Talk Sport is a crumbling ruin unworthy of its position

I have to admit that I rarely listen to Talk Sport – mostly during the Domplepom thing event which involves hitting a little ball over a net for two weeks in parts of London I don’t willingly go to. During this period Radio 5 Live is off the air, replaced by upper class twits rambling on about hitting a little ball over some netting.

But Talk Sport has now sunk so low that silence is preferable on the journey home from the old work place after a hard day at the keyboard.

On July 2 I had the extreme misfortune to listen to them run a phone in on the subject of “should Arsenal supporters boo Adebyeor?”

And of course they found someone who said yes.

Let us pause and take stock. Ade was suckered into the usual summer routine in which Real Mad and Barca fight it out over who is not signing whom. His agent tried to get a pay rise for his boy. Ade read some stuff from an autocue.

So, what happens when he scores his third against West Bromwich Wobbleyou on the opening day of the season? We boo? Pish and Tosh I say. Of course we scream and laugh and jump up and down and sing those clever little ditties to the valiant West Brom fans about not playing here again. (Actually maybe that should be pish and tush. Sorry).

Anyway, a full and detailed analysis of the summer round of transfers and why they don’t happen, what agents do, and who the devils really are, appears (I am told) in Highbury High’s next edition. The mere fact that I wrote it has nothing to do with my view that it is a masterpiece of analysis and carefully constructed post-modern irony.

So there.