Arsenal finances sound but Man U fail to pay their bills

News has come in that, as we predicted, Manchester Bankrupt are unable to pay their debts.

With non-Murdoch newspapers now working to distance themselves from the insanity of the “we must sell 2 players a year” story in the News of the World, and with the Guardian printing a moderately decent reanalysis showing that Arsenal now earn twice as much from matches as they did 2 years ago, attention is starting to turn on the £1.5 billion owed by the bankrupt northern team who also failed to pay the interest on their debts last year.

Reuters reports today (12 July) that Manchester B has failed to pay the City of Moscow Corporation the 148,000 euros it owes the City for transporting “supporters” from the Moscow city airports to the Luzhniki Stadium last May.

UEFA has already suffered a major embarrassment over the fact that the finalists both borrowed their way to the final with the largest debt ever. Now this insult to the hosts is making matters worse.

A spokesman for the City of Moscow is quoted by Reuters as saying that they had used 670 buses to transport 40,000 Manchester Bankrupt fans from the city’s airports to the stadium and back.

So angry is the Russian authority that it held a press conference yesterday to announce the debt and refusal to pay. Reuters then quoted a “spokesman” for Manchester Bankrupt who said they hoped to have some money by the end of July.

However there is also the story running that the Bankrupts are trying to buy a Bulgarian Nomad Berber from the Tiny Totts. What could be more amusing that seeing the Tinies taking the Bankrupts to court when the payments on that deal don’t happen.

Oh joy.

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  1. I cannot wait for the scum to do a more extravaggant plunge than Leeds. Hahahahahahahaahaha…maybe they’d have to move to London so that most of their fans can finally see a game! They better sell Ronaldo before the administrators take a reduced price for him!

  2. Man, you better have a link to that fact or you’ll be doing to Gooner’s reputation what King Herod did to Syrian baby-sitting industry. I dont like manure when they are insolent to us but if this is not true I would not want that to have originated from one of us. Please, give us a link or else you’re talking shite.

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