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July 2021

What gives any Arsenal player the right to dictate club policy?


Publication on July 20th: Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football.

The book that re-writes the Arsenal story.




By Tony Attwood

Why do players leave Arsenal?

More money,being fed up with the management team,wanting to go back home,being fed up with the endless criticism of them and their style of play in the press, being fed up with UK tax rates compared with the concessionary rates elsewhere…

We’ve had this for years.  Brady, Stapleton, Kennedy – the stars of earlier eras got up and left, just as the stars of today do.

But what made me bring this up just now was something RVP said (or whoever wrote the blog with the “non-renewal” comments said…

“…it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal should move forward.”

Now let me concede at once that RVP has not said, “this is how Arsenal must play”.  As far as we know when Mr Wenger suggested he play as a number 9, he was doubtful, but agreed to do it, as you would expect any decent employee to do, and found indeed he could.

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But RVP has said that he disagrees how Arsenal should move forward, and so he is ready to leave the club.  He’s been paid a lot of money, his contract is coming to an end, and he has decided to exercise his right and move on.   He has that right, just as when I was in employment (rather than running my own firm) I had the same right.

The point I am edging towards is that he has not said he wants to move for more money, and did not say he wants to move (as many players have suggested before) because he wants a longer contract, so as to be able to secure his salary for longer.  He wants to move because he does not agree about how the club is being run.

I am not sure we have had this reason given to us before for leaving Arsenal.  What we have had is:

1.  Wanting to go back home (Cesc).

2.  Wanting more money (Cole)

3.  Wanting to play for a top team on the world stage (Hleb – oops, Henry – occasional)

4.  Being unhappy (Anelka)

5.  Wanting to play overseas just to see what it is like (Brady)

6.  Wanting to play for a club judged more likely to win the League (Nasri)

7.  Preferring one’s home country to England (Wiltord)

8.  Wanting money, money, money, stardom, fame, money etc (Adebayor)

9.  Wanting first team experience now (Bentley)

10.  Fancying a bit of money laundering (although this of course has not been proven): Diarra.

Of course most players leave because the club wants them to leave because they have not come up to expectations.  All clubs do this, although few do it quite so dramatically as Liverpool as with Andy Carroll whom they are thinking of selling back to Newcastle for £10m one year after buying him for £35m.  (Can you imagine what the AAA would make of that if Mr Wenger got anywhere near such a preposterous moment?)

Anyway, the list of people leaving could go on and on.  And indeed RVP is lucky because   Arsenal must have had some negative thoughts about RVP and his insistence on playing for his country even when injured.  In fact given the way the Netherlands have played of late, I wonder if RVP put a similar point to the manager of his country’s team, and considered taking out an alternative nationality with a country more likely to win.  It happens quite a lot I am told.  Was he in fact telling the manager of the Netherlands how to play – and now expects to be able to do the same with Arsenal?   I think it is possible?

But back to the theme…

It is now beyond doubt that contracts are worth very little.  Cesc had about 250 years left to run on his deal with Arsenal (I exaggerate of course but it was quite a long contract) in an attempt to tie him down, and he went back to his homeland.  We have had the players in their last year of contract deciding not to renew.

I suspect that although few others are likely to follow Cole’s stupidity in coming out and saying that the offer of £2.6m a year in salary, plus bonuses, was laughable, nevertheless money is probably as big an issue as there is.

When a player transfers he will probably get a pay rise, a signing on fee, and some other goodies too – and of course it adds to his publicity, which adds to his value.  You need a singularly stable, astute and intelligent man to stay at a club for a long time (like Bergkamp) or indeed one who knows what it is like to have his talent and ability ridiculed both by his own club and the national media ( also Bergkamp).

I do know, from private conversations with those involved, that despite the obvious fact that 99% of kids who play for top clubs as juniors don’t actually make it through, the overwhelming majority are not interested in training for another trade either because they are sure they will indeed make it, or because they have an idiot father who says that training for a backup trade is an admission of weakness.  Self-belief is strong in football.

And so there is a belief in every player from Flamini to Hleb that from Adebayor to Nasri that moving on will bring wealth, fame and fortune.   Occasionally that is right – Henry’s move to Arsenal was the best thing he ever did.   Cole’s move to Chelsea left him with a reputation as a git, which is about right, but it gave him what he craved more than anything: money.

But for so many players it doesn’t work out.

And that brings me back to RVP.  He is expressing the view that he has to share the vision and approach of the club for him to be able to play for that club.  OK, so what club is now actually going to tell him the truth when he signs for them?

Man City will tell him that he is going to be their new No 9 and play in every game.  And will he?  I imagine Nasri was probably told he would play in every game – just as Flamini was probably told the same at Milan.  (Mind you Flamini was also told that Milan were in the Champs League the following season, and then found to his horror they were not.  As I reported in an earlier piece Flamini couldn’t get anyone to buy him when his contract ended at Milan, and after a while without a club had to re-sign at a much, much, much, much lower salary.

A player who wants to share a vision with the club about the future will generally include in that vision the fact that he plays a lot and wins stuff.  Not that he isn’t actually that good and that it is more than likely that the manager will need to tell him that unless he really applies himself and works hard he won’t play much more (as happened to Nasri).

No club can hold onto a player now.  No player can trust his club.

In fact it is probably time for both players and managers to shut up and leave the commentary to the bloggers.



44 comments to What gives any Arsenal player the right to dictate club policy?

  • colario

    8. Wanting money, money, money, stardom, fame, money etc (Adebayor)
    Well he cracked the money bit!

  • J

    Pose another question: Do fans have the right to question/ dictate club policy? If No, then you must go into a discussion on what it is to be a fan and if yes, then why is van persie not allowed to be a fan of the club.

  • aamir

    i dont understand why people disslike adebayor so much hes about the only player out of the above mentioned who didnt want to leave arsenal but was pushed out by mr wenger and sold him for profit


    Adebuyor did not leave Arsenal for money, he was forced to leave Arsenal for money. He never wanted to leave Arsenal all he wanted a decent pay rise which he got the season before.
    Arsene sold him for £25 mill, good business considering he wanted to change the system and play RvP as the No9. The problem was Arsene’s that Ades eventual replacement was Chamakh.
    Sad to say but I think Ade would have been more loyal to us than Perse in the end

  • Fans of course have the right to question club policy, and that right is exercised. They surely do not have the right, though, to dictate club policy.


    J. Fans have a right to an opinion but not the right to go to dictate/question club policy wthout the invitation of those who are paid to develop club policy. RvP obviously thinks he is so important and knowledgable that he has the right.


    Ammir they dislike Adebuyer because he is an African, same reason they disliked Eboue and they still cannot respect Song. Arsenal like any other team has a lot of racists, just read Le Grove for a period of time and see what I mean.

  • I am happy to explain why I don’t like Adebayor.

    First, the attack on Van Persie was one of the most awful things I have ever seen on a pitch. I think he should have been banned for half a season for that. At least.

    Second, his statements that the Arsenal fans turned on him during his last few months at the club were ludicrous. He had refused to give a commitment to the club, had refused to deny any transfer rumours when Milan came looking, and basically made it clear he was going to leave.

    That is his right, as I try and say in today’s piece, but to then blame it on the fans is just dumb.

    Third his statements about Arsenal and Arsenal fans afterwards. Of course I don’t know if the statements were actually made by him, so I have put this third, but if they were… just look at this…

    ‘After just a week at City, I could feel that the supporters believed in me and were willing me to do well,’ added the Togo international.

    ‘They sing songs about me and they love me. I’m so happy because I’m really enjoying myself again. I certainly feel very at home, very comfortable”

    This was after Arsenal fans were signing “Adebayor, give him the ball and he will score” through the time he was at the club.

  • anatra

    BULSHIDDIZ, As far as I remember, Adebayor was flirting with different clubs (Milan, Barca), when he realized Arsenal wouldn’t cave in to his pay rise demands that would have made him the biggest earner at the club. And that after just one year as the first choice striker.
    And, I guess you are new to this site since you start talking about racism. Maybe you should spend more time on this site than on Le Grove.

  • mike_greece

    Nothing, really. But, obviously, he has every right not to renew his contract if he disagrees with said policy…

  • LRV

    BULSHIDDIZ: Are you saying that Arsenal fans are racist? Do you have any idea how many Negroids (of which I am one), Mongoloids, etc, fans that Arsenal actual have (as against Caucasians {Caucasoids})?

    You need to get a grip mate. Adebayor was loved. He ultimately believed too much in his own hype and dug his own grave. Didn’t you hear the furore he caused at Totenham? Or was that also because he was hated?

  • LRV


    Are you saying that Arsenal fans are racist? Do you have any idea how many Negroids (of which I am one), Mongoloids, etc, fans that Arsenal actual have (as against Caucasians {Caucasoids})?

    You need to get a grip mate. Adebayor was loved. He ultimately believed too much in his own hype and dug his own grave. Didn’t you hear the furore he caused at Totenham? Or was that also because he was hated?

  • BULSHIDDIZ, you use the term “they” rather indiscriminately. For instance, I think that Song is great, and he has plenty of admirers amongst Arsenal fans. I liked Eboue a lot apart from his propensity for diving.

    There is a problem with racism amongst a proportion of football fans, but I don’t believe this is true of a majority. It’s not only racism; some people are abusive across the board, not just when it comes to race; the sort of people who tell us that this player is shit, or that player is a wanker. It would help a lot if some sites moderated to remove abusive posts, to let people know that it’s not OK to behave in this fashion.

  • Quite right … RVP (and others) are not entitled to dictate management policy. But equally they do not have to disagree AND stay. They can disagree and leave … and RVP is not alone. Where top players are or are becoming super rich already … yet greater wealth is more important to some than to others. What is perfectly clear is one after another of Arsenal’s top players have given up on the Wenger Grand Plan … and left. Those who stay are the overpaid under performers (or given little chance) … or those whose new contracts are in the balance (eg, Song, Walcott).

  • Laundryender

    Adebayor is the only Arsenal player I have ever moaned about whilst playing for the club. The only one i ever disliked. The only one i found it difficult to celebrate when he scored, Why?

    CL Semi Final V Man Utd. at The Emirates, he was offside 2 times from Almunia goal kicks. Only explanaition, he could not be bothered to jog past their back line, ie he could not be bothered.

    Flat track bully C**T.

    The rest, I understand them going, it is the cattle market of players, they have their motives, they dont need to explain them, lets face it, we do the same to clubs when it suits us. Sol Campbell anyone!!!!

    PS Tony you missed Frank Stapleton going to Man Utd because his wife worked there.

    And Martin Keown to Villa over a £10 pay rise

  • SouthernGunner

    Thing is Adebayor kind of forced his payrise by flirting with AC Milan after one golden season (could be what RvP/his representatives are trying to do now in fact). After that, a lot of fans didn’t take to him like the season before and started booing him (something I’m not in favour for). That was kind of the beginning of the end of his Arsenal career, the manager didn’t really have a realistic alternative but to sell. The fact that City offered so much money (overpricing the player IMO) says more about them than it does about Arsenal.

    It’s a shame because Ade could have been a great player in the premier league had it worked out for him at Arsenal, but I don’t feel he’ll do as good or better anywhere else.

  • colario

    When he was ‘there’ ‘there’ ‘Arry’, said that Ade was a great player.

  • James morgan

    It’s obvious Wenger’s policy aint working. So as club capt RVP could have indicated to the fm.If managers don’t listen to players when things are going wrong,the club will be in dire straits. I believe Wenger is surrounded by yes men and that is why the gunners especially the defence has been a shambles.
    Just imagine the same goals conceded from set pieces and corner kicks not the last two season but for the last six years. At any top club it’s simple unacceptable. Maybe Arsenal are not a top club.

  • bg

    What players tells Arsenal what to do??

    RVP just say they don’t share the same view about the way the club is going! He is not the only one who disagrees with how the club is beeing run… Their vision is a corporate vision aimed at maximising profits for the shareholders regardeless of any trophies as the only success that matters is a financial one! those who think the club is right should go and support a Bank not a Football Club… Although Arsenal lost those 2 letters a long time ago…

  • Shakabula Gooner

    If you are African or Nigerian, you will know what “Shakabula” means and will very well pin-point the cultural and racial affinity that this writer should have with Adebayor.

    Unlike Kanu, Lauren, Toure or even Wreh Africans (direct from Africa) who had worn the gunners shirts over the years with pride; (not to mention Viera, Henry or Wiltold (French but no doubt of African origin just as Theo), Adebayor was distinctively different.

    He was down with his teammates to the point of having his handshake refused by several mates the first time he meet them on the field in ManCity shirt – could that have also been due to racism among his club mates?

    He doubled his wages one season signed a long-term contract to confirm it; yet, before the end of the season, was flirting like hell with any club that showed interest in taking him for more money.

    He was generally lazy on the field and showed beyond due that he was not only NOT a team player but he was a player with a huge attitude and chip on his shoulders…

    He worked for and more than deserved the fall out with Arsenal fans.

    As for Eboue, he was great as our RB until Sagna upstaged him in the position. He was thus limited to cameo showing at the position or at a more forward RM position and he was no Ashley Cole or Andre Santos going forward. He truggled a lot as a result. in the end, before he left, he was able to claw back most of his reputation from most of the fans.

    Arshavin, Theo, Song, Senderos have had their share of boos from the fans at various stages in their career without the colour of their skins being the issue.

  • goonerbegood

    Hello fellow gooners,
    with regards to the issue of players leaving , i feel the club is been used as a stepping stone for some players , while others just mis -judge the power of the mighty arsenal fc.
    Personally Ade dug his own grave with his big mouth, always speaking to anyone who would listen , while the tabloids exploited his good nature.Adebayor was heading there but thought he was bigger than the club.

    For RVP, i am one of his biggest fans,i love this guy even though i will disagree on his reason in his letter. I feel as a captain of a great club like arsenal , there was no need going to the papers with all that are the captain if you wanted to sort things out , the first thing you do is go to your club and make your case known, not saying words like the club and i disagree the direction the club is going ,is like kettle calling pot black, the same player who was brought through the same youth system.

    Finally, what does ade,rvps ,cole, etc have in common….
    football is a team sport, without song , walcot, gervinho, arteta , RVP would not have scored that much goals.
    There are forces out there who does not want wenger to suceed, player haters, whom want our downfall but are surprised season after season we keep doing it., i was listening to talksport earlier today and i heard some block called cascarino saying tottenham have more ambition more than Arsenal….(you get my point) and i just laughed it off cos , it is the same pundits who continue to be little mighty arsenal fc ,yeah tottenham are more ambitious than mighty arsenal fc cos they have signed adebayor, they have signed villas boas, and vetrognen, ..they sell this ideas to those who will listen , and season after season for the past 20yrs we continue to finish above rotten ham hot spuds.

    RVP our MVP, we love, so so much and we care about you ,not only as our captain but as a man, pls don’t go down that road, don’t let agents or money men spoil your head, i know 200k a week is better than 13ok a week , but there are somethings in life that money just can’t buy… that is called is not what you do that determines who you will become but how you do it.i don’t want to see people putting you in the same class as adebayor, hleb, cole,anelka, are better than that.

  • nicky

    A warning to RVP and others of similar ilk.
    Players who leave Arsenal for another club never seem to improve their lot. Only two in my memory, Messrs Kennedy and Stapleton.

  • Stuart

    @ J
    In answer to your question, no fans don’t have a right to dictate as such, have an opinion yes. Much like anything else, we all make a conscious decision to do what we do. Would you go to a restaurant if you knew you didn’t like the food?

  • gooberbegood

    rvp is our mvp
    he playes for the mighty arsenal fc
    mancini is like a man obsessed with thinking his wife is always cheating on him,well time will tell.
    rvp our mvp we have said a lot about your decision,
    and we the fans set out on a mission,
    not to let you go , cos we want to to continue grow,
    with us .
    we know you love us, we know you care about us,
    cos i remember the 3 goals you scored against the chavs
    it made my day ,. i clutched my fist , and i loved you forever.
    rvp our mvp we all want you to stay,
    stay with us ,robin, 130k a week plus 5million sign on fee ,
    is still close to almost 200k a week.
    true that man city may want you, true they may pay you more,
    but rvp our mvp , the blood that runs through your vains is red and white and you know it.
    pls asene, make rvp our mvp to stay, he wants titles,
    we the fans want titles.the board am sure want titles
    we have 2 billionaires , and i know we have the flair
    to make it happen. we are tired of the so called pundits always direspecting our beloved club,it is time we set the record straight.
    long live the mighty arsenalfc

  • Menace

    @Tony The Adebayor attack was on Bendtner not on RVP. I think players being human are greedy and get tempted by agents who are incapable of anything other than leeching money on the greed of their players.

    I do not feel that RVP will be missed because Arsenal are a team and each player depends on team mates to make him special. Its the team that makes the player not the player that makes the team. Fans are also part of the team and when we support Arsenal with passion our support carries them through levels that would normally not be attained.

    If RVP stays it will be good for him. If he goes it will be a lesson for all to learn. Marriage involves vows – football contracts involve reward for periods of time. RVP must measure his reward against the time he gave to the club. It is his judgement alone that he will sleep with.

    Sweet dreams Robin. tweet tweet

  • Anne


    Your name suggests that you do not intend to be taken seriously 🙂

  • Anne

    If that is actually your real name, I apologize. I was assuming that it was a handle that you selected for yourself.

  • Anne

    I just dug myself into a hole there, didn’t I? I’m sorry.

  • Anne


    Personally, my temptation would be to put these player exits down to something other than greed. Someone is really making a meal out of these players in the media, and the players themselves are not the ones who are benefiting from it.

    I’d like to know more about how our players are being influenced to leave. I don’t believe the reasons given in the media for it.

  • Anne

    I’m not necessarily referring to Adebayor with that comment.

  • bob

    Menace, Tony,
    But the Adebayor attack vs RvP
    did happen as well.

  • Stuart

    @ Anne,

    I kind of see what you are saying with regard to putting player exits down to something else however it eventually comes back to greed anyway. It’s the agents greed that is turning the players heads offering the player ‘sound advice’ I mean, when have they ever let them down?. As a recruiter, I have seen this happen on a daily basis with candidates talked into the benefits of a job which is absolutely not suitable for them just to make the consultant (agent) a few quid. Not game I like to play myself but others thrive on it, they get a kick out of the control. The players are convinced mainly by money in my opinion.

  • Anne


    That might be true in some cases. However, I think we also need to consider the possibility of threats of negative consequences if they don’t decide to leave.

    For example, Tony just mentioned in this article that Robin had been forced to play through injury on international duty. And we know that the same thing happened to Vermaelen as well, which made Arsene Wenger absolutely furious:

    “‘It looks like Belgium has made a decision which I still do not understand and we will look to see if we can put a complaint in,’ the Arsenal manager said.

    ‘Firstly they forced the player to travel, then they forced him to play 90 minutes after being injured and had a centre-back on the bench who did not play at all, in a friendly game knowing they do not even go to the European Championship. For me, that is difficult to understand.'”

    I also found the following from talksport interesting:

    “The case against RVP

    …Looking to matters off the pitch, one possible reason for Van Persie’s lack of sharpness could be the distraction of his ongoing contract saga at Arsenal, and dropping him to the bench could serve as a reminder of where his priorities should lie.”

    I took this to be a bit threatening myself. Of course, there’s room for varying interpretations. But it raises an interesting question.

    What are the consequences of remaining at Arsenal if someone else decides that its time for you to leave? I mean, someone definitely wasted a lot of money on a “transfer saga” if Robin decides to say.

  • Stuart

    I’ve rarely seen someone convinced to change employer by money alone (probably once or twice) however I have never seen someone move without money being a factor, whether they admit it or not. I’ve had people tell me they are not in it for the money, more the challenge and prestige. Offer them an interview for a job with an excellent employer with really interesting and challenging work but slightly less money and they always turn it down.

    Again, with getting a candidate interested, money alone doesn’t do it and discussing everything but money, that doesn’t do it either, the money is always the last thing I mention after all the positives about the company, people etc… as it is the clincher they have been waiting for, even if the job eliminates every reason that makes them unhappy with their current employer they still wont consider it until the money is higher

  • James morgan

    This is with reference to Nicky.Nasri,Feb etc have won the trophies the gunners covet. In 1961 David Herd ,the club’s leading scorer left because he wanted to join MU a more successful clul than Arsenal at that time. He had winners medals for the title and FA cup.
    If RVP wins a trophy and Arsenal win nothing,he will be justified in his decision to leave. I believe Wenger has caused the gunners to stagnate and until he can lift a trophy the coming season,the gunners will lose more of their leading lights. The first few months of the season will show where the gunners are heading.Don’t be surprised the fm leaves midway if the gunners can’t challenge.

  • Arvind

    @James: Nicky can speak for himself when he sees this. My point though, is that I personally do not grudge RVP going; that is how life is. YOu feel you will get something better elsewhere (and that is subjective).. you go. The problem I have with RVP is coming out himself OR by proxy and slagging the club off in a veiled manner.

    Unless it is proved beyond doubt, that it wasn’t him and he has been completely misquoted, I do NOT want him to stay. He can leave and go wherever he wants.

    As for the trophies, as I’ve said many times, I couldn’t care less as long as we continuously compete and do things the right way; partially influenced by Wenger.

    Arsenal have lost their ‘leading lights’ all the time..ever since I can remember..which I concede is NOT as early as 1961; so you’re way way above me there. However from Overmars and Petit to RVP, Arsenal have lost players and most definitely competed when no one said they could. That for me is good enough.

    Its possible of course that AW leaves midway after we’re 18th in the table in December and that’d be sad. However I do not think, personally, it will come to that…irrespective of RVP staying or going.

  • James morgan

    The president of the US has advisers. So has the PM of the UK.They are not surrounded by yes men.The problem with Arsenal is Wenger has too much power,including the right to hire and fire.Hence the staff who diagree with him on his philosophy will be out of job. If I aint wrong,SR paid for his comment on the gunners shambolic defence.
    So how can the gunners improve when Wenger believes his way will be proven correct eventually.It hasn’t worked the last seven years.If it doesn’t work this year season,he shd pay the price. He has been given more than enough time ,to be exact by some three to four years. Indeed i would be very surprised he carries on for 2013-2014,despite a poor 2012-13.Of course we have to give him the benefit of doubt/time.
    Again time is of the essence.

  • Arvind

    @James: I’m not sure how you say he has “too much power” for sure; because that is a very subjective comment. Again, lets play devil’s advocate as I often do, and say…Yes AW has too much power. The question what good and bad has he DONE with that power?

    There’s a ton of good starting from player diets to getting 3rd last year which I won’t elaborate as its been said many times here. The only so called bad he has done, is not deliver trophies year in year out. That really is more an art than an exact science; if it were science, everyone would win a trophy every year. And there are only 4…

    Every great individual is stubborn. Not just football managers. It is a part of who they are. If they weren’t stubborn they wouldn’t be able to do the good that they do. I remember an old quote by Tony Adams when AW had a very short training session..and Tony said…’Boss we need to do more’ and AW said…No..that’s enough. That occasion he turned out to be right. Many others he’d be wrong. But every great individual lives and dies by his/her methods. And more often than not…he gets more right than wrong…and has earned the right to do it.

    So even if he has a ‘mediocre’ (in your words…which I imagine will be a trophy-less season) season; he will only go when he decides to call it a day. I will be at the end of his current contract which is at the end of 2013-14. It’ll be on his terms though; no one else’s. IMO anyway.

    As for SR (I assume Stuart Robson)…it is not disagreeing that is the problem; much like RVP, but how you do it which is. If you do not realize that your public criticism is counterproductive to what you think it will achieve, then yes, you will be out of a job or be talked sternly to. Do all your straight talking to people who matter; not outside where the disgusting media and the AAA will jump on immediately and twist. Its hard enough as it is. Its the same logic with booing as well…I’ve said this here multiple times. Maybe you read it..maybe you didn’t.

    To round it all off…I don’t think he’s failed at all. Power in the hands of a responsible individual, even too much power, is not a problem. Now if the AAA had that much power…THAT would be a problem ; )

  • gooberbegood

    Hello fellow gooners,
    i feel we should leave Arsene wenger out of this saga.
    Believe me, how many times has madrid come for wenger in the past??, how many times has barca come for wenger, offering more moeny and better players,including clubs like PSG, MAN CITY etc…wenger is a great coach, a great man,. if RVP decideds to leave ,it is not down to wenger rather the board of so called directors, who whimp and sleep while the rest of football is moving on.
    The thing that really irritates me is the fact we have 2 stinkly rich billionaires, 1 owns over 60% while the other owns close to 30% but still they sit there and watch as mancity continue to rip out our hearts and our players and do nothing.
    i feel the board room level is not yet set, it is lacking something or someone, it is in need of a little bit of tweek here and there but what they do is continue to increase ticket prices , year after year without any thought of winning any trophy.
    Like i have written before, someone out there hates wenger so much that they will rather see him fail than succeed.Someone out there does not want wenger to complete his job , but at the same time, i feel mighty arsenal give them the tools in which they use to attack us.
    Rvp says he wants to win titles like , we the fans don’t want the same, he talks about him not having the same vision with club , kettle calling pot black after 7yrs that he has not delivered anything for us .
    we should be behind wenger, we should show him support, the board should make him and us happy and give us what we want , and to achieve this is we need depth in our squad, regardless of rvp staying or leaving.
    it is time, our club begin to insert clauses in players contracts like they do in spain cos as long as we have rich oil wells in man city, psg, chelsea , etc, it will be difficult for us . we have to set the record straight once and for all, and allow usmanov a sit on the board , believe me , if i invest almost 200million pounds in a compnay and own 30% of shares , there is no way i will sit back while the other board memebers tell me that they dont want me.Right now we need all to work as a team, kroenke, usmanove ,gazidis, wenger , rvp fans , we need to come together as a team and find out who the mole is at arsenal fc and get rid of this mole and we will be fine .

  • bob

    To add to the worthwhile reading list, this blow-by-blow chronological analysis by Beautiful Groan blog of the RvP/AFC affair is quite good:

  • bob

    p.s. It’s their 6 July posting titled “Van Persie statement the culmination of a chain of events”

  • Stroller

    I agree that RVP’s complaints are not directed at Wenger. If you read the statement he goes out of his way to praise Wenger. The difference between the two is that while Wenger is happy to work with the club’s self-sustaining vision and strategy, it appears that RVP isn’t. In that respect they disagree but to say it is Wenger’s policy is misleading.

    A criticism often thrown at Wenger is that he has too much power. It’s as if he dictates to Kroenke and the Board how the club is run, and has his finger in the financial and commercial aspects as well as football matters. Maybe it’s because he is sufficiently well-educated and erudite to talk about these things that people draw this conclusion.

  • Stuart

    I agree Stroller, Wenger is merely an employee, a highly valued one but again, just an employee with targets and policies to meet. The guy is a natural born winner, proven by his desire to go a season unbeaten, how could anyone question his desire to win?

  • nicky

    @James morgan,
    I would not regard the winning of some immediate silverware as the be all and end all of a player’s success at leaving Arsenal.
    A fleeting achievment is no substitute for overall progress and improvement in technique and ability for club and country. Very few have attained this.
    Let Adebayor be a warning as someone who has failed at Citeh and Real Madrid. The fact that he has now descended to Spurs speaks for itself.