling George Best’s ManU scoring record. Which probably means he could kill someone in a game, and not even be whistled for a foul. Does anyone expect Ashley Young to spend the summer at some stuntman school in Hollywood, learning how to not be so obvious at diving? That would be my guess as to what “word” SAF had with him.

  • Tasos

    Man City manager Roberto Mancini made some interesting remarks regarding EPL referee’s in his press conference.

  • Tasos

    Roberto Mancini;

    “I am frustrated,’ said the Manchester City manager. ‘We have a saying, il tutto mondo e paese. Every place is the same. That means the rules are not the same for everyone. They are sometimes different.

    ‘When I was in Italy I always thought here had the best referees. My ideas have changed, probably.’

    Mancini, whose side play at bottom-of-the-table Wolves later tomorrow, said: ‘This is a situation that I don’t like because the rules should be the same for everyone, not for us or United or West Bromwich. They can’t change from one pitch to another. This is not good. The man on the pitch in a black shirt doesn’t have a blue shirt or a red shirt or a white shirt.’

    As well as the penalties Young won against QPR and Aston Villa, Fulham had a strong claim rejected for Michael Carrick’s challenge on Danny Murphy late in their recent 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford.

    Replying to suggestions of bias towards United, Mancini said: ‘No, no, I don’t want to say this. But when I watch some games there are situations I don’t like. Everyone can make a mistake but not like this. I don’t want to talk about United because they’re a top team, a fantastic team. But I think that every team should play with 11 players.”

    Asked if these kind of decisions even themselves out over a season, he added: ‘No this is impossible because there are some moments in the season when the mistake is more important.’
    Young won his penalty against Villa a day after City striker Carlos Tevez was booked for what looked like a legitimate claim at Norwich.

  • Tasos


    Good link.

    Looks like Mancini has had enough. The press will report it as “Mancini loosing the mind games” rather than focusing on the content of what was said.

  • Anne

    @Tasos and Mahdain:

    Good stuff.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Tasos, thanks for giving us the Mancini words.

    For me it is clear now: Mancini reads Untold Arsenal. 😉

  • marcus

    Asked if these kind of decisions even themselves out over a season, he added: ‘No this is impossible because there are some moments in the season when the mistake is more important.’

    Mancini is quite witty. But also very astute.

  • bob

    marcus, Walter,
    That Mancini quote is a classic.

  • Arvind

    Thanks Arun. I do like this new series of summing up games. That way I don’t have to go to any other site at all.

    So here’s my take – Arsenal 2 – Chelsea 1 after going behind
    QPR – Spurs has a draw or a Spurs loss written all over it
    ManU – Everton is a 80 minute+ goal for ManU. 100%.
    Wolves – ManC – City should win this, although I have a strange feeling (which is illogical) that Wolves will get a point off this.

  • nicky

    I’d like somone to remind me of Dean’s relationship with Arsenal over the years. How we have been plagued by his work on the field. What to look out for this afternoon. Is he card happy? Does he seek guidance from Ferguson before each game?
    We should be told. 🙄