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August 2021

Arsenal. Starting from Zero. On the decline? Or still a top team?


 Ordinary is Pointless



Arsenal. On the decline? Or still a top team?


By Cameron Wolf

When I think about Arsenal and our successes and the exciting teams I’ve been privileged to watch at Highbury and the Emirates, I always start at 1996. The beginning of the Wenger era.

It’s for me a natural association. Arsène’s the current manager. The squad is entirely his and any recent success has been down his coaching staff and to his Arsenal team.

I still remember the George Graham teams. One nil to the Arsenal an all that. More recently I watched the CL final where Chelsea ground out a result. Has there have ever been a worse advert for EPL football? I’m sure every single Chelsea fan out there would disagree because they won, but I know what I’d rather watch. Free flowing attacking football.

In the EPL alone it’s twenty teams competing for only four trophies. Not a lot to go around really when you think about it.  And considering only four teams can compete in the CL that only leaves three trophies which are realistically open to all others.

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If you add in to the lower leagues playing in the two cup competitions then there really isn’t that much to go around. Yet we’re “supposed” to win something every year. Because we’re The Arsenal?

I know it’s been seven years now since we won a trophy. I know it hurts but who else has won the silverware?

Since 1996:

In the last sixteen years the league has only been won by four different teams:

  • Man. U.        9 times. 
  • Arsenal.       3 times. 
  • Chelsea.       3 times. 
  • Man. City.    Once.

So out of twenty teams all competing for the Holy Grail in reality there are only a handful of teams who realistically are in with a real chance of regularly winning the league. I know any team can win it but I’m talking about winning on a regular basis.

Last season City won it on goal difference with the last kick of the ball. Deep into overtime. It was that close. Money well spent? I’d disagree. If I’d spent close to a $1 billion on my team. I’d like a guarantee that we’d win everything. As we know there are no certainties in football.

(It is also interesting that in the French League, Paris St Germain, who are in fact the richest club in the world – even richer than Man C potentially, failed to win the French league last year – although everyone expects them to get it right this year, next year and forever).

In the CL having to finish top four to even be allowed to be in the competition makes it even more difficult for a team normally in the bottom half of the league even to think about competing in it. Not to say that couldn’t happen but realistically the chances of say Swansea finishing top four then going on to win the CL would be nothing short of a miracle.  The most they can hope for is the same as Liverpool at the moment – a good year and a place in the Europa.

Champions league winners

  •  Man. U.     2.
  • Chelsea.    1.
  • Liverpool   1.

That’s it over the period.   And  in the FA Cup it’s basically the same story. Mainly won by one of the top six although obviously in a cup competition all the other teams have a fair chance of an upset and progressing further. Winning the final none the less normally goes with form.

FA Cup:                         

  • Chelsea         6              
  • Arsenal         4
  • Man. U.         2
  • Liverpool      2
  • Man. City       1
  • Portsmouth   1

The best chance for a team outside the top six is definitely the League Cup. Over the last sixteen years it has been won by nine different teams with only a couple of teams winning it more than once.

So where’s Arsenal in terms of still pushing hard for a share of the honours?

We’ve won the league three times and finished in the top four every single year since Arsène joined us – an experience only equalled by Real Madrid and Man United.  Forget Barcelona, Milan, Inter – the consistency of the Champions League is down to three teams.

We’ve been in the FA Cup final five times and won it four times. We’ve been in the CL final once and the league Cup final twice.

If you look at how that compares to the other nineteen teams that we compete against in the league I think we’re very consistent. We are without a doubt a top four team. At the start of every season we have as good a chance of the other teams that have won the league recently and every year we have a reasonable run in the CL and have as good a chance as any of the top four of going all the way in all of the cup competitions.

And yet I read a comment recently that said “we’re on the decline”.  Not compared with the years before Arsène we are not…

  • 1996 – 5th (Rioch)
  • 1995 – 12th (Graham – who was sacked but we were not much better off when he left)*
  • 1994 – 4th
  • 1993 – 10th*
  • 1992 – 4th
  • 1991 – 1st
  • 1990 – 4th*

(As an aside in the * years, Tottenham finished ahead of us, just to rub the salt in).

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I’m sure there are tons of fans who are only interested in us winning trophies. They are important after all. Isn’t that why we all support Arsenal? To see them beat everybody and win all the trophies?

Maybe I’m just plain old fashioned or maybe I’m just old but I still just enjoy watching Arsenal playing good attacking football. Football with flair. I love the games and both from watching the games and looking at the history I can’t see how we are in decline.

In fact I actually believe we’re on the up. The new signings this summer I think will add strength and depth to the squad. If RVP goes then so be it. Someone else will have to step up and take his place. Just like every other time one of our best players leave or retires.

The new season is almost up on us and like every other one I’ve experienced in the last twenty two years. I start it with the same optimism as always.

On the first day of the season we all start at zero.


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56 comments to Arsenal. Starting from Zero. On the decline? Or still a top team?

  • spotty

    Once again, we read about money spent by all other team, except Arsenal.
    Meanwhile, ” the others ” won trophies.
    Can we say the same about Arsenal ?

  • Ong Bing

    Of course we are not top team.

    We only sign French league top score, German forward with 100 caps, and very good Spanish winger.

    Top team will sign 35M striker and on loan him in the next season. Or sign 50M striker that more often on the bench then played.

    Damn, I think we will not trophieles this season.

  • idolx

    we were also in the cup winners cup final but lost that.

  • mtv663

    A Breath of fresh air, makes a refreshing change from some chav who can’t spell going on about the Arsenal as if a few quid would solve the problems over night, I agree with you..what problem, we get to see some of the best technical/passing & exciting football outside the Spanish league.

    in many ways I hope van-p leaves us, it will give us a fresh start, the last of the old guard “shadow squad”! yes I know we would have been in the proverbial without him last season, but should we really disregard what went before, season after season of injury, I think not.

    V.P. if you are reading this be aware your transfer has Berbatov written all over it…enjoy the money there will be little else.

    Arsenal to win the league, I give us a one in five chance, to win something I give us one in three, to see some great nail biting football, of course we will, and personally I think it’s great…come on Arsenal.

  • nicky

    To enquire, even rhetorically, whether Arsenal are in decline during a Summer Transfer Window of unprecedented buying, is somewhat bizarre to say the least.
    I cannot recall a close season when so much business has involved our Club.
    Most followers of Arsenal would agree that on the basis of new blood alone, the squad should be real contenders in all competitions next term.
    No doubt Arsene Wenger will ask for patience to allow the newbies to bond with the present team and it will be incumbent on all fans, especially at the Emirates, to give 100% support throughout the season to whoever Arsene selects to wear the shirt.

  • LiamOB1

    About time someone talked sense,instead of all the nonsense I have had to read over the last lot of years. Everybody laughed at the thoughts of us qualifying for the champions league after a few months of last season. What a team, what a manager, to turn that around and finish third above the spurs, with some of the best football i seen in years, that is just class. I think I remember everyone saying they will never be able to do it. Where does that leave Arsenal without the champions league.
    This will be my 42nd year as a Gooner and as every year I can’t wait for the boys to walk out on that pitch for the new season, it’s a privilege to be an Arsenal fan, after 3 very exciting signings this has to be something to look forward to this year. I am starting to get excited already. Up the Arsenal, come on you Gunners!!! (and to the rest of you Gooners, stop bloody moaning and get behind the team) this is going to be a great year for us, I can feel it in my water.

  • John

    Very well written and meaningful. This is why I love this site!

    All the best

  • Matt Clarke

    Excellent stuff.
    I thoroughly agree with the desire to watch great football above grinding out tr0wfis (Liverpool beating us in the FA cup final anyone?).
    And, I have not seen the trophy winners summarised like that before – it makes for a refreshing view (not that I was depressed about it).

  • Matt Clarke

    Oh, I have just re-read your question…

    “Arsenal. Starting from Zero. On the decline? Or still a top team”

    Nope – not a top team.

    THE top team. 🙂

  • The font

    Well said that’s the spirit all arsenal fans need to adopt I am a home and away supporter win or lose I enjoy my my club of course it’s better if you win but beating spurs to champs league spot is better than winning the fa cup In arsen we trust

  • Alan S

    Cmon mate, slaggin Chelsea for the way that they won the CL is ridiculous.

    Do you not remember Parma in ’95 – we’re you appalled at the way we played that night or praising the likes of Adams, Dixon, Seaman and Smith for their performance!

    Fact of the matter is fans want to win, winning pretty has just been a little luxury we got used to at the start of Wengers reign.

    We’re still a top team, just not in the elite bracket.

    Interesting post though!

  • Shakabula Gooner

    Relative to the past 7years when, on account of its investment in a new stadium, Arsenal cruised on gear 2/3, clearly, Arsenal’s activities in this transfer window and the rich pickings in Arsenal’s Youth Program being made available to the first eleven show that Arsenal is shifting gears to 4/5.
    Unlike most other teams, the club is better positioned to stay at the higher gears as it relies on its player development and careful operation in the transfer window than on throwing money around. Money that it will increasingly also have more of as it renegotiates the endorsement contracts coming due…we are looking to be a top team for a looonnnggg time!

  • Asif

    While on the subject of RvP…is it that Wenger had told him that you wait and watch and then decide if you want to leave? I am not dreading him leaving, but then now he has no excuses actually…we have a brilliant team and can’t wait for the new season to begin!

    For most fans…its a case of lost perspective…there is team which won the FA cup but the manager got sacked! We should all bring them to Untold to actually understand that it not all doom and gloom!!!

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    Last season:
    Neither ManUtd nor Chelsea won the PL;
    Neither ManUtd nor ManCity won the CL;
    Neither ManUtd nor ManCity won the FA Cup;
    None of those three won the league cup.
    The season before:
    Neither ManCity nor Chelsea won the PL;
    None of those three won the CL;
    Neither ManUtd or Chelsea won the FA cup;
    None of those three won the league cup.

    Looking at those figures, it would seem that top teams frequently don’t win trophies. In fact winning even one trophy in a season is actually surprisingly unlikely. But most of Arsenal’s failures to win trophies come from outside the club not inside.

  • Cameron Wolfe

    I wrote the article due to a comment last week from what I think was a Man. U fan.
    He was going on about how Man. U’s debt was going down and we we’re in decline.
    I replied by telling him. Man.U’s debt is actually rising due to declining income and we were on the up.
    That sparked the idea.
    @ alanS
    I only started with Arsene’s reign. Oct. 96 and we are defiante a totally different team from 95 especially the style we’ve adapted.

  • bjtgooner

    I did wonder if this article was a response to the reported thoughts of a corpulent Russian – who also thinks we are in decline and and announced his thoughts with all the timing of a panicking stegosaurus.

    Last season, once the team recovered from the Cesc/Na$ri & Dein damage, we showed everyone that we still had a very fine first team that could and did beat almost everyone. With fewer injuries and sensible refereeing our points tally would have been higher.

    Now, after three major signings, with players returning from injury and with some young players maturing we have more options, firepower and depth. With or without RVP we are not in decline.

    Why did the slim man make his comment just now?

  • Cameron Wolfe

    @ Woolwich Peripatetic
    See I like your perspective.
    I also like
    “In fact winning even one trophy in a season is actually surprisingly unlikely”

    Yet we’re deemed to be failure’s from a certain section of our supporters if we don’t win anything.
    Maybe some of our supporters are the wrong type of supporters?

  • americangooner

    There is no denying in the fact that arsenal have always been title contenders. no team can write us off. even during the trophyless and transitional 7 years we have reached in a CL final, two times Carling Cup final, a one time FA cup final. our young side was leading at the top during 07/08 period, however a horrific tackle from taylor injured eduardo, and subsequently affecting the team mentality. we also reached carling cup final 10/11, loosing on a freak goal. Arsenal, despite limited finances,have been doing consistently way better than expected.its just that luck has not been on our side.

  • nicky

    Having supported Arsenal since the mid-1930’s, I have to confess that the absence of silverware over the last decade has lost its importance to me. It could be my crumblie outlook but I seem to take greater pleasure from watching Arsenal’s exciting attacking flair, the fast close passing and shooting from outside the box. (I put that last bit in to remind the lads to improve on this aspect next season).
    I much prefer seeing Arsenal progressing in the CL than a one-off Cup Final, largely reached via the luck of draw and venue.
    That is not to say that winning CL and EPL silver wouldn’t be pleasant but we must get our priorities right. We play the most attractive football in Britain, perhaps even in Europe. Above all things, that must never change.
    Be careful, those of you who disagree….I may put you on my haunting list for future reference!

  • bob

    Here’s one for your haunting list! UA has shone a light at times on Dein the Lesser, whose meal ticket is punched when his serial moves, Cameron, would push us toward actual decline. I found support for this view on today’s goonerholic:
    “It is likely that those in Highbury House will be more concerned with the activities of Darren Dein, Damien to Dad’s Delboy. He is hawking some of the club’s best assets around Manchester and Europe but so far has failed to deliver for those he ‘represents’ or ‘advises’. While Usmanov can only throw sticks and stones the real agent of division [i.e., Darren Dein] in North London remains a threat, with van Persie, Walcott, and now Song made restless by the seller of greener grass elsewhere.”

    The antidote to this bloodsucker, our traditions, our well founded hope and our unity: “All the club can do is release the unsettled, preferably sooner rather than later, and continue to bring in quality players in their place at reasonable wages for sensible fees. It is those who want to wear the cannon who will get the full backing of the support. We all want the same thing for the club, even if there are differences of opinion about the right way to get there.”

  • nicky

    I wonder whether David Dein now wishes he’d practised celibacy all those years ago.

  • Adam

    @Nicky, how young was you when you started following The Arsenal?
    P.S. Nice read Mr Wolf. We are a giant of a club.

  • nicky

    Born in 1923 so let’s have a bit of respect, please. I really started supporting Arsenal at the beginning of the Allison era, following my Father who became a fan in London in 1916 recuperating after being wounded in WW1.
    In the early 1900’s my Mother lived in Gillespie Road (before Highbury, of course) so all-in-all I was destined to become a Gooner!.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Alan S….what is your ¨elite bracket¨? does it include a team that went unbeaten for 49 games and one entire EPL season? does it include a team that came from 17th to 3rd place against all odds in 2012? does it include a team that haas headed the injury table, yet managed to remain in the CL for 15 straight seasons? Does it include a team that play the most beautiful football in the UK? Does it include a team that has the best stadium in England?
    When you can appreciate these achievements, then come back and redefine ¨elite¨to us, until then I rank your comment as ignorant.

  • bob

    Would that have been the original bad seed, then? 🙂

  • bjtgooner


    Keep battling on mate, we need good fans like you!


    Interesting quote about Dein the Lesser – but tar & feathers comes to mind!

  • bob

    Yes, at least that…but then a line would be crossed. 🙂 If fans’ awareness of this creature would grow, perhaps some of his would-be clients would be just a bit less eager to drink his kool aid and avoid putting fans on alert to the make-up of their character. Does today’s player dare risk being ignored on social media? That would be the modern day equivalent of exile. Anyway, they used to hang villains in effigy – symbolic, symbolic, symbolic. But he’s bent on making a real meal out of our dreams.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Great post. A bad day for Usmanov, his timing is almost as bad as the PR of RVP. THere could be a lot of egg on some faces before the summer is through. There is a lot out there now about dein mk 2, I have a feeling a couple of his lesser clients will be asked to sign, or be shipped out, and in the current mood of things, replaced by even better players. THeo, you have been warned, time to listen to reality and not some guy who just wants to make money and avenge a perception of ill treatment of his dad, and maybe other agendas . My prediction…..dein the lessers days of screwing up this club are numbered, he may yet get to youngsters as they make it big, but cannot really do much with a highly talented 27 year old on a four year contract. IF theo and song are loyal, great to have them on board, if their heads have been turned, they can be replaced, and maybe one already has been. I hope the powers that be will rid the club of the influence of this leach.

  • Adam

    @Nicky, Thankyou for the information about yourself. Im 36 and Hampstead born (posh eh) My Grandfather(Hoxton boy)was born 1904 so we never really knew each other, As he could be a very distant character and it was only as I got older that I started to understand what he carried around with him, He lost Brothers during the Great war but also had to endure the second conflict personally. He started our side of the family down the Gooners route. My Grandmother (Islington girl) born 1925 Just as mad about The Arsenal as the rest of us. I know from chats with my Nan how hard life was is Islington back in the 1920/30s She ended up in some children’s hospice in Hemel Heampstead due to basically being abandoned to the streets.
    What, If you don’t mind me asking are your memories of childhood in North London?

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    Bob….this is the blimp in the stadium isn’t it? Usmanov and Dein, IMHO, are in bed together and trying their best to destabilize not only the BoD but players, managers AND supporters, especially the whiny AAA types like Alan S and Spotty above. These fools will hang on every criticism that is aimed at Wenger, the BoD and the management of the Club and shit their boxers in joy when the Usmanov-Dein cabal issue a come get us letter…in the vain hope that we’ll suddenly become City 2.
    The Cabal has NO intention of spending their money on new players or improving the Club….in his latest outburst,Usmanov let it slip that AFC’s market value has doubled and that he will try and get as many more shares as he can…but not because he ¨lovesd¨the Club, rather because he will double his initial investment. Its strictly business, NOTHING personal…nothing a true Gooner understands.

  • bjtgooner


    Agreed. But I am not sure that Dein the Dad regrets the present actions of Dein the Lesser; Dein the Dad has some baggage (or resentment) so I suspect he now leans towards the Usmanov ambition and sees the activities of Dein the Lesser as helpful towards that end in weakening/destabilising the club.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Strange how the AAA blame wenger, Ivan, stan, pat, denilson, diaby, alumina or whoever for what they perceive as our decline, but never mention son of dein. Guess objective analysis has never been the strong point of the AAA, unless it has appeared in The Sun or Talkshite first

  • RedGooner

    Still a team for the future and going in the right direction.

    A little off subject but you have love benik afobes debut hatrick tonight for Bolton.

    Makes me think we will always be moving in the right direction.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Nice one Cameron ,keep on howling !
    We are on the right tract and barring some major catastrophic disaster ,we will become stronger to challenge for all the cups .
    At present my mood is such that I don’t give a damn if RVP stays or leaves .The new buys indicate AW’s intent and am looking forward to the new season with optimism .

  • bob

    Somewhat under the current radar has been Dein the Lesser’s relationship with his client Gail Clichy. (So far, agent for Thierry, Clichy, Cesc, RVP, Adebayor and now Song.) Here’s a photo of smiley faced Dein and Clichy at the time of Clichy’s signing with Citeh last year. Dein’s defenders claim he helps Arsene/Arsenal by getting 7M for this transfer. The link is to The Sun which enjoys the moment:

  • WalterBroeckx

    Yeah Bob, can’t you see he (DD) was just helping Arsenal…(end sarcastic mode)

    Thanks for that link and I would like to add that he was named as ‘adviser’, not his agent.

    And also with RVP he is named an ‘adviser’, not his agent (who is Kees Vos).

    I wonder who really “advised” RVP on that piece on the website?

  • Shard

    A quick search reveals Darren Dein as being a solicitor (I’m sure there’s a double meaning in there somewhere)

    My guess is he’s not listed as anyone’s agent because he probably isn’t a licensed FIFA agent.(It is just a guess) Being a licensed agent probably involves more responsibilities and adherence to rules of transfers. I’m not sure an ‘adviser’ will have the same requirements. So how does Dein the Lesser (copyright bob) manage to get himself so close to players. He was apparently best man at Thierry Henry’s wedding, and was there with him when his statue was unveiled. Clichy had/has him as an adviser. Adebayor did, Song, RVP too. Weren’t all these players signed when Dein was still at the club? I remember RVP saying something about signing his first Arsenal contract with Dein Sr’s magic/lucky pen.

    Maybe Dein was involved in something like Alex Ferguson was at ManU, with his son being given preferential access to players (and probably players being pressured into signing with the sons)

    I think Song is the last of the players represented by Dein. Will we see him disappear over the horizon if and when he manages to procure RVP and Song’s transfers? I doubt it. There is an indication that Nasri was among those who chose Dein as part of his advisory team when he was whoring himself around. So, my guess is Dein will remain the pimp of choice for the whores who manage to get in to the hallowed ground of Arsenal. But at least the ones signed post Dein Sr aren’t likely to be as close to Dein’s son.

  • nicky

    At the risk of boring you to death, if you log on to under The history of Arsenal you will see (I think) 3 articles I wrote some years ago (with Tony’s help) about supporting Arsenal between the Wars and also during WW2.

  • bob

    The Daily Mail article has lots of interesting stuff. For one thing, Dein the Lesser runs a firm “Double D” (original, no?) in London; has a home in posh Hampstead; his main business is “representing” (loose talk for advisor or agent or agent/advisor or whatever the right circumstances might require) football players; and has had unique access to so many AFC stars because Dad gave him entree to all places and people Arsenal as his grew to so-called maturity. Equally interesting is that Double D would not provide a comment to the Daily Mirror jorno. I also liked that the jorno ended his article telling readers that Double D would not comment. His Daddy didn’t raise no dummy. Alas. But one last thing, the article tells us that SEM signed players traditionally stayed with the club; after he lists several players who stayed loyal, including your man DB.

  • bob

    p.s. more analytically, there seems to be a kinda replay of the x-Cesc scenario: the tapping up via Busquets and Iniesta; the stories in the UK press citing the Spanish press without citations; and David “The Undertaker” Hytner of the Guardian for several days now stating as fact, but without citation, has been asserting that AW is pissed off at Alex Song – that there is a “rift” between them and AW is looking to Sahin with some degree of desperation for cover. Maybe there is an AW quote out there on this, but have you seen it? I could understand that AW won’t want to get caught in another ambush; and that Dein the Lesser has the cheek to start this shite with TWO YEARS left on the contract in order to try to get another payday ASAP to pay for the roofing and might well be busy planting stories. But, in any case, there’s another sulfurous Cesc-Leaving-Atmosphere developing around “The Song Story” – and at this very time of Arsenal’s joy and anticipation – and lo, Dein the Lesser surely has reared up on his hind legs and cloven hooves.

  • bob

    pps. Another agent/representative ploy would seem to be the DEMAND (softly insinuated) that for a player to stay, or to re-sign, the club should pay a ransom – oh so sorry, “loyalty bonus” – to the player (read whatever percentage the agent/re gets for that). So it’s not either a transfer fee or a re-signing fee, but ancillary “other” ways to pay for the new roof or man cave or yacht, all based on smashing fans actual loyalties. “Loyalty bonus”? Now there’s an oxy-MORON to savor.

  • ARSENAL 13

    @ Mr Wolf

    We are THE ARSENAL. We play the best football in the world.

    I would rather see ARSENAL loose, than BARCA playacting.
    I would rather see ARSENAL exit CL, than Chelsea win it.

  • bob

    Oh, yes, the Daily Mirror also tells us that Dein the Lesser’s wife is “the daughter of former Tottenham vice-chairman David Buchler.” Freud (whose last apartment is in Hampstead as well, if I remember right) would have a field day with this: the father is (the former) Mr. Arsenal; the son marries the daughter of (the former) Mr. Spud. Isn’t it rich? Send in the clowns.

  • nicky

    I’m getting a little worried about you. The scenarios you are outlining are getting far too near real life for me.
    Last night I dreamt that Usmanov was Owner, David was Chairman and the Lesser Dein was compulsory agent for all the lads wearing the shirt.
    I awoke with relief and said to my ever-loving of 64 years “No wonder there are more widows than widowers”.

  • bob

    Bravo! Your unconscious is so spot on that I bow to its superior wisdom! Perhaps that “holy trinity” has put a chip under our pillows and has started a trial run with your troubled sleep? It wasn’t me, I promise! (Btw, I think that you and my widowed 92 year old mum would have a lot to talk about! I hope your ever-loving wouldn’t mind. 🙂 )

  • bob

    p.s. come on, mate, did you really have that dream!? 🙂

  • nicky

    No. My recurring dream is being in bed awaiting Joan Collins to join me. I watch with disbelief as wig, teeth, false boobs etc are removed and put in a chest-of-drawers.
    And wonder whether I should remain in bed or join the gear.

  • bjtgooner

    Judging from today’s speculative headlines Dein the Lesser Pimp seems to have had a busy day with media and bloggers.


    I don’t like the sound of your dreams, perhaps Joan Collins in an Arsenal shirt would be an improvement.

  • nicky

    I always wear a 1935 shirt i.e. without any advertising.
    Red with white collar and long white sleeves. In winter I wear blue and white hooped stockings.

  • bob

    Today, for the third time, David “The Undertaker” Hytner of the Manchester Guardian football department is paying the rent by “covering” the non-story of Alex Song’s Coming Departure with no attributions, quotations or citation of sources to express the following as if it were FACT: “There have been no firm bids as yet but Wenger has come to consider the merits of selling Song for £15m or more, particularly if he could bring in Sahin to retain his numbers in midfield.”

  • bob

    p.s. sorry, “for the third day in succession….”

  • Adam

    Nicky, Cheers for the info. Can you provide a direct link/s for these articles, I have looked and will continue to look but cannot find these pieces and would really like to read them. Thankyou in advance.

  • Garym

    has Elvis left the building yet. wenger u best not let him go to manure man.

  • Ed

    arsenal are rebuilding. not in decline.

    as you mentioned in the article, 99% of teams going for a trophy wil lend up disappointed… the fact that we are challenging for the top honours and coming mighty mighty close just shows we are a top top team.

    its this “if you’re not first, you’re last” attitude.