Arsenal, reggae, Kenny Sampson and Fabregas to Tottenham

In this amazing and stunning issue of the blog of blogs, we have the first ever analysis of Arsenal and reggae, a chance to meet Kenny Sampson and another unmissable rumour – this time Fabregas to Tottenham


First, And Now for Something Completely Different.

By Simon Bailey.

Reading one of the posts on here where Tony listed a few eminent, and not so eminent Blues Men, I thought I would share my other great passion in life ; Reggae Music.

Now that the D & G brigade have been temporarily silenced, and the mood has lightened, I thought I might share a few tracks with anyone who might be interested. Obviously I will try an put an ‘Untold’ slant on my selections.

The first ever reggae tune recorded in a studio was ‘People Funny Boy’ by Lee Perry. This was a mutation of Ska and Rocksteady which in turn were inspired by the blues which could be heard on US radio stations even in Jamaica. Obviously there are now even more mutations and Reggae / Dub are no longer the preserve of the Jamaicans. Indeed very little reggae comes out of Jamaica today.

There are very few Reggae tunes with football as the subject, but the Barmy Army made an album called ‘The English disease’ This was released on ONUSOUND records and my favourite track is called ‘ Billy Bonds MBE’ and it recalls a better time in West Hams’ history. Unfortunately I can’t find a link to the whole song, so you will have to take my word for it that its a cracker! The rest of the tunes I have selected have links so that you can, if interested, listen to them.

As we head into the final third of the season, it is imperative that we not only Hold our position, but make positive inroads towards the top of the league, so I am kicking off with a UB40 classic. Let the good times roll. Recently its been a bit of a tightrope walk, and Manassehs tune  sums this up nicely with an awesome bassline.

As we all know, Arsenal are a very young team with a lot of French input. See Di Youth is a blinding tune from French dub rockers ‘Dub Incorporation’ . This band is one of the best live reggae acts on the road today.. Just as Arsenal play some of the best live football on the road today.

To continue in this theme, Young Gifted and Black by Bob and Marcia and Teach the Children by Denis Alcapone  are both classics from the 60s. Both of these have been covered many times, indeed these might not be the originals themselves.

Its Champions league time again, and even though the team fly to the away fixtures, ‘Bosnia by Bus’ by the Radikal Dub Kolektiv is too good an opportunity to miss. . This one will Educate, Inform and Inspire. Their words not mine.

Sol is back. The return of Django by Lee Perry who is to Reggae what Arsene is to Football 3.0 is another classic from the 60’s. Originally inspired by Western (cowboy) movies, this tune was a big hit in its day. .

From the defence to the attack, Nicholas B has had an issue choosing his shirt number. It’s 52 right now and Toots and the Maytals 54 -46 Thats my number springs to mind. The bassline is very recognisable having been used and recycled many times since this marvellous tune was recorded. 

In the spirit of One Love, I’m going to suggest a tune for the spuds now; ‘I’m still waiting’, this one is a cover of the Bob Marley tune by Delroy Wilson. . In fact the spuds and Harry in particular provide great themes for some great tunes. Nothing could be more appropriate at the moment than Harry J Allstars tune ‘The liquidator’. . Harry might also like to listen to ‘Police & Thieves’ by Junior Murvin as it might strike a chord with him. .

For John Terry, Michael Ballack and anyone else who has spoken out of turn about our Team and Manager, ‘Rude Boy’ is a great title. Many artists have recorded tunes with this name, but I am going back to Dub Incorporation for their take on it. . In Jamaica the Rude boys were the gangsters who went around shooting people. Bob Marley was shot but not killed and Prince Fari was killed by Rude boys. The have a lot to answer for.

Paul Merson is an obvious inspiration due to his penchant for the wrong sort of whilte lines. Dillingers rendition of Cocaine in my Brain is a great song, but here I am going to have to defer to J J Cales uber classic. But heres the link to the Dillinger tune anyway.. Continuing in the same vein, ‘Under mi Sleng Teng’ , probably the most used riddim in history, first composed on the little casio keyboards that were popular in the 80s. This version by Wayne Smith; .

Althea and Donnas ‘Uptown Top Ranking’ is one for the ladies. It applies to the Arsenal too . I found the original 7” at a boot fair in Kent many years ago in mint condition, The lady selling it was surprised at my joy in its discovery.

Pompey provide the inspiration for the last selection. Many people will have heard the Clash’ cover of Armagideon time, but Willie Williams version is by far and away my favourite.  I really hope that it doesn’t come to Pompey. A lot of people won’t get no justice tonight.

If you have got this far and listened to a few of these tunes, thank you for your time. If you think I have missed anything out, feel free to point out the error of my ways.

Simon Bailey.



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Tottenham Hotspur have signed Fibre Fabregas, younger brother of Cesc (according to the Daily Screwdriver). Mr Redknapp, who is unable to speak because of impending court proceedings, said that he felt that football runs in the blood and the “kid knows a thing or two about transfusions.”

Inspector Letz Makeiteasysson however has intervened in the case. “We received a message from Herbivore Maneater in Barcelona about child trafficking within the EU, and InterSpud – the cross border police agency – has been informed.

“As we understand it Fibreglass Fabegras is a four year old child, and we feel that even though Tottenham have not made the advertised break through into the top four, this is pushing it a bit, hello hello, what’s all this then sonny.”

Fibre’s dad said that Cesc was happy at Arsenal, which led to the Daily Mirror in an unprecedented twisting of the truth to say, “Mr Fab senior said that Cesc would make no decision until the summer.”


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14 Replies to “Arsenal, reggae, Kenny Sampson and Fabregas to Tottenham”

  1. Thanks Simon – I’ve been ‘educated, informed and inspired’ by this post!

  2. Nice little musical interlude for an Arsenal-free weekend. Thanks!

    And thanks for getting Kenny’s name right in the article, I thought thats who you meant, but the whole time I kept thinking “Who is Kenny Sampson?”.

  3. Nice, Simon. Nice.

    Hey Tony — why don’t you try mixing a little Bobby Dylan w/ this Untold blog?

  4. Gregor – either it was another of my deliberate mistakes in which I celebrate the cult of the twerping eror, or else it was a typing error. Or maybe I just kant spel

  5. Rumour of the day:

    ‘Ex-England Captain John Terry in sordid spanking session in Dubai!!’

    The NOTW will, in a WORLD FIRST, tell all about:

    1. John Terry’s wife issuing him with six of the best for NEGLECTING HER AND THE CHILDREN and SCREWING THAT DISGUSTING LITTLE TART.
    2. BEFORE chiding him with not changing his children’s nappies.
    3. BEFORE screaming at him ‘IT’S SHIT AND YOU KNOW IT IS!!’

    What will the effect be on the Blues Brother??

    Read all in next weeks News of the Screw-ups in the Champions League!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read also about fictitious injuries to key Arsenal players as a result of this epistle…..

    Ah yes: that would be the frauds perpetuated on season ticket holders to teach them that the mafia and the media are the bosses, eh?

  6. Simon Bailey – you are a man of my own heart.

    Every now and then at ACLF, where I frequently post, I usually fire a few shots (musical shots that is) straight at the doomers chest. (For the uninitiated “shots to the chest” is/was the jargon of the Jamaican dance hall where sound systems would seek superiority over their rivals by playing very special releases that its opponent did not have.)

    Most of my “shots” are usually lyrics by Bob Marley aimed at some doomer. I have found them to be very effective.

    As a Jamaican myself, I find a lot of affinity between our culture and the sheer style, skilfulness, creativity and unpredictability of Arsenal football. Unfortunately, Jamaica is losing this from reggae music but that is the subject for a different forum.

  7. Simon, great job.
    I must confess that my knowledge regarding reggae is somewhat limited to Bob Marley who I have put on my favourite MP3 cd for in my car and who’s music always brings the sunshine and other rather well known artists like Peter Tosh. But I always have loved reggae songs as they mostly have that happy rythm.

    It took me some time to listen to the different songs but it was well worth it.

    I must say the untold was again very untold with this. Great idea !

    Maybe I should think of putting my all time favourite Mark Knopfler/Dire Straits and The Arsenal together… mmmmmmmmm

  8. http//!trackId=103924
    is the link for the manasseh tune


    http// is the link for the toots tune

  9. i too love Bob, indeed before island records and chris blackwell signed him, he worked with Lee perry and recorded some of his best works. His lyrics are truly inspirational and as the international face of reggae he cant be ignored. i thought that most readers here would be familiar with his work and made the conscious decision not to include him. But may I suggest the following
    Pass it on ; Natural mystic ; 400 years ; time will tell ; crazy baldhead ; who the cap fit & survival. all of these follow the above themes and are beautiful pieces of music.

  10. Brilliant!

    I was listening to some other Arsenal blogger go on about how they don’t get’black humour’.

    Maybe they just can’t tell the difference between their suburban notion of ‘rock’n’roll’ and reggae? I don’t know. However:

    Giles Peterson, the musical promoter, is a big Arsenal fan, lives locally too to Highbury too. But his buddy Norman Jay of the Good Times Record label, he’s a damn S**d.
    As many probably know, the legendary Good Times Sunday radio shows in London used to start with his weekend Sp*d Report. Nearly ruined a great show. Fortunately, he was normally b***ing about Arsenal, so it was bearable.
    I think I once heard him confess in reference to Arsenal fans, through his tears and sobs,

    ‘They’ve never had it so good’.

    Or something like that.

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