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  1. ARSENAL 13

    well 100 years in the top division…

    I’ll host a big party, provided I survive the mayan apocalypse.

  2. Ernest

    Hope we will not degenerate to making fun with Djourou’s inability to settle immediately. Give him time. He was scoring in France and I believe he wll come around and score consistently in England. Arsenal will make a mark this season one way or the other.

  3. Goonerlad

    Ernest mate, I don’t even know where to begin!

  4. Gf60

    Ernest….Djourou or Giroud? They’re both in need of a wee bit of help.

  5. rusty

    @Ernest’s error is indeed rather funny, but I will say I’ve noticed that the Arsenal Player commentators don’t pronounce their names differently (both played in the League Cup last week).

  6. nicky

    Ernest, you are the type of guy who correctors will leap on for the rest of your life.
    Plan for a big party on 11/12/12 and (covering your bets) another on 20/12/12. Invite Jack Oxford and Oxlade Cameron.

  7. Asif

    Ernest has given this entire write-up another dimension all together…i had to re-read the title to reassure myself that i got it right hahahaha 🙂

  8. Lwandaz Tales

    Now that’s comedy.Ernest and Nicky, a tag team that would rule comedy.Me thinks, they deserve a spot on comedy central. So tickled I am.Hahahaha

  9. weedonald

    Ernst, here are the proper pronunciations….ignore the wankers mocking you, including myself:

    Djourou is pronounced D-jew-ru, with the D and the j pronounced together as Dju

    Giroud is pronounced Gee-ru-d but some in France keep the d silent so will say Jee ruu instead…..take your pick!

  10. GoingGoingGooner

    maybe Ernest was taking the Mickey.

  11. WalterBroeckx

    Oh Nicky is the world going to end on 11/12/12? That’s on my birthday. Must see to get my party before then 😉

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