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August 2021

The chronicles of wasted time

By Walter Broeckx

Why on earth can we fly to the moon and back but still there is no time machine available on earth where we could put ourselves a few months ahead in time.

If such a machine did exist I surely would make use of it and move myself forward to September 1. The official transfer period has not started yet but I am already sick of it.

I’m getting sick because of all the rumours that fly around – most of which have no relationship with any form of reality.

Now I don’t go looking for rumours, they just enter my life. Enter through the front door one could say. But I would rather like them to vanish out of the back door at the same speed as they enter.

The problem with all these rumours is that some people always believe them and then start to hope that they are the truth. And when the day when it should happen goes by without the transfer being on they get angry and blame the manager, the board and all the people who work at Arsenal for not having finished the deal.

But if you really want to blame someone you should blame the people that have started the false rumour. And maybe you could blame yourself also because of being so easy to influence and believing every silly rumour that is flying around the internet.

An example is the “transfer from Fernando Llorento from Athletic Bilbao to Arsenal”. Last weekend suddenly it was on one of the social networks. Someone had heard that Llorento would give a press conference on Tuesday and made up that this was to announce him signing a contract with Arsenal.

So lots of excitement all round.  Tuesday was the day we would sign a winner of the last world cup. Speculation flying around then moved onto the issue of whether this meant that RVP was going away, or was he backup striker or would he be played in goal in the Carling cup? Ah well, you know the usual chit chat that goes around every time we are linked with a player.

Tuesday came and went away. Now we are Thursday and as far as I know did not let us know that Llorente is going to be an Arsenal player next season. I even don’t know if Llorente has done a press conference or not. As I didn’t follow this up at all. I just could see that this was the next bullshit story made up by some sad person in this sad period of the year. I had better things to do than stay on the internet for the whole day just to see if it would happen or not.

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As it didn’t happen we now have another set of comments saying that we show no ambition. We are a 3rd class club. Forever. And IN CAPITALS if possible. And in bold if possible.   And colour too.

These people who write in claim to have been Arsenal fans for centuries. And yet they still don’t know that Arsenal does their business far away from the limelight. In fact when a player or a manager is talking about a possible transfer to Arsenal you can be sure that there is nothing going on.

We all know that for tactical reasons (and because the reputation of Mr Wenger for finding talent that can be brought on and developed is so great everywhere in the world except within the AAA) Arsenal doesn’t want to inform us or other teams about their possible transfer targets. The risk of the others storming in and offering double the amount of money and wages is too big. So Arsenal keeps it as secret as possible and asks the same of the other people involved. A real supporter should know this.

So why don’t we all cool down a bit and relax? We have had a nice weather the last week or so. Instead of shouting about the non transfer of player X, why don’t we just go outside and sit in the sun and feel how good life can be?  [Sorry Walter, it is raining in Northamptonshire, but I get your point – Tony]

And while I am at it why don’t we leave some people alone? We could for example give RVP and his family a break. We don’t know how things stand for the moment. We don’t know what has been said or agreed other than to say nothing until the end of the European championship. Robin could stay, Robin could leave. But for the moment it is all open. And yet still the morons have attacked Robin his wife on the internet and have blamed them for not showing loyalty to Arsenal.

Just imagine that it is all in the balance still and you then get some idiots calling you names on the internet. That sure could tip the balance to the wrong side I think. And how can we expect a player to be loyal to our club when some of their “supporters” shout abuse at him and his family?  It has to come from both sides. How can we expect our captain to be loyal or show respect when on the other hand some idiots shout all kind of abuse in his direction. I really cannot believe they are real Arsenal supporters.

My personal point of view is that I do want him to stay and step in the footsteps of that other great Dutch player we had : Dennis Bergkamp. I have seen Van Persie play at Feyenoord and liked him as a player. I never expected him to become the player he is today (i.e. one of the best strikers in the world) but Wenger has developed him in to just that. Even Robin himself didn’t believe it himself.  So losing him would be a bad move I think.

But if he should decide to go I just hope he doesn’t end up in another team in the PL. I then hope he goes to Italy or Spain.  Then I would be able to wish him the best in his life. That is the way football goes. Players come and go. Some you want to stay longer, some you don’t mind leaving. I would love Robin to stay longer but if it doesn’t happen we just have to deal with it, get on with it and look forward to the future. Maybe we have already a replacement for him. After all we have Podolski already for next season.

And who knows…maybe Wenger will come up with another “silly solution”. Does anyone remember the things that were said about Wenger when he put Robin up front?  For most it was the ultimate proof that Wenger was a senile retard. It proved to be a master stroke. Another one. So whatever happens with Robin or with any other player that is being linked with Arsenal somewhere on the internet: we will see what will happen in real life. Don’t get worked up before something goes wrong. There is plenty of time when it happens. And let the manager find the solutions. He has proven on plenty occasions that he will find one.

And of one thing we can be sure: whatever happens we will start each game with 11 players on the field. And whatever their names are, I will be there to support them.

Oh my God, still 3 months of this madness in front of me….

Untold Arsenal

[5 bonus points to everyone who recognises the source of the headline without having to look it up – Tony]

41 comments to The chronicles of wasted time

  • James

    Editorial note: I love this comment – it encapsulates everything that the AAA is about. It lacks argument, debate and logic. It is utterly self-contradictory (in that why does the writer read something he/she/it finds such a waste of time?). And it fails to get the point of the article – and indeed the headline.

    Oh what joy! James… where would we be without you? You have without doubt won a great big Oik Award. Well done!

    The only waste of time is your Wenger loving blog. Oik Grand Master!
  • Gerry Lennon

    As I see it, if Mrs VP says they are happy in London, and by that read they do not intend to move, it leaves very few options. Abroad, PSG – easy commute by train or plane. In the EPL, Man City/Man Utd – easy commute, as above, or Chelsea – no commuting.
    So it is put prssure on Arsenal to buy, and buy class not potential, or probably Man Utd, as the other twp are tainted by Cashley and Na$ri? PSG could be a runner though if he is okay with the greater travelling involved?
    Stay would be better, of course …

  • Gerry Lennon

    Note – no colour, bold, or block caps!

  • Ooops – the avatars seem to have gone – at least on my computer. We are playing about with an update, so might screw bits and pieces up. Sorry. Will restore when we can.

  • Oh, they are back.

  • Legolas

    hahaha very very nice article !!! you forgot mentioning that lot of fans play a lot FIFA OR FOOTBALL MANAGER 😀 so they think in real it it that easy to buy 😀 . when fans start to notice that in real life it isn’t same as football manager or fifa they will understand but i have an opinion that i admit we lack it : Gazidis vs David Dein difference is HUGE Dein was an amazing negotiator . but i believe as long as we are under wenger we will still do well 🙂

  • Ong Bing

    As long as we discuss and chit chat the rumors for wasting time, it is ok, don’t blame the manager and boards, because maybe that is only hoax.

    Everyday I need to read something about Arsenal, I know some of them is rubbish, but it is ok for me, it is better than no news at all.

    BTW Yossi, can you tell him that last season he landed in the wrong side of London?

  • Well done, great read and you should retweet it some more for everybody to read and understand the real life market.

  • Sorry about that…

    Billy the Dog does all the engraving – He has a City & Guilds qualification in it from Kingston Polytechnic.

  • bob

    Who/how did you (singular or plural) come up with the fantastic snarling male creature that pops up so unexpectedly at the right comments (one day one of mine, no doubt!)? Major kudos as it so effectively captures the most fungal-toxicity and so thoroughly fumigates the space. If only UA’s Ref-Reviews could do the same to the Hives of Riley.

  • Shard

    There is one rumour that came up today, that I hope is true. Seydou Doumbia to Arsenal.. Why? I’ve never seen him play, I have no idea whether he’ll fit in, plus on account of his being an Ivory Coast international he will miss two months of our season. Yet. I want him in the team.. because…. I bought him in Football Manager for Arsenal 🙂

  • Jacobite Gunner

    Headline inferrance:

    The Chronicles of Narnia?

  • Jacobite Gunner

    Oh, Shard, don’t forget that Seydou Doumbia becomes a gr8 player in fifa manager which is the pre-eminant indicator that he is a top player!

  • Sajit

    Great read. Cant disagree a word. People just need to slow down a bit and look at reality

  • Alzation

    Speculation is part and parcel of being a football fan. It’s the anticipation of great things to come. I’m quite happy reading that we’ve agreed to sign x or that y is having a medical, knowing full well that none of these is very likely. I treat it as a bit of fun.

    Much better than the boring reality of nothing actually happening at all. It’s 3 months without any competitive Arsenal games, so I’m happy with anything that can get the heart racing, whether it’s true or not.

    Of course, I’m luckily quite a relaxed person and don’t get flustered if none of it materialises

  • GobiLux

    I, for one, will not let myself get worried about this summer transfer sagas. I am so happy we left the 11/12 campaign behind us with clinching 3rd ahead of Sp*rs. I’ll just take this summer as a vacation from football (real football that is, not talking about the Euros) and just enjoy the fact I don’t have to worry week-in week-out which Arsenal-side will turn up for the game ahead.

  • Matt Clarke


    Anyway, Walter- take a deep breath mate.

    We have all the players we need.

    Assume RVP will stay and that’s that.

    Then, no need to worry anymore.

    As for the AA and Wenger:
    “They had not skill enough your worth to sing”

  • rantetta

    “The Bourne Chronicles”?

  • rantetta

    “The John and Chronicles Yoko” (ballade)?

  • bob


    Ok, I didn’t check. Does the title stand for any of these?

    The “ARSENE OUT” media blitzkrieg of last fall?

    Or perhaps for the march to the coronation that was meant to be but was not to be – the Rednose XX?

    Or perhaps for Septic Bladder’s and Ptomaine’s defense of the realm remonstrations on behalf of goal line technology?

    Or perhaps the post-match “ref reports” to the PGMOL?

    Or perhaps the complete transcripts of the season’s MOTD broadcasts?

    Well, this could go on you know…

  • WalterBroeckx

    Well the title was not from me but from Tony.
    And he honoured me with naming my articles to a sonnet of Shakespeare.

  • nicky

    Have to admit that your post today is your best ever. You have expressed the thoughts of all true Gooners, who, for the past month, have wondered why they have been niggly with their nearest and dearest. Why both the cat and the dog have been on edge. And why the grog has failed to liven the bloodstream.
    The cause? It’s the repeat of last summer and the summer before that. THE SUMMER WIDOW. No, I haven’t missed the ‘N’.
    From intensive research, I’ve discovered that more Gooners perish at this time of the year than any other. Or rather, those who foolishly peruse the media, minute by minute, for info on who we have signed or sold. This mania (for that’s what it is) starts from the final whistle (including time added on) on the last day of the season.
    During the War (yawn,yawn) whenever something happened of great significance, it was followed by a NEWS BLACKOUT until the powers that be could decide whether (a)it would adversely affect the morale of the people or (b)it would aid the enemy.
    In order to protect people like Walter and the dozens (?) of Gooners who are in danger at this very moment, something similar must be introduced throughout the UK (but not in Wales). As I write, grieving partners of all shapes and sizes are already advertising unwanted Arsenal shirts from way back, on EBay.
    This plague must end.

  • Matt Clarke

    hehe – I want to ask “But why not in Wales?”
    but I am afraid of what you might say, so I won’t :p

  • Arseaholic

    Maybe I’m a saddo on 2 counts:
    1. I actually enjoy all the transfer rumour nonsense.Of course most of it is total bs made up by idiot hacks who have no insight or knowledge or plants by agents trying to jack up the value of their clients eg Hazard but like I said it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.
    2. I collect biographies. Was Malcolm Muggeridge an Arsenal supporter?

  • nicky

    @Matt Clarke,
    Love the Welsh but I was trying to be funny. 😆

  • Matt Clarke

    @nicky – you succeded, no worries 🙂

  • Notoverthehill

    Walter, cheer up! The last game was played on the 13th May 2012, and RVP has NOT repeat NOT invoked Article 17 of the FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.

    OR is someone privy to the fact that RVP has?

  • Arseholic – not Muggeridge – he just borrowed the title from Shakespeare’s sonnet

  • Arseaholic

    What an old fraud – probably a closet chicken choker but to be fair when I checked there is an acknowledgement.

  • colario

    To pick up on Walter’s classical note: “What is life without our Arsene, buying players for us to see!”
    Rumour blogger on the net
    Please take yourself to your nearest vet.
    Don’t cry wolf and don’t cry fowl!
    Don’t blog great! And don’t blog wow!
    Take a break. Be silent now.

    Wait till Arsene has had his say.
    Only then will you have something to say,
    That we will want to read each day.
    So rumour bloggers go a way.
    Leave the blogging to those (like Walter) who actually have something to say.

  • rantetta

    I might become a recipient of an Oik for my frivolities. Well, I never win anything anyway. The award/rosette next to the first comment is, actually, rather fetching, what? I love the bottom line on it. It’s so funny, kind of Victoria Concorde Crescent, innit?

    Another good article Walter, thanks. I must say, having endured however much time, year’s ago, hoping player’s would come – but not go, and then seeing that when Petit, Vierra, Flamini, Henry, Fabregas, et al – left, lo and behold, Arsenal still started the season with 11 players on the pitch, and those ‘big’ players loss made no difference to the thrill of watching Arsenal’s early season form. Granted, it was a little different at the start of the season gone, but for goodness sakes; it was hardly surprising that one day we’d get shafted – specifically at the start of the season. Remember, particularly since the move to the Em’s, Arsenal have been under constant attack. Constant. Relentless.(How d’you do italics on ‘ere? It could save me typing capitals – that’s Upper Case, Tony, the ‘occasional avatar ****er-upper’).

    I bleat onward because so much of what’s reported re: Arsenal is done to make the reader feel miserable, at best. The miserables-es then take it all on and spout further mega-miserablisms. (Ooh, sqiuggly red lines appearing everywhere. Google has no sense of humour).

    I “choose” (italicate please) to have as nice a summer as possible. That choice excludes taking on the “Summertime madness”, unless it’s Will Smith:

    For what it’s worth, my ‘You can keep your opinions’ opinion is that RvP will leave us. I choose this “kept opinion” opinion, not because that’s what I want to happen. No, I just know that should Robin choose to leave, others will step in/up. That’s what’s happened throughout the ages/summers.

    Now, if he happened to stay, and it’s announced on the dot-com (not by S*y/T*l*shite/Fkblog, etc), I’ll simply glow.

    And Tony, ‘You can keep your rain’, please. It’s bad enough that our summer’s over as far as the sun goes. But you (itallically) ‘chose’ to stray oop t’North
    After all …
    “This could be your reality, in London Town you can be what you wanna be”

    For the rythimically challenged; perhaps you need a “Smiths” song (to cheer you up).

    Oooooooh. Controversial.

    Yes sir, drop me some lyrics. Love it.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Guess it is easy to sometimes get swept up in a degree of transfer intrigue, and I guess at times, I plead guilty as charged. However, it should not be taken too seriously, unless you want to inflict depression and anxiety on yourself.
    I think the problem is, we have lost too many of our top players in the recent and distant past, some would perceive too easily without adequate replacement, RVP is causing post traumatic stress in some, others have seen it too many times before, but as you say, we still have no idea what will be the outcome. My gut feeling, and that is all it is – he will be with us one way or another.
    What I am saying I guess, I can understand some of the angst, however unhealthy it may be. And I confess I worry at the thought of him ending up at City, a club I believe are systematically trying to do us in to protect them against FFP (afterall, they pay Vieira £2m , not as a coach or assistant, but in a strange ambassadorial tole.. it seems to me to do little but try and poach, or at least unsettle our players..but thats another issue)
    But on the whole, to sum up most aspects of the transfer window and all that comes with it, I will use the words of the Specials from the track Pearl’s Cafe..”Its all a load of bollox, and bollox to it all…”

  • rantetta

    “strange ambassadorial tole.. “, should read: “strange ambassadorial Troll..”, perhaps. (smiley face which I’ve forgotten how to do despite excellent tutor-age from Walter).

    I’ve seen lots of great posts from you for some time. I just wanna say “thanks”. Thanks.

    And on the subject of Thanks, there are so many great Arsenal supporters on this site and on this article.

    Thank you all.

  • Mandy Dodd

    lol! Thanks Rantetta!

  • Mandy Dodd

    On the subject of transfers, great perception from a Chelsea bench warmer:

    Chelsea just throwing money around, seems like he is correct to me, wonder why that could be?

  • usgooner

    I dont think van persie will be leaving arsenal this summer or the next. Persie clearly knows the fate of those who have left arsenal for various reasons: Hleb, Flamini, Clichy, Nasri, and so on. Those players were in-form players and also wildly popular among arsenal fans. Look at them now, those very players are driven into near-obscurity. Even Arsene Wenger noticed this phenomenom. Van Persie clearly knows that at this moment arsenal is the best team for him to play and with Podolski, he can relax a bit.

  • Damien Luu

    RVP will stay, I believe. And even if he leaves, he will go to another country. I believe his case is similar to Thierry case, the only club they want to serve in UK is Arsenal. And this makes him even harder to leave, because his family love their lives in London.

    But of course, no player are bigger than the Club, and no one could make “disaster” by leaving, even Thierry, even Cesc. We have nothing to fear (because we are not AAA). With or without RVP, or any player, we will be right there, competing for the title in next season.

  • Red-Man

    Hey Walter,

    Are you sure you’d use your time machine to move forward to September 1st?

    You’d miss the first few games of the season… 🙂

  • Red-Man

    Hey Walter,

    Are you sure you’d use your time machine to move forward to September 1st?

    You’d miss the first few games of the season… 🙂

  • WalterBroeckx

    Good point Red-Man… and the pre-season games as well… Oh well better face the long summer then 😉

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Premature speculation, like its biological counterpart, is not only the aegis of the AAA Fear mongers but also the media abuse its wonderful irresponsibility and secure ignorance in order to promote their particular bias against all things AFC.
    Every supporter loves to dream about Messi signing for his team but most know that lesser lights will possibly do.
    Who cares whether RVP leaves or turns into a Transformer and crushes every Spud within striking distance? We lost an entire generation of Invincibles after 2005 yet we remained in the top 4, in the CL and have continued to hemorrhage some of our ¨stars¨, without every leaving that elite group or the CL or allowing the SpudScum to finish ahead of us (17th years and counting).
    Those who fail to understand that Football operates on cycles and that a 7 year trophyless one is not uncommon for any team and that it will cease sooner than later,are living in an alternate unreality.