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August 2021

NOW is the time for unconditional support


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By Walter Broeckx

For all kinds of reason this will be a season to remember when all the dust will be settled in a few weeks time.

First of all Arsenal has had one of the craziest seasons that I can remember. We could have fallen apart at one stage.  But the board kept their heads cool and did not listen to the negativity that was written by the media and some part of the fanbase.

When the media tried to make a fool of Wenger the board could have given in. They didn’t. They even made it public that the board was fully behind Wenger.  Kroenke made it public that Wenger was the best manager to guide Arsenal in these days.

And they were right. After what happened last summer it was clear that the team was facing a difficult year. Losing two of the best midfielders in the EPL in the space of some 10 days was hard. Losing one of the best young midfielders at the same time in Jack Wilshere for the whole season,  made it even more difficult.

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The early fixture list was not very kind with the CL qualifiers sandwiched between a game against Liverpool and Manchester United. It was not the easiest start of the season. The unbalance at that time in the team was paid with two painful defeats. So we found ourselves at a place we hadn’t seen since Wenger was appointed all those years ago. 17th in the league.

“This is it,” they shouted. We are doomed. We will be fighting against the other relegation battlers this time.  One AAA correspondent wrote that the “mid-table mediocrity” he had predicted before the season began was overly optimistic.   All this because of stubborn Wenger and the money grabbing board.

And now with two games to play we are in third place. We have our destiny in our own hands. (As far as a team has something in their own hands these days, because you never know what the refs and PGMOL are up to. But if we do  manage to win  our games then third place is ours.

The fight from place 17 to place 3 was not an easy one.   Along the road we had to suffer the fact that for about 2 months we had no fit right or left back. Sagna and Jenkinson on the right hand side and Gibbs and Santos on the left hand side: all injured at the same time. Our centre backs did what they could to fill in the gaps but it is a completely different game over there. And the backups of the backups like Coquelin then also got injured…

Our new players had to adapt and this also took a few weeks. But the ones that stayed fit and could play proved to be great signings. I cannot believe people criticising Mertesacker at times. I know he is not a fancy tip tap footballer, but haven’t we been crying out for years to have a big centre back who can throw himself in front of all what is thrown at us?

I also feel that the work he has done has gone under the radar a bit. When Vermaelen was injured he had to adapt to a new team and a new way of playing and a new partner. I think he has done a great job. I think we really can say that we have 3 great centre backs with Vermaelen, Koscielny and Mertesacker. And I think next season we will see that they will be played according the teams we have to play. Against a team that hoofs the ball up field Mertesacker will be used a lot and when we play a forward line of more small players the combination Vermaelen-Koscielny will deal with them.

Arteta in midfield was a revelation. I knew he was a decent player from what I had seen at Everton. But to see him play week in week out made me change my mind. He is not a decent player. No he is a great player. Again most of his work goes unnoticed at times. But by now we know how important he is for this team.

We have seen the return of a few players that had been declared dead by that part of the fans that know it better. Rosicky is back to what he was and that is a fine player with great skill and twisting and turning and running on the field as if he still is only 26 years old. I’m so happy that Wenger and the board did not gave in to the pressure to get rid of him. He has shown what he still is capable of.

I also would like to mention Ramsey. The way some part of our fans react to this player makes me want to vomit. That the brainless cnuts who support Stoke act like total tw*ts and boo him for having had the guts to break his leg by throwing it in front of a “friendly” foot is something that only people with an intelligence in the negative part of the IQ scale will understand. But the abuse he had to endure from a part of our own fans (or pretenders to be Arsenal fans) is unbelievable.

But Aaron is a fighter. He has proven this by returning from his terrible injury. And he will recover completely. And he will become the player he once promised to be. Just before he got his leg broken it was Cesc himself who said that Ramsey was much better and stronger than he was at the same age. So give this boy the chance to not only recover completely but also to develop. How many times Wenger has proven us all wrong by having faith in a player that we didn’t believe in anymore.  Just the names of Robin Van Persie and Tomas Rosicky should be enough to silence the idiots – although sadly they just move on and pick another target.

This team and this manager have taken us from 17th place to third place with two games to go. We have it in our own hands. What once seemed unreal, qualifying for the CL is now very close.

What we don’t need now is moaning and groaning. The only thing we now need is supporters in the Emirates who are going to support the team from the first second in the next games till the last second. We must get behind the whole team. WE MUST!!!

And if you don’t want to do this, if you just want to come to sit there and wait for the first misplaced pass  to start grumbling and moaning, then why don’t you just sell your ticket to a supporter who is willing to do what he can do to help this team in those last two games.

I’m a speaking with a soft voice these days to give my vocal chords a rest. So I can be sure that they will be ready for this Saturday so I will be able to shout my support to the players on the field. So that I will be able to sing and shout for 90 minutes. I’m sure the players will do their best to do what they can do to win those games. So why don’t we do what we can to celebrate the big turnaround of the season?

Why don’t we just get behind the team for those two games. The signing of Podolski is a first sign that the manager and the board are making important steps forward to reinforce the squad for next season. Let us add to that in the only way we can: by supporting the whole team and every single player on the field we have left.

Victory can only be achieved by working together. The board, the manager, the players and the supporters. We all must do all what we can to get that third place. So stop the moaning for the next 10 days and start the support. The unconditional support!


54 comments to NOW is the time for unconditional support

  • JamesT

    What a load of sentimental codswallop. Arsenal are mediocre at best. Nowhere near challenging for the title AGAIN and dumped out of the CL and FA Cup in embarrassing fashion. The whole year has been about scraping 4th place and we still haven’t done it with 2 games to go – crummy Newcastle a major threat. The team is hopelessly reliant on one player who will probably leave in the summer. And you call this progress? Something to rejoice? Laughable.

  • llama

    Perfect review, agree with everything you’ve said.

    This struck a particular chord: “Just the names of Robin Van Persie and Tomas Rosicky should be enough to silence the idiots – although sadly they just move on and pick another target.”

    Sadly, a not insignificant percentage of our ‘fans’ are mindless entitled idiots who always need someone to lynch. I don’t understand it, and I don’t see it in any other big team. Makes me want to tear my hair out each time they start booing, or yelling for a player to be sold after a couple of below-par games.

  • Sid

    I’ll be there and even though it’s a bloody early KO, I intend to be pissed and in full voice!

    Up the Arse!!!

  • Sid

    JamesT = gutted spud.

  • Stuart

    Very good Walter, with regard to your comments abour Stoke fans, I’m sure you mis-spelled there and meant to write coconuts!!!?!?! 😉

  • James T – an interesting comment. Walter’s piece is about the fact that as we have moved from 17th to 3rd, we should give full support to the team.

    Your comment seems to say that because we have only just got 3rd, we should moan a lot.

    Of course, you can moan a lot if you want – I am sure it is not a crime. But I am not sure it will do you any good, whereas those of us with a more positive approach know that for sure our positive messages within the Emirates this season have helped the team.

    Also, I think I can be fairly sure that as a person with a positive outlook Walter has a better life style than you. I recall reading an interesting piece last year in New Scientist in which the statistical link between a negative outlook and cancer was proven.

    Not that I would wish such a terrible illness upon anyone. But the alternative to a better, more enjoyable lifestyle is out there.

    Anyway, back to the main thrust: Walter said we should be happy for this turn around and the fact that the team is looking in good shape for next season. You say no we should be as miserable as we possibly can be because next season will be worse.

    Hmmm. Difficult choice. Now which one shall I go with.


    Sorry, Walter won.

  • Stuart – the use of the word “cnut” was mine, when I edited the piece. I am not at all sure what to do about swear words that some readers find off-putting and offensive. I don’t like it when the Sun puts in “f**k” – it just seems silly.

    And I was reading a piece yesterday about how most Britons can’t put a date or details to the key moments of British History. And I was reminded of King Cnut. So I guess it stuck in my mind.

    There wasn’t a King Fcuk was there by any chance?

  • Omglol

    I hate that i’m so unsettled. We have to do it, win this 2 games. Ramsey to score in Saturday and drop the damn burden he carry on his shoulder.

  • Stuart

    No idea Tony but I have heard mention of a ‘cunning stunt’ before now.

  • llama


    We had our glory years but currently Arsenal are a top 4 team. Not a top 1 or even top 2 team. The fact is we operate under a model that doesn’t allow huge investment in the squad, and so we should temper our ambitions to match this.

    Supporting a team is about sticking with them through thick and thin. It’s not about glory hunting – sure, it would be nice to win the title, but it’s a long shot that that’s going to happen is it?! Not with Man City, the new Chelsea, Man Utd.

    I think Arsenal picked up a lot of ‘new’ fans in the early Wenger years, and these fans are just entitled glory hunters who think the team should win everything, and that players and the manager need to leave if they don’t.

    Things are definitely looking up for next year. We have an excellent and established back 5. We have one of the best CMs in the league, and the best deep lying creative mid in the league. If we keep RVP and with podolski added we’ll have a great attack, and Wilshere, Ramsey, The OX and walcott can only get better. Not to mention Rosicky + Ryo coming back in.

  • Marcus

    I will certainly be arriving at the ground ready to support and defintely agree with what you are saying about the difference it will make to the players. Felt the fans in the Wigan and Chelsea games were a little flat in comparison to Man City & Newcastle. (Should go without saying that Tottenham and Ac Milan atmospheres were amazing.) Atmosphere and supporting is a 2 way street between players and fans. Fans were flat because the players were. We went backwards in terms of not pressing the ball high enough up the pitch and playing with urgency. These are the only 2 things needed to create a good atmosphere. We dont even need to be winning but when you see real urgency that transends into the terraces.

    This is however where I have to slightly disagree with you. Ramsey may well get back to the type of performance he put in against Man U at the Emirates last season but unfortunately he is so far off that its hindering the way we play. He slows the game down constantly and its so frustrating to watch as I know how good he can be or might be once again. Playing in the centre of the park he helps set the tone in our game and too often its slow and one paced. You may have noticed that our revival was partly because he got injured and our midfield 3 was Arteta, Song, Rosicky. He came back into the starting line up and subsequently we have gone off the boil again. I cant totally blame him because I think Mr Wenger should have taken him out of the firing line erlier to show him that he isnt guaranteed a place. Midfield 3 of him, Song Arteta played almost every minute of every game for a large part of the season. I would start with Rosicky, Song and Coquelin aagainst Norwich. Coquelin is much more urgent in the way he approcahes games.

    I for one am not a moaner and groaner but I certainly wont call fans pretenders who do because I get equally as frustrated but channel it differently. Everyone is different and I dont judge everyone quite as harshly as you have. There is certainly an argument in my book that says if you pay as much as we do you can vent your frustration and anger anyway you like. (Our ticket prices are another matter all together but that contributes massively to the frustration as you dont want to see a lethargic performances from team like the ones we were putting in for half the season) I go home and away so have seen this team enough to know that if we play the game without pace we more often than not will lose. Our 10 defeats in the league this season will help back me up on that

    I also have to take exception with the below:

    “I know he is not a fancy tip tap footballer, but haven’t we been crying out for years to have a big centre back who can throw himself in front of all what is thrown at us?”

    Now I dont think he is a bad player but he is defintely not a defender that throws himself in front of all what is thrown at us. He is not that in the slightest. A calming influence would be my best description of him and he has done quite well in his first full season. TV5, John Terry (as much as I dislike him), Vidic are defenders who throw themselves in front of all that is thrown at them. Merte doesnt play with anywhere near the same intencity or desire.

    In my opinion obvously.

  • LRV

    JamesT: Why, if I may ask, are you giving yourself heartaches?

    I have a simple philosophy in life; If I do not enjoy, like, or find hapiness with, something, I leave it well alone and move on to other things that make me happy. Simples, uhmt!

    So who is forcing you to be unhappy? Move on mate, and leave others to enjoy their happiness. If WE choose to enjoy what you call mediocrity, that’s our choice. Isn’t it? As you seem ‘wiser’ than all of us, just leave us and move on. Don’t hang around… Bye…

  • Shard

    This’ll be Arsene Wenger’s 900th game in charge of Arsenal apparently. Here’s to win number 520.

  • Lean - Danish gooner

    Very interesting piece. I’ll be sitting in my livingroom in Denmark shouting my loungs dry… COME ON U GOOOOONEEERS…!

  • Sid


    Great reposte, but I fear way too eloquent for its intended recipient.


    That is precisely my take on things and what I say to any doomers I come into contact with. I really don’t get why anyone would bother spenind so much time (and money) following something that causes so much ansgt and unhappiness.

    If you want to be that miserable, get married FFS!

    I’m here all week.

  • Paul B

    You forget it was the dictator’s fault we had our worst start for fifty years and the embarrassing defeat to manure, down to him, I can not bear the man any more, his tantrums on the touchline, his refusal to shake hands, his terrible tactics, his deadwood signings on excellent wages, his acceptance that fourth spot is a financial trophy, we are a business first and a football club second. We treat our fans like customers, we hike up prices, the silver membership has increased by 70%. We have a weak board with Ivan the lap dog, and the Yank taking money out of the club for his projects in the States, he doesn’t go to matches. We have lost our way and it’s a crying shame.

  • Cosmic_Rider

    Walter good piece as usual, Tony found your post about swear words amusing, JamesT guess what mate? I was once like you, but now I’m better. I enjoy watching Arsenal, the only team I watch and wish the game would go on and on and on, Win or Lose it’s part of the game, give the youth some credit, they are simply pleasant to the eye, I confess that at times they surprise me with their beautiful skills, can you find a player like Song? or Van Persie?

    I doubt it!!

    Learn to enjoy things James

  • Sid


    If you did actually go home and away, you would have seen how good the team played mate. Just saying. Your comments about ramsey are also wide of the mark.


    Do as othersd have suggested already and find yourself a hobby that gives you happiness and not anger and upset.

  • Sid

    How much you wanna bet me that PaulB usually posts on Le groan?

  • The Spartan

    To be honest, I don’t always finish the 90 minutes when Arsenal is trailing.When I do decide to switch off the telly (against QPR for example), I can’t help but log on to twitter and follow the commentary of my fellow gooners on #arsenallive .I can understand the frustration of some of our fellow supporters but people should always remember that the players and the coach feel twice as bad as we do for any loss.

  • Marcus


    Don’t think I’m alone in thinking this seasons performances havent been good enough but as I mentioned in the above the difference between me and a lot of others is I continue to support regardless. Not sure how you justify our performances being good for large parts of the season either on the road or at home but thats why we love the game, its all about opinions.

    My Ramsey comments are also my opinion, but as mentioned that doesnt make him a bad player. Just means I dont think he’s played partiuclarly well this season. If thats down to his previous injury then he shouldnt have played as much, even with the absence of Jack. He makes things difficult for himself by taking 5 touches when 2 will do.

  • Wooby

    JamesT: with a “mediocre” team, we got “dumped” from CL and FA further than either of the Manchester teams. With the same team, we managed to climb higher in the standings than all but the two Manchester teams, despite losing the previous focal point and captain of the team (Cesc). I’ll take annual passage through the CL group stages vs winning either of the Cups and Europa league.

    Paul B: undoubtedly Wenger messed up at the start of the year. But if you are going to slag him for a rough start, you have to credit him for pulling the team together for the turnaround. If you want to cheer for a team that win trophies that do not contribute to growing the team for competing at the highest level, I think the ‘Pool bandwagon has a spot for you.

    Go Gooners!

  • Pad Gooner

    I think Koscielny story is repeated this season with Per.

    In media circus the likes of Arteta and Mertesacker seldom get their due recognition. I believe Per played his part well when arsenal bounced back from 17th position.

    There was one site mentioning that 10Mn paid for Arteta is too much for a player with no international caps(I can’t get the logic). He blabbered and added that all the other signings on the deadline day are bad. Its clear that there are some bonkers out there with nothing but S*** to write.

    Its for us Gooners to support our Team now more than ever!

  • Tumelo

    Spot on Walter. I think the best thing we gooners can do is get behind the team for the remainder of the season and build on that for next season. If we are going to expect improvements ito additional signings and so on, we the fans must also up our game. instead of letting the tabloids tell us what’s wrong with Arsenal/Arsene we should get behind them and show them what’s right with the Arsenal way.

  • ak47

    great piece for the unconverted. im surprised you still get le spuds over here. even more so that they think their comments carry any weight. not sure what use responding does though.

    stopped reading them completely last season. to me they represent na$ri. in it for themselves.
    and picked up some new ones like the marble halls, another arsenal blog and arsenal vision. ( arteta, santos and ben).

    they make me sick to a level i cant express with words. the day i can afford a season ticket/live nearer the ground will be a dream realised.

  • ClockEndRider

    Honestly, how unhappy in their lives must these moaners be? I am fortunate enough to have been born in London. To have grown up in N1. To have started going to the Arsenal with my dad as a kid. To have then gone with my mates. To have bought a season ticket when i started working. To be able to maintain it. To still go to the games with the same motley crew I used to as a kid. And now take my son. During all this time I’ve seen the sublime- George, Brady, 5-0 at the lane, 89, 91, 04. I’ve seen the ridiculous including the 5-0 drubbing away at the lane. When I get down about the gunners I just look back and look at what it’s actually all been about. Facing triumph and disaster and treating those imposters both the same; going through life enduring the ups and downs and somehow finding a way to smile through it and look for the good times.
    I feel sorry that so many who complain can’t see things the way I do. When i was a kid maybe i wouldnt have either. But im a man now and ive put away childish things. For me its always “Up the gunners” , win or lose there’s time for a moan and a celebration. But the important thing is the reflection. A few seem to be missing that part altogether.

  • nicky

    @Paul B,
    Precisely how has the Yank taken money out of the Club for his projects in the States?
    His only access to money would be by selling some of his shares.
    In actual fact, he buys shares rather than sell them.
    Can you explain your statement or is it yet another wild claim by someone of the doom and gloom brigade who we true Arsenal fans can well do without.

  • Damien Luu

    @Tony: “Walter said we should be happy for this turn around and the fact that the team is looking in good shape for next season.” – No, not only happy, I think we should be proud, very proud of our team.

  • JamesT

    What’s all this balls about Wenger rescuing Arsenal from 17th place? It was only after 3 games lol And whose fault is it Arsenal were 17th place in the first place??

    There’s no ambition at this club and the fans are a joke. Good luck with another 10 years of Wenger shit.

    We’ll never compete for anything again as long he’s allowed to stick his nose into the finances – that’s what’s stopping Arsenal investing in big players, the piles of money Wenger has thrown on wages for utter shite.

  • WalterBroeckx

    James T,
    could you tell us what you said when we were in 17th? Did you honestly believe that we would be where we are now? No, I think you will have been one who said we would battle against relegation.

    Well being 3rd place now is not really a relegation battle in my eyes. And in many eyes.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Well, James T, the AAA rat has crawled out of his burro and squealed his displeasure, moaned his ceaseless negative whining dirge about all things AFC and spread his scatalogical view of Football over the fertile minds of his fellow AAA morons, so he can now return to his comforting darkness and depression,secure in the pseudo-knowledge that he knows nothing and hasn’t let his ignorance interfere with his prejudice, yet again.
    Walter, your amazing and immutable positiveness is both reassuring and pragmatic. AW has taken a team that was in the dumps last October, in 17th place in the EPL and missing 8 key players at that time and brought them to 3rd, with a team now in form, still minus 4 very important players but with their destiny in their hands, all this done on a shoestring budget. What team in the EPL has managed that, under such circumstances? Our North London neighbours have done very well this season but they are still chasing our tail. The mighty Chelsea having spent a combined total of over 95000 Euros (transfer fees,agent’s fees, player salaries and benefits) in the off season and the January transfer window,might have won their 6th place Euro League place and are in the CL final (that IS an achievement) for all that investment. Newcastle have turned things around this season after flirting with relegation and I see them as being, along with the Gunners,prime candidates for the team of the year. United and City, with the able assistance of officials and the FA for the former and a 100,000,000 Euro spending spree for the latter, managed to be the sole contenders for the title this year.
    If any of our AAA cretins like James T and Fatgooner believe we wouldn’t have smashed all records in the EPL having similar financial power of City and the referee/FA support of United, as well as the freedom from injury City enjoyed all season, then they are beyond redemption. Wenger had none of the above, just his incomparable experience,expertise and savoir-faire to guide us up 14 places to a CL berth. He has obtained one of the most prolific International and Bundesliga stars available and looks like he’s eying a few more class internationals before the July pre-season arrives.
    Each season this Club progresses, despite losing crucial players, either to injury (Diaby, Wilshere, Vermaelen,Coquelin), transfer (Na$ri,Cesc, Clichy ) or like Arshavin , a season-long drop in form, yet his faith and support of his lads never waivers. I have watched Wilshere, Gibbs,Szcesny, Djourou, Ramsey, Walcott, the OX,Frimpong, Song, Koscielny, and Jenkinson gradually fit in and improve each week over the last 3 seasons and when I look at the talent pushing up for first team or squad positions (Afobe,Aneke,Eisfeld,Shea,Gnarby,Miguel, Jon Toral,Campbell, Lansbury, Bartley to name but a few), it amazes me that anyone can be pessimistic about AFC.
    However Wenger is holding an umbrella to protect us Gooners from the rain yet some of us are complaining that AW should make the sun come out as well. In other words our AAA and Wenger-out clowns are complaining that AW hasn’t brought trophies in 7 years and has ¨lost the plot¨, is past his ¨prime¨, his players are all useless twats,overpaid and underworked etc. I remind them that the sun comes out when it wants, but even in the darkest and stormiest times, AW has ALWAYS had an umbrella to shelter us from the corruption, match-fixing, favouritism and flagrant bias of the EPL/FIFA and EUFA and it will be sorely missed when he retires.

  • Mandy Dodd

    The AAA predicted we would finish 6th, 7th or below. They shouted loudly, prolific posting, joined ranks with bitter neighbours, had a go at players, bought the Murdoch / Talksport line, self harmed, sunk to lows, counted their empty seats, fantasised about bin bag protests, lauded Arry and SAF, wished for Moyes, Coyle O’Neil, Given, Parker or Barton. Cursed sustainability, coveted the practices of bankruptcy. Dein would be the answer to everything, sack the medics, the hot dogs cost too much, and go towards paying Denilson £80g per week for the next ten years. Bemoaned AKBs, JCLs, lambasts anyone who supports OGL.
    Looking back on it, guess they all feel a bit silly really.
    But agree with the article, conditional backing

  • llama

    If every fan was like you the club would be a mid-table disaster. You’d get rid of a great manager and great players simply because of a bad run, and try to solve any problems by buying media-hyped players every window.
    We are hitting massively above our weight, we’re placed above where we should be based on wages and what we can afford to spend, and we should be proud of the club for staying in the top spots in the league. Let’s get behind the players and secure third place 😀 :D.

  • JamesT

    The club will be in mid-table disaster when Van Persie leaves, trust me. Who can replace his goals? No one. VP has carried the team for 8 months and without him the goals will dry up and confidence will be shattered.

    With Arsenal’s £140m wage bill, we should be expecting 4th place as a bare minimum. It’s you lot always going on about money is all that matters, and Arsenal have the 4th highest wage bill so should finish 4th. How is that punching above our weight?

    Why pay Wenger £7m per season to achieve the bare minimum of 4th and do fuck all in the Champions League forever. The prat can’t even win the FA Cup or League Cup. he’s hopeless. All he does is bitch, moan and whine on the touchline and set a bad example for kids watching and betray the values of the club.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Send in the clowns…
    don’t bother they are here…

    I bet you say that to all the boys… I bet you said it when Cesc left, I bet you said it when Nasri left, I bet you say this every end of the season that next season will be a disaster.

    Reminds me of some fans of another team. Saying that next season, next season will be their season.

    Oh and they and you might be right eventually. Because all good things come to an end someday. So why cry for it now when it isn’t that far. We can always cry when it happens you know.

    Don’t worry, there will be sunshine after rain, these things have always been the same….

  • bjtgooner

    Great article Walter and I fully support the sentiments as all true fans will. Interestingly, this article has flushed out a couple of the backstabbing vermin from the AAA sewer – or perhaps they have been sent. Obviously supporting the club at this stage of the season, when we have two crucial games to play, is too much JamesT and PaulB.

    I for one will be supporting the club, team and manager unconditionally.

  • Jacobite Gunner

    From walter’s article I can’t help but get the Uncle Sam “I want you” vibe.

    So here goes…

    Walter: “I want you to support the team to the finish!”


  • Jacobite Gunner

    Towards the AAA, most of you probably are glory hunters from the arsene glory days however I only started supporting arsenal last season and have been drawn to them ever since (a little bit like this blog as well).

  • Strus

    JamesT: looking at both wages and transfers in this season (the sum of money spent), Arsenal is doing great. Again!
    All because of Wenger. If he goes, Arsenal will be happy being 5-6th in the league. So I am happy as long Wenger is at Arsenal.
    Why are you moaning when we overachieve?

    How other teams are going?
    Spurs have great season
    Newcastle have superb season
    Chelsea is weak, and Liverpool is doomed.

  • Stuart

    Fantastic article Walter. Guys and gals, please don’t worry too much about responding to JamesT, you are only encouraging (him?) to repeat his drivel and nonsencical regurgitated garbage. He is of the type who does not make their own opinion but instead is conditioned by those around him and those on the mindless blogs and toilet papers he reads.

    JamesT, I do encourage you however to make well reasoned arguements to show you have actually thought about what you are saying. We are very open to discussion but angry and/or aggressive and mindless comments are not what we are about.

  • James T

    Where i live in Lagos, Nigeria, i’m known as the Chief Gooner and all the Chelski and ManUre fans (even Barca and Madrid fans) and the press and other media, in fact, practically everybody has one negative thing or the other to say about Arsenal, i stand up to them.

    We lost 8-2 to Man U, QPR and Wigan beat us and they all mocked me for having my Arsenal shirt on every matchday, i make them know how proud of my team i am.

    They try to distort history about Arsenal, AW, Gunners and Gooners, i give them the facts, they shout down on me most times, but i shout right back at them.

    All i’m trying to say James, is that, the minute you cannot stand up for your team(or anything you love for that matter), it’s time to move on. People like you will deny Arsenal in the midst of enemies. This weekend, the rest of us are gonna shout ourselves hoarse wherever we are and make sure we seal that 3rd place. People like you can P off! Come on you gunners!

  • Stuart

    People (AAA) are blaming Wenger for the rough patch at the beggining of the season so I thought I’d have a look and see where we would be without those games being counted towards the overall league table. Interestingly, it looks like this without the first 5, 6 and 7 games respectively:-

    (ps, the points for Arsenal and Chelsea seem to have gone a bit on the wonk)

    Without first 5 games
    Position Club Points
    1 Man City 71
    2 Man United 68
    3 Arsenal 62
    4 Chelsea 59
    5 Tottenham 55
    6 Newcastle 51

    Without first 6 games
    Position Club Points
    1 Man City 68
    2 Man United 68
    3 Arsenal 59
    4 Chelsea 56
    5 Tottenham 52
    6 Newcastle 48

    Without first 7 games
    Position Club Points
    1 Man City 65
    2 Man United 65
    3 Arsenal 59
    4 Chelsea 53
    5 Tottenham 49
    6 Newcastle 45

  • Stuart

    Oddly enough, the top 6 are in the same order throughout, the only team who have really lost out compared to the actual table is Chelsea.

  • Rawiri

    James T, criticism is good, because by criticizing one can look for ways to improve, but when you just talking without making sense that is not criticizing that is just talking nonsense. from the way you constructed your comments i can say without any doubt that you’r not an Arsenal fan/supporter or whatever you’r calling yourself. I have heard Arsenal supporters criticize the club, being frustrated we all feel that way when we lose a game but all of them (including me) for better or worse stand with the club, manager and players. so when a so called “supporter” like you talks about Arsenal in a way that not even supporters from rival clubs talk, I know for sure that they are not gunners. so I ask you why exactly are you wasting your time here? you say we should expect fourth as a minimum, why are you upset then? dont know if you noticed but we are third.

    Walter it is a privilege to read your articles you have this way with words that really inspires and makes my love for Arsenal grow even more, thank you.

  • John L

    James T,

    i wont question you being a fan but i would ask you, WHY? why do you support the arsenal? when did you start supporting the arsenal? do you know the history? what is it that you love about the club? as a fan, you must know we have never been a team that eats up titles every year, year after year….so again WHY?

    last summer was very disappointing for me, i felt with the team we had one or two additions would really allow us to push on. once again it felt as if we lost key players rather than gaining. i felt betrayed by cesc and nasri. as an outsider i was disappointed that we weren’t signing all the players we were linked with. the season started with some hurtful loses. the team seemed to lack fluidity, questions of the defense remained, did we have the quality in depth, were our last minute signings good enough?
    as a fan with mostly non-gooner mates, i felt my back was up against the wall, but you know what?? when i defended the club, the board, the manager, the players, the fans and most importantly the philosophy and direction of the club. (all of which i believe in) i felt proud! i felt like i was fighting for my beliefs and my club!

    and suddenly things started to happen….this year, despite the disappointments, there have been many high points.

    -the new signings starting to come on;
    santos is a fun player to watch. he certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat (for better or worse in both offense and defence)
    mertaseacker was calm, and increasingly composed.
    arteta was showing that he really was top notch (a bargain at 10 mill)
    chamberlian got everyones heart racing, watching him grow will be a joy over the next few seasons. and i believe he has that ‘X’ factor that could make me world class!

    -the continued growth and maturity of walcott, song and ramsey.
    all have had to endure alot of negativity. yet they continue to improve as players and mature as men. some times they frustrate but they are also improving bit by bit. i find this as a very rewarding aspect of being a fan.

    was always disappointed we never got to see the best of him. and now this season, seemingly out of nowhere our ‘little mozart’ was back in tune.

    -the return of the king
    sagna is right that he said henry was a christmas present for everyone at the club. when he scored the winner at leeds, it was such a moving moment. a magical moment where the stars align and all the romance of the game is there for you to see. henry a living legend…and we got to see him play for us again!!!

    -the crowning of our new superhero, robin
    what he has done in the past season and a half is one of the most remarkable feats any player has done for this club. from being on the AAA should be sold list to the AAA’s hes going to leave waaah! list. who cares?!?
    we all get to enjoy one of the smartest players in the world game today. watching him makes me a better player. it makes me so proud that we got this ‘volatile’ young man for peanuts and i have watched him grow as a footballer and person into a truly world class individual. what a joy to support that transition and to have been a part of it!

    -losing 4-0 to milan and then almost winning the return leg
    sure we lost which sucks. but what an exhilarating game of football. and good on the lads for showing that we are just as good as the milans of the world when we show up.

    -wins against chelsea, tottenham, city etc
    what fantastic games of football. and what a show of spirit and collectivism from the players and manager. once again we show that we are right up there with the best, when we show up.

    i could go on and on and on…..the point is that, despite the disappoints of the summer and the early season. we have turned it around and we have had some special moments along the way. we did it with our principles and our philosophy and our way. this makes me happy and proud and full of hope for the future. it gives me energy! fight! strength that we can always overcome the odds no matter what people say. i believe in arsenal! i believe in our philosphy!

    i know why im 100% arsenal. why are you?

  • Jacobite Gunner

    9jagunnerdoc’s got style!

  • Notoverthehill

    Walter, well writ! A REAL supporter of THE Clob.

    If one looks at Darlington FC (The Quakers)or (Darlo): Plymouth Argyle (The Pilgrims): Chester FC (Half in Wales, Half in England): Exeter FC: Swansea, Portsmouth, Southampton; up and down the country, REAL supporters back THEIR team, through thick and thin, through CVA, liquidation, financial disaster, phoenix company, the CLUB survives because of the REAL supporters.

    One or two who have responded with less than complimentary remarks, are unfit for purpose. Quislings!!!

  • Mandy Dodd

    lol – some Spuds really are so bitter!

    Love the constant “without Van Persies goals” – as if in their little bubbles, his goals were not part of our plan, after all, he is our main striker….kind of what we pay him for at the end of the day?…do not forget, without Papa Cisses goals, Newcastle would not be anywhere near us…without Rooneys goals….without Messis goals over the years…
    However in magnitude of importance, I would also mention a Vermaelen goal, …and a Sagna goal.
    Wonder how the Spuds will cope when Bale and Modric leave?

  • Matt Clarke

    Thanks Walter (yet again!)

    and … strangely … thanks JamesT

    your article (Walter) and your comments (JamesT) have provoked many heart-felt reactions: stirring (Domhuaille MacMathghamhna) and near-poetic (Mandy Dodd).

    However, JamesT, if you ARE a gooner, then please read
    and see what it means to be a supporter.

    Moaning is for losers. Please realise that whatever we win or do not win AFC are still by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.

  • ak47


    bale and modric?!! where would they be without greedybayor!!!?

  • Topovacha

    One thing that these Arsenal “supporters” (AAA) never mentioned in their constant disgusting moaning is the fact of the new stadium.
    Why? Because they will be proud of the masterpiece that nose of Mr. Wenger have a massive achievement regarding the most beautiful stadium in England where Brasil and Italy decided to play their friendly match, choosing Emirates instead of Wembley, tiny Anfield or really old Trafford.

    But no…doomers don’t want to be proud for one of the biggest trophies that will not just hold the history, but also will hold the future of the Club.

    Shame really…

  • Topovacha

    And thank you Walter for this post, Arsenal needs support now most than ever…

  • Paul

    James T, so all Arsene does is “bitch, moan and whine on the touchline and set a bad example for kids watching and betray the values of the club”? Isn’t it what you’re doing right now? Seriously, how old are you?

  • bob

    James T,
    Since you’re big on the codswallop, does the T stand for Trafford or Toilet or T-scum? Then again, those are distinctions without a difference, so forget it. They all fit your posting to a T.