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  1. mark

    With so many refs scoring lower than 70% correct decisions it would seem very optimistic to think that most could score 80%.

    Only one team had that for the season average and that was with just 8 of the 38 games reviewed.

    So is it even possible for all the refs in all the games to average 80% correct decisions?

    I am not sure that it is possible. That is why I would want to see two refs on the field. Four eyes and two brains ought to get more decisions correct. Technology would help with getting the goals decision correct. And video replay would help with penalty decisions. But if none of these are adopted I don’t think 80% correct is possible. Maybe 75%?

  2. zdzis

    I think two main refs is the basic starting point, along with goal-line tech. When you have one ref per side, there’ll be more correct penalty calls, too.

  3. Charlie

    Need to see whether the bias in each case is for or against before really commenting. Do Stoke get penalised unfairly due to their reputation as a physical side or do they commit more fouls and get away with it ? One thing you can say is that referees are influencing the results dramatically and it is leading to unfairness in the league. We don’t know whether this is poor relative to other leagues or whether referees throughout the world have a bigger influence over results than we would like. It’ll be very interesting to see the positive and negative bias results.

  4. Woolwich Peripatetic

    Stoke get the “benefit of the doubt”, unless they go to Old Trafford.

  5. Jitty

    Hey – who are stoke sponsored by?

    And who is that goalkeeper they have who deliberately lets in goals?

    They are an interesting team with an interesting business model!

  6. bob

    Dogface, Walter, Tony,
    Mates, please consider putting a link to the whole Series Index at the top and bottom of each new article (and yes, even go back and do this for all of them); as, now, it will help tie the whole thing back together at one click. Otherwise people have to learn (and may never realize) that they can find that link via the Home page (only). This little bit more of clean-up work really can make a big difference (especially for new visitors) in jumping from each new article back into the series as a totality, and make for greater coherence, etc. etc. (I’ve had industry experience in increasing customer satisfaction and making sites user friendlier and for what it’s worth recommend that this would add a lot.)

  7. bob

    p.s. in support of adding the 2 links: “But if you look at one report you probably don’t have a clue how this relates to the rest of the league.” These links would help readers further make this relationship.

  8. Stuart

    Walter / Dogface,

    This is getting more and more interesting by the day and this report leads me to ask, will you be compiling tables like the above but only taking into account 1 ref at a time?

  9. WalterBroeckx

    work is in progress behind the scenes 😉

  10. finsbury

    Wouldn’t it be nice if as in the Olympics the likes of Stoke were booted out of the league for not trying (against certain opponents).
    We can but dream. Whilst appreciating the efforts of Walter & Dogface.

  11. Gunz

    Walter/Dog face/Tony

    Any way you could show, if there’s any relation between Ref(s) performances and certain football team(s) league positions, through the 2011/2012 season? Does that make sense?

  12. Mick

    Sorry if I am a bit thick but when a team eg ‘Swansea who in their games had 9.24% more correct decisions than the league average’ that is not saying that Swansea necessarily benefited from all those decisions is it? Just that there were more correct decisions all round?

  13. WalterBroeckx

    That is absolutely correct.

    I could have expressed it a bit clearer maybe in the article itself.

  14. Goona Gal

    I read a shockingly decent article on refereeing from the most unlikely source and I could’nt think of a better place to post it. Hopefully work like this and criticism in the mainstream press will spotlight failings and will improve on last year.


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