Mail on Sunday reveals Arsenal fraud shock

There is a story in the Mail on Sunday 27 July which says that Senderos is wanted by Newcastle United, and that they have bid £4 million.

More, it says that Mr Wenger doesn’t want to sell him, but that the Board are interested in letting him go, especially if they can edge this up to £6 million.

This desire by the Board to sell a player over Wenger’s head shows, according to the Mail on Sunday, that Arsenal are in financial difficulties.

Now this would be most interesting because the last financial report from Arsenal Holdings plc shows that Arsenal are actually highly solvent and making a profit.   The debt is secured by the ground, and the mortgage payments are fixed and well within their grasp.

Further, a series of statements from Board members clearly state that Mr Wenger can buy anyone he wants to, that the Board does not interfere with his transactions, and that there is as much money available as he wants in terms of the context of footballing purchases.

What this means is that if the Mail on Sunday story is true, Arsenal Holdings plc and the members of the Board have either been lying to or have been hiding pertinent facts to the shareholders.   This is a criminal offence, because false information of this type affects share prices, and generally involves insider trading.

So there we have it.  Either the Mail on Sunday is right, and the Board is committing one of the biggest fraud operations ever seen in a contemporary plc, or…

Well the other possibility is that the Mail on Sunday made it all up.

Which one?

3 Replies to “Mail on Sunday reveals Arsenal fraud shock”

  1. Your blog is a breath of fresh air and a bastion of common sense. Thank you. 🙂

  2. I vote for the Mail made it all up at the behest of someone who was also mentioned in that article especially as it has been followed up by two further articles claiming that he is closing in on a takeover.

  3. I’m bloody sure the Mail is right. Everyone knows the news is ALWAYS right!

    Who am I kidding.

    Love your writings. Keep it up!

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