Can you make 25 million pounds in 18 months?

That is the profit Arsenal look set to make from selling Adebayor to Barca in the next week or three.

When Ade came from Monaco he was unknown, and no one thought much of him.  In fact I remember comments about Wenger buying unknowns all the time and why don’t we compete with the likes of Real Mad and Barca and buy top players?

Now we know – we can get a good season and make 25 million all in one go.   Oh, and there will be great fun for the Curse of Arsenal people who have enjoyed themselves so much destroying Birmingham City and its top people, and just started to get their teeth into Flamini, Milan and France.  (See many earlier posts on the topic).

So, Ade goes, who is left behind.   As I have been trying to say for weeks on end, (but of course no one listens to me, why should they?) we are exceptionally strong in strikers just now.

Robin Van Persie.  Back to his best in Holland, and looking fit.   A top player who has had a bad run of injuries.  If they are over, we have a number 10 striker who is going to be worth more than Ade.

Eduardo.   Never forget the goals he gave us in season 1 before the assault (Everton away for example).  He is a sensational player, and the fact he is back in training after being crippled by Birmingham shows what a fighter he is.   Van Persie and Eduardo is quite a combination of diverse talents.

Theo Walcott.  Number 14, which tells you what is going on.  He has come of age and talent, and can play the Henry role as well as Henry did when we joined us. Better in fact since Henry couldn’t even work out where the goal was at first.

Nic Bendtner.  Not everyone’s favourite because he doesn’t come across as friendly, but come on guys, remember the goals.  And here’s one little bit of info for you.   Wenger thinks he is a wonderkid.   Now, let’s consider.  Wenger thought Adebayor was a wonderkid, and bought him for peanuts.   Last season most of us agreed with Wenger’s judgement.   Who is to say that Bendtner won’t come on just as fast?

Carlos Vela.  Centre forward for Mexico, two seasons in Spain.  Wenger raves over him, says he is in Eduardo’s class.

With that array of talent, I would guess (and it is just a guess) that Ade will go, but Wenger will once more buy someone we have never heard of (like Eduardo) everyone will scoff, and we will go to the top of the league.

And stay there.

4 Replies to “Can you make 25 million pounds in 18 months?”

  1. Good article and a decent assessment of our strikers. However, I worry a bit about RVP’s fragility.
    I can’t see Eduardo being mentally and physically able to get to full match fitness for a few months.

    If RVP were to get injured that leaves us extremely inexperienced up front. Vela will need to settle in and whilst Theo is coming on brilliantly, I don’t think we can view him as being at the level of starting every match up front yet.

    However, if we buy someone it pushes the youngsters further down the pecking order.

    Difficult as it would be, I’d like to see us sign an experienced forward on loan for 6 months with an option to renew. This would give Eduardo a fairly much pressure free rehabilitation, and Vela time to bed in. At Christmas we could decide whether we would be strong enough without keeping the on loan player.

    The wages would be ludicrous but Eto’o could be the answer for that. View him as an expensive but necessary stopgap. His club don’t want him and seemingly nor does anyone else so it could work well for everyone.

  2. Easy bad boy….

    Your right we have a talent in abundance….

    We also have NASRI (i hope), RAMSEY and BARAZITE who looks like he’s going to get a chance, another GEM about to be uncovered…and also …not to mention a certain JACK in our box that will suprise us and be Wengers 1st ENGLISH gem…..

    Bodes well me for me!


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