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  1. Matt Clarke

    The level of greed amongst top level footballers leaves me astonished.
    Whatever happended to loyalty?
    Thanks for the article – a fun, but pointed, read.

  2. rusty

    I hadn’t heard of Debuchy until the Euros this year, when he represented himself well enough for France. Maybe their squad was affected by something in the water?

  3. RobL

    Nice one Mark, what a thankless little twat he comes across as.

  4. Goona Gal

    I have got to say, I didn’t really follow the article title and I initally thought it was one of those articles suggesting a player’s suitability for AFC.

    This article is a great eye opener! Debuchy sounds like he took tips from Hazard.

  5. WalterBroeckx

    Well they played a long time together Goona Gal, so they learned a few tricks or is it the place that causes this?

    I better not step off the train in Lille next time when we come to the Emirates. I think there is something in the water over there or maybe in the air. Mmmmm holding my breath for some 5 minutes while the train stops might be a bit difficult.

  6. WalterBroeckx

    About the article:
    I think this once more shows that there is no more loyalty amongst 99,99% of the footballers.
    Giggs (did I just use the world loyal???), Adams…those are the exception to the rules.
    But the rest are just mercenaries and well paid mercenaries. The best we can do is to hope they are loyal. But I’m trying hard not to have hopes about possible loyalty from any player. But it is so difficult you know. Take Jack he…. you see how easy it is to get carried away once again…

    The only loyal people in football are the supporters (and even there…. LOL) . And Arsène Wenger…

  7. ARSENAL 13

    Debuchy….Is he the guy who deputized SAGNA???….

    ANd some ARSENAL fans want him at Emirates. Sic

  8. robl

    @ Arsenal13, yes but he had a few good games on TV so now we should sign him. Even Jason Lee had a few good games…..

  9. Mandy Dodd

    Unbelievable – hope Newcastle or whoever know what they are signing.
    Seem to remember Ade being a bit like that before he ended up with us, he turned out well didn’t he!

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