Setanta/Sky desparate to avoid repeat of 2007 embarrassment over Arsenal

The opening half of the 2007/8 season is one the schedule writers at Sky and Setanta certainly want to forget.

Convinced by the propaganda put out by their own pundits that Arsenal would sink to mid-table obscurity they abandoned us to a round of 3pm saturday kick-offs (apart from the ones the police moved to lunchtime on Sundays), covering instead the likes of Manchester Bankrupt, Liverpool Weetabix, CSKA Fulham, and … er… the Tiny Totts.

It was with growing amounts of dread and not a little embarrassment they found themselves trying to explain the fact that the most entertaining team in the league who were clearly mounting a serious challenge to the title was just not avaiable on live TV.

This year the TV companies have swung in exactly the opposite direction, with match after match after match moved to suit the schedules.   In fcat the club are on TV live three times in August alone, and twice in each of the following months.

Of course Sky and Sultana never admitted to any sort of cock-up and we were all expected to take it that Arsenal had boring fixtures in the first half of the season, and then deserved to be on every week thereafter to make up.   What a bunch of drongos.

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