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July 2021

The FSF Writers Awards 2012: fancy voting for Untold?

The FSF Writers Awards 2012

The FSF’s Football Writers Awards 2012 reward the best football coverage by professional and amateur writers across a number of categories – two of which in particular interest us.

You can vote for Untold (or another site, if you are here by mistake) by email.  Details are below, but first here are the relevant categories

The FSF Fans’ Website of the Year award – An award recognising the work of independent contributors to the online football world rather than media giants or official club websites. Whether a co-operative of writers or a one man band, ground-hoppers to club bloggers, serious or side-splitting, who has the content that keeps you clicking back time and again?

The FSF Fans’ Football Blogger of the Year award – For the very best ‘amateur’ writers. We realise that the distinction between ‘proper’ journalists and bloggers is getting ever more blurred, but if they’re producing content for an independent website (rather than for mainstream media) then they’re eligible. If you’re not sure which category your favourite falls into then nominate them for both and let us decide!

You can go for a maximum three nominations per category, so if contemplating a web site, in addition to Untold you might care to think about the Arsenal History Society blog.  It doesn’t have the razzmatazz of the latest news, but it has been instrumental in uncovering a lot of new stuff – including sorting out exactly how our history over the move to Highbury and the promotion of 1919 was re-written by the neighbours.

Here are some of the regulars on Untold…

Anne – writing on finances and the media, who has uncovered the whole world of football as a centre of money laundering, the strange antics of one particular man at the Sun, and is about to examine the doings of the AST.

Walter Broeckx – running the referees’ panel on Untold, and producing all the Untold facts and figures on referees.  Walter has also lifted up the stone that is PGMOL and examined just what lies beneath.

Phil Gregory – was just about the first writer to take on a regular column, writing the weekly previews, and contributing occasional articles on finance.  Phil also wrote the Untold submission to the House of Commons Enquiry into Football

Dogface – produces a column unlike any other in football with his preview of league matches from the perspective of ref bias and the gambling markets.  Dogface also produces some of the most extraordinary graphics in football.

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Arun – a recent recruit, working on the statistical preview covering the leading clubs in the league each week

Tony Attwood – does some of the supposedly funny stuff, and picks up the bits and pieces no one else wants to handle (and then dutifully washes his hands afterwards).  From the Rangers crisis to running our own Awards, from Arry Watch to the campaign to rename Bolton as Notlob.

To vote, email with your nominations before midnight on Friday 18th May (maximum three nominations per category).

And of course, whether you vote for us or not, thanks very much for reading.


18 comments to The FSF Writers Awards 2012: fancy voting for Untold?

  • Mahesh

    Is this only open for UK citizens?

  • iniez

    Haha dogface. Just to make sure, I just write your names as you’ve presented them above right? For the record I think you all deserve statues, or at least busts, all in due time

  • ak47

    you’ve convinced me dogface. will do.

  • RedGooner

    Voted done , Good luck to you all.

  • Kentetsu

    Easy choice, Untold is the only blog I read regularly.

  • Pat

    Hi Tony. I’ve voted for Untold in the website category. I didn’t like to select any of Untold’s great writers over any others so I haven’t voted for an individual. Sorry Dogface!

  • GoingGoingGooner


  • Jacobite Gunner

    The level of insight, chat and objectiveness (well, sometimes) on this site is one of the things which sets it apart from other blogs.- it gets my vote!

  • bob

    You might want to add Commenters as well:
    My nominees (in no special order, but all special):
    Shard, Mahdain, Mandy Dodd, ak47, menace, rantetta, mike in atlanta, bjtgooner

  • bob

    p.s. Also: Wooby!

  • Anne


    If you turn out to be right in your 0-0 prediction on the Manchester derby today, I’ll vote for you three times over. Otherwise, you’ll have to share your nomination with Tony and Walter 🙂

  • bjtgooner

    I will have great pleasure in voting for you guys.

  • Richard from RSA

    You haven’t answered Mahesh’s question.

  • Sorry for not coming back to answer the very first question – yes it is open to everyone, and not just restricted to UK citizens.

    Not a very good ad for Untold, not to answer a question – my apologies. The excuse is a virus that affected me (not my computer), and left me doing the very basics to keep the site running.

    Memo to me: try harder

  • Richard from RSA

    Thanks Tony,apology accepted. Untold is the best sport website around. Although I am a UK citizen living in South Africa the rest of my family aren’t so it’s good news they can all vote for you too! Oh, by the way get better soon.

  • C4

    I’ve voted, and I thought I’d resurrect the thread to remind anyone who hasn’t voted yet to get off their Arse ‘n all and vote!