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  1. Tony

    Oh goodness do I disagree with some of this – which I suppose shows what a liberal and open-minded editor I am!

    Conspiracies for example – I think we need an entry on “Conspiracy Theories” with the definition being:

    Any well-argued and logical theory which the reader does not like. Then we could have one of Proof

    Proof: Evidence which shows that x is likely to have been the cause of y. The requirements of the proof can be raised further and further the more and more you don’t want to accept the evidence.

    Football: No, not originally known as Football and corrupted by the Americans. The original rules of football as drawn up in London in the latter part of the 19th century did not exclude handball, but were drawn up by the Football Association and so became the rules of Association Football to distinguish it from Rugby Football. Association Football was then shortened to soccer (taking part of the word “Association”. In the UK we have moved away from calling it “Soccer” because it has become “Football” as rugby is such an insignificant little game played by violent thugs. But in the US they have “football” where foot and ball don’t meet (logical?) and so they continue with the ancient word of Soccer.

    But, as I say, as a nice, reasonable, open minded guy, I publish. Thus

    Editor: When used in terms of the British media, a bigoted idiot generally with neo-fascist leanings and no grasp of humanity. When used in terms of Untold Arsenal, a gentle soul, who wishes no harm to anyone much, and who thinks the football produced under Mr Wenger is the best the world has ever seen.

  2. Fred

    Football Blogs: sites where opinion is stated as reality and of course phenomenonologically they are right. All the way up to the point when somone else reads them.
    Football Bloggers: Psuedo dieties who believe that the way they experience the world is the same way as everyone else and who are unable to understand any variant opinion due to lack of empathy. (see psychopaths)
    Football Blog Repliers: Up their own arse due writing such stuff above!

    Getting tired of blogs, tired of people telling me their viewpoint from both sides and tired due how opinion is beginning to get in the way of a simple game of football.

    Bye fred

  3. nicky

    What about Paranoids. Those who are so beset with the lack of silverware over the past 7 years that they forget what HAS been achieved. Consistent membership of the CL fraternity and playing the most attractive football in the land under the best Manager in the game.

  4. colario

    ‘Exclusive to us.’
    1) Meaning something so boring no one else wants it
    2) Millions already know.

    What followers is a total waste of time.

    ‘Untold Arsenal’
    What follows is worth a read.

  5. Matt Clarke

    Hilarious stuff Don.

    I would add:

    Football: “Small boys in the park, jumpers for…”

    Goal: The next transfer fee.

    Goalkeeper: see Player’s Agent

    Loyalty: An important part of the modern game. Supporters show their loyalty to club and players by turning-up, tuning-in, cheering-on and wishing well. Clubs show their loyalty to supporters and players by bringing-on and coughing-up. Some players show their loyalty to club and supporters by playing-up, cashing-in and moving-on.

    Offside: The correct side of the Range Rover to get into (when not drunk).

    Opinion: A nerd’s way of getting attention.

    Player’s Agent: A contraction of the French term agent provocateur. Something to do with money and lingerie.

    RVP: An acronym for Robin Van Persie. A Dutch footballer whose name translate into English as Robin of Percy. A semi-mythical figure. Some belive that he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Some say that he was the son of Sir ‘Arry Hotspur (founder of the ‘other’ football team). Some say he was one of Arsenal FC’s MOST loyal players ever see Loyalty.

    Bitter?: Don’t mind if I do, danke schoen.

  6. Matt Clarke

    [ugh – an html disaster – sorry all :(]

  7. Lanz

    More! More!!! Lmao.

  8. Ezigbo onyearse

    Mental strength:an arsenal related trait that they like to test especially after allowing aviodable goals and they use it less often than require.

  9. Goona Gal

    @ Don, very tongue’n’cheek, very good!

  10. Goona Gal

    @ Tony – you nerd! I can almost imagine you pushing your glasses further up your nose as you typed…quite interesting all the same.

    @ Matt Clarke – great additions. Plus you have worked out how to do italics and bold on here!

  11. Mahdain

    Trawfies: empty pieces of silver awarded to the winners but recently they are being awarded to the highest bidders

  12. goonergerry

    @nicky-paranoia? How about referees, the media, injuries-i.e the usual agenda of untold or is that conspiracy?

    Trophies-silverware that Arsenal FC no longer compete for-deemed un worthy by a minority of supporters.

    Captain- since 2006, a temporary position granted to the best player at Arsenal FC as a bribe to keep him at the club for one more season prior to his departure.

    Arsenal transfer targets-a leaked wish list developed by the chief executive solely in order to generate season ticket sales.

    Lord Wenger- a football sect term reflecting the attempted elevation of the status of the manager of Arsenal FC to that of landed gentry by a small minority of its supporters.

    Arsenal Anti-Arsenal- more accurately described as a term used to discredit Arsenal fans who don’t agree with Tony Attwood.

    Retards-a term of abuse reserved by Untold followers for the AAA.

    • Tony

      Gooner Gerry, as the person who invented the term AAA I think I have the right to define it, and by it I mean

      People who claim to support Arsenal, but whose statements are highly critical of Arsenal and yet who rarely put forward arguments based on a logical analysis or clear theory.

      Thus a typical AAA statement is “If you think Wenger is the best man for the job you are an idiot”. An argument about why Wenger should leave which incorporated issues relating to who else we would get, how we might overcome the financial might of the couple of dozen clubs now owned by billionaires, how we might overcome the bias discovered in the referee analysis, and how we might survive FFP would not be an AAA article, but simply an article arguing against the continuation of Wenger, as I once argued against the continuation of Rioch as manager.

  13. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Thanks for the added ideas folks and Tony. My next effort will be even less reverential and totally politically incorrect.Again a plea to those readers lacking a sense of humour…please don’t take this stuff too seriously.

  14. Stuart

    @ GoonerGerry

    I’ve never heard ‘Arsenal Anti-Arsenal’ before, that’s a new one on me.

  15. Brickfields Gunners

    Alse-hores – not a learry vely nice telm for Arsenal fans in these parts( its a dialect thingy )!

  16. Brickfields Gunners

    A cunnilinguist – any AAA ,reporter or pundit who creates mischief and orgasmic excitment with the (mis)use of his sharp tongue .
    Applies to C**nts too !

  17. nicky

    I read your comment. Typical from someone who’ve never liked me and always had it in for me. 🙄

  18. Mandy Dodd

    “sarcasm” given its own unique meaning by mr terry, but racism to you or I

  19. Gooneraside

    Just a few more:

    News Article: a piece of writing which is usually false when told. A piece of writing that is usually true when Untold.

    Football manager: one of the following, take your pick –
    “I accept this contract renewal to which I feel entitled even though I’ve done little but use your millions to buy the title for you.”
    “Look, I realy, realy tried to make a team from wot you got me – but found it all too taxing, no, that’s not the word I meant – anyway, I left you in a nice ‘igh position, couldnt be more rosie, no, that’s not wot I meant iether. I’m off before I get you relegated.”
    “I apologise, mes amis, for once again producing a player that other teams want. Quel dommage.”

  20. Micko

    PGMOL, Premiership Game Make-Overs Limited – an organisation that takes a perfectly fair game of football and changes it into something hideously false looking and totally unrecognizable.

  21. Matt Clarke

    @Micko: lol!

  22. Matt Clarke

    Away Strip: Formerly a fine outfit of Gold & Blue befitting the Kings of Football. Now seeming likely to become some sort of tellytubby-like ring-striped lemur pyjama-set with purple heavily featured. Purple! (Yeah, yeah, I know it used to be the colour of kings, but that is soo-o the millenium before last.)

    Inside Right: Where Mr Arsenal pleased Her Majesty for a while.

    Fullback: No room for any more tattoos there…try my leg.

    Winger: Moan, moan, moan.

    Free Kick: In some regions/instances, “Quick, the ref’s not looking!”; but in these parts, “Free?”. (Subtly is called-for).

  23. Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Keep it coming lads and lassies….this is beautiful stuff. Here’s another one:

    Evens out: As in ¨it all evens out in the end¨ which were the famous last words of the Titanic’s captain as he calmly watched the iceberg bearing down on his ship. Also used by TV pundits, EPL administrators and referee apologists as they try and explain away bias and other underhanded manipulations of games.They are of course referring to the shite they spread.

  24. Matt Clarke

    Sportsmanship: A luxury yacht harboured in the Med.

  25. Matt Clarke

    Fowl Throw: The practise adopted by BrrkBrrkBurn Free-Rangers FC of throwing turkeys onto the pitch instead of players.

  26. Matt Clarke

    Handy Player: One who regularly gets away with handling the ball.

  27. Stuart

    LOL @ Sportsmanship

  28. Brickfields Gunners

    Usmanov – a large tub of lard ,native to Usbekistan , tasteless and of no nutritional or caloric value .Also known in a far ,far, away galaxy as Jabbathehutt.

  29. Matt Clarke

    Team Spirit: At Chelsea it’s vodka, obviously.

  30. Matt Clarke

    I’m ruubish at creating aphorisms (JUST aphorisms? you unkindly ask, shhh) but I don’t mind recycling them. So here are some old ones they could be given a timely new, football-related, slant. I’ll leave to the reader to decide who might say them:

    “I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally.” W C Fields

    “Why be a man when you can be a success?” Bertholt Brecht

    “I either want less corruption, or more chance to participate in it.” Ashliegh Brilliant

    “I’d never join a club that would allow a person like me to become a member.” Groucho Marx

  31. Wooby

    Referee: individual assigned the task of ensuring that Arsenal must overcome the equivalent of a 2 goal deficit each game they play due to the club’s insistence on being run in a sensible manner

    Barcelona DNA: innate desire and willingness to go down at the slightest of touches on the soccer pitch, then while lying down and pretending to be in agony, scream or make motion for yellow card, and once said card is produced by referee (see above), immediately bounce up and take the associated free kick or penalty

  32. Matt Clarke

    talkSPORT: The process of talking about sport whilst wearing a blindfold. Participants have been likened to Tommy, the Pinball “He plays by sense of smell” Wizard, in as much as they rely on thier prejudices to formulate commentary. Phrases such as “Did you see that Arsenal player then? He must have attacked that defender with his shin!” are believed to have been stolen from the John Watching-a-Different-Game-Mate Motson handbook.

  33. Brickfields Gunners

    Kroenke – personifying a strong ,silent ,brooding ,macho image .
    To be associated with strength and power, and symbols of manliness, eg; Rams ,Cannons ,(phallic )Nuggets and even the Mammoth.

  34. Matt Clarke

    FFP: Financial Fair Play. see original entry on Fairplay An attempt to get billionaires to drop the habits of a lifetime.

  35. Matt Clarke

    Linesman: obsolete term. Formerly a personal assistant with responsibility for arranging the correct and adequate dispersement of social substances.

  36. Matt Clarke

    Dribbler: An example of Youth Policy taken too far.

    Counter Attacker: Footballer involved with the Tottenham riots.

    Box-to-box Midfielder: see Joey Barton

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