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July 2021

Untold Ref Review: Everton 4 – 0 Sunderland. A game of biased calls.

This article is part of a series stretching over several seasons in which a team of referees analyse the work of refs in Premier League matches.

Our figures show that when we analyse the errors made by refs there are consistent trends which do not “even out” through the season, as some commentators would have it.    All the earlier ref reviews plus analyses of the errors made by refs, and articles relating to our campaign to have the body which organises referees activities reformed, plus an analysis of the background to this campaign, can be found on:

Although this is a site built for Arsenal supporters we welcome comments from fans of other teams, although we tend not to publish comments which are simply abusive or which are completely off topic.

Today’s referee is Kevin Friend –

MATCH REVIEW DETAILS – Kevin Friend (2012-04-09)
Period 1
Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment Weight
2 OTHER Stracqualursi C assumed correct handball 1
4 OTHER Stracqualursi Vaughan C Trip 1
5 OTHER Heitinga Gardner NC Not given trip 1
8 OTHER Cattermole McFadden C push 1
11 OTHER Heitinga ? NC ref gave advantage but Sunderland lost the ball within seconds, this is not advantage ref 1
11 YELLOW Heitinga NC Clearly going for the man should have been booked 2
12 OFFSIDE Everton C assumed correct 1
14 OTHER Stracqualursi Turner C push 1
15 OTHER Hibbert Cattermole NC Frontal tackle, not given, studs showing 1
15 YELLOW Hibbert NC The Sunderland player had to jump to avoid the contact, was dangerous 2
18 OTHER Cattermole Pienaar C Late trip 1
18 YELLOW Cattermole C Went for the man, came late, promising attack, correct card in itself but consistency ref? 2
20 OTHER McClean Fellaini C Trip 1
21 OFFSIDE Everton C correct 1
28 OFFSIDE Sunderland C correct 1
29 OFFSIDE Sunderland C assumed correct 1
31 OTHER McFadden McClean C Trip 1
32 OTHER Sessegnon Fellaini C assumed correct 1
44 OTHER McFadden Kilgallon C Trip 1
Period 2
Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment Weight
51 OTHER Pienaar Colback C Knocked him agains the knee 1
52 GOAL Everton C correct goal 3
53 OTHER Sessegnon Heitinga C contact with the Achilles 1
64 OTHER Gardner Pienaar C came in with his arm 1
69 OTHER Kilgallon Stracqualursi C holding 1
70 OTHER Sessegnon Jagielka C Trip 1
71 OTHER Turner Pienaar C Trip 1
74 OTHER Gardner Pienaar C Push 1
75 GOAL Everton C correct goal 3
76 GOAL Everton C correct goal 3
79 OFFSIDE Sunderland C correct decision 1
81 GOAL Everton C correct goal 3
83 OTHER Richardson Anichebe C Trip 1
83 YELLOW Richardson C promising attack 2
85 OFFSIDE Everton C assumed correct 1
88 OTHER Colback Drenthe C trip 1
88 OTHER C ref allows a quick restart 1


In some games you sometimes see a strange relation between a ref and a player. In this game Heitinga could do no wrong for the ref. And got away with a yellow card for his fouls early on. For the umpteenth time I would like to say that keeping possession is not the same as giving advantage. And certainly when there is nothing on or the team loses the ball within a second. Then you can and should go back to the foul. And give the yellow card that was needed. But for some strange reasons ref just give advantage when there is nothing on.

Another bad moment in the first half was a frontal tackle from Hibbert against Cattermole. The foul was not even given, let alone the yellow card. Yes Hibbert played the ball but if Cattermole would not have jumped up to save his legs, some accident could have happened. Poor moment for the ref. As a result a not that good first half score for the ref.

I don’t know what was said at half time but his second half was amazing. No wrong calls at all. So a big thumbs up for the ref in the second half. It can be done. Maybe the fact that this was a low profile game helped the ref? Maybe nobody to give any favours or try to stop a certain team in this game?

COMPETENCY SUMMARY – Kevin Friend (2012-04-09)
Period 1 Called Total Correct %
OFFSIDE 4 4 100.00
OTHER 9 12 75.00
YELLOW 1 3 33.33
TOTAL 14 19 73.68
WEIGHTED 15 21 71.43
Period 2 Called Total Correct %
GOAL 4 4 100.00
OFFSIDE 2 2 100.00
OTHER 10 10 100.00
YELLOW 1 1 100.00
TOTAL 17 17 100.00
WEIGHTED 26 26 100.00
Totals Called Total Correct %
GOAL 4 4 100.00
OFFSIDE 6 6 100.00
OTHER 19 22 86.36
YELLOW 2 4 50.00
TOTAL 31 36 86.11
WEIGHTED 41 47 87.23

So a high overall score for the ref but in the important decisions he paid for not handing out the needed yellow cards in the first half. I can imagine that one hour after the game nobody knew the name of the ref. And this is one of the biggest compliments one can give to a ref.

BIAS SUMMARY – Kevin Friend (2012-04-09)
Period 1 Everton % Sunderland % Total
Correct For 7 50.00 7 50.00 14
Correct For Weighted 8 53.33 7 46.67 15
Incorrect Against 0 0.00 5 100.00 5
Incorrect Against Weighted 0 0.00 7 100.00 7
Fouls Commited 10 62.50 6 37.50 16
Fouls Penalised 7 70.00 6 100.00 13
Period 2 Everton % Sunderland % Total
Correct For 15 88.24 2 11.76 17
Correct For Weighted 24 92.31 2 7.69 26
Incorrect Against 0 0.00 0 0.00 0
Incorrect Against Weighted 0 0.00 0 0.00 0
Fouls Commited 2 18.18 9 81.82 11
Fouls Penalised 2 100.00 9 100.00 11
Totals Everton % Sunderland % Total
Correct For 22 70.97 9 29.03 31
Correct For Weighted 32 78.05 9 21.95 41
Incorrect Against 0 0.00 5 100.00 5
Incorrect Against Weighted 0 0.00 7 100.00 7
Fouls Commited 12 44.44 15 55.56 27
Fouls Penalised 9 75.00 15 100.00 24

In the bias index it was amazing that all the wrong calls favoured Everton in this game. But they didn’t help Everton in the first half at all it seemed. And in the second half when he made no mistakes Everton started scoring.

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3 comments to Untold Ref Review: Everton 4 – 0 Sunderland. A game of biased calls.

  • William

    Bolton were relegated by a goal which should not have been allowed.I would say the majority of seasoned analysts agreed the goal shd have been disallowed.
    Bolton stand to lose a big sum of money thanks to such the incompetence of such a ref.
    I would like to know what action the ref’s chief can take besides demoting. Surely the punishement shd fit the error.
    Such blundering officials shd be suspended for ten matches and fined a % of the income Bolton have lost.
    I find that such blundering mo are getting away with glaring errors.The FA better dish out the approriate reprimand.

  • bluenose

    looking forward to your analysis of the everton arsenal game including the incorrectly ruled out goal for everton…..

  • Bluenose, you could at least have tried to look for the review. It has been on this site since March, and we have a search facility and indeed also an index of our reviews. and yes we agree that the goal should have been given.

    Why… did you think we went to all this trouble and did so many reviews in order not to do it properly?