Could fan power break the grip of the Slaves?

There is a story doing the rounds today that at the weekend’s friendly match between Manchester Bankrupt and Burscough the Londoners who support Manchester were demonstrating against Cristiano Ronaldodo. They have clearly had enough of a player (or “Slave” as they now like to be called) who just wants to leave.

I have no desire to show any good wishes to Londoners who support a club that “plays” in Manchester, but I am heartened by this stance, I must admit. If more fans said, “right, the moment you start to show anything but devotion to our club, you are done for” that could help.

In a sense it is a bit like a non-violent version of the Ultras in Italy – the fans start to show their force and their power. Adebayor makes lots of dopey comments. We give him a while to retract or sack his agent, but when he does not, that’s it. As far as we, the fans who pay his wages are concerned, he is out.

At Arsenal we are lucky because we already have the Curse of Arsenal which really sees to those players who leave. Because of the threat of several players going to Italy the Curse has of late really upped its position on Italy. There was a detailed post on this a day or two back – you can see it in the column of past posts. I think it was one that GoonerNews missed, so if you didn’t see it, it is worth having a read because it shows that football in Italy is about to implode.

Just as poor Patrick Vieira got stung by going to Italy (two championships, and then the medals removed and the club in the 2nd division) so the whole of top division football there is now threatened by legal action. These Curse of Arsenal people move fast.