This Arsenal page says nothing about Nasri

I love Goonernews and always try to ensure its on blogs and the like, but sometimes for reasons that no one quite knows, they don’t run all the exciting and wonderful stories that we cover.

So just in case you are fed up with 20831 different sites telling you that we signed this French guy, you might like to take a quick look at some things we’ve run in recent days that Goonernews did not quite pick up on.

Arsenal finances safe, but another EPL club hits the abyss – the story of the amazing borrowing spree that Everton has gone on, which can only end up in once place

Then there was the amazing day in which The Sun kept on saying wonderful things over and over again about Arsenal. Unbelievable (as they say)

Finally an in depth review of the links between Luton and Arsenal, showing why we should all be very happy about their demise.

Not very nice I know, but there’s nothing in the brief about being nice.