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  1. Sammy The Snake

    A win would be nice, thank you!

  2. Innocentdavid

    Pls wenger start ox & coqu @ midle


    Well nothing goes for nothing, even though mentioned this probably the team will stand with their to see the defeat their opening today in FLY EMIRATE stadium. What i expecting from our colleagues is that they should continue giving support the best of the best ball in the field that you cannot tired to watch, either good or bad this season they must come up with something. I wish them the best of luck to the Team, for ARSENE WENGER is the type coach you can so ever with and really you can call him Prof and that`s the best name you can remember him with too. that is why, is very difficult to count him out among the best before you mentioned any, i proud with you anywhere i go within. please keep the GUNNER fly as you do always.In respect of today match people will might ask of some of the key players and they should know that you cannot said you keep players 100 percent physically fit without haven injury as a team manager is in possible, therefore we should pray for the one in hands half bread is better them not..

  4. nicky

    Bonjour Guillaume le Chien,(showing off my French),
    Having choked over my coffee after reading about Chesney’s petit accident,I must correct you over DB’s elderflower wine. My mate Lee, who makes rifles in Enfield, and who has an allotment next to DB, says the Netherlander would never make elderFLOWER wine which is WHITE and imbibed in quantities by those herberts at WHL. DB makes elderBERRY wine which is RED and is meant to be sipped gently, preferably wearing a No.10 shirt.
    My Gran (who cleans at the Emirates) says that when DB played at Highbury, all the Lucozade bottles at pitch-side were actually filled with his elderberry wine, the reason why our lads were so redfaced after every game.
    She says Mr Wenger put a stop to that after hearing the boys laughing and singing rude songs in the dressingroom, after a heavy defeat.

  5. Ong Bing

    Because Per-Kos-Ver all fit, we can try replacing Arteta with Vermaelen. So all of our 3 CB can play and they are happy.

  6. WalterBroeckx

    Per is sick apparently. I just wonder if Vermaelen has infected the centre backs before the City game with flu. As we all know it takes a few days before you feel it and that could explain Kos being a bit pale last Saturday. So we can but hope that from now on our 3 centre backs will be completely fit against next weekend

  7. Brickfields Gunners

    To become a God , he has to at least deliver 2 doubles or the very(?) least a treble ! Then they will all beleive !
    For now he is a ambidextrous novice saint – yet to be canonized but fully Arsenal-nized .Que – you say ?
    He has brought balance to the farce (that it was before) and is easy on the eye .You know – that threading passes through the eye of the needle thing .
    Nice one that about Wojciech !No wonder that he’s not too keen to sign autographs !
    I once happened to say “Sczcesny ” aloud while on the phone in a crowded area ,and they all turned to me and said ,
    “Bless you !” ,in unison !

  8. Brickfields Gunners

    In a more serious (?) note the name Santi is quite alike Shanti which means peace in the various Indian dilects and is a relaxing chant .Maybe a future feature at The Emirates to sooth the restless natives ?

    Check it out at

  9. Ugandan Goon

    @billy the gravelly ruff ruff,
    good to hear from you old buddy,of course i only come here to catch up with the “goss from the allotts”, i know about the code of the green fingered and that what gets said at the allotments stays at the allotment and all that, but let slip a nugget or two from the boys (wengster and den den) once in a while, the human interest angle (mind you, judging from the fines and suspensions, perhaps do some creative editing on what the wengster says, family audience and all that).
    Till next we hear from you,
    Eager of Entebbe.

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