A special thanks for kind words expressed

When I started this blog and opened it up to comments I thought that the best thing to do would be not to reply to comments – unless someone was expressly asking for extra information.

My thinking was that otherwise I’d end up justifying myself over and over again – and the reason I didn’t want to do that was that if I was so inept as a writer that I couldn’t actually  make my point clearly in the blog, then that was me 0-1 down, as it were.

I’ve kept to that, but of late I’ve had some really kind comments from readers – some claiming to be regular readers (I never imagined that would happen and I find that hard to believe).  I’ve had some nasty ones too, of course – including the ones calling me a racist because I don’t like internationals – but that goes with the territory.

So, can I say how very much I have appreciated getting notes, either personally or to the site.  It does encourage me to keep going.

Meanwhile – there is always a meanwhile – there is a second site on the go.  It is UTTERLY different but you might like it.

It is a gradual write up of the diary of a journalist who covered Woolwich Arsenal and its transformation into The Arsenal – in essence it is the tale of the 21 years from bankruptcy and disaster to becoming the most famous club in the world.

The story, told in the journalist’s own words, is appearing on www.blog.woolwicharsenal.co.uk  

All the best (on what is a very wet Sunday afternoon in Northamptonshire)

Tony Attwood

3 Replies to “A special thanks for kind words expressed”

  1. I have only recently discovered this blog thanks to a link provided by someone else. I enjoy reading a different perspective, which is not trashing the club or the personnel. Keep up the good work.

  2. your headline should have been “the way of the warrior and samuri”. i wish you luck for now and in the future. keep humble, face your fears and more importantly keep writing your blogs. the future bears fruits if the seeds are planted now. fight the negative. project the positive. untold story is rightly credited. dont keep believing become your BELIEF. keep shining gooners. big up to ‘dont believe the hype’ a true arsenal fan.

  3. just watched sky sports and with the ‘on this day theme’ they just shown marc overmars transfer to barca to be on this date. its a joke. they did this with ray parlour, anelka and lungdberg. its not only arsenal players that have been sold in history so why do they choose to show ex arsenal players. its to put doubt and fear into arsenal fans ,arsene and arsenal. also to undermine them. fans also start to fear which players are going next or players are destablised and leave. hence yesterdays story. fabregas to madrid. listen ,as a winner fabregas will be focused on winning with arsenal and not failing so why would he talk of failure. even during the moment of winning the european cup he still found time to salute arsenal and there fans and said he will fight to win trophies. he possibly did say that it would be bad if arsenal didnt win anything but thats what would make him focus on winning things and to do that you cant focus on failure. hleb has just come out saying it was bull him saying things about arsene and fabregas. the reason why the media delay the denial is so people by that point will be drained and emotionally tired through fear, anger, desperation and sadness. an example samir nasri transfer. not only were other clubs fans bored so were we and we never comprehended or appreciated the transfer thats why people are still asking for transfers not realising we have an amazing player who may be the title push edge they crave for. gooner fans believe in what you dont see sometimes because there might be things going on thats not on your radar, hence keep the faith. keep shining all gooner fans

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