We demand quota limits on foreign players now

It is utterly ludicrous.   Not an English player in sight through the finals.  All these foreign players coming over here and taking over, and not a single chance for our lads to shine.

Of course it has something to do with facilities and training – but if we don’t take action NOW nothing is going to happen for years. By the time we do get around to taking action everything will have got so bad we won’t have any players at all.

As it is we are the laughing stock of the world, and we have to stand up and show we will not put up with this any more.

I am of course talking about Wimbledon and this tennis thing.  Packed solid with what the chairman of Tottingham Hotytoity once called “Johnny Foreigners” and no Englishmen anywhere.   Quotas is what we need.   And we need them now.  If they are good enough for FIFA they ought to be good enough for the All England Club.

(More gibberish follows shortly)

2 Replies to “We demand quota limits on foreign players now”

  1. It’s disgraceful isn’t it? I saw these so called ‘Euro championships’ on TV recently and there wasn’t a bloody Englishman there either! It was all foreigners playing football (a game we obviously created)… how bloody dare they come and take over our game with their talent and ability????

    What we need is good, dependable, honest players like Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole, Joey Barton and Jermaine Penant to be kicking the ball around rather than these over-accented swines

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