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August 2021

Olivier Giroud: The deal is on! (Exactly as we predicted). (Or off, and we never said a word)

By Billy “le chien” McGraw, our man on Le Continent.

Arsenal are reported by prime sources, people who know and indeed the Daily Mirror, to have agreed a fee of £13 million with Montpellier for France international striker Olivier Giroud.

Montpellier won the League (“in France” as the Mirror says, helpfully).  Oh yes and some other website have said that there are “widespread reports” that “a fee” has been agreed (as opposed to a bunch of pineapples).

There have even been “suggestions” that Marouane Chamakh could move the other way as part of the deal.

He (Giroud) has played 77 times for Montpellier, and scored 33 goals.

If you would like to know exactly how Untold highlighted this transfer months before it happened (or in another universe if you would like to know how we dismissed the idea as mindless twaddle) here it is…

Olivier Giroud’s transfer could come down to how well his club cope with being top of the league.

And if it is all over the papers tomorrow morning, then you will know that you heard it here first.

Or not, as the case may be


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108 comments to Olivier Giroud: The deal is on! (Exactly as we predicted). (Or off, and we never said a word)

  • InTheKnow

    Wenger met with Giroud at the Euros.
    RVP will be sold.
    A £12m bid has also been made for Ben Arfa at Newcastle (contract release fee)
    The surprise buy will be the return of Kolo Toure

  • bob

    Now not that I would wish to (or could) pin you down or anything, but would Giroud’s coming here to join Podolski mean that RvP is fully on the way out? And that PHW’s statement that AFC can’t give RvP 250K/week was intended to signal and prepare the fanbase for RvP’s departure? Actually, only time will tell. Either way, some thought for food.

  • Suvo

    Podolski and gervinho will be the left inside forward and chambo and wacott will be in right and in centre rvp,giroud and jol cambell..but i think now we have to bolster our defence by using djorou transfer fee..i think m’villa will be urs nxt midfield will be good..but i wish arshavin will remain with us..

  • Shafiu

    we r waiting for more and more

  • dan

    ?????? But could be, then again it may be bollocks!

    Speaking of Bollocks, watching England play.

  • Xmas

    Giroud coming will be grate, pls let d deal click.

  • ClockEndRider

    In the know,
    I am reliably informed that Ted Drake will be signed also….

  • Oh my God! Its a grreat signing.

  • PeteGooner

    @In the know
    I call bollocks

  • bc

    If we part ex chamakh for giroud and part ex bendtner for lewandowski. i would be prepared to sell vela and park bring in matias suarez and i would be reasonably content with our attack.

    djourou squillaci and botelho out for mbwia and jagielka.

    eastmond denilson and arshavin out for mvila and dempsey

    fabianski and mannone out for gordon or green and butland.

  • Ed

    Ben Arfa will not come to Arsenal due to the fact he does not speak to Diaby unless Diaby is sold?? But cannot see him leaving due to being injured all the time.

    The history between the 2 goes back to the youth acadamy at clare fontaine where the both ended up fighting!!!

  • Novocaine

    Giroud would be an excellent signing, really hope this goes through.

    Not heard of a release fee in Ben Arfa’s contract? He was quoted recently as saying he’s happy at Newcastle but would be tempted by a move to a big club. Well worth that fee and would suit our style of play.

    Wouldn’t mind Kolo Toure back as a replacement for Djourou, could fill in at right back during Sagna’s absence too, giving an opportunity perhaps to loan Jenkinson to gain some experience elsewhere.

  • Novocaine

    Ben Arfa on Abou Diaby

    “One of us nicked the other’s card and it got heated straight away. But we were 12 or 13. I know I’ve got that sort of bad boy image for what I’ve done in the past and for things that have stuck to me.

    But Abou is one of my best friends now.

    That was just something that happened when we were 12. It’s just one of those things that happened when I was younger.”

  • Yormith

    Thank you for this latest news

  • WalterBroeckx

    That is what we have been missing Ed, some fighting spirit 😉

  • Shakabula Gooner

    I have it on good authority that Diaby and Ben Arfa shook hands and made up in Wenger’s study.
    As if Wenger needs Diaby’s permission to bring Ben Arfa in or if Ben Arfa would have told Blanc to forget having him in the national team if Diaby becomes good again and he decides to extend a call up to him.

  • Lanz

    Walter, you can’t change, can you? Lol!

  • Mandy Dodd

    The truth is, we will sign Cana, babel, Frey the surprise return of flamini

  • WalterBroeckx

    L’equipe also writes about this story. Usually they are rather well informed about Arsenal.

  • Zinc

    I don’t think Giroud will make it in the Premier League, sadly.

  • Novocaine

    Not sure what reason there is for anyone to feel Giroud won’t make it in the Premier League. Has all the stereotypical attributes required to be a big success in England.

    I only hope he’s being signed as an addition to the squad, rather than replacement for Van Persie. To start the season with Podolski, Gervinho, Van Persie, Giroud, Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain vying for the attacking positions would fill me with a lot of confidence for the new season.

    If we manage to sign Yann M’Vila and a quality attacking midfielder in addition to Giroud and Podolski, I honestly feel we could make a strong challenge for the title.

  • bob

    As we know, broken clock is right twice a day. Would you care to tell us why Giroud won’t make it? That would be why?

  • aaron kwegyir

    Giroud, he will fit perfectly in de EPL.hope dis deal is done n we will only need m’villa,ben Arfa,Abiol or Varrane 4rm madrid.

  • Limpar's Wand

    We’ve been watching Giroud for at least 3 years – he played for Tours, with whom we have close contact and where Koscielny came from too. I saw those 2 sitting next to eachother on the france coach and I hope Kos is doing a bit of wooing!

    I watch alot of Ligue 1 and I’m not sure that Giroud will find the transition that easy. No question he has been awesome this season, but he is the heartbeat of the team – everything goes through him and moving to a club like Arsenal he will be just another squad player trying to prove himself. We saw that with Chamakh, who was (and still is) rated highly in France. Even look at RVP with Holland compared to with us. Totally different players obviously, but moving teams/leagues is tough. The game here is twice the speed and intensity. The French league is a big step down; anyone thinking Hazard will come and carry chelsea is going to be severely mistaken. It takes time and a lot of hard work to get to PL speed.

    That said, he’s 26, and he looks like a real team player. I like him alot, but I think it’s a risk. Strikers are confidence players and once that goes, they can look like complete donkeys. A la Chamakh. Giroud is brimming right now, but football’s not that simple. It takes serious pedigree or balls to come into a big team and take responsibility straight away. Very few can! In fact, barely any.

  • andy

    As Wenger pointed out during the season, we relied too heavily on RvP and the chances of him (if he stays) doing it again are unlikely. SO he is trying to address this problem. Either way, lets wait and see. I will only believe it when he has officially signed.

  • cupsui

    The reason i think Giroud has a little more than chamakh is that he has exceptional feet…not something Chamakh has ever been known for…and he is even stronger in the air, faster, and better movement and about as strong with less grease in his hair…all the traits to succeed in the EPL…
    Agree 100% with Limpar’s wand, it is a BIG step up and Hazard won’t find it a walk in the park especially as teams all around england will kick him all day long. But i do see Giroud succeeding (and hazard too after a tough first season)

  • Yank

    Wenger genius? Play Giroud as forward and RVP behind him in the Fabregas role?

  • Scott

    Let’s forget about Giroud being a replacement or a owner for RVP…….it’s out of our hands,so why stress over it.
    The important thing is to get him signed,as that way,we have a decent cover if RVP goes,and a decent partner for him.
    Either way,a signing of this type of player is imperative.
    Giroud,Podolski,Campbell,Afobe……not a useless line up of strikers.Of course,with RVP,it’s a sensational one!!

  • JustAnotherGuy

    I don’t see how Giroud signing means RVP have to go. Even if RVP doesn’t sign the contract, let him stay for the final year. At least by the time RVP contract expires, both Giroud and Podolski would have adapted to the EPL.

    Giroud will add quality depth to the squad and with RVP as first choice, he will be given plenty of time to adapt to our style and the EPL. I say, that depth upfront look mightily tasty if/when giroud signs. Good mix of youth and experience.

    LW: Podolski/Gervinho/miyaichi
    ST: RVP/Giroud/Afobe
    RW: Walcott/OX/Campbell

  • Damien Luu

    Thanks for the laugh, truth tellers 😀

    By the way after the yesterday game, I hope that AW won’t buy any member of the current French team, at least the starting XI. I mean it!

  • kun

    Any news on yann m’villa pls?

  • Today’s “Voice of Reason” award goes to Limpar’s Wand.

  • Clown shoes

    Get a life people… when it’s announced it will be announced….

    Till then trawling the web, for snipets of Does Diaby like Ben Arfa is picking peanuts out of shit. Afterall everything on the internet must be true…

  • Scott

    I didn’t know Diaby likes Ben Arfa.
    Which pile of shit did you find that in,Clown Shoes?

  • Shard

    Can someone who knows French tell me how Giroud is pronounced?

  • shard – olivier is pretty much as it looks, while giroud the “g” in French is pronounced like the capital in English “G”, a bit like the “je” in “Jesus”. The rest is easy, you don’t pronounce the d at the end so it’s like “Giroo” really, with the G pronounced as I explained before.

    I await the English commentators “Girude” or something like that!

    Hope that helps

  • Pierre Merde

    Giroud est pronounce G-I-R-O-U-D

  • Garry

    Phil-Anyone with a scouse connection wont be able to stop themselves pronouncing it as ‘giro’, it’s in the blood!

  • rantetta

    Ref reviewers, did you see how Serena was messed up by lack of Hawkeye at Rolland Garros. Review please.

    Off topic? How about the ‘big fight’ and ‘is Oliver any good’

    Ben Arfa vs Abou Diaby fight:

    Olivier awards/goals:

  • WalterBroeckx

    the “oud” in the name Giroud is rather easy as like Phil said the d isn’t pronounced. And the “ou” is the same as in you.

    But his first name is also a name in Flemish and if you put in the wrong accent and pronounce it with a Dutch accent you get (translated) Olivier. Oh that is the same you might say but that is because you don’t hear me saying it and because you don’t know that in Dutch the word for 4 = vier.
    So you could say Oli4 in computer slang.

    I hope this has added to the confusion. 😉

    If he comes and scores 4 I will be calling him Oli4 🙂

  • WalterBroeckx

    Rantetta, this is where he got his injury from I think 😉 Diaby I mean

  • bossedgunna

    Very good ”addition” if you ask me, replacement I think not! But I do think we need 1 more quality center half and a defensive minded mid-fielder because its always good to have roam a 1times (we all saw wat beautiful passes song contributed last term) 1 more creative mid-fielder like an affalay type of player. Remember we have one of England’s best in welshere who didn’t kick a ball all season and his place is guaranteed so and after this euro the ox will take theo’s place in the wide roll and to complete it we need a quality “right footed” striker as u can see we have riches of left footed attackers and to my knowledge Giroud is too

  • Shard

    Thanks..Phil and Walter.. Not challenging your knowledge of course, but from the only French class I ever attended years ago, I thought I remembered that only the letters C,F,L and D are pronounced at the end. Can you tell me if this is correct or my memory’s playing tricks on me?

    Walter..I like Oli4..Very clever 🙂

  • Matt Clarke

    Does this mean that Viera was 4a?

  • Shard


    It was Vieira.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Matt clarke,
    yes he was in fact.
    He was even better than the best bank or country as they are only rated up to AAA or 3A or triple A.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Ok I fell for that one but he would have been 4a…

  • rantetta

    Good spot, Walter. (Diaby injury). I’ve been blaming the Smith/Robinson/Barton & Bowyer quartet as the axis of evil for Abou’s injuries.

    What are the two boys arguing about, and what is the coach saying to the team after the match, please? (I can’t get any French).

  • rantetta

    I’m trying the Dukan diet. That’s a bit of French.

  • WalterBroeckx


    how it started is a bit unclear but I think Ben Arfa said a not that nice thing about the mother of Diaby (son of a b*tch) and from then on Diaby is clearly angry. There is a lot of French swearing and theatre in the following minutes of the video. Pardon my French, but it looks typical French. 😉

    At the end the coach is pointing at all they did wrong in the game. Hiding for the ball and for each other, not working for each other, not moving the ball around quickly, keeping the ball and not giving it to a team mate, not working hard enough…

    Well that is what I could understand

  • Nico

    Not really a problem if Diaby and Ben Arfa do not get on. Diaby had a big fallout with Denilson in the youth set-up, these things happen. Would love to see Ben Arfa on the right for us, or even Adam Johnson who will be world class one day and in my mind is a better player than Theo. Not sure about a creative mid, we have Jack coming back, but wouldn’t grumble if we did sign Affelay. Think we need someone like M’Villa as a defensive mid and not too sure about Giroud to be honest. Just because he has had one good season does not mean he will cope in the likes of the Prem. I’d rather have Huntelaar or Darren Bent!

  • rantetta

    Thanks so much. I first saw this video years ago and I wondered what the problem was between the two lads, so I’m grateful you’ve shed some light on this for me.

    Thanks also for all your hard work for this site. I eagerly await the season’s ref report. Those 20 not given penalties, and all of the other EPL refshite.

    I was amused to hear ITV’s commentators during the England v France match, complaining about not given fouls against “our boys”. Ha ha ha, you effing hypocrites. Now you see how the boot’s on the other foot and the chickens coming home to roost (and I can’t think of any more cliche’s). However, you commentator’s saw that at times during the WC2010. You complained but then came back to EPL matches and talked shite as though WC2010 hadn’t happened, even after that disgusting WC Final.

    I’m rather fearful for our Ox-Cham, what with the level of unpunished fouls on him. Frankly I’d rather he wasn’t played, because for all the excitement he brings, I can see teams rotationally fouling and then injuring him, just like they did with Theo. And then when Rooney’s playing again he’ll give Alex hospital passes. Sorry, I’m maybe too negative, but note how Ox-Cham was the first player booked in that match. Anyone would think he’s playing for Arsenal, no?

    The CZ republic are looking a bit Arsenal this afternoon. Rosicky’s just been booked but he’s having a lovely influence on the match, I think.


  • rantetta

    Sorry, the boooo was specifically for the commentators.

    Once again, Boooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Shard

    Sorry Off topic..
    But Frank Lebouef, at half time of the Greece-Czech match, stated that we need to have video replays.

  • Shard

    And Talksport have two articles about Arsenal where
    1) Poland and Russia unite in condemnation of Gunners
    2) Funny Video: Sweden fan with Arsenal tattoo clueless about Gunners

    Of course this is just the media being the media..Nothing against the Arsenal.

    They also a few days ago had an image of M’Vila in pain when he got injured, and headlined it M’Vila’s expression on hearing Arsenal are interested in him.

    I’m not really angry about it.. I just think people should know that the media have an agenda.. They are not equal in their crassness.

  • iniez

    I’ve also noticed talksport taking it up a notch recently, there were another two or three yesterday, one of which something along the lines of “arsenal fan gets an education” where they bully a fan anout how long its been since we won the league. Now talksport does tend to take the mickey out of everyone but definietly agree they love to do us in. Is this what passes for journalism nowadays?

  • Persian gunner

    You are right, as we can see Skysport repeatedly have reported thing about RVP, just like he is going to leave us any minute soon!
    For example: when they ask him what do you think about juventus? He simply answered: they are a great team! And they made a title: RVP: Juve is great!

  • Rhyle

    I actually agree that Talksport do like take aim at us…particularly the moron that is Adrian Durham. The reason’s pretty simple. We’re one of the more active group of fans, both online and in terms of radion call-ins. As Durham, and to a certain degree whoever is responsible for their online content recognise – if you have a dig at Arsenal, Arsenal fans will react. Similarly the RVP quote is a typical thing put out by anyone on a slow news day – inflating a tiny quote to make it seem like a story – Sky do something similar when they’re showing a dull 0-0…inflate the smallest foul into an attempt on someone’s life. It’s laughable but it’s to generate attention and provoke a response. And it works.

    One of the oldest truths in journalism…is that you should never let the facts stand in the way of a good story…unless you can’t think of anything better…

    The fourth estate have always employed questionable tactics and written nonsense stories…from the propoganda written during conflicts, to agenda driven editorials during the political season, through the rags’n’rumours of the Hollywood Press in the 1930’s…all the way up to more modern manipulation: changing photographs, the use of bugs in phones, hacking e-mail systems, etc…

    It’s nothing new and it’s shambolic…believe none of what you hear and half of what you see…and take anything you read in the papers with a grit-truck load of salt…

  • Matt Clarke

    True dat.

  • bob

    You’ve given a catalog of excuses that describe but do not explain media manipulation. You have yet to try to explain the absolutely all-out onslaught designed to oust Arsene/destabilize this club in August-November 2011. Business as usual only explains it away; it does not explain it. It was not the norm then, and the same forces are abiding and lurking. Are Arsenal fans more reactive to provocation that other fans? Perhaps because they have been more provoked and have gradually learned to see through it. You seem so keen and so quick to find surface plausibility to perfume their behavior as sophomoric tricks in order to deny anything darker and more foul at play, your defense of the realm.

  • bob

    p.s. and exactly what “slow news day” are you talking about as your excite for their avidness for having RvP leave us? By “slow,” do you mean the start up for several days running now of the Euro Cup, about which all the media are ablaze. Complete nonsense on your part. RvP is part and parcel of Holland’s fate and his appearance is conveniently paired with their rumor mill that he’s about to jump to Juve.

  • bob

    sorry, not excite but should be EXCUSE.

  • bradguns

    dont know where this big falling out rumour came from- as last time ben came to london he actually had dinner with vassi

  • Rhyle

    Bob…call me a fan of Occam’s Razor. Until I have a plausible reason as to why the media, wholesale, would deign to target us maliciously…when they can’t do that as a cohesive force to political parties, the famous or the corrupt (I mean…if you want corrupt…the government’s agreement to target the BBC for support from Murdoch’s media outlets is it…and I get the reasoning behind it…the BBC website, offering significant and quality online content offers a consistent and present threat to the Murdoch media’s pay for online content plans…Osborne gurning and denying it at the Leveson enquiry is as ballsy an act of out-and-out perjury as I’ve seen…of course, that’s in my opinion alone, but I digress…), I’m going to go with the simplest, most logical explanation. And, in my view, a conspiracy isn’t it.

    Arsene Wenger wasn’t the first manager to be targeted after a bad run in the league by the press – hell, he wasn’t even the first Arsenal manager. I remember Club in Crisis articles being written about the Arsenal for a couple of years before GG was removed…not to mention campaigns against Kenny Dalglish, Kevin Keegan, Rafa Benitez…then let’s look at how the media have treated England managers over time. Just no one mention Graham Taylor…As for September – November this year…maybe they had a point at that time? It’s noticeable that “Arsene Out” articles, as you would have them, died out as our form improved. We all acknowledge that mistakes were made last summer, culminating in a humiliating 8-2 defeat at OT. Surely the papers were just reporting what many fans felt (and, to be fair, what many fans still do).

    By the by…google media campaign to oust football manager…this website is the only one…THE ONLY ONE…to highlight some sort of orchestrated, sinister media campaign against a league manager. The other articles on the front page? All business, with the exception of SGE when he was England manager. Probably means nothing, though…

    Journalists have always employed questionable tactics to get / invent a story. That is true – the history of the twentieth century is littered with examples. From the Hollywood rags planting drugs on starlets…through to the paps provoking stars in to hitting them…through to photo manipulation in the early 2000’s (which led to Piers Morgan losing his job on the Mirror)…lies, damn lies and whatever the hell editors put in their papers. They’re commercial ventures…they’ll print what sells. If they sell more papers, they’ll sell more advertising. The Daily Mail has been selling rubbish designed to incite for years…but no one calls it conspiracy…no one calls what they’re peddling veiled racism (mainly ‘cos the Sun is much better at it).

    We were just an easy target – an easy target because we underperformed at the start of last season having failed to deliver in the summer. We gave the press the ammunition to load the gun. That’s why I fail to see anything sinister in their actions.

    Nothing will change…

  • Rhyle

    PS…didn’t the RvP / Juve great team nonse break about a week ago? Before the start of the tournament? Watching national sides train before a tournament may make the news before a tournament, it rarely makes for good headlines…

    It’s a fact – print rubbish about the Arsenal and people like you and I, Bob, react. You gain attention and get calls (to try and change the arse Durham’s mind…and exercise in futility as he clearly doesn’t have much of one), hits (we all read it, regardless of whether it’s nonsense or not)…

  • Shard


    Why do Arsenal in crisis stories sell more than say Liverpool in crisis? And for all your talk of Dalglish being targeted, the papers were full of praise for King Kenny and how he deserves time, until they could no longer keep up that nonsense if they had to maintain an iota of credibility. Liverpool’s trophy doubt was also never an issue.

    As for this site being THE ONLY ONE talking about the media having an agenda (not a ‘conspiracy’ as you call it), look around at all Arsenal forums that look to balance Arsenal’s flaws with the environment they are in, and you’ll see that there are many, if not most, who feel the media are especially nasty towards Arsenal. They just decide to not focus on it so much and accept it as one of those things which nothing can be done about, or conclude that it is not in Arsenal’s control so should be sidelined as an issue of discussion. But they notice it. It’s there, and while I said, analysis is subjective, I would go so far as to call it fact. The media campaigned to get Arsene thrown out of the club. You’ll get back to your razor and WHY? As if we can give you PROOF.. Reasonable doubt is something you can always claim..that is also what is ‘conspiratorially’ known as plausible deniability. The media even overstepped that mark. I can only conclude that you either intentionally deny the media’s doing then, or you never really looked closely at the coverage, since you rightly conclude that it is all crap anyway.

  • bob

    Actually I wouldn’t call you a fan of Occam’s Razor. That razor actually says pick the hypothesis that makes the fewest assumptions and offers the simplest explanation. By that criteria the plausible (your word) explanation would be “conspiracy of interests”, not your gumbo stew of this and that and the other, your whatever-sticks to defend the realm. Rather, your a fan of Rhyle’s Razor: a predilection to marginalize and pathologize efforts here to shine a light on intentionally dark corners. You tar these as paranoid by wielding pretend-erudite labels like Groupthink and “pareidolia”, and then politely telling us to look it up. Well, you would appear to have a case of Cognitive Dissonance, a textbook case. Look that up. (second attempt)

    To deny and erase – with your cherry-picked historical laundry list – that there was (and lurks) a concerted organized Arsene Out Campaign is both crass and revisionist – all in the name of normalcy, of course. Perhaps I should revise the diagnosis to AFD, for “above the fray disorder.” Your self-protected skeptic’s show me stance. Go ahead, exhaust yourselves; it’ll never be enough. Only the smoking gun you can’t get, suckers. I’ve got Occam’s Razor, you see – plausibility, the coin of the realm. Plausibility, thy name is whatever I can get away with by using it. Laughable.

    For some evidence – and more important to some – for Convenience Sake, to spare one the agony of trawling (your word) through the archives, try the Untold Media links on the UA homepage. We documented, in depth, the foul innards of that campaign – both in articles and in the massive commentary of that time. It was not business as usual, except in your ocean of this n’ that that runs from, erases, pooh-poohs it as no big deal. Well, while some were swanning around with playmates on LeGrovel, salivating at the blood in the water, over the demise (literally or figuratively) of he who lost the plot, whom the game has passed by, who whinges while Rome burns; we were crying foul and documenting it, bearing witness to an all-out disinformation and destabilization campaign. Not sneering from above the fray. And for that effort, you politely sling mudballs like your recent “pareidolia” – UA conspiracy-nuts see patterns where there are none. Pathetic, such “erudition”. You know, that stuff doesn’t really make one the smartest guy in the boiler room (whether here or at Ftse-100); its just everyday hash-slinging in disguise; a self-serving wing and a prayer, a hope that it sticks. Nope, not impressive. Don’t work around here, in the padded cell as you’d have it.

    Oh, and your sign off, Nothing will Change, is a revealing (albeit six-packer’s) credo. It informs your analysis. What you call “plausible”. It launches and concludes your arguments. A case of solipsism (again your word), a textbook case.

    Let me end more constructively, as you might wish. For a reason WHY there might be an organized animus against Arsene Wenger, here’s one (not the only one) reason. Try this very convenient link to an interview that he gave them, there in the lion’s den in 2009, to the Daily Mail’s Martin Samuel and another stenographer at Murdoch’s Times of London. And lo, they saw red (on several levels). Behold:–I.html

  • bob

    I agree.
    There is nothing comparable to Arsene-bashing. Indeed, where are the “SHOCK” rampages about ‘Arry loses 10 point lead, now under the gun? or, AVB’s eclipsed? or Fergie loses 8 points and consequent Rednose XX bid? or Chelski buys a title? There’s no like-for-like balance, to say the very least. But no, Shard, you surely have a case of “pareidolia” – seeing dark patterns where there’s only hustlers paying the bills.

  • Rhyle

    Shard / Bob…awesome, awesome stuff!

    You view the media as a whole…I view it as disparate entities with a multitude of agendas.

    My assumption is pretty simple, and I’ve worked to demonstrate that…yeah…I’ve got a bit carried away at times…mea culpa…but it’s that maybe, just maybe…refs get it wrong. Maybe, just maybe…all the papers / press want to do is get more attention. I understand that, I can prove that. Your Occam’s Razor, for me, doesn’t have any plausability…I can neither see dark forces at work, manipulating media and refs to pour their poison into our Caesar’s ear (thought you’d like the Shakespearean flourish there, Bob…hope you do!) nor do I see any orchestration, any unity in the views of the media. Surely, if there was such a plot, regardless of our pick up in form…we’d still be drip fed anti-Wenger propaganda?

    The ending of “nothing will change” was an error of editing…I know you’ll struggle to believe me, but I rambled on for much longer, writing off a large chunk of rant with the exception of that last line, hence it not fitting at all with what preceded it…

    I visit many, many Arsenal blogs and you’re both right – there are many that feel we are especially persecuted but none imply some unifying grand scheme to oust Wenger. Also, look at any club (probably bar Man Utd) and you’ll find that fans of most clubs feel exactly the same. We can’t all be the target of the media’s ire…can we?! Neither would I imply that the media are ever balanced…that would remove opinion from what they write and leave us only with the news…which apparently we’re all too stupid to understand and need to be told what it means…ahem…

    By the by…has anyone any opinion on how we’re treated by MotD? Interested in thoughts…

    Not trying to be the smartest guy in the room, either, Bob. My five GCSEs will attest to that…lol…

    I never implied that Arsenal in crisis sells more papers than any other club – just that we’re not alone in that treatment. I can also recall plenty of articles on Spurs and Chelsea’s form last season – though, again, I fail to see anything orchestrated in it.

    Propably overstepped the line with the pareidolia comments…but it’s not uncommon and is not a bad thing…one of my arguments in there is that it’s perfectly natural to seek patterns. I just feel that you guys here, on the comments, from what you’ve told me…start from the assumption that we’ve been sleighted…which might lead to a slight bias in how you view events. Can you honestly say that you could watch a match involving, say, Mike Dean with any sort of impartiality? Or read something from Martin Samuel? That’s the thing about pareidolia…once you “see” the pattern, you’ll start to see it everywhere…

    Don’t take any of it personal, though…I honestly enjoy what I read here and our exchanges…and appreciate the tremendous effort all of you put it into it.

    And who knows…you might be right…about some things, anyway! 😉

  • bob

    “It’s noticeable that “Arsene Out” articles, as you would have them, died out as our form improved.”

    Yes, Rhyle, because Arsene turned “our form” around; and you would have been exposed as arsonists yelling fire in a theatre if your witch hunt persisted. “It” didn’t turn around; he turned it around. He asked to judge him by where we were at season’s end, and you give him not a scintilla of credit. All your images of his arms outstretched, head in hands, looks of anguish, tossed water bottles; all your he’s lost the plot, game’s passed him by, seven trophy-less seasons, johnny foreigner slurs, day in and day out. All your talking points, over and over – TV, radio, print and online, echoed back and forth with mutual quotations as if each were breaking news. That was no happenstance; not business as usual.

    And you spurn 15 straight seasons in the CL; and you never mention the chronic, demonstrated refshite as a constant (not only) factor but surely have learned how to belittle and dismiss that body of evidence as paranoia, pareidolia, groupthink, lacking evidence; with most others calling it whinging, not getting on with it, lacking English spine, johnny foreigner corruptions, etc. etc.

    You’ve perfumed and would have us forget your performance. Here Wenger/AFC’s performance was called “The Great Turnaround.” In your favored haunts, where you admittedly still want him ousted, you lost the grounds for your palpable and demonstrated hatred for this man. Who did you want to replace him with, by the way? Ancelotti, right? Is he still your man in the wings?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Wenger out, soon we will be talking about Giroud in 😉

  • bob

    “if there was such a plot, regardless of our pick up in form…we’d still be drip fed anti-Wenger propaganda?”
    Listen closely, Rhyle….
    RvP leaving
    RvP leaving
    RvP leaving
    RvP leaving
    RvP leaving
    RvP leaving
    RvP leaving….

  • Rhyle

    That’s kinda come from the player himself not signing a contract, no? He’s loaded the gun…juve players comment when, he comments when asked…story…well, non-story but they will print it just the same…I’ve read a few RvP staying stories from the press too via Newsnow…

  • Rhyle

    wrong again, Bob…I’ve given him a great deal of credit for our run…and said he should be given a chance this summer. Said that both here and Le Grove, btw. Pedro broadly agrees ith me, too.

    I do, however, hold him responsible for the summer and end of 10/11, start of 11/12 performance.

    My anti-Wenger stance comes down to my belief in whether or not he can change and take this club forward again. Our shiny new motto demands it!

  • WalterBroeckx

    About RVP I just will sing:

    And Dein has been whispering in his ear,
    telling all the things he likes to hear…

  • bob

    Be factual, Rhyle,
    At the time of our losing streak, did you (and Pedro and Geoff) not participate full-bore in the anti-Arsene witch hunt? Did you want Ancelloti in then? now? who’s your replacement? be open about it. Let’s have a real debate on the specifics. Is it anyone but Wenger?

  • Rhyle

    My preferred replacements for AW if we were in that position? Guardiola (crosses fingers, prays a little, which is weird for a professed atheist…), Klopp or Low

    I’d also keep an eye on Stramaccioni at Inter. Wouldn’t rule out Mazzari as he’s done zee speshul sings with Napoli.

  • bob

    yes, the same Darren (Dein the Lesser) who sang in x-Cesc’s ear, and brokered Adebayor’s peregrinations to ManShitty-Madrid-Tottenham, and brokered TH14 to Barcelona and over to the Red Bulls… That operator makes his meals off the same siren song and is an enemy of Arsenal. Why? Well, I can’t say for sure that it’s his revenge against the Dad’s ouster by PHW & Crew, but surely, as Don Vite Corleone might have said, it’s just business.

    Oh, and the sound of that song: Kerching, Kerching, Kerching…

  • bob

    Come on now, At the time of your witch hunt (not now), when you were fanning the flames on Arsene’s pyre, Pep Guardiola was not on the market. But Ancelotti’s name was whispered in certain quarters, leaked a few times in the Manchester Guardian football department’s sewage, and yes, I read with my very eyes, in your favored LeGrovel. Was he not your intended man in the wings, then?

  • Rhyle

    After the debacle that was last summer and, as I said above, at the start of last season and the end of the season before, yes I was certainly banging that drum. Pedro probably was too…Geoff still is…no shame in that! 3 wins in 14 (I think) was not the form of top team. The players had lost faith in his ability to take us forward and challenge for trophies…so why should I buy in?

    Tell me – what top side sees their best players leave like we do? What does that say about the manager? Remember – not all have left to go on top wages like Nasri…some even took pay cuts…apparently…lol…

  • bob

    Have you and your playmates ever been aware of or publicly commented on the roles of Darren Dein in Cesc’s departure and Jean-Pierre Bernes in Nasri’s departure? Both of them have had demonstrable and serious axes to grind against Arsenal and Arsene Wenger. The former’s father being pushed out by PHW; the latter being banned from football for two years with (relegated) Marseille owing, in part, to remonstrations by Arsene’s assistant coach Boro Primorac and perhaps by Arsene as well. Did you know that, Rhyle? Does that make the slightest dent in your analysis as to what might have transpired last summer, even as Arsene was making public efforts to stop those departures? And stating that Nasri had his head turned at the last minute. And having made public statements that Cesc would be held to his contract and made an initial asking price of 50M? Are you the fly on the wall who knows that it was Arsene Wenger who willingly let his/our best talents pick up and leave? You don’t know. But you are willing to jump, with no facts, into the Arsene Out Campaign based on an assumption that Arsene Wenger is totally to blame for self-inflicted and near fatal wounding. That’s less than factual, mate. Where’s your beloved smoking gun demand there, when it comes to Arsene Wenger? Especially when you had reached consensus then on Ancelloti.

  • bob

    As you seem to know, which players had lost faith in his abilities then? Are any of them still on the team and wanting out? Maybe Pedro or Geoff can ask their mole at the Emirates?

  • bob

    Rhyle, my 2:28 is for your anticipated reply.

  • Shard

    LOL @ Rhyle

    So if Dean screws us, and Samuel spouts crude abuses about our manager, and we call them out for it, we’re displaying bias?? That has to be the most mental gymnastics I’ve seen someone do for making a purely abstract point. Yes, we’re all biased. So are you Mr GCSE. Tell me even once when managers of other clubs, no matter what their form, were treated with words of how they were looking unwell. How they were surely going senile. How they deserved to be smacked between the eyes, or they could become the wrinkliest swinger in town.

    And you use a duality which was never said here by anyone. The term ‘the media’ does imply a unity. They do share a commonality of purpose and interests. That in no way stops them from also having competing or differing interests. So don’t put words in my mouth.

    As for still being drip fed anti-Arsene propaganda.. They overstepped their mark, and had to beat a hasty retreat. It did not just coincide with our form, although that played a part. They were called out on it. BY Arsenal fans on twitter as well as on blogs. They were losing credibility, and they changed their line to ‘WE never wanted Arsene out, that was the fans” . BULLSHIT.. And while you’ll point to the chaps on Le Grove as examples of fans who wanted Arsene out, they were the only ones receiving media coverage and exposure. Any news site that wanted to carry ‘fans views’, would turn to Le Grove. Why? When almost everyone knows from before what Le GRove will say? Oh..Maybe that was it.. Yeah.. No orchestration at all. Just because you don’t see it, doesn;t mean it’s not there. For someone who reacts quite viciously to being challenged or slighted, you surely take a very sanguine view on the various news outlets slighting the club you say you are a fan of? Or is it the case of, as bob suggests, you wanting Arsene out, and the ends justify the means?

  • Shard

    And now RHyle.. you are indulging in the same ‘talking points’ as the media when challenged.. What top club loses its best players year on year.. Firstly, that’s an assumption I’m not willing to accept. Who have we lost, year on year? Adebayor? Hleb? If they were still here, the media would be propounding the view that they were dross.

    Besides, the question itself is stupid. The real question is.. Which other top club has built a new world class stadium with its own funds and (even while losing its ‘top players year on year’) still managed to maintain a top 4 status? Tell me… No? Of course, if you’d rather prefer the more depressing viewpoint that’s your prerogative. But pardon me if I don’t share your point of view. No doubt you’ll call it the rose tinted view.. What does that make the other view? Shit stained?

    As you can probably tell, I’m tired of this Rhyle. You think you make good, or great points. You don’t say anything we haven’t heard or seen before.. You just dress them up a bit fancier, and while that was entertaining for a while, I think you’ve reached a stage where you’ll only challenge for challenging’s sake. You seek all ‘proof’ or smoking guns from us. You have nothing of your own to offer to the debate, except your own view. There’s a lot more supporting evidence collated here for our views. Which you’re too busy to read, yet not too busy to challenge.

  • Rhyle

    Bob…I’ve discussed it already in a previous post as Shard will attest to and can cede personal vendettas, yes.

    My problem with last summer was that AW was wildly overestimating his ability to keep hold of Nasri & Fabregas…FAILED TO…and didn’t have a plan B in place. Can I ask why you’re the ONLY ONES allowed to make assumptions based on the evidence you’ve seen..? Look at AW statements, look at AW actions. All too often are the two completely different. “I will do everything I can to keep X, Y, Z” followed swiftly by “Today, Arsenal sold X for £10m, Y for £15m and Z for £25m”. By the by, this is the same Arsene Wenger who has categorically and repeatedly said that if the club was to be run in a way he didn’t agree with, with players being bought or sold against his wishes, he’d leave. Or did I imagine that? So, he’s either lying to us about that – that he’s a-o-k with a club being run outside of his control, or he’s lying about his intentions in the market…I can’t categorically state which one it is but…imo…IMO…it’ll be the first. I do believe the man to be a man of honour and ego…and I doubt if anyone’s ego is so fragile as to let others do their job for them…

    I never said you’re incorrect in some of your biases, Shard – it’d be all to easy to make that inference, but it’s not true. I used an example of how difficult it is for us, as humans, to view the actions of anything or anyone without bias as we always, always, ALWAYS bring our prejudices to the table.

    The only commonality of purpose of the press is to sell their paper over that of their competition. COMPETITION. They’ve made a massive point out of being purposefully different to each other…to act as what they perceive to be a distinct, individual voice in the marketplace. I fail to see what words I’ve put in your mouth, either, here…

    I’ve in no way…no way…reacted viciously, by the way. No oik awards, no talk of bans…can you direct the comments where I’ve been “vicious” and I’ll apologise. As long as Bob does. He’s regularly insulted me…I just took it in a light-hearted, doesn’t really mean it, just a funny gag type of way. ‘Cos…well, mainly it is funny stuff. It’s also personal. I just choose not to be insulted…lol…you’ve been known to drop a little nugget in there once in a while, too!

    As for the top players year on year – it was a throw away cliche that I’ve managed to avoid thus far but resorted to in haste earlier. Bit of a shocker, but I’ll go back to much more solid, demonstrable position of our squad peaking in 2004 and weakening year in, year out since.

    I openly stated that Wenger, with this current squad, is overachieving. Fact. And I accept it. I just don’t believe he needs to trumpeting about that overachievement when we have money to spend – particularly if you factor in the £££ we should be bringing in this summer by shipping out AW’s mistakes…sorry, I mean some of the fringe players…

    As for the media and refs – I’ve said the same thing as you. They’re both in a shocking state. That doesn’t mean that there’s some sinister plot to do us, or our manager in.

    I’m going to get my coat before I outstay my welcome… but I’d like to leave on one point:

    “You think you make good, or great points. You don’t say anything we haven’t heard or seen before…You just dress them up a bit fancier…”.

    Not trying to reinvent the wheel here, Shard – I’ve never proclaimed myself as the LONE voice of reason in a crazy, mixed up world. And maybe that “dress them up a bit fancier” is me actually backing my view up with reason, at the least, if not out-and-out evidence.

    I’ve never challenged your views. I’ve only ever challenged your reasoning behind, some of the assumptions you make…some of the reasons or paths you walked on your journey to Arsenal enlightenment…in order to form an informed opinion on them.

    Then I like to savagely take them apart, just for fun…lol…not at all, I’ve even admitted certain aspects of your arguments and positions are right, like…agreed with you and stuff…while no one here can give me one iota of credit for a position I like to think at least resembles something thought out.

  • Shard


    I’m willing to grant you your position is VERY well thought out. You’re back to playing the martyr again. That seems to be your default whenever your argument’s shortcomings are shown to you. :I never said I know it all. You lot attack me for no reason”… As for being vicious.. You call it responding in kind and said I was raised to end a fight not start it or words to that effect. My point was, you react to what people say rather than passing them off as idiots and ignoring them. Not what your position on the media is.

    And by the way, the contention that media do not run to an agenda is COMPLETELY false. You see it all the time. Usually on issues larger than football, but that’s what is so interesting here. As I said, Arsenal’s coverage in the media is unprecedented in sport.

    And as for calling YOURSELF the voice of reason (as well as repeatedly telling us how smart you are)..I think you are the voice of (t)reason.. Ok a bad joke.. But fitting enough. You speak some obvious truths and then some obvious untruths and some subtle twists of logic, so as to ‘prove’ your point and call it reason. Whether you do that as habit or by design..i neither know nor care. If you do have examples of the media being similarly nasty to other managers, then bring them forth.

  • Anne


    The reason that Rhyle won’t say anything about the media’s true agenda is that he’s a bit too intimately familiar with it… If you get my meaning.

  • Anne

    Interesting the way that, while Rhyle has so many complaints and thoughts about Arsenal (what’s wrong with Arsenal, what’s wrong with Wenger, what’s wrong with the board, etc.), he only presents one solution. And what is that solution? Why, “spend some f***** money” of course!

    Why is it that Rhyle and certain other Arsenal “supporters” seem to care only about Arsenal’s transfer spending?

  • Matt Clarke

    I blame Bob Geldorf

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    I find it amazing that any Arsenal fans think we can compete for big names at all. I would much rather we had the players we have bought for the price we bought them for, than the alternatives:
    Liverpool – millions spent on crap Brtish talent, worse team than Everton.
    Tottenham – the less said the better…
    Manchester United – humiliating exit from the Champions league followed by even more humiliating exit from the Europa league.
    Those are the teams we can compete with for top players, any time Chelsea/City get involved then we have 0% chance unless the player is a Gooner.

    Oh and Usmanov hasn’t bought the club because no-one will lend him the money to do so, at least not at the price Kroenke wants him to pay. The banks probably think Putin will nationalise his assets and leave him Berezovsky’d.

  • bob

    “and didn’t have a plan B in place.”
    You don’t know this. No one does, yet. So that’s an assumption you’ve made’ one not based on the smoking gun evidence which you have required here of those of us who disagree with you.

    “Can I ask why you’re the ONLY ONES allowed to make assumptions based on the evidence you’ve seen..?”
    Are you serious? The assumption made by virtually the ENTIRE MEDIA, which you duly echo, is that AFC didn’t have a plan B in place. A continual talking point. Yet somehow you are wounded: feeling that you, alone, are voicing this? When you have had LeGrovel and mainstream sports tv, radio, websites, etc. etc. in a non-stop echo-chamber of denunciation and repetition that “there was no Plan B” and that is his gravest sins after losing Cesc and Nasri.

    Yet on this score you “cede” (your word) that Cesc and Nasri’s agents’ vendettas are a possible factor. Well, fine. But then how can you logically blame Wenger for being Totally at fault (you scream FAILED, in caps) in this matter? He may or may not have been at fault; or there were degrees of his fault for their leaving; and he may or may not have had a Plan B in place. And having a plan B Versus not being able to execute that plan because of MYRIAD factors are 2 different things.

    So it’s down the assumptions we make. You have assumed the worst of Wenger for your reasons. I assume that there might have been a thwarted plan B, and that there might have been a last minute ambush of Wenger by Nasri and his agent. I’m unsure and have assumed there MAY have been mitigating factors that exculpate Wenger. On that basis, I was happy to take him at his word when he said judge me by how we finish the season. I did and he executed the Great Turnaround. I felt he’d earned that right, the chance to turn it around.

    On the basis of your desire to oust him, for your reasons, you have assumed or perhaps simply asserted – without evidence – that there was no plan B in place (not that there was one that was thwarted) and that this constituted (and still does) a reason to summarily oust him – on no actual evidence. And in any case were quite willing to enlist (bang the drum you say) in a campaign that used character-assassination of the most vile type to achieve your collective end. Imo, your display of chipper rationality has perfumed (and I’m sorry if you consider that an insulting term, but I think it true) your willing and witting participation in that anything-goes, no holds barred war against this man. And you still defend it; with no hint of apology for overstepping. And you have ducked my surmise that you had settled on Ancelotti as the replacement. And the fact that you now are giving him another chance leaves me gob-smacked. ]

    None of us are saints, but that campaign hit new lows and I feel you ought to have a hard second look at the way you (and cohorts) went about trying to oust him.

  • Stuart

    Sorry Rhyle,
    I can’t see Wenger not having a plan B. The guy lives, eats, sleeps and shits football spending every free minute of his day watching videos of teams around the world all in the name of spotting talent and technique.

    Wenger had a plan B alright, he also had a plan C, Plan D, Plan E………….

    He obviously didn’t want to go down that route if he didn’t have to, a decision which was obviously taken out of his hands.

  • bob

    Did you/we/UM drop the ball and have so egregiously failed to notice the serious competition and divergent views among the mainstream media outlets on Le Affaire Wenger? My god, what good were all those talking points that you siphoned out of the keyboard-swill? It’s your fault, Anne! Oh, I feel soooo misled. 🙂

  • bob

    Shard, Anne, all,
    “Arsenal’s coverage in the media is unprecedented in sport.”
    Shard, I started to seriously think about this for the US.
    Do either of you know of one team in sport that’s been made a national standing joke and whipping boy in the way that AFC/Arsene continue to be? Yes, there are bad seasons and bad stretches by this team and that one. And while talk radio jocks make fun of a player (like someone who was doping), or call a team terrible, it’s not been (that I know of) to continually target and flay a team or its manager. Sports talkshite in the US is hardly the milk of human kindness, but there’s no object of concerted derision. What about other countries? How far does this go?

  • Shard


    I only said that because I HAVE seriously thought about it. I follow football and basketball (NBA) closely. I’m aware of goings on in cricket and hockey (not the NHL kind), and take an interest in some rugby (but only international rugby).. Also, any casual glances in the sports section whether in the papers or online.. In my view, I have never seen such coverage for any team.

  • bob

    Good. I didn’t doubt that you had. It got me to think about it that seriously for the first time, ok. I feel on more solid ground.

  • bjtgooner


    The problem with the “spend some f****** money” brigade is that they perpetuate the half truth. There is nothing wrong with spending money provided it has first been earned and also provided it is spent wisely. Wenger has been very meticulous when in the transfer market, however, this diligence is often distorted as being “mean” by the AAA and others, including the media. In other words, Wenger’s careful management is twisted into a character assassination by those who wish to remove him for reasons unknown and/or harm the club.

    The perception that spending money will solve all problems is not necessarily correct, but the repeated bleating of the phrase “spend some f****** money” has been deliberately used to support that perception and undermine Wenger.

    Let’s remember we have a talented squad, a talented group of Young Guns; a few quality additions will set us up as title challengers for next season. Despite x-Cesc and Na$rigate Wenger has still built a damn good team – and despite the AAA and their cohorts, he has not finished.

  • Rhyle

    Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in…lol…

    Shard / Bob…I hope you’ve enjoyed our chats as much as I have, it’s been nice going up against some but I feel I’m starting to outstay my welcome so I’ll call it quits with a few points…again, for the benefit of Anne who probably has neither the time or inclination to read through the numerous and rambling comments I’ve made over the last week, I may be repeating a few things…

    The Nasri / Fab saga dragged on all summer. It could have been, imo SHOULD have been dealt with swiftly – there was no last minute sabotage. If there was sabotage, it was long in the pipes and we as a club should have acted as soon as possible when it became clear that Nasri wasn’t going to sign a new contract. As for whether or not there was a Plan B or not…your assumption that there was one and that we were affecte by a “myriad of factors” are as valid as my assertion that there wasn’t, both are opinion and guesses. Only, the evidence points to panic buying (with the exclusion of Mertesacker who’s been linked to us for years). Plan B? Came across as more like Plan AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!

    I’ve already said that all media is agenda-driven. My point was that they have their own, independent agenda. They very rarely join up on the same page but when they do, like with Joey Barton for example, it’s because they have a point and little opportunity to take the other side of the coin. With the performances and form displayed at the tail end of 10/11, the summer (imo) debacle, and the form at the start of 11/12…they had a point with regards to us. We were displaying relegation form. Was it a crisis? You betcha. Did he fix it? You betcha. Do I regret my stance? Nope…and that’s why you won’t see me apologise for it. Do I regret some of my outbursts? Nope…was never one of those who completely overreacted.

    Never said I want to oust him now – in fact, I’ll take you and Anne back to the very first line of my previous post of 1:41pm where I say he’s earned himself a fair crack of the whip. I do believe he’s taken us as far as he can – as I just don’t believe he’s capable of the change that I think is needed in terms of recruitment policy…where again, I’ve never stated or come across as one of those spend ALL THE MONEY! types…I just don’t see us doing what I’ve said all along, which is maintain a solid run at titles. Glorious failure and finishing fourth (even fifth) is more than acceptable, it’s admirable. Aiming for fourth is not, not, not ambition…and I’d like more for and from the club I love. Just because I think different things are what’s best for Arsenal, I have still have the best interests of Arsenal at heart.

    I’ve always said spend BETTER, spend WELL. I’d ask two question of those who are not advocating my spend SOME money opinion: are you 100% happy with the squad we have? With the first XI even? Do we have money that we’re able to spend? Is it reasonable, fiscally responsible or sound business practice to have c.80 professionals on our books? What do you suggest we should do if your answer to the first two is NO? Cross our fingers and hope for the best?

    Anne…I’ve also covered a lot of other ground in terms of what I think about Arsenal, the way we’re run and various other aspects affecting our clubs…wouldn’t expect you to have noticed in the loud noises and rambling in some of my posts…such as backing Kroenke, for example, but they’re there…thanks for implying both otherwise and that I’m less of a supporter, though…awesome, reasonable attitude in those baseless accusations…

    Shard – the Denver Bronco’s of the late 1980’s, early 1990’s were made a mockery of because they were so bad, going so far as to be made fun of in the Simpsons. Homer told someone his dream was to own the Cowboys, out of price range so the guy bought him the Bronco’s. They were portrayed as bumbling incompetents on Homer’s front lawn. Similarly, my favourite NHL team, the New Jersey Devils were again ridiculed wholesale in the late ’80’s after Wayne Gretzky labelled them a “mickey mouse outfit”…this attention to undeperforming is not new, not exclusive to Arsenal and certainly, imo, not a conspiracy.

    Not once have I ever (to my recollection!!!) backed Ancellotti. I didn’t duck your “surmise” (or flat out guess?), I just chucked out my preferred targets should we find ourselves in a position to recruit a replacement.

    Remember, just ‘cos I think you’re wrong doesn’t make you wrong…and just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you….c’mon people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right nooooooow….

    WP – Usmanov is an Uzbek national living in the UK. I’m pretty sure that Putin can’t get near the vast majority of his assets. That’s the whole point of him and Abramovich being over here isn’t it? The reason he hasn’t bought the club is simply that Kroenke won’t sell his majority shareholding…unless you’re implying that he would sell at the right price and that Usmanov hasn’t been able to raise it..?

    Keep up the good work, I’m sure I’ll pop along again soon (I’m sure you’ll wait with baited breath for that one…lol…) but in the meantime stay focused and remember…THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE…

  • rantetta

    Bob & Shard
    Thanks for your vigilance, persistence, patience and debunking – on this and many other articles.

    I’ve been able to skip reading certain ‘comments’, and just read your replies – which let me know what certain people are up to.

    Very much appreciated.

    Good to see you back on here. Hope all’s well.

  • rantetta

    The BBC have reported that Harry Redknapp has left Spurs due to only being offered a 12 month rolling contract.

    “Former England manager Steve McClaren says “it’s a shame” for Tottenham Hotspur and the club’s fans after Harry Redknapp left the club on Wednesday.

    Redknapp exits White Hart Lane after almost four years in charge and after reportedly failing to agree a new deal with chairman Daniel Levy.

    McClaren believes his success at the club in recent years means his decision to leave is “not a footballing one”.”

  • bob

    p.s. It’s actually blowing my little mind, the more it sinks in. Cheers 🙂

  • bob

    A parting quote from the Bard that we might take to heart: “So foul a sky clears not without a storm.” – WS, King John

  • Rhyle

    And I’ll leave you with Edward de Bono:

    A myth is a fixed way of looking at the world which cannot be destroyed because, looked at through the myth, all evidence supports the myth.

    It’s been a pleasure!

  • Shard

    I’m sure it has.. Too bad you don’t intend to stick around. The media examples you nowhere near to what Arsenal, and Arsene personally faced. Evra had his it was men vs boys comments too, and that’s ok. He’s a rival player looking to rub in defeat. Any examples of any football manager being shown to be senile, or sick (I worry for his health type remarks), about having a ‘rictus grin’, about being the ‘wrinkliest swinger in town’?? Most of those phrases have death imagery associated with them. Not saying they were death threats. But they exhibit a level of nastiness and character assassination as nowhere before in sports.

    The media do not RARELY echo a similar standpoint. They do it USUALLY. It’s fine if you or others don’t see it. And its no paranoia. It is just what it is. The media are all owned by/are big businesses, and in the end, no matter how much they compete, big businesses operate as a cartel. They dine at the same table even if they argue over the share of the pie each will receive.

    A myth eh? The myth that money doesn’t drive football? The myth that there are possibly only one or two corrupt referees (against whom for some reason no action has been taken-and I don’t mean legal action..Just why are they deemed to be good enough for their jobs?) A myth that anyone raising questions is a conspiracy theorist? What is that except making people afraid to raise issues? You rhyle, are a troll.. A T-1000 compared to the other Arnies we’ve had before, with your deigning to agree with us about certain things as if it’s doing us a favour, and your quotations, etc.Hell of an upgrade certainly, but substantially still the same. If you aren’t a troll, then stick around and argue with the ref reviews as and when they happen. watch in mystification as the refwatch comes to pass in reality, explain away the media assault if and when it starts again in full force, and keep spouting the line about how you know better to run a football club than the manager who’s being doing it for 3 decades and doing it well (which is not to say there have been no mistakes-everyone makes them)

    No Rhyle..You haven’t overstayed your welcome. Just have something substantial to say in support of your views, rather than the same boring stuff about being paranoid, seeing strange patterns that don’t exist, and smoking guns, or Occam’s Razor or whatever other philosophical mumbo jumbo you want to conjure to obscure the fact that you don’t have anything to support your stand.

    On issues such as SHOULD we spend the money we have. It depends. No fan will say no to having better players. But who to spend on and how much is not your call to make a) because you don’t have the footballing expertise that Wenger does, and b) you don’t have the knowledge of the negotiations tht take place, and c) you don’t have knowledge of how much Arsenal can afford to spend while keeping their long term interests intact, despite your FTSE100 job or whatever it was. Remeber, whenever you argue against Arsenal on financial matters, you are doing so from a position of ignorance compared to them, because you don’t have the data. As such Rhyle, YOU don’t have a smoking gun. But it’s ok to attack your club, but to call out referees and the media for obvious flaws is paranoid, is it?

  • @Shard

    There are troll like elements if we check the official definition (unfortunately ‘troll’ is now becoming a catch-all term by the tabloids for those who post hateful comments and it is losing its subtlety). Personally I’m not sure if that’s an agenda though – maybe more of a delegate from a section of our fragmented fan base – perhaps trying to build bridges, perhaps just interested in what makes us tick – who knows?

    The main issue seems to be, for me, the core belief that one person’s opinion is something unique and precious… like a desert flower – something important and to be cherished. This goes hand in hand with the motto about having an opinion and not getting one I guess and becomes the justification for any particular stance on any given matter. This is the cause of a definite clash of cultures where as we here aim more to find common ground in our core beliefs, gather supporting evidence (as it were) and discuss them.

    One side of the coin would seek to atomise – the other to unify.

    Opinions are like arseholes – everybody has one but that doesn’t mean they should necessarily go round bearing theirs to strangers… unless of course it is a particularly ‘fine’ example; for example I may have the opinion that scotch eggs are a tasty snack – I may be correct and many people might agree with me – but I would not rock up to the annual vegan society general meeting and stand at the podium to enlighten the audience as to what they are missing out on – I would expect a hostile reception and an swift escort to the nearest exit.

  • Shard


    I don’t think ‘building bridges’ was what he was attempting at all. In any case, I do genuinely maintain he’s welcome to stay and argue his position. I just think it rich that he comes on, doesn’t bother to see the material that’s there, and then has the audacity to use the words like paranoid, no evidence, smoking gun etc. and do it while telling us all how smart he is and making it like he’s the voice of reason. Thus my contention that he was not here to build bridges. Plus, there’s opinions and then there’s being wrong. About the media, both as regards Arsenal and in general terms, he’s wrong. That’s my opinion 🙂

  • WalterBroeckx

    and the good thing is that we don’t change his comments like they do on LG when you post something they don’t like 😉