Milan admit: Chasing Ade was just a hoax

Reuters have reported formally what insiders have been saying for weeks – Milan’s fun and games with Adebayor were just that: fun and games.

The statement that said, “It’s Adebayor or no one for us,” the really dumb story about Arsenal having said that they are still interested in selling and will drop the price…  It was, as I think virtually everyone knew – a pack of lies set out to cover up the desire to get some Brazilian guy.

Quite where that leaves Ade now is unclear.  There is still Barca who are richer after the deal, and it is quite possible that part of the Milan strategy over their new signing involved easing the passage of Ade to Barbarbarcasheep.

What is clear is that this is the way clubs in Europe now operate – no game is too dirty, no trick too nasty.   Simple players are led along by rich clubs and rich agents, not realising the way they are falling into a trap.

One can  only hope that next time around Arsenal supporters realise from the very start that this is how these clubs behave.