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June 2021

Wenger raises an interesting point

… which is that he hasn’t actually discussed any of the Adebayor summer issue with Adebayor.

At lot has been made this summer of the fact that “Sir” Alex F-word would not return from his summer holiday to have a natter with Ronaldodo but little comment on the fact that Wenger likewise let the player and his pimp (agent) stew for a while.

That has had a double interesting effect.  First, it has let the story run and run – which might or might not be a good thing.  But second it has given Milan time to run its “Ade or no one” story, and then sign a Brazil player and say “we don’t want anyone else”.

This “don’t even talk to the player” approach might well be something of a masterstroke – since it leaves the player and pimp out in the cold – if there are no negotiations going on between the pimp and Arsenal then there is nothing that can be agreed, unless the player comes out and  asks for a transfer – which he has not done.

It all makes for an interesting next few days.

Meanwhile, for those of us who managed to see the Barnet game, there was the chance to marvel over the incredible Jack Wilshire.  I suppose he is too young to get much going this season, but oh what an amazing talent.

5 comments to Wenger raises an interesting point

  • Mus

    spot on, on Jack wilshire’.. what a talent !!!!

  • on d gooner

    How could you say Wiltshire is too young? How old were the likes of Rooney, Walcott and the boywonder from Everton before they appeared for their respective 1st teams. The boy has an air of confidence about him hence it will be apt to throw him in now and gradually nuture him to maturity. He was the next best player after Ramsey. The 2 must now be included in the 1st team. Just as well the number of substitutes allowed on the bech at every game has grown from 5 to 7 though only 3 can still be used.

    If we are never going to take chances with our younsters like ManU how can they maintain that confidence and morale? Leave them in the reserves for too long and you might forever damage or quench that youthful spirit.

  • Arselicked

    Cesc was young when he broke into the first team, i say give the boy the chance

  • pay-per-view

    Who’s Wishire guy? What position does he play?

  • don't believe the hype

    The difference is that Cesc is Spanish so he didn’t have to suffer the media hype that an English talent would.