Barca / Ade: the extra factor

On Sunday (that’s the quaintly numbered 06/07/08) there is a vote of no confidence in the Barca president.   Now if you were Barca president and you had not won any trophies and you knew that everyone was going to have a chance to vote on your presidency what would you do?

Possibly you would talk big about spending billions and buying everyone going that Real Mad hadn’t already talked about.  So you pick… oh I don’t know … that big fella from the London Arsenal, was’is’name….Adebyebye.  And then a few other fellas too.   And you say, “he guys vote for me and I bring you that big fella from London Arsenal, and some other guys too.”

So it goes.   Of course if he loses, then it goes into a long vote procedure during which time no one gets to buy anyone.  If he wins he can backtrack and say, “sorry Arsenal didn’t want to sell him”.

In this regard Barca are rather like a children’s nursery rhyme.  In “Ba Ba Black Sheep” for example the singer asks the future piece of mutton if he or she has any clothing.  Since it is self-evident that the sheep has wool it says yes, and indicates three particular people of good repute who can have some.

Barca likewise go around asking “have you got any players to give away, and the agents say “hey you can have my guy”.  (We should note here however that the one who “lives down the Lane” is not a Tottenham player, since nursery rhymes are rather beyond them.)

Anyway Ade to Barca is maybe or maybe not, but really nothing to do with Ade but everything to do with the club we should really call BarcaBlackSheep.  (Or BaBaLona)

But meanwhile Orlando Sentinal took up the theme and said in a headline that Arsenal were going to sell the club vet.

I thought this harsh – although I had to admit I didn’t know we had a vet.   I suppose it is to look after all those sheep.

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