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August 2021

REFEREE REVIEW 2012: Chris Foy – footballing teams beware!


This article is part of the series : REFEREE REVIEW 2012


By DogFace and Walter Broeckx

Untold Arsenal has a team of qualified referees who have reviewed more than 40% of the EPL games from last season. The reviews themselves were based on full match video footage with the advantage of video technology features such as slow motion and pause.

By reviewing those 155 games we have made a database of more than 7000 decisions that have been judged by our panel of dedicated and qualified referees.

The numbers you will see are based on those decisions and those reviewed games.

Next in our review we find one of the older refs in the PL. Chris Foy is 50 years old so lots of experience but did he use it for the good?

Chris Foy
Chris Foy

Untold Vs PGMOL - ChrisFoy 2011/2012

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We did 8 games from Chris Foy last season. And that is just under 41% of his total games in the PL. We are getting close to doing 50% of a ref his games so that should be interesting to see how he did.

If you want more and you are a ref you can always drop in a note or a comment telling us you want to join our referee review team. We still could use some help for this season.

So with no further delay now let us look at his competency numbers.

PGMOL Vs EPL - Basic Competency - ChrisFoy 2011/2012

So this is bad. A score below 70% is not good enough. His un-weighted score is only 68% correct decisions. Not good enough for a PL ref. Not good enough at all.

And if we put weight on the decisions we see that his score drops to 66%.

As has been said before you need a score of 70% in other countries to remain in the top league. If we look at Foy his numbers we don’t have someone that could stay in the top league.

Now let us find out where his flaws were.

PGMOL Vs EPL - Basic Competency Breakdown - ChrisFoy 2011/2012

The goal decisions are…shocking. Only 80% correct. that means that 2 goal decisions out of 10 are wrong with this ref on the field. Sorry but that is not something we can accept in my opinion.  This is terrible.

The offside decisions are almost like the league average. So I will not complain about that but just point at the number of 99% correct offside decisions that were claimed by Mike Riley earlier on this season.

The other decisions are also not good at all. A score of around 67% is not up to the required standard of refereeing in the PL.

The good news is that his average penalty decision is better than the league average. But then again 60% correct can and should be better.

His score on red cards is also a bit better than the league average.  But I will not start a party for a score of 28% correct decisions.

The yellow card decisions are nicely split up. 50% correct. Below the league average and not good enough.

Now let us see if we can detect any form of home and away bias.

PGMOL Vs EPL - Incorrect calls Breakdown - ChrisFoy 2011/2012

Blimey… pity the poor team that has Foy away from home when he has his bad day. This is a terrible and out of order negative away bias against the away teams. The home teams of course have a terrible positive home bias.

And if we put weight on the decisions we see the same thing. A totally out of order negative away bias against the visiting teams.

With the games we reviewed and with these numbers the only conclusion we can reach is that this is a home biased referee.

Let us now see how the different teams did.

EPL vs PGMOL - Incorrect calls Breakdown by Referee - ChrisFoy (Un-Weighted) 2011/2012

Well this ref is the perfect match for Stoke. Poor football skills matching poor foul spotting skills maybe? What a very favourable bias for Stoke.  Amazing.

He also seems to have a bit of  a soft spot for United in his referee’s hart.  I tend to see that the worse the football was from some teams (Norwich is an exception it seems) the more favours he gave those teams.

And he certainly has no soft spot in his heart for Chelsea who are the team that got most against them when he was in charge. Also Arsenal is on the bad end of things. As is Swansea, another more football playing team. And I even dare to add Tottenham to that.

And amazingly how between all those high numbers for and against, we find Sunderland with a zero bias score.

Like I said: the better you try to play the more he will blow against you and the more you kick the more he will let go. Does this remains the same when we put weight on the decisions?

EPL vs PGMOL - Incorrect calls Breakdown by Referee - ChrisFoy (Weighted) 2011/2012

Well the score from Chelsea is ridiculous. Completely unacceptable. And the rest of the footballing teams also suffer a lot under the weighted score from this ref. Arsenal, Swansea and Tottenham Hotspur are certainly not amongst his favourite teams.

We then have a few teams with a rather low negative bias like Manchester City and Newcastle. And again Sunderland shows to be the exception of the rule with a zero bias score. So he can be unbiased it seems.

But if we look at the team he favoured we see that those scores are totally out of order in their positive bias in favour of Bolton, Manchester United, Norwich,  QPR and Stoke.


So what did we see in the games we reviewed? A ref that has no real clue about what a foul is or not. And on top of that he is extremely biased for the home teams and extremely biased in favour of teams that try to kick and bit or bend the rules to their benefit.

Based on the games we reviewed we cannot call him a referee that is fit enough to be in the PL.  He looks to be an in-competent home ref with a bit bias in favour of Manchester United and some teams who try to play outside the rules.

I cannot find any reason to keep this ref in the PL. But then again the PGMOL decides on this and they seem perfectly comfortable with him.  But for those who follow the PGMOL a bit that might not be a real surprise.

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7 comments to REFEREE REVIEW 2012: Chris Foy – footballing teams beware!

  • bob

    If I read the colors right, it seems that Foy was ref for Stoke and Manure 4 matches each – his second most assigned teams; and someone else (in a shade of blue – Sunderland or WBA?) for his most assigned team – 5 matches. Stoke and Manure rank with his most favored 4 teams. Many think that Stoke is Fergie’s lap dog; which rolls over on command twice a season and may well kick/injure select players on top contenders on Manure’s behalf. This is too small a sample – and I’d like to know Stoke’s WON-LOST-DRAW record under Foy as further evidence. But your findings, thus far, at least do nothing to refute the perception that Pulis has been on Don Fergus’ on-call list for favors as required or expected with, perhaps, Foy as the return gift who delivers the favor of his (4) favorable? appearances to Stoke. Do you have the won-loss records of Stoke and Manure under Foy? Is this a possibility?

  • Andy Kelly

    He doesn’t like the London teams, does he?

    Good cyclist though 😀

  • WalterBroeckx

    he does seem to like QPR.. you know the referee sponsors…

  • GodWoreTen

    Andy rotflmao!

  • Adam

    footballing teams beware!
    The Anti ref.

  • Matt Clarke

    These reviews are amazing – for more reasons than one.

    Amazing that these referees, who have taken a job as an arbitor of what is fair and just, get away with such unprofessional conduct.
    Amazing that ‘the world’ in general seems not to give a damn.
    And an amazing amount of work by the crew.

    btw…I wish you people would check your facts…obviously not a picture of said referee…clearly photo-negative of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

    Maybe Chris Foy’s excuse…the fever?

  • I believe we’ve got Foy for the scouse game? If the statistics are real, we’re f*cked before we even kick off.