If we don’t believe the News of the Dickheads why should we believe Milan

Or put it another way – given the choice would you believe anything that comes out of an organisation run by Mr Berlusconi?

The News of the Dickheads piece about Arsenal being a club that has to sell two top players a year to pay the rent caused outrage among Arsenal fans, and there was hardly an Arsenal web site or newsletter that did not include an analysis to show how pathetic the invented story was.

Indeed one site (and I am sorry I have forgotten which one – but it was a really good story) did a piece on on what Mr Wenger actually said to the “gentlemen” of the “press”.

So now we have all settled down to recognise what a bunch of prats the journalists from the Murdoch-sphere actually are, why on earth should we start believing anything Milan says.

Maybe there was no letter.  Maybe there was and it was written three months ago.  Maybe they wrote and asked, and Arsenal replied.  Maybe anything – but the implication that Arsenal are out there hawking a player around – offering him to a club that has said it doesn’t want him – is plainly ludicrous.

Especially where that self-same club has said that it wanted Ade or no one.   Then said, not Ade.  Then said, we’ll have someone else then.

Milan are in a mess.  Out of the Champions League and with their ground sharing city neighbours steaming ahead on all fronts, they have to get some headlines somehow.  That’s to be expected.

The sadness is that the newspapers think any story from Milan is worth giving space to.

Perhaps more interesting is the rumour that the guys involved with the Curse of Arsenal are interested in taking revenge on the News of… and are watching certain events at the Old Bailey with great interest.

One Reply to “If we don’t believe the News of the Dickheads why should we believe Milan”

    We can see the beginning of a problem at AFC in terms of future trophies. Now, Arsene knows what to do but, as he has stated, the transfer market has been ruined by the prodigious sums one or two clubs are happy to pay. Now smaller clubs are holding out and demanding ridiculous sums for un-established players. Huntelaar for example, is routinely mentioned by the media speculating a move. But his club is asking for the moon, and why not, they’re in a win-win situation. If he goes then they get a huge sum, if he stays they keep a quality player. The likely result is that he stays where he is another season, and contrary to fergie’s view there will be less transfer activity this summer, not more. Another example, Veloso, who didn’t feature for Portugal at euros are asking 20 million quid. Veloso has qualities, but he’s no scoring threat, he’s not the finished article, not known as fierce in the tackle, as such this sum is badly miscalculated. Now these clubs, who can’t make any sense, leave it to us to make some sense of what’s happening. Any club who grossly overprices it’s players, which include most clubs these days are telling the marketplace that their player is not interested in a move to Arsenal. Why? Because Wenger’s reputation and transfer policy are well established, AFC doesn’t pay stupid money, any self respecting club knows this well, as should any player interested in playing for us. For a player to join AFC two things must happen, he’s priced right and he’s keen to play and succeed at AFC.
    So now what’s Wenger left with? Well, a youth policy only gets you so far, and as he’s stated some time ago ‘the club could benefit from experienced proven talent’. What does experienced talent mean? It means world class players who can calm the youngsters, solid role models on and off the pitch, are not intimidated by other big players, can rise to any occasion, and are determined to win and likely have won a lot. Will these players cost extra, sure, because they’ve earned it as have their clubs by keeping faith and a sound relationship between the two.
    Things change, and to reclaim trophies AFC must also change and adapt to a market that is silly by paying a bit more but not compromising our principle beliefs. As Arsene knows better than most, if the price goes up the risk goes up and with all the ‘rotten mercenary’ players out there who exhibit little gratitude and loyalty beyond hollow press statements, the vetting process just has to be more than thorough. Which, I believe, brings us to where we are and why things are taking so long. Wenger can spot a talent, no question, but what of the players desire to play for AFC? Therein lies the major hurdle to signing experienced talent. Spending big sums and then players leave for whatever reason(Reyes got scared of rain), and far earlier than hoped. We must only sign such players determined to succeed at AFC, fact is such players are harder to find these days. If a player and club are just shopping around for money, ala’ Arshavin, Huntelaar, Veloso, and de la Red(who, btw, looks like my sister only prettier), these are not the ones AFC need. The player must have a desire to play at AFC. To players one and all, come to AFC with love for our football, come with class, and if you earn it, we’ll gladly pay. And if you’ve established yourself as world class we’ll pay for that too(we’re not poor, just smart). Don’t come to AFC for money alone. We only want players who want us.

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