Arsenal, Real, Barca, Milan, ho ho ho

The President of BarBarcelona, Joan Laporta was defeated in a vote of confidence members of the club last weekend.

Not surprisingly some members of the board of the club called for him to resign, as did the 24240 people who voted for him to be deposed.

But the rules say that’s not enough votes – even though it was over 60% of those who voted.  So some of the board are thinking of going.

All this puts the whole “BarBarBaca will buy everyone” approach to transfers on hold.

In one sense this doesn’t matter, because much of it was just there to counteract the Real Mad attempt to buy Ronaldodo and to cover the disastrous purchase of that Terry Henry fella what used to play for Arsenal.  That was seen as the big coup of the transfer window, rushed through to appease the crowds, and it really hasn’t worked too well.

Always recognising a cock-up when one comes along to slap you in the face, AC Milan, the plaything of the President of the Italian Republic, did a Neville Chamberlain and waved a piece of paper that they said they had received in the post – a statement that effectively ignores the fact that it takes 3 months for any letter to travel from one side of Italy to another.

So what does it all mean?

It means…

a)     BarBarBarca are in trouble, with a deeply unpopular President who won’t resign, and a team that clearly could get nowhere near to Real Mad last season.

b)      Real Mad are mucking about with Manchester Bankrupt over Ronaldodo just to annoy everyone and get one over the black sheep.

c)      Milan are in trouble because they are not even in the Big Cup next year, and their neighbours are doing rather well these days, so need to be seen to be playing at the big table.   But they rather screwed themselves with, “its Ade or no one,” followed by “maybe there is someone else” and then the farcical, “I have a signed piece of paper”.

Arsenal are just getting on with their stuff.  Most people agree anything over £29 million for Ade is good money to spend on other players, not forgetting that we have Eduardo, Vela, van Persie, Walcott 14 and Bendtner all on the books.

Things in fact is looking bloody good.



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  1. things in fact not looking that good. afc need experienced talent, our kids are not that great, yet, most should be loaned out. martins, diogo, cb, dm of highest quality needed urgently.

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