But then it just gets messier for Ade

There is a story doing the rounds that the whole world of football transfers is going to unlock, and vast amounts of money is going to change hands any second now.

The big event that will start all this happening is the transfer from AC Milan of Kaka to CSKA Fulham or somewhere else for 83 billion trillion zillion mega dollars.

So Milan get their dosh, and start spending it despite saying they did not want to buy anyone else, and all that money floods round and round in circles and on its way, while disappearing up a backwater, Adebayor gets bought by BarbarBarcaSheep or Milan.

(Incidentally what is a silly name for Milan?   I mean we have Manchester Bankrupt, Liverpool Weetabix (because the owners base their business methods on Weetabix who they also own), CSKA Fulham (obvious) the Tiny Totts (ditto), not to mention Real Mad (accurate).  But Milan?  All ideas welcome).

Anyway, back to the plot.  That’s how it all happens.

Except Milan have just said that they won’t sell Kakakaka because, well, they just won’t and nobody can make them, so there.

Of course only a blind man reading the Daily Star while eating a gerbil would believe them, but stranger things have happened in football.

(No they haven’t – Ed)

7 Replies to “But then it just gets messier for Ade”

  1. Given that they change their minds every week about who they want to sign or indeed if they are going to sign anybody and plus they behave like a bunch of benders – it has to be AC/DC Milan

  2. Haven’t CSKA Fulham also claimed that they are not in the market for Kaka? Since they have this laughable plan to break even before the next millenium perhaps they are having to curtail their spending?

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