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July 2021

Untold Ref Review: Swansea City 1 – 0 Manchester City

This article is part of a series stretching over several seasons in which a team of referees analyse the work of refs in Premier League matches.

Our figures show that when we analyse the errors made by refs there are consistent trends which do not “even out” through the season, as some commentators would have it.    All the earlier ref reviews plus analyses of the errors made by refs, and articles relating to our campaign to have the body which organises referees activities reformed, plus an analysis of the background to this campaign, can be found on:

Although this is a site built for Arsenal supporters we welcome comments from fans of other teams, although we tend not to publish comments which are simply abusive or which are completely off topic.

Today’s referee is Lee Mason –

MATCH REVIEW DETAILS – Lee Mason (2012-03-11)
Period 1
Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment Weight
1 OTHER Taylor Yaya C Trip 1
6 PENALTY Hart Routledge C “Not really contact, but Hart threw himself in the path of the striker who had to jump out of the way to avoid contact and so could not round the keeper and put the ball in the net” 3
6 YELLOW Hart NC “Should have been a yellow card for stoppijng a promising attack, player was going away from goal so certainly not a red card. Ref gave nothing” 2
9 OTHER Silva C Handball 1
10 OTHER Barry Sinclair C Trip 1
10 YELLOW Silva NC “Kicks the ball away in anger, should have been a yellow” 2
13 OTHER Caulker Barry C push 1
15 OTHER Barry Graham C Trip 1
18 OTHER De Jongh Routledge C Trip 1
18 YELLOW De Jongh C “Made sure he tripped him as he was going at full speed, correct card” 2
21 OTHER Williams Balotelli NC Push in the back not given 1
22 OTHER ? Clichy NC Not given trip 1
23 OTHER Caulker Yaya C Little pull 1
25 OTHER Silva Routledge C Trip 1
30 OTHER ? Balotelli NC not given push in the back 1
33 OTHER Silva ? NC “Leaned on the Swansea player, not given” 1
35 OTHER Savic Routledge C Ran in the back 1
37 OTHER Sigurdson Barry C Trip 1
38 OTHER Ballotelli Rangel C Trip 1
39 OTHER Clichy Routledge NC Clichy slipped and fell to the ground but made no attempt to trip routledge 1
40 OTHER ? Balotelli NC “Came late knocked him on his foot, not given” 1
Period 2
Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment Weight
46 OTHER Rangel Silva NC push not given 1
47 OTHER Rangel Balotelli C obstruction 1
50 OTHER Balotelli Caulker NC Caulker fauled the Italian striker and not the other way round by leaning all over him coming from the back 1
55 OFFSIDE Swansea C correct 1
55 OTHER Routledge Clichy C pull given by the assistant ref 1
60 PENALTY Alen Balotelli C “Big shout for a penalty for MC.Defender clips the foot of Balotelli slightly, a foul but the defender was outside the penalty area so if something given should been a foul outside” 3
60 OTHER Alen Balotelli NC like said should have been a free kick just outside the area 1
60 OTHER Yaya Sinclair C Trip 1
60 YELLOW Yaya NC “Trips him deliberate, then shouts at the ref fot the not given foul on Balotelli. Clear decent and should be yellow card” 2
61 OFFSIDE Swansea C assumed correct 1
63 OTHER Richards Sinclair C Trip 1
73 OTHER Nasri Sinclair C Trip 1
74 OTHER Graham Yaya C Came in a bit late 1
74 RED Yaya NC Kicked at Graham when the ball was 10 meters away. Should have been a red card. Ref gives nothing 3
76 OTHER Balotelli Sigurdson C late kick on the ankle 1
76 YELLOW Balotelli C “deliberate and late kick, correct decision” 2
80 OTHER Caulker Silva C trip 1
81 OTHER Nasri Allen C trip 1
83 GOAL Swansea C correct goal 3
89 OFFSIDE MC C Richards was just offside 1
89 GOAL MC C the goal is correctly cancelled 3
94 OTHER Rangel Balotelli C Holding 1

Well it all started with an early penalty that was correctly given but the ref kept the yellow card in his pocket. It wasn’t a red card as the striker was dribbling away from goal. Hart stopped the penalty.

Silva also got away with a yellow card when he kicked the ball away when the game was stopped. A bit weak from the ref on both occasions.

Manchester City also had a big shout for a penalty. The only thing is that it is not where the player falls down that matters but where the foul was made is the place that matters. Allen touched the right foot of Balotelli about half a meter outside the penalty area. But because Balotelli going forward he fell in the area. It was a foul but not a penalty. The ref gave nothing. And that was wrong.

A bit later Graham made a little foul on Yaya Toure. Then Yaya Toure kicked at Graham when the ball was some 10 meters away. This should have been a red card. No excuse to let a kick without the ball go. Alas, this is the second time I have seen Yaya Toure do it in a game (other was Chelsea against Mata) and getting away with it from the ref and most of all the FA and the EPL did nothing later on.

Balotelli showing his frustration with a late kick on the ankle and getting deserved yellow card summed up a frustrating day for Manchester City.

COMPETENCY SUMMARY – Lee Mason (2012-03-11)
Period 1 Called Total Correct %
OTHER 11 17 64.71
PENALTY 1 1 100.00
YELLOW 1 3 33.33
TOTAL 13 21 61.90
WEIGHTED 16 26 61.54
Period 2 Called Total Correct %
GOAL 2 2 100.00
OFFSIDE 3 3 100.00
OTHER 10 13 76.92
PENALTY 1 1 100.00
RED 0 1 0.00
YELLOW 1 2 50.00
TOTAL 17 22 77.27
WEIGHTED 24 32 75.00
Totals Called Total Correct %
GOAL 2 2 100.00
OFFSIDE 3 3 100.00
OTHER 21 30 70.00
PENALTY 2 2 100.00
RED 0 1 0.00
YELLOW 2 5 40.00
TOTAL 30 43 69.77
WEIGHTED 40 58 68.97

The score is not good enough because of too many wrong decisions.

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BIAS SUMMARY – Lee Mason (2012-03-11)
Period 1 Swansea City % Manchester City % Total
Correct For 9 69.23 4 30.77 13
Correct For Weighted 12 75.00 4 25.00 16
Incorrect Against 3 37.50 5 62.50 8
Incorrect Against Weighted 5 50.00 5 50.00 10
Fouls Commited 8 47.06 9 52.94 17
Fouls Penalised 4 50.00 8 88.89 12
Period 2 Swansea City % Manchester City % Total
Correct For 10 58.82 7 41.18 17
Correct For Weighted 17 70.83 7 29.17 24
Incorrect Against 2 40.00 3 60.00 5
Incorrect Against Weighted 5 62.50 3 37.50 8
Fouls Commited 10 62.50 6 37.50 16
Fouls Penalised 7 70.00 6 100.00 13
Totals Swansea City % Manchester City % Total
Correct For 19 63.33 11 36.67 30
Correct For Weighted 29 72.50 11 27.50 40
Incorrect Against 5 38.46 8 61.54 13
Incorrect Against Weighted 10 55.56 8 44.44 18
Fouls Commited 18 54.55 15 45.45 33
Fouls Penalised 11 61.11 14 93.33 25

The majority of the wrong calls favoured Swansea. But not with a big margin. One could say the normal home and away bias played its part.


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9 comments to Untold Ref Review: Swansea City 1 – 0 Manchester City

  • Mike


    So basically Man City get away with everything and should have had 50 red cards this season. That would have made it much fairer. Oik approved!
  • Davi

    “The majority of the wrong calls favoured Swansea. But not with a big margin. One could say the normal home and away bias played its part.”
    Looks to me like twice as much went in swansea’s favour in this game. Wouldn’t call this normal bias. 55:45 I could accept, I suppose, but 65:35???

  • Davi

    sorry, if you look at the weighted against, it is pretty even. My mistake

  • WalterBroeckx

    If you would care to read the whole 28 games that were reviewed you would get a more complete picture.
    This reviewer saw the game Chelsea – MC and this game. And kicking at an opponent when there is no ball near should be penalised with a red card.
    From what I have seen I can say that City should have had 3 players send off this season which didn’t happen: Yaya against Chelsea (on Mata) and Swansea and Balotelli against Arsenal(on Song).

    But come back in a few weeks time when we will have a total of 150 games done and I think this will include +30 City games

  • Stuart

    This is awful. At first glance, Man City fans would say they are hard done by on incorrect decisions. Not until you scratch the surface to see what the decision were do you see Swansea suffered on major ones.

  • Clown shoes

    Follows my theory that hte league was distorted to allow the season to run the distance rather than being decided in Feb / March…

    There were to many bad decision across all games for my liking with some terrible decsions dictating the results of games.

    You have to remember – the Premier League is a product and not a competition.

  • I agree with ‘Clown shoes’ – how else can you explain a team as shit as the current Manchester United squad only losing the title on GD on the final minute to Manchester City?

    The whole thing smells a bit whiffy to me.

  • bob

    As we all know, the stench from ye Old Toilet has suffused the air since 24 October 2004; whereafter, instead of a plumber, we got the self-same Micky R to continue perfume the pitch, and (as Clownshoes puts it so well) deliver the product.

  • Shard


    You only have to wait a few years before you’ll see an EPL match start with ‘A Snitchard Rudamore Production, in Association with Dike Smiley presents His Lordship Rednose XXII’s Mighty Men vs Whinging Wanker’s Wimpy Wailers’

    Available in 3D.