Why Milan hoax has been ignored by warped press

The Milan Hoax – in which they openly stated that Ade was the only player they wanted, then claimed they had a letter from Arsenal virtually begging them to make an offer – before finally saying “we’ve got a guy from Brazil we don’t need anyone else” – is ignored in the press today.

These newspapers ran all the other parts of the story – and in doing so have made life difficult for everyone involved.

But why stop now – why not reveal exactly what Milan were up to: the fact that they never wanted to sign Ade in the first place and were just interested in making life difficult for Arsenal, and putting up a smoke screen around their deal with BarBarBarcaSheep.

There are two reasons.

The first is that as we might expect Ade’s agent did not send out a press release on this one – and up to this point the press have just been running his press releases as if they were news.  No press release no news.  Simple.

The second is that the press are not interested in the current situation in Italy in which a third scandal in the space of 3 years is about to break (helping Argentinians get false passports so they can play in Italy.)

Quite why they are not interested is a mystery, but it fits in with the UK’s inward looking vision.  The original match fixing scandal which saw Patrick Vieira have his two championship medals withdrawn after it was found that Juve had been fixing matches for years, gained little coverage until the findings by the court – and then only for a day or so.

The situation in Italy is even more out of control than here.  There are more match fixing hearings going on at the moment, plus the new Argentine issue, and no one knows which clubs are clean and which are involved in the fix.  Certainly any club could go down a league or two at any time.

While the bubble in the EPL that is going to burst is the financial bubble, that will take down Liverpool, Manchester Bankrupt and the Tiny Totts, in Italy it is match fixing, and the next time round it could be huge.

All of which leaves Ade in no-man’s-land, which is just about where he belongs at this moment.

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